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on 1 July 2011
Pretty happy! Sound very good indeed, works as it should. Comfortable for hours. Just a few bits I don't like (far outweighed by what I do like).

Dont like:

Turn head to left when phone in pocket you may drop out a bit.
Buttons for power/volume fiddly. Answer and pause etc perfect.
Catches on jacket if u have high collar or weatherproof jacket.
Can get into a muddle if u try do too much calling/music/pausing etc. Solved by turning off and on (both phone and headset). Only had that once and is not too much of a problem but you know the problem is there.
I keep it out of wet as it sticks out of ears a bit like something from terminator lol.
No options on earpices (despite statements otherwise - they can't be got).


No problem with range if phone not in pocket - goes good 10m fine.
Sound quality superb. I can't use the bass boost though - my music is bassy anyhow and tends to distort.
Reconnect brilliant as is the 'listening time remaining' announcement. You are told by the headset what is happening.
Robust and solid.
Is only live when u using it - unlike most others which have permanent 'active' connection - saves power - can use it a day and still get full power indication ('7 hours listening time remaining')
No one had any trouble hearing or understanding in calls.
Love the fade-in and fade-out of music when calls come in. Nice touch.

Consider one of my better purchases.
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on 4 December 2013
I have been using a pair of Blueant Stereo Headphones for 8 years! Worked and fitted perfectly until earlier this year when the battery finally stopped charging. Unfortunately, BlueAnt stopped making these so I had not choice but to shop around. The bluetooth stereo headphones are the most important piece of equipment in my gym and I cannot workout without it.

So after lots of research,I finally bit the bullet and bought these (nothing could replace the blueants but hey I had no choice!).

My initial thoughts upon packing was that they are OK (I pair them with my android Samsung galaxy s4 - that part works perfectly and flawlessly incl prev/next track remote control, pause, answer call, and people on the other end are able to hear quite clearly through the headphones when I answer calls).

The material, etc was of quite good quality. But unfortunately in the 4 months I have owned them I have never quite got them to fit snugly. And it starts hurting the back of my ears after a while.

I have been meaning to write this review for a while but had reservations about the battery so wanted to take some time to ensure my views before writing the review. The battery is just shockingly bad. Within the first few charges it had gone down from 8 hrs to 7 hrs upon a full charge (if you press the power button, the headphones state how much battery life remains). I never got it to say '8 hours' after the first week no matter how much they were charged. Then pretty soon, after just 1 hour of use only 5 hours remaining was stated. Then suddenly it would drop to 2 hours and then start beeping saying battery is low .. so only after about 3 hours of use. However, even after the warnings it would work for another hour or two.

So in short, the battery status reading is pretty much useless! And after 4 months the battery life has significantly dropped to a point where I think I am only getting 4 hrs on a full charge.

The final straw was this evening when for no apparent reason it started turning off (I had just done a full charge before starting to use them). I look after these headphone by putting them into a VERY hard watch box during transport so no chance of any damage there. I am hoping Plantronics will play nice and replace these (I dont live in the original country where I bought these 4 months ago).

Bring back blueant stereo headphone .. nothing even comes close!!!
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on 30 July 2013
I have had these for a week now and they are a vast improvement on previous cheaper purchases. they arrived as quickly as stated, (you cant beat royal mail for service). in the box you get a carrying case and mains charger, the charger comes with both 2 pin and 3 pin plug adapters which work on 100V - 240V input so you can take them across the pond and round the globe.

these are very comfortable to wear compared to others, a result of not just telescopic fit but the swivel motion helps immensely. the sound quality is excellent which is what I require most, the function buttons are easy to use once you remember which one does what and it does not take long to become familiar with them. when using the function buttons a female voice gives out information such as "you have five hours battery time remaining" and "going forward one track" (you try not grinning every time she makes an announcement). I have not made or received calls with them yet partly because I don't want to appear like a knob talking to himself or share phone conversations with passer by's,
the charge time is good and they last for 7 hours play back, the play back time can be checked with a simple tap of a button. I do it just to activate the female voice. ;-)

ok I read some negative reviews about these, some said they could hear the wind, well you need to get closed head phones to stop that. some said they cut out, as do most blue tooth devices I believe there are black spots in the same way there are DAB black spots. some said they did not last I hope that is not the case, only time will tell (touch wood). oh they have a 2 year warranty
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on 28 August 2012
I don't normally leave reviews, but in the interests of helping others, I thought that in this case I would, because it took me AGES to make a decision on some Bluetooth headphones for general purpose use and also for sports, gym, running, cycling etc.

