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VINE VOICEon 24 January 2011
Size: 4GB|Colour: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Just to give you some background, I'm not an audiophile by any means, but I do appreciate good quality music, and music gear. There are a few mentions below to the iPhone 4, and of course I know there is a considerable price and quality difference between them, but the iPhone 4 is my day to day music player and a lot of people will own iphones and iPods or have listened to them so it simply provides a reference point, rather than a direct comparison. I won't be marking each section /5 or /10 as I think it's better you simply read my review and come to your own conclusion :)

First impressions:
Small, neat looking and light. All qualities I look for in a PMP (Portable Music Player)

Build quality:
The player is very light, and although this might put some people off, in its defense I can say that this thing will probably survive any amount of drops (which I hear is the most common death to mp3 players). Most of the structural strength comes from the aluminium ring around the side of the player, with the front and back sides being plastic. If you're thinking an extremely cheap iPhone 4 type build, you wouldn't be far off! There is no light spill from the screen, and no creaking (yet) so positive marks here. I just wish the screen was glass instead of plastic as plastic scratches and smudges much more.

Menu & Navigation:
Easy, simple, and quick to learn. No complaints here, you even have basic options to adjust the layout to suit you, which is a nice touch, although I don't see why anyone would need/want to change it as its layout is very intuitive.

I'm afraid there is no way around this one, the display is pretty bad. It has a very poor viewing angle, anything away from dead center and there is noticeable colour shift and even straight on (or at least as straight on as I could get, accurate to +/- 5 degrees) there is colour shift from the top and bottom of the screen. The resolution is adequate, but not mindblowing in any way. Text is reasonably sharp and suitable only for the minimal reading you need to do. For video it is again, adequate, but with the poor viewing angle and screen panel quality it is very difficult to watch anything and certainly impossible to watch something with a friend.

Sound quality:
Redeeming feature here, the sound quality can be very good on the player. At default it's flat, and uninspiring, but during either video or music, you have access to advanced sound features. On video there is a 5.1 emulation, and normally I find these things immicky and crap, but in this instance it works very well. The 'theatre' setting is also good, adding more depth to sound. 'Concert' basically adds reverb (echo) and lots of it. Not very useful.

In music, you can adjust EQ and choose settings from the 'SoundAlive' menu such as Vocal, Instrument, Tweeter and Big Bass, as well as a few custom options. Suffice to say, I couldn't really tell much of a difference between each of the settings, other than Big Bass which is as big as Mickey Mouse. I tend to keep the SoundAlive on Auto, and it's fine. The music sounds good, not mindblowing, but definitely listenable for prolonged periods. As a budget MP3 player, this sounds pretty good.

FM Radio:
Works as described, it has auto search for finding stations and it's pretty efficient. Sound quality is variable but generally fine, but not as good as imported 128kbps MP3 more like 56kbps if I had to compare.

The supplied earphones are in-ear headphones of higher quality than received with any iPod model, for instance. They come with a spare set of smaller earplugs if the defaults are too large. I first tested these earphones with an iPhone 4, on a few songs to which I know intimately, enough so that I would be able to know the differences in quality (for reference, I listen with Sennheiser HD 555s at home and Klipsch S4i outside. Let me say, these earphones are above the quality of supplied iPhone, HTC etc earphones, but not the same quality (both sound or build) than say Sennheiser CX300 ii's. They do a great job on an iPhone, but fair less well on the Samsung, but I'll attribute this down to the sound engine on the player rather than the earphones themselves. In terms of comfort, the earphones become uncomfortable after about an hour and a half (to me, at least) but until then they are fine, and unobtrusive.

Battery life & Connectivity:
Connectivity is via a proprietary usb format which is a bit of a bugbear because if you lose it, you'll need to buy another just like it. The stereo jack is on the bottom of the device and suitable for both straight and corner connections. Battery life is good, it'll last a few days on a single charge, and doesn't take long via usb so this is a positive point.

