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on 16 November 2010
I have only had this tablet for a day so here are my first impressions

Build quality is surpisingly good it feels solid which was a good start.

Basic accessories a stylus ( took me ages to figure out that the end unscrewed to reveal
a plastic 'point' which made it actually useful as a stylus) charger, usb cable and the whole
thing comes in a case so it looks like a thin hardback book.

So pretty neat.

Charged it up and powered it on and the screen is nice resonable colour rendition.

If you are familiar with Android you will be up and running in a few seconds, to connect to wifi I needed the MAC address of the tablet.

Couldn't find it so rang supplier who told me I had to install a console app on my PC to connet the tablet and then run a command line prompt.

In fact the MAC address is buried in an advanced menu in wifi settings on the device itself no need to load anything on PC.

Once I had the MAC address I was connected to wifi in a few seconds-WiFi reception is as good as on my HTC desire around the house.

You can access the Market which is where 100,000 apps are stored most free.There is pretty much anything you would want there although be aware Android 2.1 was designed for mobile phones and although most things upscale fine there can be a few icon or font issues.

Android 3 is out next year and will be fully tablet capable - it just the upscaling to a bigger screen that may cause a few screen glitches on 2.1.

This device is powerful enough for surfing the web, email, ebook reading ( free copy of Sherlock Holmes and a reader app )any any normal phone like apps run well does everything you could reasonably expect.

It does run Angry Birds ( which i thought would be a good test ) - although the Menus don't upscales very well ( white blank squares instead of text on some bits of menu) the game plays fine - occasional screen jitter but nothing to worry about. If you played it on the phone you can second guess the menu problem.

This is an 800mhz processor - my HTC is 1GHz although the wildfire is 600 mhz. This uses a processor I have not heard of so it is not a direct comparison or particularly relevant comparison as acreen size is 7 inch on this and 4 inch on the phone so that has to be a processor hit on this device.
Suffice to say it runs fine. Haven't tried multitasking as I don't really see the need.

There is a downside to this device - if you are used to a HTC desire touch screen this screen is going to frustrate a little.

It is fine 90% of the time but miserable at scrolling vertically for web pages. It does work but you have to be very precise with the sytlus as ' scolling' can sometimes mean opening a link you didn't want. It also seems a bit ' sticky ' at times but again ' get used to it '

The same with screen scroll left and right - sometimes a bit hit and miss. Maybe I am not used to it yet - but I didn't have to get used to the Desire it just worked.

Having said that the screen is big enough to web browse quite well. So overall postive.

Bit unfair to compare a £400 4 inch screen phone with £150 7 inch tablet but hard not to mention the screen scrolling.

Overall screen navigation verdict ' acceptable '.

Performance - compared to my first PC this is a power house,4gb internal memory and it takes SD cards not whatever card is mentioned in the spec.

So far I would give this 4 stars out of 5 - if the screen scroll had been better ( even if you had to use a scroll wheel it would be preferable or arrow keys instead of trying to 'slide' with the pointer.

Not sure about battery life - will check and post again when I know.

Also a bit disappointing that there is not a web site I can find for the manufacturer as probably there I could have found where to get the MAC address as well as
other ' tips ' and tricks, or at least possible way of upgrading to Android 2.2 now it is out - will have to try to figure it out my HTC does it automatically.

Sunnary :

If you want an inexpensive tablet running google android - this is a good choice.

I also think it might be ' kid ' proof as it seems pretty tough.

Am I glad I brought it - yes its good value - I will probably ebay it in a few months when Android 3 comes out - but only because of the screen scroll ! If it wasn't for that it would be a ' keeper '.


Update - sound reproduction surprisingly good - and you also get some earphones supplied as well as an HDMI cable.

Battery life seems acceptable for such a large screen device.

On screen keyboard is fine for typing email.