As with many others I really wanted some reliable headphones without the hassle of wires. But I had read so many negative reviews across all potential options I was in two minds about the whole idea. Anyway in the end I decided on these and kept my fingers crossed. Even though there were some negative reviews I decided to try them for myself because I REALLY wanted to lose the wires!

So - how do they measure up? One word: brilliant!

Now some more words...

Fit - spot on: once you've tweaked them a bit using the full range of adjustments available, they are perfect. If some people complain about the fit they either haven't tweaked them or they have really odd shaped heads!

Wearing for activities - spot on: they never fall off, work loose, or otherwise cause me any bother at all. And when I need to stop to talk to someone, being able to just press a button and pause my MP3 without the need to take out wired phones and muck about with my phone is really handy. Also no problem at all with cycle helmet. They are so lightweight you easily forget you have them on and they are really comfortable even over long periods of wear.

Compatibility - spot on: I use them with a Samsung Galaxy Note. I got instant pairing and now they just work right away every time I switch them on. Can't comment on other players / phones, but I don't care about them anyway! Although I suspect that they'd be just fine too though.

Sound quality - spot on: If I wanted the highest of hi-fidelity listening I would hardly be using an MP3 player and headphones on my bike or at the gym. For the those moaning about sound quality - buy a hi-fi system and sit in a sound-proofed room!

Bluetooth range - spot on: I can stroll about 40 feet from my phone before I get any break up at all. And even through walls and floors it's fine.

Battery life / charging - spot on: 7 to 8 hours on a full charge which is plenty, and anyway I'm pretty sure my phone battery would be gone in about the same time. If you're flying long haul or something like that you'll have a problem, but if you need more they will charge via USB from a laptop. And I found this so handy that I haven't needed the charger at all so far.

Um..., I think that's about it.
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on 5 August 2014
These really are very, very nice. The design and build is very good. The sound, to my ears, anyway, is excellent. Since the sound channel member does not enter the ear canal, they are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods. The short connecting cable to the pair of units is a boon. It's long enough o be effective, at the back of your neck, whilst not too long and dangling down, and in the way.. As in perhaps all 'over the ear' types, fitting them is a bit awkward until you get used to it. But you do get used to it. If I had any critiscism at all, it's that the pressure to operate the buttons on the left ear piece, is a bit high. They call it a tap, but in practice, you have to use three fingers, one to press, and two to hold the earpiece in place. The packaging is excellent, as seems to be the case with Plantronics kit, and easy to open, once you've learned how!. All in all, these are very good, and I'd recommend them to anyone.
Their use for receiving and sending 'phone calls seems good, although I'm unable to comment on their noise eliminating properties, since they are perceptive only to the person on the other end.
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on 11 May 2012
Overall I am impressed with these headphones. They let me achieve what I was intending to achieve. I mainly wear them when I take a walk around town at lunchtime on my lunch break and usually listen to podcasts.
I use them mainly with my Ipod Touch 4th generation. I have also successfully used them with my iPad 2.

The bluetooth reception is curious. If I use them at home, the reception is so good that the ipod can be in a different room in the house and the headphones still pick it up. However, when I walk down the street with my ipod in my pocket on a lunchtime, it occasionally drops out - I find I have to have my ipod in a breast pocket in my jacket as I walk down the street. I turned off my mobile phone to see if that was the source of teh interference but that didn't make a difference so must be the traffic.
The headphones come with a mains charger. the connection is teh same as my blackberry - I have discovered that I can charge the headphones on my blackberry's USB cable while I'm at work so I don't need to carry mains chargers around.
The headphones have a silicon rubber insert that goes into your ear canal. It is not a seal like some earphone buds but that does not seem to affect the bass content of music, contrary to what I thought might happen.

