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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

on 11 April 2008
I had the De-Loused cd for a fair while before i bought the vinyl edition of the album. After buying the Mars Volta catalogue on CD i started to get more and more interested in the artwork presented in the booklets etc. And getting more interested with vinyl, i decided to buy this, from knowing that it was a gatefold and was described as a spectacular looking piece. When it arrived i was blown away. The sleeve cover, and the back, are magnificent, its like looking at the booklet of the cd for the first time - again. Inside you will find even more beautifal artwork prestened in such a professional manor. This discs are silver plated and look and feel fantastic. And obviously the vinyl sounds perfect - a really great sound (providing you have a decent vinyl player).
Also, about the music - i just reviewed this because of the vinyl, i dont have the time to talk about how incredible this release, or any other of The Mars Volta is, because its hard too put into words.

So if your a big vinyl fan, and think you will like the music - go ahead and buy this. Also, if you are a huge TMV fan and not bought vinyls yet (and have the money) - think about it, its a great investment.
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on 6 January 2004
Firstly let me begin by saying this album is differant to anything else. Shades of Pink Flloyd and other old rock bands can be heard, but compared to anything else coming out these days, this is in a league of it's own. I don't really know how to put them into a genre, but who cares? This album is amazing. Its one hell of an epic one hour journey. Deloused in the comatorium tells the stroy of Cerpin Taxt who symbollises two of the band members' best freind who struggled with mental problems all his life, and eventually comitted suicide.
No album can induce emotions like this. It goes beyond words. Theres only 10 songs, but who cares it really is quality over quantity. I must admit being a huge Mars Volta fan i would say this. But you really should hear this album, its been made with raw emotion. Every word, every sound is there for a reason, adding to the whole effect. I'm not just trying to blindly promote the band, they really do deserve all the acclaim they have been given. In the eyes of many, this has been the best album to come out in years.
Definately a must listen. Worth every penny.
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on 17 November 2003
Its not very often that one of the best bands in a decade dedcide to split to do something better. But in their wisdom thit is what At The Drive In decided to do. ATDI helped cultivate and forge what we now refer to as emocore or posthardcore. They were a break through a breath of fresh air and a band that were truly brilliant, a band that the term genius can rightfully be placed upon, and a band that in Relationship of Command produced an album that I still listen to three years on and wrenches my musical heart everytime.
Surely I hear you cry, how can this band be bettered? In a word, they cant but Mars Volta have had a bloody good go at it. DeLoused at The Com... is difficult, its different it is at times annoying but this music after a few listens is ultimately rewarding. The album lasts over hr and some tracks are longer than 10mins, this results in tuff going in some parts, but after a while the noise fails to be music and becomes art. Cicratiz esp and Inertiatic are obvious stand outs but as Mars Volta hastily point out this is an album heading in a direction rather than an album used to promote singles. The album shouldnt be seen as a list of tracks, more pieces of artwork that need to be preserved, looked after and cherished, a crying baby that kicks screams and wets itself before finding a place in the heart and loved. Believe me the hardwork is worth it. The direction used is commendable, Cederic and Omar once again proving they arent scared to change the way we appreciated music. Mars Volta are a bunch of musicians that are determined to do their own thing, if we like alls well, if not, they really couldnt care. That is an attitude that has to be admired and an attitude that helps make this album such a phenomona.
If you do decide to buy this piece of art be weary not to just abandon it, be a caring parent, allow it time to grow, and the child will respect you and inturn you will learn to love the baby.
If you do learn to like this child take a look at its parent, ATDI. Now that is a five star specimen!
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