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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2010
The fifth album from Good Charlotte comes 10 years after their brilliant self titled debut album. The albums kicks off with a short introduction followed by "Let The Music Play" which gets things off to a rocking start. Then kicks in a ballad albeit a rocking one called "Counting the days" which keeps the flow going. Track "Silver Screen Romance" is perhaps one of the best songs on this album and has a bit of an old school style Good Charlotte vibe to it!

Next up is "Like It's Her Birthday" the first single which is a particularly catchy number that sums up Good Charlotte. The next two songs "Last Night" and "Sex On The Radio" are probably my two favourite songs on this album with brilliant catchy choruses and a great upbeat feel to them.

Track 8 "Alive" is an epic song and to me sounds different to a typical Good Charlotte song. The Next two tracks are two slower numbers "Standing Ovation" and "Harlow's Song" which are brilliantly written and unlike some ballads it doesn't seem forced. Track 11 is an instrumental interlude which is a nice piece of music in between two songs.

"1979" then kicks in a positive ode to Benji and Joel's birth year and childhood. "There She Goes" is another song with a positive vibe to it and has a great chorus and general feel to it. "Right Where I Belong" then provides possibly my favourite ballad Good Charlotte have ever done. The album then ends with the title track a slow burning song mainly focussing on vocals which ends the album on a great note.

There you have it the next Good Charlotte album which is one of their finest maybe even their best they are back to their best and this album is a MUST BUY!
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on 4 November 2010
At first, I must admit I thought 'Uhoh this is a bit weird....', but after two or three listens, the tunes really grew on me!

I've been a fan of GC's work since their first album ten years ago, and this album definitely has a touch of the first album about it, with a bit of the others mixed in, which is what any GC fan should want!

I'm a huge fan of their Chronicles of Life andDeath album, so was hoping for something similar to that, but as i've said, there's only a slight mix of that album in this one, hence the 4 star rating.

Nevertheless, there are some really catchy tunes on this album (And this is coming from a Metalcore/Post Hardcore fan!).

Tunes such as Counting the Days, Silver Screen Romance (Proper Pop Punk tune), Sex on the Radio and 1979 (Epic tune), are tracks to lookout for.

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on 5 November 2010
Every song is great - back to the old Good Charlotte but still sound grown up like Chronicles and GMR. I would definitely recommend it. BUY CARDIOLOGY.
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on 3 November 2010
Ok so this is Good Charlotte's sixth album, on first listening the catchiest tracks were Let the Music Play, Counting The Days, Like its her Birthday and 1979. I loved all GC's albums and also like this one on first listening, hopefully it will grow on me a bit more. For people who prefer classic GC over Good morning revival then they should love this as most of the tracks could have come out of either of the Y & H or the first album. However a few of the darker and slower tracks remind me of The Chronicles of Life and Death, and there are also dancier tunes which are more towards the style of GMR, albeit not pure dance tracks. So overall it really fuses the styles of albums 1 and 2, with a sprinkling of the more emo Chronicles and the dancey style of GMR.

Overall should satisfy all GC fans :)
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on 25 August 2012
This album is a fantastic addition to Good Charlotte's catalogue! I really enjoyed Good morning revival, which had some very impressive tracks on it, but was quite inconsistent in terms of sound. It was definitely a fresher approach compared to The chronicles of life and death and had an upbeat sound and attitude throughout. This album is far more consistent and flows very smoothly, with each track sounding like they really fit together. The album is focused and has its clear themes. Good Charlotte speak from a point of view of wise old men it seems, with lyrics about living positively and life experiences; offering as teachers to the listener. Of course there are some fun songs thrown in here for good measure, and GC seem to do very well with both. For me, the album certainly has parallels with the self-titled debut in that the overall style is quite similar. The songs are much more mature and learned but of all the albums it is most similar to that one. The album's rhythmical sound is probably most similar to GMR and that's obviously because of the drummer Dean Butterworth but the overall sound is definitely reminiscent of the debut. Their niche for fun but sensible songs is really portrayed well here and I don't think that has really shone out so well since the debut, until now.

The album's name is inspired by the band's view that all the songs are about the heart, hence why it's named after the science of the heart. The band originally recorded this album with their former label Epic/Sony and hired Howard Benson to produce the album. Unfortunately the guys didn't like the direction he was taking the songs so decided to find a new record deal with Capitol and work with Don Gilmore once again. If the move is reflected in the music then it was definitely a good choice.

