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on 13 July 2012
Very, very good camera. Very handy, great images, great colours. And at the current price, the best money can buy. I have been looking for such for a very long time.
I use a range of cameras (high end SLR and several pocket cameras), but this is the most useful of all. I can easily carry it around, the images are very close to what I would get from the SLR, the colours are simply great.
As a non-professional user I can't go into the image details, so I would just leave point to the more knowledgeable reviewers.
It would be best if I could give my point of view - that of a daily user. As a dad I want to make the best possible family photos and be ready around the clock. Well the pocket camera size is the best to carry around, but the quality of the images is not really what I want. The image quality is the reason why the SLR camera joined our pocket cameras collection and we indeed make excellent images with it. But try taking it around on top of the baby staff. Needs an extra bag for transport, it is bulky and demanding item, dangling from my neck, getting caught in the baby bags.
This is why this camera is so useful. Small body with a high-quality sensor - it is a handy body delivering great images. At this price I can afford to carry it in my pocket and in the baby bag.
Two problems. First the original lens (20-50 mm) is too bulky for your pocket. It would be very nice to use it with the smaller 30mm pancake. It is not sold with the smaller and I had to buy it separately which is an extra cost. Second - it does not have an inbuilt flash. The camera would not need the flash in most cases (outdoors, well illuminated rooms) but when the normal quality is desired indoors, a flash is needed. The external flash is good, but bulky.
A point to Samsung -carry on, this is THE CAMERA for me, but please build in a flash and give the users an option to buy it only with the 30mm lens. Your next model NS200 does not have a flash again.
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on 5 March 2013
I gave this camera 5 stars based on the price. As it is an old model, it's price has fallen, but it is part of the Samsung NX system. I made this purchase as I wanted a large-sensor camera; this APS-C camera is such and has a magnification factor of 1.5, so the kit lens is equivalent to 30-75mm on a full-frame system such as a 35mm film camera. This camera is an amazing device to use and always seems to have a pleasant surprise for me when I explore it. Controlling the main functions from the lens is great via the iFn button,giving access to shutter, aperture, exposure compensation, WB and others without access to menus.

The case is metallic and sturdy, feels strong and comfortable in my hands and has survived a drop from a table. I have another, older Samsung with similar construction that has lived through many more drops, some at high speed!

The image quality, at 14MP, is great and colours are intense and appealing. At 100%, they have good detail, but not as good as my Nikon D40x, which has a lower pixel count with a similar size sensor.

To add to my excitement, I have also purchased a 16mm prime for around £160 and a 50-200mm lens for £140. This is a full kit for just £500! For people considering this camera as a purchase, their are other old model cameras under £250 with even greater resolution... Check them out on Amazon market place!
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on 27 October 2012
I had carried out a lot of research on bridge cameras before deciding on this particular model. As the forerunner of the NX1000 it has many of the features of a camera which is nearly twice the price. There is a smart setting which allows for fully automated shots but also full program, aperture and shutter priority modes, in addition to the isense and fully manual mode. The top tip is to play with the settings once you have gained sufficient confidence and learn how each setting and element affects the shot. The sensor and lens are outstanding and the image quality does not compare with any of the compacts currently on the market, it is that good. Samsung have delivered yet again a truly quality product at an amazing price. Buy it, you will not be disappointed!
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on 21 March 2013
Very good pictures in reasonable light but as is to be expected suffered from lack of flash in poor light and indoors, even with F:2 lens. The need for additional flash and lenses made this the worst of both worlds, i.e too big to be used like a compact but not as good results as a DSLR (which all have built in flashes nowadays)
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on 28 June 2013
Perfect camera,beautiful photos!
You can't do better at that price. The only negative is the lens noise when using video.
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on 18 August 2012
Pictures are comparable to my Nikon which cost three times as much! Highly recommended camera, you won't be disappointed. Only weak spot is image stabilisation.
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on 14 January 2013
I purchased this product as a Christmas present for my wife and we are delighted at the versatility and quality of the out put. A fabulous product at a great price. We have now recommended this product to familay members.
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on 7 September 2013
Good camera with very nice lens and sensor which produces excellent results, but the later versions have signifently better specs
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on 24 July 2011
This is a great little camera with some amazing functions, but to get the best out of it you really need the 50-200mm zoom lens which is proving very difficult to find. If Amazon are going to stock items like this then they should have the peripherals available for sale alongside it. The lens is available on the USA site but not on the UK and when I queried it they just kept telling me it was not there - I KNOW THAT!!! Not the most helpful customer service around.
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on 21 October 2012
Had this for about a month of regular use and have now sold my Canon DSLR. The image quality of the NX100 is as good as the images I was getting from the Canon but the camera is half the size. The Canon had to be taken out with you while the Samsung is just out with you, as it's in your coat pocket. Might be different in Summer when I don't whear a coat of course but we will see if it's still with me or not.
The lenses available seem very reasonable in price though I haven't invested in another as yet as I'm still investigating its potential. I'd like a lens a little wider and perhaps faster that the kit lens, though I'm defiantly going to invest in the view finder as that's the only thing I miss after switching from the Canon to this.
Highly recommended, though I realise cameras are a very personal choice.
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