Like most MP3 players, this one asks you to download their own software 'Kies' which personally I don't like. It's fine in operation, but its just another audio player and as I already use iTunes, Songbird and Zune, as well as the fact that you can add songs manually via folders, I just don't think its necessary.

Final thoughts:
If you're looking for a budget MP3 player exclusively for music and radio, this will do you just fine, but if you're looking at this as an alternative to say, an iPod Nano, you will be disappointed. It simply doesn't hold up in terms of build and sound quality. It's hard to be negative as understandably, it is in a different market, but overall I could see myself using this day to day, and more importantly I can see it lasting a long time. So overall, positive.
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on 29 April 2011
This little mp3 player had so much going for it but it seems as if Samsung went out of their way to hamstring it. I'll start with the positives:

The sound quality is great. Being an audiophile having acceptable quality on the go is a must for mp3 players, and it definitely doesn't falter here when coupled with good headphones, and it has an EQ equaliser with plenty of scope to tweak the sound to your desire. The headphones are the standard cheap, low quality ones all mp3 players come with but these are actually managing to keep me going till my replacements for my sennheisers arrive, without giving me the urge to rip them out and tear them in half, which is pleasantly surprising overall. They don't fit too bad either.
Battery life is excellent. I had it for over a week seeing pretty heavy use before I realised I hadn't charged it since I got it.
So far the processes of charging and transferring files via USB has had no hiccups so far, another plus.
Also, when starting up after shutdown it at least remembers where you last were in the song that was last playing, which has saved my mp3 from being thrown out the window on many a time for reasons I'll get to now.

Yes, on with the negatives, the ones that leave me actually angry at my mp3 player in ways I've never felt for an electronic appliance before. First off, the locking system is ridiculous. Pressing unlock when locked will elicit no response from the mp3 for a brief moment, before a little unlocking symbol appears, which then disappears and only then can you do anything. Why all the delay? It's a good 3 seconds between first unlock and actual unlock, to me thats too long. And any grazing of the lock button during this period will lock the system right back up, forcing us to go through the same drawn out process again. Also turning off the display after a while being idle is all well and good, but could you at least remember the menu I was on instead of booting me back to the directory of the song thats on. If I want to know that I'll go to Now Playing.
But the most criminal mistake of all by Samsung is the assignment of the lock function to the same button as the power button. Countless times the mp3 player has unlocked in my pocket and then promptly turned itself off, cutting me off mid-song with a mocky sparkling Samsung 'bye-bye' sound, making me think the battery has just fallen out the back. And then after you finally get past the annoyance and get it turned back on you find it has reset your volume control, like Samsung has become some sort of overbearing mother to us, fearful what all that loud noise we listen to will do to our hearing. Speaking of turning on, why on earth do we have to hold down the power button for ages before anything will happen? It definitely didn't take that long to shut down when it was booting me out of my listening experience without so much as a by-your-leave. And to me any mp3 player that regularly interrupts your listening experience is not a good mp3 player, and thus I find it incredibly hard to recommend.

If you use the mp3 player only while sitting down or not moving much you won't encounter the random shutting down so much, and all the other annoying frustrations that come with that (long startup, volume reset) so it does become a more appealing player. But for out and about be prepared to wrap it with bubble wrap.
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This is my first experience of a `proper' MP3 player and I am impressed! I had a Sony Walkman music player some years ago and while it looked beautiful and the sound quality was marvellous it was a total nightmare to load. I hoped that modern players would be easier and I was right.

I did start to read the instruction manual, which can be transferred from the player itself to computer or accessed online, and got totally bogged down so I decided that I would just try what intuition would do and I succeeded in downloading some MP3 albums and putting them on the player and they worked! Childish I know, but I was so pleased with myself.

The sound quality is excellent and while I'm not keen on `in-ear' headphones, the ones that come with the player are very good and very comfortable and I can see I will be using them at least some of the time. The player is simple in design and very light and it is easy to use - even if you are just pressing buttons to see what they do - as I was.

It looks as though it will be hard wearing and it is quick to charge via USB lead and the battery charge appears to be more than sufficient. I am not sure I would want to watch a video on such a small screen but clearly this will appeal to some people. So far I have only used the player for music but I intend to put audio books on it as well and I'm sure I will listen to the radio as well.

