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on 14 July 2015
It replaced an old Creative T7700 7.1 system.
It worth every penny i spent on it.
Crystal clear sound like you are sitting in a concert hall and listening live music.
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on 29 April 2013
Received these a couple of days ago and am very pleased with them. They’re really nice looking speakers in a beautiful dark wood finish and build quality looks excellent. I may be duplicating what others have said in previous reviews, but these are my experiences:-

1. The speakers are quite large – approx. 210 (W) x 360 (H) x 245 (D), so make sure they’re not too big for your requirements. I’m using them for my PC – my wife thinks they’re too big, but I absolutely love them!!

2. The speaker cable looks to be quite good quality, but it has 2 layers of outer plastic and only the outer layer is stripped when it arrives, so you need to carefully strip the other layer off before attaching them to the speakers. The 3.5mm to 2 phono cable supplied is not great, but a decent quality replacement is only around £5 or so from Amazon.

3. The speakers have two inputs (PC and Aux) and when turning them on they default to the Aux input, so if like me you’re using them with a PC it’s actually worth connecting to this one. Also bear in mind that they start muted when you turn them on, so you need to press the mute button or adjust the volume to get them going. I think others have reported losing the settings when they turn the speakers off, but this certainly doesn’t happen with mine as they retain the volume, bass and treble settings, even when powered off at the mains.

4. Mine came with a slim black remote control (not like the silver one shown) which controls the volume, bass, treble and input select. On the back of the right hand speaker is an on/off swich and volume control. For me the speakers could be improved by adding three knobs to the front of the right hand speaker for volume, treble and bass, particularly as at the moment the only way of adjusting bass and treble is on the remote.

5. Finally and most importantly, sound quality! For me, very good indeed! I’m not an audiophile so perhaps can’t describe it well, but they have a very nice rich sound, the treble sounds perfect to me and there’s good bass from the 6.5” woofers. I read somewhere that they sound even better after a period of running in. I mostly listen to rock and metal and I left the Treble at 0 and increased the bass to 3 or 4 and am very happy with the results.

All in all, I’m really impressed with these speakers. Good quality solid wood cabinets, powerful built in amplifier and very good sound quality for £80 – absolute bargain in my book!
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on 15 October 2012
What can I say?

Very good over all with room for simple improvements.
For the price, they are excellent.

I compared these speakers to a pair of Diamond 6's with a Rotel 40w amp. And also a moderate sounding 2.1 system.

Sound wise, I find the mid/high tones to be great, but the bass is muddy and poorly defined when compared to a hifi setup.
Keep in mind though that I would not expect any other speakers at this price to be any better.
I would guess that the internal amp is struggling to drive the bass...

Don't get me wrong, the bass is decent. Its just that the mid range seems to shine brighter and the bass doesn't keep up.
Ideally the speakers would have passive inputs so they could optionally be used as passive speakers. wouldn't cost much to manufacture like that.

There is one small annoyance with them.
the power switch is on the back, so I have them plugged into a switched socket and turn them off/on as needed.
When you turn them on, the will not produce sound until the volume is increased. so you need to have the remote handy or reach around to the back again.
All settings (vol, bass, treble) reset when you turn the speakers off so you can't maintain a setup unless you leave them turned on.

Would I recommend them? deffinately.
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on 12 March 2013
These are excellent speakers both for performance & outstanding value for money. You get better sound from these Microlabs than you do from other sound solutions that cost three or four times the amount that these cost. However, you do need to remove the very thin layer of plastic from the "Slave" speaker or you will think, as I did that you have a "Dead" speaker. Please read the article below.

Microlab Solo6C Troubleshooting
I recently purchase the Microlab Solo 6C and thought I would share some setup issues I encountered:

The speakers default setting is mute - You will have to use the controller or knob to cancel the mute.

Auxiliary input is the default rather than PC input - Most PC users will connect the RCA cables to the labelled PC input. You will need to use the remote to swap it to the PC input otherwise you will have no sound. Alternatively. you can just plug it into auxiliary output like I did so whenever you switch it on it works automatically.

Wires provided have a very fine thin layer of plastic which are covering them - When you try to attach them to the secondary/left speaker you will find that the speakers aren't working because the plastic acts as insulation. Not having installed stereo speakers before I thought I received a faulty left speaker. Fortunately my father realised the very thin layer of plastic was the problem. He took a pair of pliers and stripped it properly to expose the copper wires so now the speakers work perfectly.

From a usability/newbie perspective, a thumbs down for installation of the Microlab Solo 6C.