On more complex levels of Angry birds - it does stutter a little - still playable though but the icons are not showing properly in the menus.

paper toss plays 100% fine so I think it is an upscaling issue on Angry Birds

Still fighting with the screen scroll from time to time, it's still annoying but not a deal breaker



Screen seems to have got more responsive with use and perhaps I am a little more used to it so all positive

MAC ADDRESS is you need it

Settings>Wireless & Networks>Wi-Fi Settings

Now press your "Menu" button and select "Advanced" and your device's MAC address should be the first item displayed.

2 of my friends ( after seeing mine ) have now got one of these - all delighted with it !


If it is any help - the reset button is the little hole on the right next to the sd Card ( if it ever locks up - which it has but only once in 4 months )
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on 3 January 2011
Having asked Santa Claus for a Kindle to satisfy my PDF reading requirements I was a bit gutted when my mate appeared with his £100 Android Tablet and it looked great (in colour too). After a spot of Googling and convincing the wife we 'needed' another portable movie player I decided on the X5A as it was both available locally (UK) and boasted being 'the fastest Android Tablet available. I was pleasantly surprised to receive it fairly quickly considering all the problems with Royal Mail and the weather.

Having had 3 days to play about here's my thoughts. It's a very well made, solid, surprisingly expensive looking bit of kit coming in a solid faux leather case (it's held in place with screws btw). The screen is bright and very sharp looking. Movie wise, it's great, the picture is sharp and vivid and despite only having a single rear speaker the sound isn't half bad, obviously the wearing of headphones will enhance this no end. The unit does have an HDMI output which apparently displays exactly what is on the screen on the TV although I haven't tried this out so can't comment on how this looks. PDF reading is pretty good too. Despite the screen only being an inch bigger than the Kindle, the fact that the screen is colour and backlit makes all the difference. It's a bit too small to read portrait but spinning it 90 degrees (using the auto rotate function) allows you to see the image very well.

Performance, speed wise I'd take the boast about being the "fastest, most powerful Android to date" available with a pinch of salt. Most of the games I tried did run a bit sluggishly, not sure whether that's down to the unit only having 256mb of internal memory or the fact the processor isn't' too quick. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't slow enough to render the games unplayable but this was the one area I was most disappointed in especially given the claims.

There is a USB port which I hoped would allow me to connect my external USB drive to, sadly this didn't seem to work but reckon this is down to the lack of a hardware driver.

The unit comes with Android 2.1 installed and after some lengthy Googling it would appear there is no update to 2.2 available as I write although I did find what looked liked a beta version so fingers crossed this will be available fairly soon which might help the performance.

Internet wise I was quite impressed, pages load pretty quick and display ok although again it's better if you read these landscape then just pan up and down. You Tube videos played very well with little, if any jerking.

One thing to note, despite the claims that Flash is not available for Android 2.1 I was able to find and install this onto the unit. This allowed me access to many flash websites although it did not work with a couple. BBC Iplayer sadly is not yet supported.

The Android OS itself takes a little getting used to, and whilst not a patch on Windows or Linux (never expected it to be to be fair) it is a fairly useable interface once you start to know what's where and so on. One tip, the first thing you'll want to download from Android Marketplace (which comes installed) is Task Killer. What you don't immediately realise is when you exit an app, it is still running in the background and you lose performance and memory. Task Killer shows you all the apps that are running and allows you to end them all with a single click, very useful bit of software.

Sounds brilliant so far doesn't it?

And for the most it is very good but and it's a bit BUT, the touch screen isn't the most responsive as it's a resistive type meaning it requires pressure much like a satnav screen. While this does get easier the more you use it you do tend to open apps whilst trying to scroll down which is a bit annoying. Having been spoiled with an Iphone screen I was at first very disappointed in this screen but you have to bare in mind this unit is about the 1/4 of an Ipad.

The battery, a few here have complained about the short battery life but so far I reckon I'm getting about 3 hours of short periods of use. I can't verify how long it would last in a single session but so far it seems not too bad.

