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on 19 August 2015
This has been a really challenging purchase.
Having agonised between 2 Bluetooth headphones the Phillips Fidelio and the Bose AE2w, which I had purchased earlier The Phillips Fidelio which had won the what Hi fi 2014 award and produces a full sound but pairing with devices, especially Apple devices is a nightmare. After many repeated attempts it finally paired with my Iphone 6 but on Ipod Touch it was hit and miss and Macbook it just failed to pair. The sound was "predictable" ( slightly overcooked) from the Fidelio but the comfort put me off. Noise isolation was also limited as it is over ears.
Having debated between Bluetooth and Noise Cancelling to take on my travels. Bluetooth won out and then came the decision between sticking to Bose Quiet Comfort 25 this Bose Bluetooth which was nearly £100 pounds cheaper and the PSB M4U2.The PSB M42U had everything but the sound is bass heavy and the unit is too bulky for travelling. Been a big fan of PSB speakers but on headphones they are not there.
Having now tried the both this Bose with both the Bluetooth on when I am out and about, I can say the Bose wins hands down on Rock ( balanced), Jazz ( not bass heavy) and Classical ( piano & orchestra solos are picked out). Have paired it successfully with all my Apple Devices ( Iphone & ipod touch). Sound on Bluetooth is also excellent. If you are going to use this headphone without Bluetooth in case you are charging - a full charge takes 3 hours and the great thing is unlike the Fidelio you can take the bluetooth module and use it as a normal pair of headphones. Great news in that it paired with Macbook 2014 and even with my old ipod classic with bluetooth Kokkia module. Even better if you use the saving versus the noise cancelling Bose to invest in a Audio quest Dragonfly DAC (about £125) and then you have the best of both worlds. Headphone heaven with a Bluetooth and no wires and a great well nuanced sound with great comfort and value.
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on 14 August 2015
I like these because, of all the headphones for music I found around the ears design the most comfortable (if heat build up is not a problem) and these the most comfortable. As you can probably guess I prefer my music delivered via 100W amplifier and floor standing speakers but impossible to bring them to live and work on assignments months at a time. These phones are the best compromise that I have found.
One star is deducted becuase for the price, the Bluetooth devide is in-elligant and doesn't come with a prober case. The batter never lasted 7 hours from full charges, evern after several cycles of conditioning of batteries of full charge followed by full use; tended to get about 5 hours (not all at once either but two to three sessions totally 5 hours).
Musical performace I would say suits easy listening and classical symphonies; Handel music for Fireworks; Brandenburg Concertos sound comfortable to listen without sibilance of cheaper phones. Rock is ok but may not suite listeners of Heavy Rock.
When battery goes flat it is easy to unplug the Bluetooth gadget and use the hard wire. When wire is used, the volume tended to be louder - guess stronger signal reaching the phones.
Pairing and connecting to my Nokia phone was painless and worked every time with only slight time delay while reconnecting. But while pairing ok with Win7 OS HP laptop was easy, reconnecting every time always takes about 5 minutes and protracted attempts (but guess that's more to do with Windows than these Bose).
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on 16 April 2015
I swithered for ages with these in my wish list as I have never spent that kind of money on headphones before. I have recently starting streaming music with TIDAL the lossless version and felt if I am paying for that I need headphones I will hear the difference with. I have not been disappointed, straight out the box they look good and feel nice in your hands and the leather cushions on the ear pads is lovely and soft, hardly know they are on. The sound is great, clear precise, you can hear bass lines and drum riffs properly. They are not boombastic in the bass department but as other have said this is on purpose to prevent distortion in the headphone. When using them with Spotify and the bass turned up with equaliser you do get distortion, but only at extreme levels. The fact they can pair with two different devices at the same time is great as I have then linked with both my mac mini as wirelss headphones in the house and and can have them linked to my iphone at same time so I dont miss any call when headphones are on. Sometimes you do get what you pay for, and for me on this occasion this is one of them!!
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on 17 October 2015
Absolutely excellent i was waiting to buy these bluetooth headphones for months. I saw the price to increase and decrease almost every month, then i decided to buy them. I absolutely love them they have the quality of Bose and the sound is crystal clear especially for someone who loves the music so much. There are bluetooth but they are giving you the choice to use them with the cord plus a nice black pouch is coming with them.
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on 6 February 2014
Bought these for use in a noisy work environment and went for these over the QC15s I wanted the freedom of wireless, and didn't like that the QC15s don't operate at all without batteries.