As for the sound quality, I actually think it's pretty good so hopefully this will get you on your way.
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on 17 August 2014
I agree with the good points of other reviewers. These are good speakers, the sound is excellent. They are big and heavy and well built. A couple of points related to earlier comments and warnings. There is now no requirement to remove insulation from any wires. They all come with fitted plugs. On delivery, there's a plastic insert at the top of each speaker. It says "Alert: prior to use, open speaker front cover and remove the protective cover". The front cover is removed by gently levering it away from the speaker body. It's held by 4 lugs and just needs to be gently waggled away from the front of the speaker. Second, having removed the front cover and the plastic insert, I looked carefully for the protective cover. In the end I decided there wasn''t one. Then realisation dawned. The protective cover WAS the plastic insert with the warning on it. I paid too much attention to the words of warning. Those words should say " . . remove THIS protective cover" !!!
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on 2 August 2013
FOR THIS PRICE ITS A STEAL !!! Seriously !!! I can go on and on honestly but cent for cent there is no speaker that is this better. You could spend much more ofc and get better sounding speakers but how much better it can actually get is a matter of diminishing returns. These things are very well made, i mean rose wood panelling! It looks gorgeous and the sound is great. I use it as my laptop speakers but it works well with a tv. A really good 2.0 system calls into question a 5.1 or even 2.1 systems. These things get really loud without distorting and is good enough for parties in a large room. THE BASS is also great!!! The right speaker has a digital display to show the volume, bass and treble levels and you get a REMOTE CONTROL !!!! All of this at this price point !!! Its one of the best buys i have ever made period !!!
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on 22 October 2014
Have these speakers connected to my TV via using the optical out and a FiiO D3 Dac so I don't need to bother switching inputs as whatever devices are plugged into the TV the sound always plays out of these speakers. I used to use to have a 5.1 system but got annoyed with all the wires and the large sub and constantly changing inputs for different devices. I actually prefer stereo sound and these do the job excellently especially considering their price.

They handle electronic music very well with plenty of bass - maybe a little too much sometimes but this can be dialled down using the remote. Living in a flat I don't get a chance to crank them right up very often but I have never managed to make them distort.
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on 15 March 2013
I was looking for a set up for my studio (painting) that would let me play from a variety of sources without going to the expense of another amp, so decided on active speakers. I'm running the lap top as CD player and of course for music on Youtube etc. plus a record deck and a digital radio. The deck didn't sound great through these even with a cheap pre-amp, however I bought a Bheringer mixer on Amazon some time ago and have everything running through that to the SOLO6c. This set up allows e.q. through the mixer to the speakers as well as balance. The deck sounds very clear and I'm pleased with the flexibility of the system . They are particularly good as near field to mid-field monitors and while the little remote is handy I don't use it much. You can 're-boot' by twiddling the volume knob. These are a good size and weight compared with the little desk top type and the design is really very good. They look pretty classy and so far I am impressed with the sound quality, maybe a little light at the bass end but still much punchier than average desk top speakers. I imagine a sub woofer might give the extra oomph but I'm happy with what I've got. I haven't run these full whack yet so I don't know what that would sound like, I tend to chicken out when my ears pop, yes, the low frequency seems to do that to me, so the bass is there okay. A good deal of effort and care has gone into the design and manufacture of this product so it deserves five stars for that. It arrived well ahead of schedule too which was a lovely surprise! Watch out you strip the wires for the speaker connection, a little doofer at either end slips off and if you haven't got your specs on you might think you're set to go and then imagine the left speaker isn't working. Yes I did! Very pleased with this purchase.
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on 22 November 2014
I bought these speakers a few days ago after a looong research online. I was having a dilemma whether to go for 2.1 or 2.0 sound system for my TV and laptop purposes. I mainly watch films or listen to electronic music.
My limit was £80 and these fit in the budget perfectly. After reading user reviews here and some on online audio magazines I went for them and must say they're fantastic! For the price the sound is incredibly clear, mids just as you would expect/want to hear and bass is rich and accurate, nothing muddy at all! Remote control was a very important condition in making a choice, really convenient! I plugged them to my TV and laptop using both inputs, can easily switch from one to another on RC, I also bought better cables from Cable Mountain which Amazon suggested below the product photos.
The mechanical quality of Solo6C is also very satisfying. Basically they sound and look at least twice the price! If you're wondering and having a yes/no situation, I'm telling you - go for it, you'll be happy as a little kid!

After 1.5 years of every day use these speakers are still an absolute joy! However, I'm selling them as I'm due to an upgrade to a soundbar + subwoofer to save up some space in my living room.
Product still highly recommended!!
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on 21 January 2014
Brilliant speakers for a small/medium sized room. I am certain that you can not get anything better in this price range.

- BRILLIANT sound with all genres I threw at them (Metal, Rock, Classical, All types of electronic music, Opera.. etc. Basically, no song ever sounded bad on them unless it was of inferior quality)
- Sound better than any Logitech I have ever owned, and I think I owned most of them. Z5500 for example will offer sheer power (500W) but the quality is incomparable (SO much worse).
- A bargain.
- Look extremely good.
- Handy remote control (Although you shouldn't lose it, most of the features are controlled by it).

- A bit heavy.
- Cable connecting the two speakers is too short, should be double the size at least.

I've been using them with a Creative Soundblaster 5.1, Sound Blaster X-Fi Go PRO, FiiO E10 DAC, Cellphones, iPod, Direct connection from on-board sound cards. Not disappointing in any of these circumstances.
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