The positives are as follows:
- A good wireless solution. I use them while walking (no cable to get caught up in moving clothing or zips or buttons) and I also use them while on my rowing machine - which is far better than a cable being thrown around.
- Good sound quality. Good music quality. Good speech quality. The sound has a good range - not too much treble, not too much bass and adequate mid-range.
- Long battery life - from 7 hours maximum (and that is listening at high volume due to passing traffic)
- Audible indication of battery life when you switch them on. A voice (north american female) tells you how many hours listening time is left.
- Good volume of sound
- Comfortable fit.
- Discrete.
- Bluetooth reception good indoors (see comments above)
- Easily pairs with my ipod without problems. The only pairing problems I've had were solved by doing a hard restart of my ipod. I think this was an ipod firmware problem because I have not seen this problem after the last few ipod software updates.

Not so good points:
- Bluetooth reception outdoors sometimes an issue sometimes(see note above). I'm in two minds whether this is due to the ipod itself or the bluetooth technology. After the last two updates to the ipod iOS (from 5 to 5.1.0 and 5.1.1) I have not noticed this as much - could be coincidence.
- Not comfortable to use while wearing glasses. I only wear reading glasses but I have found that I have to wear the glasses at a slight tilted angle so that the arms don't get wedged between my head and the headphones which starts to hurt after a while.
- can't use them on aircraft as its a radio device - not a fault of the product itself, but just something to consider when purchasing. I like these headphones so much that I was disappointed when I had to refer back to my old wired headphones when I went on a long haul flight recently.
- Can take a moment to get seated properly in your ear.
- the play/pause button is easily accidentally knocked while adjusting them in your ear. Not a show stopper but just means that you'll find that the music may stop if you make an adjustment.

Knowing what I know now, would I buy them again?
The answer is yes. The plus points and benefits far outweigh the niggles.

Other things to consider: If you use with an ipod or ipad device, ensure they have the latest iOS updates from Apple.

Hope that helps.
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on 1 May 2011
The fit could be a little more positive, but they certainly won't fall off, and when you get the adjusted correctly (which is a little tricky) the sound is excellent.

The battery life seems excellent... certainly more than 5 hours...

A few other people have commented about the "range"... in terms of how far away you can get from the source device, and it is not great, but I believe it is largely a factor of the "other" device, so I find it hard to fault these headphones. For example my desktop computer fails almost completely to connect (probably because the bluetooth antenna is inside the metal computer case, yet my laptop can connect 20 yards away.

Of course, you will be using this mostly with a mobile phone and my HTC Desire does want to be reasonably close, perhaps 1 meter (Note the headset antenna is on the left side, it really does make a difference if the phone is on your right side)... so if you have range problems try putting your phone in a different pocket!

One review reported very poor audio quality... my guess here is that this was because he was using it with a phone/device which only supports the headset profile. which provides a 2 way connection for making phone calls... it is mono, and somewhat poorer quality (suitable for a telephone conversation)... this is a limitation of Bluetooth, not the headset. If your device supports the bluetooth headphone profile then the audio quality is excellent and stereo.... as you would expect...

I've certainly not seen a nicer bluetooth headset/headphones package... and the freedom offered by such a light weight and ergonomic design is life changing, I will use these every day, GREAT product.
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on 15 June 2013
I love my bluetooth headsets for long distance walking. These hit every nail on the head!


Superb sound quality and bass is the best I have heard through Bluetooth
Excellent functions and reliability I am 6 months in going strong
7 hours battery life and pretty accurate as well
Fast charging through USB
Quickly get use to the comfort and once adjusted in many different ways they are snug and tight
Perfect for walking or running.


This is just a ridiculous thing to have done and really really grinds my gears. For 6 hours you are going fine and loving life and then all of a sudden you get a one hour warning in a horrible HORRIBLE american woman's accent. Ok Fine. No not fine. Every 10-15 seconds she will remind you that you battery is low and continue this for the entire hour! 10-15 seconds beep beep beep 10-15 seconds Annoying voice rinse and repeat until she starts getting worse near the end and announces critical please charge.