The introduction is basically a snippet from the title track, using the chorus, setting us up for the feel of the album. Let the music play is a fantastic way to kick off the album. It's an amazing upbeat song about the power of music and what it can do for each of us. Counting the days is a slower but clever pop-rock song with an amazing catchy chorus. The band definitely got it right with the catchy sound on this album but still managing to keep it focused and meaningful. Silver screen romance is a very upbeat song with a catchy, fast paced chorus. Some of the lyrics I'm not quite sure about but I do like this concept of a 30's movie couple - I have no idea what inspired them to write about that! It's a good song. Like it's her birthday was the lead single and I can understand why because it's got a great sound, a catchy chorus and great rhythm. Definitely a standout track and its the 1st of the few deliberate fun tracks. Last night is another fun track and has to be one of my favourites with it's amazing upbeat sound that pulls the listener in from the start with the guitar riff. It probably has the best chorus on the album. Sex on the radio is the 1 track I am not a fan of. I can understand the concept and it's another fun track that tries to be romantic at the same time. Lyrically it's way too juvenile for guys of their age to be writing about. I know some of the fans were impressed but I'm definitely not! It's the one valley in an album that peaks nearly all the way! Alive is 1 of the most impressive and another favourite of mine with a strong chorus and very good lyrics. If you're looking for a romantic song then this is a massive step up and it's got a mature and epic sound. It serves as a plateau in the middle of the album.

Standing ovation slows things down a little bit and it's another fantastic track. It's got a warm feel to it where the vocalist talks about living life and coming back home. The guitar raps itself around the song which I think is clever. The idea for Harlow's song is that it's about Joel's daughter and how he can't "spend a night" without her. The song begins with a riff that sounds like a direct rip-off of Rihanna's Unfaithful! If you view this song as a love song instead of an ode to Joel's daughter then it sounds like it could be the greatest love song you have ever heard! The deep lyrics and the way it builds up into an upbeat sound make this song the most powerful on the album and surely the most powerful song the band has ever created! It's truly amazing! The fifth chamber is an instrumental with a background sound like it should be the introduction to Right where I belong, but it's before 1979. Now 1979 is a great upbeat, fun styled song about the Madden brother's parents and what was going on in the year the boys were born. It's a very enjoyable track with a sentimental sound that fans of the band can definitely appreciate. There she goes is another track with the boys reminiscing about the old days where he was happy with the simple life and this girl who now believes he's changed. I think there's irony in Joel saying he had everything back then. It's a mid-tempo song with a catchy chorus. Right where I belong is easily one of the best songs with lyrics about satisfaction and happiness. It's one of the most enjoyable songs with a clearly positive vibe. I like that they name-checked God! Cardiology sounds different from anything else on the album with its slow ballad style with a smooth electronic sound.

I'm gonna go all out and say this is the best album since The young and the hopeless!
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on 7 April 2011
I have always been a huge fan of Good Charlotte, and this album lived up to my high expectations. After their last album (good morning revival) I thought that they were beginning to lose what they were about a bit. But this album is more like their older stuff again, and the songs are brilliant and catchy. I'd definitely recommend this!
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on 11 February 2011
This album is great it has lots of new stuff like like its her birthday and lots of old sounding stuff too. excellent album highly recommended.Great delivery by amazon got it in 3 days even though there was lots of snow and it was Christmas
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on 6 December 2010
good charlotte were my favourite band when i was in secondary school, but something happened a few years ago that put me off them. i'd still buy their albums, but i wasn't even half as into them as i was. anyway, i purchased this album a week or so after it's release and immediately fell in love with it. it's everything i love about good charlotte; it's still not quite their debut album, but it's heading back in that direction but just better refined and put together.
absolutely love it, if you like pop-rock and pop-punk it's definitely something you should check out. i can't ge enough of it, and i think my love for good charlotte has well and truley been rekindled through this album!
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on 4 August 2011
Came swiftly and packagng was fine.
Another great GC CD, although I don't see the need for so many repetitions of the cardiology song all through it.
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on 7 January 2012
Supposedly you'd think, "yeah, Good Charlotte are going to make a breakthrough with this album!"
You'd kinda be wrong. I know bands have to change and all but it seems they went even more mainstream throughout this album with the overuse of even more simplistic riffs and effects that somewhat just bores you after a few listens. Quite sad to say since these were one of my favourite bands. Compared to the price of £8.99, I'm glad I got it off amazon near release date when it was still £4.99.
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