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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 19 January 2015
Took a bit of research for a decent hand screwdriver but I think this has hit the nail on the head so to speak. The reviews speak for themselves.

All of the information and specifications you need is on the Amazon description and that confirmed this driver had all the basics covered. I toyed with the entry level version (IXO) but for reasons below I paid a bit more for the extras.

Variable speed control which so many cordless screwdrivers lack is on this model. You can start with a very slow speed with a gentle press of the trigger which gives you full control. This is just what you need for difficult of dubious screw heads so to save stripping them. I can't imagine using a screwdriver without this function. So many I looked at had either full on speed or full off.

Second was the adjustable torque. Again, this is really a much have with a tool. Being able to adjust the force again protects both the screws and also the material you are screwing in or out of.

The light is nice a white and bright, but a bit of a silly position for it - located on the bottom of the handle. Most times I find my fingers will obscure the light somewhat. You can avoid this by bunching your fingers up or having your 'pinky out'. You can activate the light by a gentle press of the trigger and it will come on before the drill will start turning too.

It appears very well made. The plastic is of a very high quality. No sharp edges or poor fitting areas. It's not too loud. It sounds very well refined in fact. It appears to blow out some air during use. This is a good thing since it should keep the motor cool.

Charging seems easy. It does need a firm click in to the charging base as others have mentioned. Saying that you don't need lots of force, at least on my model.

The flashing light on the unit indicates charging, changing from blinking to solid when charged. I don't yet know how it tells you when the battery is low. I presume a flash of the battery light rather than a solid green when in use.

I also don't yet know how it works on low battery. I am hoping it will keep a decent speed and then when deemed too low for use will just stop working. This is preferred rather than the unit turning at snail speeds due to lack of voltage.

I probably won't leave this on charge full time. It doesn't mention in the manual what is best but it does appear the battery is protected from various 'killers' such as temp and overheat etc. named "Electronic Cell Protection".

Being Lithium Ion will be a nice change from my older NI CAD battery drill. That NI CAD unit is almost always fully drained of charged whilst the Li ION chemistry should keep the charge for many weeks if not months before a recharge is required.

Amazon description stated "1 x metal box" but mine is plastic.
Amazon also states "6 torque setitings (note the spelling)" yet mine has 10.
Amazon states "1 x 3-hour charging station" yet my manual says up to 5 hours to fully charge.

The unit seems to have plenty of power and I've not yet required more than torque setting 6 for every day screw jobs. Swapping between forward and reverse uses a nice button which you can swap with the hand whilst holding it. It's a pretty light unit in weight too. It is weighted evenly.

The tool bits provided are of the basic selection. They have most you will ever need, pozidriv, Phillips, flat head etc.. Also included is the IKEA allen key I believe.

It could do with an extension bit to push the screws away from the body. I am hoping I have one spare in my tool box. I have noticed on one job that I couldn't get access to the screw due to the body of the unit being to wide.

Overall a fantastic driver which exudes quality for a fairly decent price. This really is worth the extra money over the units without the torque and variable speed controls.

Well done Bosch!
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This screwdriver is simply awesome! The generous 10 torque settings are essential to avoid stripping of the screw head. The Bosch PSR 7.2V is also variable speed, depending on how far the trigger is pressed.

One point to note: If you have large hands the powerful Led light can be obstructed, yet with some practice this minor niggle can be resolved.

The Bosch screwdriver packs loads, and I mean loads of torque, especially when considering it is powered by a 7.2v li-ion battery!! So try the tool before indulging in some screw driving at the higher torque settings. And as mentioned before, the various torque settings make this the ideal tool for driving screws. At the lowest setting the screwdiver stops rotation as soon as it senses minimal pressure, making it usable even on the tiniest of screws.

Build quality is top notch and the ergonomic design combined with rubberised grips make this tool extremely comfortable to work with. The charging cradle is solid and much better than the IXO design wise. Just drop in the screwdriver into the brilliantly designed docking charger which offers a snug, secure connection.

The battery life on this unit is great, and lasts for hours when mounting KREA or IKEA style furnishings.

All I can say, if you really want a tiny screwdriver with massive punch, sturdy construction, long battery life and features look no further.

Highly recommended for every household.
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on 22 July 2012
Well I finally got my sweaty palms on the IXO's Bigger Brother and its a meaty beast! Balance in the hand is v.good with the tool weighted towards its front. Finish and build quality is impeccable as usual from Bosch. Used so far to drive in PZ woodscrews into hard and soft woods and into masonry via rawlplugs. Its great to have a variable trigger as you can start off slowly, accelerate and then towards the end back down or just plump for 1 of the 10 torque settings (with the 11th being max or drive obliteration!). I prefer using the universal bit holder (the chrome-plated extension) to hold bits so if I ever slip I won't thump the front of the machine. You can also use all the 1/4" with ball shank driver bits.