Totally and utterly stupid design fault and should be fixed but so far nothing I have found. You only have 6 hours because of it and only gets 4 stars from me. Annoyingly.
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on 29 October 2013
I've only just received these, so haven't had time to properly stress test them yet, but I'm happy so far. They're bigger and heavier than I was expecting (the black earpieces are the size of a large hearing aid, although flatter) but they are super-adjustable and I could get a good fit and didn't really notice the weight once I got them on. They feel secure and don't move when I shake my head.

The sound quality is passable -- I tried some drum music and it sounded better than I expected. The "bass boost" didn't really improve things for me (it sounded like the music was coming from the bottom of a swamp) so if you're a techno/hardcore fan these probably won't give you what you want. But they're certainly good enough to let you lose yourself in the music while exercising.

The pack only came with one set of earbud tips but it fits me well (I use the medium tips for earbuds when there's a choice, but old-fashioned hard earbuds are uncomfortably big for me). The silicone is very soft so they aren't as uncomfortable as they might look. If you're obsessed with a good fit, you could easily customise these with a bit of Sugru (amazing moldable silicone putty - look up "what is sugru" on YouTube).

I like the buttons and found them easy to use (except that I kept accidentally stopping and starting the music while putting the earphones on). The right earpiece has a play/pause button on the outside of your ear, which also mutes phonecalls. The left earpiece has volume buttons behind your ear (which also jump forward or backward one track if you press and hold), plus the phonecall button on the outside of your ear, and the power button near the top behind your ear. The micro-usb charging point is tucked away at the bottom of the earpiece. I did not have any problems mistaking the volume for the power button, and in any case the power button must be pressed and held to turn on or off (I hope this will prevent accidentally turning the headphones on in my backpack). I wish the volume buttons stood out a tiny bit more, but I can find them easily enough (a tiny blob of Sugru would make these easy to find).

The microphone seems to work OK but it was a bit quiet and fuzzy -- not sure how well it would perform on a windy day. To be fair, I was about 2 feet from my phone, with my phone hidden behind a pile of books, to test the bluetooth signal.

It paired up with my iPhone 5 easily, and automatically pairs itself whenever the headset is turned on. When I dial a call, the phone asks whether it should send audio to my headphones or to the ordinary phone speaker, which is nice (I don't know if other phones do this).

The little zippered mesh carrying case is nice, and the power kit they send is well designed (removable plugs for UK and Europe, very slim and lightweight) -- but you'll need to provide your own USB-to-micro-USB cable if you want to charge your headphones with your computer. You can just (barely) zip an iPhone 5 with a silicone case, plus the headphones, into the headphones carrying case -- but there isn't room for the charger as well.

The only real drawback is that the manual says you shouldn't use the headphones while they're charging -- if you've run out of battery, you can't sit at your desk and listen to music/calls with the headphones plugged into the wall. You can actually do this if you needed to (I've tried it), but I guess it's not great for your battery life.
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on 29 June 2012
I have bought the headphones to use with motoactv and avoid the annoying wires. The headphones feel solid and having used them for a few weeks there are no signs of wear and they seem to tolerate sweat well. The over-ear design certainly allows a bit more freedom in comparison with other models but the price for that is the strange fit(great for doing sit ups). They don't sit firmly inside the ear and as a result there is virtually no sound isolation- which is good if you are running on the road but less welcome in loud noisy gym. The sound quality is fine- have no illusions- the headphones are for a sporty person-not an audiophile. The bass-boost function often makes it more pleasant to listen to various songs but can be annoying at times. I had no problems with bluetooth connectivity and get usually 6-7 hours before needing to recharge.

The headphones also feature music/call controls. I would really appreciate if they were more responsive- it takes considerable force to press the forward/backwards button and given close proximity of on/off button I managed to switch them off couple of times. As a result I don't to use them very often. The mic quality is acceptable and other people had no problems hearing me.

All in all it's probably one of the better bluetooth headsets out there given the price and reliability. I would recommend to try them somewhere and see whether the fit suits you.
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