The AE2W work without the bluetooth adapter and can be used as regular wired AE2's.

One of my initial concerns was that I would be using an older model iPod Touch with bluetooth 2.0 as the source for my music. I called into a local Bose retailer to test this out, and concerns were unfounded. I have to admit that the sound quality is fantastic over the wireless, very impressed.
In addition to this, being able to pair up two devices at one time (iPod and Android phone) is very convenient, the iPod will pause and allow for the incoming\outgoing call - when the call ends, it automatically resumes the music. Sound quality for voice calls is also extremely good.

The headphones are very comfortable to wear for extended duration, I can wear these comfortably for 4-5 hours at a time and have no issue.

I went back to the local retailer to try fitting them into the Bose Carrying Case for QuietComfort 15, and these fit without issue, even with the bluetooth adapter attached. I'll probably take it off to be on the safe side, but I have had no issues fitting it into that case.

Just as an aside, Amazon's delivery was very quick, arrived the day before estimated delivery date. Added bonus!
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on 8 April 2013
I deliberated and researched for a long, long time before making this purchase. I really struggled to decide whether to go with the active noise-cancelling types, or a pair of these.

I am completely happy with my choice.

The headphones are incredibly comfortable. They sit snugly over the ear, without pressing too hard or causing any discomfort. The earpieces swivel on the axis flexibly. The snug fit means that, while they're not "noise cancelling", they certainly insulate well against any outside noise.

They are also incredibly light. I have no problem wearing these for prolonged periods of time, whether sitting or walking. One thing some people fed back about noise-cancelling types was the weight of the headset (as a result of the additional circuitry and batteries) can become uncomfortable after longer periods of use. No such issues with these.

The sound is crisp and well defined. Some negative feedback I read about these before buying was the "lack of bass compared to competing brands". Well, I have to agree that is definitely the case. That being said, I think I'm getting the best of both worlds - I get the crisp clarity afforded by the headphones themselves, and yet they handle the bass I push to them perfectly well. And make no mistake, I do like bass - but in the right amounts. Hence I do use a McKinley headphone amp in-line with these (because the iPod/iPhone can be a little weak), and the two make a great team.

Two things to note: firstly the difference between these "AE2i" and the standard "AE2" is simply the in-line controller and mic - which means you can use your phone and control the volume (where supported by your device). I've used it to take a call on my iPhone and it works great (although I sound strange to myself!). I basically have to decide whether I want that functionality, or the amplifier, since the model amp I have doesn't have the additional line to support that function. If you know you won't need this feature, you may as well get the AE2 and save a bit of money.

Secondly, the drawstring bag offers little protection, so you might want to invest in a hardcase (make sure you choose one that fits though).

In all, for the price, these are bang on the money.
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on 27 December 2015
Well, if you're looking for something with good sound quality and very gentle on your ears then look no further.
I'm no expect on music production but comparing it to my beats and £30 Sony headphones, you can hear notes that you couldn't previously. It really is a joy to use.
With regards to the weight and tightness around the ears, they are light as feathers but at the same time doesn't feel flimsy at all. Even though the bluetooth set is on the left of the headphones, it doesn't feel off balance at all. I have to wear glasses and at no point of using them do I think they are tight, I can comfortably wear them for 8 hours without any discomfort.