Overall I am impressed though with no other recent MP3 players to compare it with I cannot comment on its quality in relation to others. What I can say is that if I can use it, then anyone can.
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on 30 January 2011
Lets put it this way I've had Samsung players for ooh about 7 years now, but I'll be starting from what I consider one of the best MP3 players ever built this machines ancestor the YP-Z5A, it was perfect, except for the battery.
I'm not expecting things to change in this regard these players Li-on batteries last at best 2 years, and you can't easily replace them which is why I've retired my YP-Q1 and bought this player.
Skipping a few generations forward things are as I would expect absolutely wonderful sound, video looks good, neat little radio and voice recorder is shiny too. And lo! they got rid of the bundled software EMODIO (which I'm fairly certain means 'God of Emos'as you will never experience a more crushing sense of depression than using that awful program) and replaced it with KIES which is remarkable only in its un-remarkableness, it is another great thing that you can just ignore it and drag and drop music and video straight into the player, although it has some difficulty recognizing old playlists which is annoying.
Its a surprise to hear the sound even better than the last player, Sound alive is fantastic, and I love the audio upscale.
If your just using it for music it lasts a decent age between charges listening to it for about 8 hours a day it will last over a week on 1 charge.
But... I don't know what it is with Samsung they seem to get everything right bar a couple of things every time. This time round its the lock, which is a real irritation because when you press the button to unlock the player you have to wait for the little padlock icon to slowly open before you can access the player, and it has the habit of re-locking the player while your waiting or if your not quick enough, then you have to press the unlock button again and wait for the padlock icon to slowly open... What was wrong with just a bog standard physical button lock?
May be its trying to teach me patience... And failing miserably.

If you really want to up your experience with this player I recommend most highly getting a pair of Koss Prota Pros... The sound is mind blowing, but bear in mind Koss Porta Pros leak sound quite badly so remember that in polite company.

All in all a great sounding and flexible player and a good choice for those who don't want to join De Apple-Reich.
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VINE VOICEon 26 January 2011
I like this MP3 player. It is small, sleek and well made. In some ways it reminds me of a small iphone.

I am a fan of the ipod but thought that this would be interesting to try out. It is.... It is good looking, with a good feel. It is glossy black with a shiny edge.The display is clear, a good size and has good picture quality.

1. Not an ipod.
2. Easy to use.
3.You can use the inbuilt software or not
4.It's drag and drop
5.The voice recorder is easy to use and good quality
6.The video playback is good
7.It is iplayer compatble(only TV progs at the moment)
8.It has a good radio
9.It is excellent value for money and does almost as much as a nano
10.Good headphones included

1.It is not an ipod
2.The software can be a bit clunky
3.It does not have a wifi connection (but do you need one?)


I really recommend it.

Easy to use, 8gb, really inexpensive, good looking, can play video,has a radio, good sound quality, good headphones included.I think this is a good buy.I got it to work in about ten minutes, from start to finish.
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VINE VOICEon 24 January 2011
Size: 8GB|Colour: Pink|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What I love about the Q3, apart from the amazing sound quality, is its ability to play multiple formats; it plays (audio) MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG, AAC, WAV as well as (video) WMV9, MPEG4, XviD, DivX, H.264. This really does set it apart from some of its similarly priced competition, and at 8Gb for this model, is excellent value for money.

The box includes a micro-USB cable, a quick start guide and a voucher to download 50 free songs and an ebook (although you need to use a debit/credit card to sign up for the 14 day trial, which would need to be cancelled before the 14 days is up to avoid being charged).

The included headphones are pretty good for default headphones, and come with two sizes of buds. The ones already fitted on the 'phones were perfect for me, but a smaller set were included too. I compared these with my sennheiser CX-300s and the sound quality was comparable, which is pretty good in my opinion. The manual and Kies software are included on the player's memory, but to be fairly honest this player is easy to use without instructions and you can simply drag/drop files as needed without the use of additional software.