The unit has crashed on me several times which I reckon is more down to the operating system rather than the unit although I did experience one instance (about half an hour into using it for the first time) where the unit went into its lock mode where you have to 'swipe' the screen to open. The screen was completely unresponsive despite every effort to open it. It did eventually open after leaving it for a bit. Since that one incident though, it's had plenty of use and been fine.

Lovely sharp, bright screen
Sound is ok
Decent internet and You Tube performance
Nice quality build
Movies play really well.
Comes wi

Not really built for game playing (bit slow)
Touch screen is fiddly to begin with though will get easier with use.

So, is it an Ipad killer?

I don't think so, but then you didn't expect that from a £160 unit did you?

If watching movies, You Tube videos with a spot of PDF reading and surfing is your bag then you can't really go wrong.
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on 8 November 2010
I only Had a quick play as it's my Xmas gift but from my quick play I found

while it's no Ipad killer it does do what it says on the tin
It's a easy to use android 2.1 Tablet PC

While there are many 1.5 and lower android tablets on Amazon I went for this one as it's 2.1 meaning I have a better selection off applications on the Market place. plus there are many features that sub 2.1 android lacks

Once I got used to its touch screen (I assume Resistive rather then Capacitive) not working in the same way as my phone does and requires a finger nail or stylus (supplied) to type it was very easy to use.

Everything I'm used to is there Gmail, Market place, Youtube, Internet Browser and there is no lag or slow down when loading applications or using the internet.

The sound was pretty clean and clear when I tested on video Youtube and come supplied with head phones but any headphones will do the job

It takes a SD / SDHC Memory Card not a TF card as listed in the description.
(can be found on Amazon very cheaply SanDisk 16GB SDHC Secure Digital Card)

I couldn't find sign of any kind of update system so it looks like it will always be 2.1 android and never update to 2.2+

The tablet is attached to the case semi-permanently with screws and can't be easily removed but for me this is an advantage and means I can treat is more like a Book.

It comes with all the cables I would need for it.

any question please ask them and I shall try and answer
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on 31 October 2010
I bought this a while ago, and it has proved to be a great device! OK so it's not the iPad, but it has features which are similar, only difference is you pay extra 200 for the Apple brand name!

It supports e-mail, web browsing, flash player(unlike Apple iPad), convenient to carry around, comes in a stylish case (I have the Brown one).

If you ever feel you can't be bothered to boot up your PC / Laptop / Netbook, then this is the better option for web browsing, viewing videos on Youtube checking e-mails etc.

Google calendar is supported on this as well as Mail. It notifies you of new e-mails on the home screen, you can personalise home screen with either own photos or pre installed wallpapers.

I haven't tried doing Microsoft applications on this yet, but am sure there is an App or software upgrade to support this.

