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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 10 December 2009
Let's first dispell a myth..

Please, do not read anything into the animal rights activists scaring people into not buying this film. 'Clyde' or 'Clyde 2' which was involved in the 'Any which way you can' film, died from a cerebral hemorrhage, which had nothing to do with the treatment of the orangutans well-being. It was properly cared for and treated well all of its life. As was the first 'Clyde' an orangutan called Manis, who lived to an old age.

As for both films.. Clint Eastwood just instinctively knows when something is right to do. Despite being told not to make the original film, he made it anyway and it was a hit. The public love Clint Eastwood and they also like the movies despite the negative press around the films at that time.

Clyde is the great comedy sidekick and bit of an unknown quantity, if you watch the films for the first time, you never knew what you were going to get. There's lots of funny moments and it's a comedy at heart. However, it still retains the macho theme, with Clint playing a bare-knuckles fighter to bring in some extra cash when he's not carrying car engines around the backyard.

The highs and lows of relationships between Eastwood and Locke go full circle in both films. There's lots of tongue-in-cheek humour and mild swearing by todays standards, however, don't buy this for kids under 15 years and then complain about all the blood - the certificate is there for a reason, and this is why it's still rated at 15.

The country music sets the tone for the film and is very much in-line with Eastwoods style of film-making and the characters and the locations. The 'Black Widows' make the film even more entertaining and the soundtrack is well-written as you know when they are going to make an appearance as they have their own little theme - akin to a 50s style slow rock n roll 'Happy Days' type number..

It's a shame it ended with just two films, I think even back then everyone would have loved to have seen a third to make a nice trilogy, but alas, Clint was becoming even more popular than he already was and went onto a vast number of other projects..

Buy it, enjoy it.. forget the small continuity errors and it's age.. appreciate what these two films did at the time and again the flawless acting by Eastwood.

The only thing I would have liked is to see a Special Edition of these films, in full widescreen and 5.1 sound, with proper bonus features and documentaries on the making of the films. Hopefully it will happen one day..
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on 21 January 2016
Loved these films since I was a kid. Here you have both of them on separate discs. They are a U.S. import but the disc's are region free so do play on UK blu-ray players & TV's. Picture quality is superb, a definite improvement over the DVD's, and no annoying black bars across the top & bottom of the screen. Extra's are next to none existent (theatrical trailers only from memory) but that doesn't matter, it's normal for Clint Eastwood releases and you're buying this for the films. 5/5 from me all day long.
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on 18 January 2006
I have both movies on Ye Olde VHS videos both watched so many times since the early eighties that have worn out, so I am over the moon with this DVD release!
The films are classics combining humour and action, the 'star' in this film is hard to judge as Clint, (Philo Bedoe) Ma, Clyde (the lovely Ape) or the fabulous hells angel gang - the black widows are all brilliant!
In my opinion the sequel is the better film (but only just) I would recomend this film for anyone with a love for humour.
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on 7 November 2012
Single case containing each film on a separate disc, region free and good transfers/image in my opinion compared to previous DVD presentations. For the price including delivery it represents good value.
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on 5 July 2013
Brilliant Eastwood double box set.These are the movies that Clint Eastwood fans adore and even the non fan.These both have Clint playing Philo Beddoe a bare fisted fighter.Basically both are road movies.The now famous orangotang is the star of the movies,crappin in squad cars and giving people the finger.Clint has one brawl after another in both movies."Right turn Clyde!"became a phrase everyone used at the time and on watching youll see why?Ruth Gordon,plays"Ma"a real cantankerous and crackin performance to be had here as well as Clints friend in real life playing his friend here,in the form of Geoffrey Lewis.Lots of brawls,lots of comedy and some real great country music with even Glen Campbell and Phil Everly making appearances too,MUST SEE MOVIES.
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on 16 March 2006
I cant believe it has took them so long to release this onto dvd. But definitly worth the wait. fantastic film even if you arent really a fan of clint eastwood like me. buy it now
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on 12 July 2015
Grab a few beers and watch these two movie from big clint and the gang. Very entertaining, but i wish that film companies would spend a bit of money on blu-ray releases. These prints are not any better from the DVD copies. Region free.
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on 13 February 2006
If you like Clint Eastwood then you will love these two films. they are brilliant. Clyde the Ape is hillarious as are the Black Widow motorcycle gang, what a bunch of misfits but they are just so funny. If you havent seen these two films then you have missed out !!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 October 2007
Simply on an entertainment level I'd give these two films five stars. However as either an ardent film buff or just a casual film watcher I have to be realistic. At best they are four stars and I'm probably being generous giving that. There are many better Clint Eastwood movies that are just as entertaining, especially amongst those that he directed.

Having said that both these films are funny in places, and they ARE great all round entertainment. Clint Eastwood and the rest of the cast do a fine job. William Smith as Jack Wilson is probably the other stand-out actor. He has the tremendous fight at the end of the second film. However its the incredible Ruth Gordon as Ma, who won an Oscar in 1969, and was aged 84 when the second film was made, that steals the film from the rest of the human cast. Clyde of course is the best actor!

Its worth mentioning that when the second film was made Eastwood turned 50 years old. Boy does he look good for 50.

The DVD boxed set is only cardboard, and the DVD's themselves have no extras (apart from trailers), but the films are widescreen, and as a two film set this is well worth getting at the right price.
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on 15 June 2014
This is an all time classic and always has been. A diversion from the usual films which Clint Eastwood is famous for, this film sees him play the part of Philo Beddoe, a trucker and bar room brawler who gets into all kinds of scrapes and is accompanied by his faithful orangutan Clyde. There's bags of humour and fist fights galore, making these films a worthy addition to any Eastwood fans or even action comedy fans collection.
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