The SoundAlive system works well, but it does affect battery life. The graphics equaliser function is easy to use, and useful to get the sound to exactly how you want it.

Video files are easy to watch, generally not needing to be recoded. The screen is small, and although this isn't a problem for watching programs such as The Simpsons and Family Guy, I wouldn't suggest using it to watch films etc.

Build quality is good too, with a solid aluminium frame that feels good in your hand. The tactile controls take a little getting used to, but are easy to use otherwise. The only slight niggle I have with them is that there isn't a seperate sliding "hold" button; the bottom outer button is used on the tactile pad, press down to lock/unlock and hold to turn on/off. This button does accidently get pressed whilst in my pocket, but rarely, so I can just about live with it.

Battery life seemed to be about 32 hours without using SoundAlive and 20 or so with.

All in all, I would have to say that this is a well made media player (not just mp3 player!) which I would have no problems in recommending either for yourself or as a gift.
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on 23 December 2010
It was becoming increasingly burdensome to carry a CD player around, so I recently bought YP-Q3. There were two reasons why I insisted on CD player even though it was bulky and heavy. First, it was cumbersome to covert the music to mp3 file and the sound did not match that of CD player. How could I not be suspicious of mp3 which took up 10 times less capacity than average CD? Most of the people say that the difference is minimal, but I continued using my CP player even when my friends were moving to iPod. And I still purchase most of my music in CD format.

But my CD player broke down last month. It was quite old and fixing it would cost a lot of money so I was planning to get a new CD player when I suddenly made up my mind to give mp3 player a try. I looked for a product that offered good sound quality at good value rather than having various functions. I'm not much of an expert when it comes to electronic devices, so I visited blog sites, read reviews and even wrote on forums asking for recommendations. What surprised me was that Sony's walkman was no longer the king of music players. Until now, I had assumed that Sony topped all portable music players except for iPod. But, many reviews said that Sony was too expensive and complicated to use. So Sony was naturally excluded from my list. I repeated the process until the list was narrowed down to Samsung's YP-Q3. (I didn't even know that Samsung made mp3s before I started searching.) I liked Q3 because it can play high-quality audio files such as MP3HD, FLAC and OGG and many reviews said that the sound quality was good.

For me, I was more likely to use lossless codec files such as WAV or FLAC rather than mp3. While most of the products supported WAV or OGG, Samsung was practically the only manufacturer that supported FLAC and MP3HD files. (WAV file is too big that you cannot listen to all music in WAV file.) And Q3 was the only product I found that could play MP3HD file.

And as people has complimented at the Samsung forum, SoundAlive was really awesome! Being my first trial with a decent sound field, I really liked the depth and richness of the sound, especially the big bass. I had never used EQ function much, but the SoundAlive function of Q3 taught me a new aspect of listening to music. When I showed this to my friends, they were really surprised saying that it was if the sound was coming from outside the head.

One shortcoming is the LCD. But, nevertheless, I still think that Q3 is fabulous to enjoy music.
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on 9 September 2011
Hello Amazon buyers,
I have had this Mp3 player for about 3 weeks, so I have had some time to test it out in a work environment. First thoughts out of the box is it's quite pleasing on the eye sleek and shiny with a sturdy aluminium frame on the out edge. However it is very light while retaining its solid feel.

In design is where perhaps its first flaw becomes evident, this of course is in its frankly silly button layout. This is comprised of a central button surrounded by an other button surrounded by another narrow outer button.. Why they decided this was a good idea is beyond me. A typical scenario for me and my working mans thumbs is *take out of pocket* *unlock to turn volume down (yes you have to unlock it to adjust volume)* *oops I pressed lock again god damnit!* *waits 5 seconds for it to open again* all in all it can take 5-10 seconds just to turn the volume up or down..

This is because the software seems very slow to me. When you press unlock nothing happens for a second then a little animation shows which lasts around 3 seconds, this is very annoying when all you want to do is change the volume/pause/skip, it automatically puts the hold function on. It should as with all Mp3 player just have a simple slider!.