Situations where you might not want to wear them:
lying in bed, you can't roll your head around with them.
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on 19 February 2018
Great sound, and comfortable....but:

Awful battery life (four or five hours at best). Finicky and short range Bluetooth. Ugly design (the Bluetooth module is like they forgot about it and added it on afterwards). The ear cups don't last - but can be replaced. The outer fabric doesn't wear well over time. Expect to replace after three years or so.
review image
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on 22 April 2015
I Had debated whether to buy these for some time, already owning many bluetooth headphones, the near £200 price tag was hard to justify to myself. When last Christmas day the price came down, I decided to give it a go.

The reason I needed these was because of building work that had already been going on for several weeks downstairs, and which I knew would continue for at least a couple more months (time proved me right). I needed something I could wear all day that would block out noise.

I had already purchased the Plantonics backbeat pro which did an excellent job of helping me keep my sanity with additional active noise cancellation. Their only problem was the weight. Although comfortable after several hours the weight on my neck started to cause stress there, hence my search for a lightweight noise isolating headphone.

I had tried several headphones, a couple by Sony, which for one reason or another did not fit the bill. I had ignored the Bose AE2W because of the price and an assumption on my part that it looked so fragile that it could no fit my purpose. I was wrong.

These are the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn, and I have worn many. The weight is nominal. The cushions are large enough to go around the ears, which allow the ears to breath, and the material of which they are composed of and covered with are both super soft. It is the ear pads themselves and the seal they provide, that in no small part, produce the very good noise isolation. The headband has no real padding under it but does not need it. Extra padding may have added weight. It feels a little flimsy there, you can feel the two thin bands in there held together it seems by the material covering the headband. Judging from the overall build of the headphones however I would guess they are anything but flimsy. They cups rotate any which way so will always sit perfectly. The build feels strong.

As for the sound, for me, I would say perfect. Everything you put through comes out as it should. Vocals are clear, something that is important to me for the type of music I like, though my taste is wide ranging. Everything else is there too. These headphones will not produce sound that is not meant to be there. If a track or movie or whatever has bass for example, it will reproduce it. It will not however create it when it does does not belong in there, like so many headphones do these days. Separation is also good.

I was initially disappointed with the range, using it with a wireless dongle to connect to my TV, Playstation, Xbox, I found the range to be on the limit of the standard 10m. Once out of range it would often cut out altogether. Sometimes it will reconnect automatically when back in range, but more often than not needed re-pairing. I found this a pain. The on off switch being almost flat, though ribbed does not help. Using it with other devices though, like my Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab 2, I found the range to be excellent with no cutting out.

The only criticism I have are regards the dongle that attaches to the audio in port for the bluetooth. It is not pretty. Bose may argue that being detachable it allows for charging while the headphones remain useable in wired mode. It seems to me like a way to save on production costs by keeping to a standard design as in the wired version. It would only take a small alteration to accommodate the dongle. Either way, I do not like it. Additionally, it probably contributes to my biggest and only real criticism of these headphones, the short battery life. Bose have designed a headphone that is so light and so comfortable that it can be worn all day. Ironically however, it can't be worn all day because the battery only gives six to seven hours, go figure.

All in all though, if it were not for the battery life I would give these five stars. If the dongles were sold separately we could have one on charge at all times. Something for Bose to consider perhaps?
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on 4 January 2015
Best price available on the internet and at £140 they were a steal.
Excellent headphones for film watching and music listening and they are very light too. Connecting is a breeze. What I like about them is that the volume control is easy to operate and the headband can be bent open (outwards) at the top to allow for a more comfortable fitting. Usually I find that headphone pads are not deep enough and this causes a slight pain on the hard part of the ear (after an hour or so) due to the covered diaphragm slightly touching, anyway, these are borderline but I'm being picky since I only start to feel them after about an hour. All in all a great set of headphones that I can definitely recommend.
Update: After using these for months I can say that I am completely satisfied and my ears no longer hurt from prolonged use.
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