I would recommend this to all!
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on 22 February 2011
All in all this is a good bit of kit. Firstly some of the reviewers seem a bit unhappy with the product. Device failure I accept is an issue but some of the other things well come on, if you wanted an iPad then you should have bought one.
Note make sure you charge it up for 10 hours minimum for the first two charges and make sure you deplete the battery in between these charges. This is explained in the manual, which yes technically has been poorly transalted but you get the jist. How many of you read you phone manual when you get a new phone?
Once up and running you do think flippin heck this is rubbish its going back, the scroll doesnt seem work at all with my finger. Give it time you will learn about how it works, and it works even better with the stylus pen, if you unscrew it and dont use the ball end, and wonder why it keeps retracting!
But once you have the hang of scrolling you are away.
The next thing is to get onto the market place and download Advanced Task Killer its free, AVG AntiVirus Free, and one I discovered a little later Green Power Battery Saver (the free one, which does make a difference also.
Now everytime you start the device up go straight to the Advanced Task Killer and kill everything you dont want running.
If you are not connecting to the web kill the wireless connection also.
With the wireless on 1hr - 1.5 hrs or less than an hour if you have lots of apps running, wireless off and say reading a PDF or ebook around 4 hours. I bought mine after changing my mind at the last minute about buying a Kindle as I felt limited with Kindle and I am not the biggest book reader and would not pay the cost of an iPad or sign up to a contract just to use a flippin tablet PC.
So now I got a book reader, a music player, a movie player, a picture album, a web browser and a games console for £20 more than the kindle, yes you need to charge it up more than Kindle but the iPad doesnt have that great a battery either.
Comes with all the connecting cables you need, headphone and a neat sturdy protector case and stylus. Wireless is not great signal wise so the system tells me but it still downloads any apps, and believe me you will download loads (and then remove most of them), in no time at all.
We browsing is really quick as well so not too worried about the poor signal indication.
All in all a good purchase I would say. Just give it time, dont compare it to the iPad or even the overpriced Galaxy.
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on 22 February 2011
I bought this for my 10 year old daughter and she loves it. It comes attached to a leather wallet which is a nice touch for protecting it from day to day knocks. She uses it for games and application downloads as well as for I-Player which works well over our local WiFi to our Broadband hub (so no additional connection charge unless you want to use it away from home) All in all a nice piece of kit at a good price. I bought from A1CS LTD via Amazon and received excellent efficient service including response to questions after sale, highly recommended.
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on 16 March 2011
I had purchased the product to use as an colour e-reader and for surfing the net in bed.

My wife already had an iPad and from the reviews that I read it seemed that this product would be a comparable experience. Well it is not.

The touch screen was very jerky and slow to respond which I found so frustrating. It may not be too bad if you have never used an iPad, but if you have then forget this product.

I really wanted this product to be good but it unfortunately fell down on so many areas.

I also had the battery problem which others have mentioned. Apparently at the time 1 in 4 models was suffering the same problem. I sent the product back after a few days. The company was very good and communicated well, and offered they a free repair or a refund so I chose the refund.

If this is the fastest, most reliable Android to date as claimed, then I would steer well clear of Android. One of the problems is that it is a tablet PC running on a mobile phone operating system. I think Android will come into it's own one day and became a good tablet system, but right now it just doesn't come close to the iPad. When they get it right I may well purchase an Android then.
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on 18 March 2011
I buyed this device based on the Amazon reviews, but really they were not reliable in this case. The device has a screen with low responsivity, hard to operate and when it finally starts to do something, it is very sluggish. I return the device the same day I receive it, Amazon return support deserve a special mention because was absolutlely impeccable.
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on 30 December 2010
...Well i waited for this item that eventually arrived (THANKS ROYAL MAIL.LOL)..When i opened the box everything described was in the box..After playing around for a day with the x5a i came to terms with the Android system and its market of apps..its hit and miss with the apps on the market..not all work..the scrolling of the tablet is sometimes hit and miss..sometimes it freezes and you have to reset the tablet..The most important thing i will say about this item is..(THE BATTERY LIFE IS NOT WHAT THEY TELL YOU IT IS)...it lasts for about 45 mins depending on what your doing with the tablet..remember to get something like "TASK KILLER" from the market it will kill everything running in memory..i have been to the forums and this item does not upgrade to 2.2 at the moment..also it is still a new tablet so not that much to find out on the net about this model....YOUTUBE is the best place to go to find out a LITTLE about this 7inch tablet..All in all i would rate it 4 stars..i think i would personally knowing what i know now would wait for the next step in androids next year 2.3 is out...Was it worth the money ???....YES...is it the fastest Android on the market ???....NO...Like everything there are ups and downs with new Technology.
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on 3 March 2011
Bought this as a substitute for my daughter who has fallen in love with her iPod. That screen is so small for wifi browsing and the iPad is so expensive and lacked a USB port.

From the moment we first turned it on it has been great. The touch control is good, but it is slightly different to the iPod so you need to adjust a bit, not a problem but you might notice if you are used to iPods or iPads.

Would buy it gain, great value for money and has always worked well. great wifi machine.
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