Battery life is OK not great but OK, I can get 2 and a bit shifts out of it at work where in total it is probably playing for about 10-12 hours. However in comparison to the Sony mp3 I wanted to upgrade from this is not good, as my Sony been around 3-4 years old lasts 4-5 days and has much faster software and better buttons.

In summary
If you work in an office it will be a pretty good player, but for somebody who works a physical job it is not very practical at all. The player offers very good sound and customization options, The provided earphones seemed initially very good, however if you wiggle them around in your ear you realize that most of the sound they produce is not even going into your ear which is strange, I stopped using them because they were not blocking outside noise and were not providing bass or clarity in my work environment. If you want to watch videos on it, the screen is ok, however the viewing angles are ridiculously bad.. You have to hold it in a particular way to see the screen properly any deviation from this will darken or lighten the image.

Scores out of 5:

Sound 4 (good sound and equalizer options)
Software (user interface) 2
Design 2 (button layout is near catastrophic for me)
Screen 2 (horrible viewing angles spoil an otherwise nice screen)
Functions 4 (allows tracks to be added to a playlist on the fly etc)

It was 2.5/3 for me. Could be OK for you, I just personally get frustrated by the slower interface compared to my Sony mp3.

Sorry readers to go back on my original review, but I absolutely HATE this MP3 player.. If you pause it for 10 seconds in work or whatever while somebody is talking to you, you go to resume playback after they leave and oh.. its turned itself off which would be fine if you owned any other MP3 player which would turn on and play in 5 seconds, not this.. It takes 30-40 seconds.. Also the lock button turns the MP3 player OFF if you hold it down for over 1 second, which means its always turning off in your pocket causing you to have to fiddle around turning it on constantly. The software is slow and dated and should never of passed quality control. Sorry to change my view so much but that's how it has happened after a few months of frustrating use.
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on 22 February 2011
This should be a great product but is let down by some silly annoyances....

- There is no dedicated volume control or Lock control, you have to use the other multi function buttons. Don't manufacturers get it?? If I want rubbish controls I'll use my phone as an MP3 Player, a dedicated MP3 Player should have dedicated buttons for the major functions.

- The software (Kies) that comes with it doesn't seem to deal with iPlayer files - looks like it doesn't have the right codec? I had to use Media player to get iPlayer video on in one piece.

- You can use Samsung UCI online to customise the interface - doesn't work (I have the latest firmware).

- You cannot remove the five default playlists on the device - I don't use them & they are annoying.

On the plus side the headphones are very good, the device itself feels good quality, the battery life is excellent & it uses standard micro USB for connecting/charging. Oh & the sound quality is great too.

Also the Kies software has a greate RSS feed downloader thingy which I really like for my Podcasts.

I just feels like bad quality control & like the product isn't quite finished, the hardware is great, it's just all the other bits around it. Can't help but think you wouldn't get these probems with an Apple device...

If Samsung could just sort out the annoyances this would be a really great product - as it is I think it is merely good.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 February 2011
Size: 8GB|Colour: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
For an MP3 player the sound quality of this Samsung is excellent, the included headphones are comfortable to wear and they come with two different size ear plugs. The player itself looks nice with the black and chrome finish and is slim and small enough to stick in a pocket.

The menu is clear and well laid out, the controls are via a double control ring with inner and outer buttons - takes no time at all to get used to.

Loading media is easy via the included software or alternately you can drag and drop into the relevant folder. If like me you use your MP3 player to listen to audiobooks then it also has resume play so you can switch it off and restart from the same point later. Videos are very watchable via the 2.2" screen which for it's size are amazingly clear. I was expecting to have to convert avi's to a smaller screen size before being able to watch them on this so was very impressed that I was able to drag and drop an avi that I'd recorded at 625x352 and it played straight away.
Another thing that really impressed me was the Text reader, I converted an ebook to txt format loaded it and whilst I wouldn't read the whole book at this size for reading on a short bus/train journey it's certainly fine and the page turn forward or back works well. It also has a bookmark option.

For the price this is a more than decent player and I'd definitely recommend it.
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