Comes in a very diddly green carry case with the charger, manual and 11 bits inside. Charging can take up to 5 hours though you have 250 screws from it, so it approachs the PSR 18 LI-2.

If you like great power tools then this is another great Bosch tool, now where can I get a Bosch shirt from ?
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Excellent tool, with more than enough torque and good battery capacity. I'd not used a power screwdriver before, but I chose this model because it seemed to have the best spec for the money (I didn't want to pay more than about £50-£60) and it had very good reviews as well.

One thing that I hadn't appreciated is that you often don't need to drill a pilot hole for screws when using a power screwdriver - it's obvious once you start using it, but it was a pleasing discovery for me as it's a great time-saver. The only time that I have needed to drill a pilot hole is when there was a knot in the wood, but it's easier to just avoid these when placing the screws. Of course, that's just with softwood - you'll still need to drill pilot holes for hardwood, or when you're working with thin, easily-damaged pieces of softwood.

The built-in light is very handy and well-positioned, and the battery charges quickly. A useful plastic carry case is provided, plus a clip of 10 screwdriver bits - the Amazon description is incorrect as it says only one or two bits are provided (it says one bit in the main description and two bits in the product comparison table); it also comes in a plastic carry case, and not a metal box as stated in the Amazon description. The Bosch website confirms that a plastic carry case and 10 bits are provided; see:

It's also worth considering the excellent 32-piece expansion pack as that gives you considerably more versatility - see: Bosch 2607017063 Screwdriver Bit Set (32 Pieces) - I picked this up in the recent Prime sale for just £7.99, but this is good value even at the normal price.

The only downside that I've come across is that, due to the power screwdriver's size, it's not good for using in confined spaces, or where you don't have clear access to the screw head e.g. if the screw is in a recessed area. But this would be true of any power screwdriver, so should not deter you from buying the unit - just be aware of this limitation.
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on 18 March 2013
If like me you are weighing up the pros and cons of this versus a smaller 3.6V or 4V driver, then I can tell you that I am very happy with my choice of the meatier unit. Compared with my old 3.6V screwdriver this is far torquier and also more controllable - the trigger gives variable speed, unlike most cheaper ones which are on/off only. Another advantage is that the light comes on with the first pressure of the trigger, before the bit starts to rotate... so unlike some other units the light is actually useful for locating the bit into the screw. Compared with the IXO, yes it is bigger, but not so much bigger as to be unwieldy. It does lack the offset and right-angle adapters that you can get for the IXO, but I would rather have the extra power.
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on 12 February 2015
Slightly heavier that the Black & Decker "Li-ion" cordless screwdriver I purchased thirteen months ago, which is impossible to use because that has no variable speed. Ever tried finishing the few final strokes when tightening a screw with a screwdriver that's rotating at high velocity? It can't be done! I wasted my money purchasing the Black & Decker cordless screwdriver. This one, not only has a variable speed but torgue settings as well. I bought, several years ago, a Challenge cordless drill that had torgue settings but these settings never worked. This screwdriver's torgue settings work really well and I'm very, very pleased with the entire product. I purchased a Li-ion device because of the technical reviews I read regarding this technology. Whether they're true or not I don't know (only time will tell) but Li-ion is supposed to keep the device charged for up to one year. Obviously this will need charging after it's been used. I've had enough of possessing Ni-cd equipment that, when it's time for me to use them, EVERY SINGLE TIME upon taking them from the cupboard they have been stored in, they've never worked because their batteries have been discharged since I've last had use of them! Ni-cd equipment is OK, I guess, for professionals that are using them time and time again and on a daily basis but absolutely no good for the private DIY'er who only uses them once every other year.
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on 24 September 2012
I have had many electric screwdrivers over the years and they have saved me much pain. But this one is by far and away the best so far!!! Plenty of power and loads of staying power!! Where other drivers give up the ghost the Bosch goes on and on!!

HIGHLY recommended!
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on 14 May 2013
The screwdriver arrived very swiftly and is packed in a nice compact case, the drill itself works very well, the only reason for not giving it five stars may very well turn out to be an "operator problem" but I find that on completion of drilling and the motor stops, the driver bit is apt to fall out of the chuck, which could be a problem whilst working in tight confines, otherwise it's a very good buy.
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on 23 November 2014
Build quality is great. Battery lasts a very long time. Trigger allows for multiple speeds (ranging from very slow to fast). LED light works well. Power is very impressive for such a little tool. Torque setting is very useful and does a huge range of torque settings. Very ergonomic in hand. The reason for 4 stars is that the tool can't reach screws in tight spots all the time as the body of the driver is sometimes a bit wide - this however has only been an issue around 5% of the time and should not put you off from buying this excellent little tool (you can always purchase a pivoting bit holder for under £10 if this is an issue).
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on 21 February 2013
Battery life and power very good. I find the magnet holding the bits is very weak and does not hold them firmly.
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