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on 22 May 2011
We are really happy with this trailer. We haven't used it as a stroller so can't comment on that, but as a bike trailer it is excellent value for money. My husband tows it, he say it is heavy to pull, but the more we have been out, the easier it got.

Good points : It is well ventilated so our son stays cool when the weather is hot. The wheelguard bars stop the wheels from being damaged if you ram something (our friends have a trailer without bars and the wheels buckled). If you need to make it narrow to fit through a gate the bars are detatched easily. The whole trailer is very sturdy and excellent quality. It has a proper seat that is higher than the footwell (this seems obvious, but we have used trailers in the past that don't have a seat as such, the seat is literally the bottom of the trailer)so it seems very comfortable. It all fits easily into our car boot, which isn't massive. The trailer is quite spacious, bigger than others we have used, so although we haven't tried to put 2 children in it, it seems that it wouldn't be a squish if we did. The storage at the back is roomy enough for 2 rucksacks.

Not so good points : As already stated, it can be a bit heavy to pull. It is not so comfortable for our son if he falls asleep in it, we have to prop him up on a rucksack or lay him down on the seat. I'm sure also that the flag only attaches on the left of the trailer, which seems like the wrong side to me if you were pulling it on the road.

I suppose though, that the telling sign on how comfortable it is, is that my son loves being in it. "faster daddy" he calls. Its alright for him, he doesn't have to pull it.
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on 30 July 2011
We decided to buy a bike trailer for our two boys, aged 3 and 1, after having a great time barrelling around with one at Centre Parcs.

Prices seemed to start from £120 so it was a surprise when we chanced upon this model. A significantly cheaper trailer with the capability to convert into a three-wheeled buggy? It bred a certain amount of suspicion. I mean, what was it made from, spam?

I decided to take the plunge and opted for the Blue N' Grey model, in spite of the inferior reviews to the Red N' Black equivalent, because it looked like it would be more visible on the roads. It's also exactly the same carriage.

After ordering the unit, I received a slightly disconcerting email from the supplier stressing the absolute need to refuse the delivery if there was any hint of damage to the box... The alarm bells immediately began to ring. I was about to receive a box of trailer trash.

However, my fears were unfounded. The trailer turned up in perfect condition within 48 hours and, even without the atrocious assembly instructions (which consisted of steps like, 'Look at the picture...'), I managed to put it together in ten minutes. It's extremely easy.

I was also surprised at the quality of the unit. It's really well made and it looks gorgeous.

I did encounter an immediate problem though. Once assembled, it was too wide to fit through any of my doors. However, the wheels clip in and out so it hasn't proved a major issue.

I also worked out that the hitch, which needs to be bolted to the rear of the bike, detaches from the trailer and can be permanently fixed to the cycle. This is not clear from the instructions and I was initially worried that I would be forced to bolt and unbolt the carriage every time I wanted to use it. This is not necessary.

Anyway, we took the trailer on its inaugural ride today and it just garnered smiles the whole way. It seems to generate goodwill. One man even stopped me to ask where I'd bought it.

And, most importantly of all, our two kids absolutely love it. It's brilliant.
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on 5 April 2011
Im a childminder and its fantastic for a trip to the woods or even a fun run to the school, I cant wait to get a bike to let the kids have an even better experience. The only problem with it, is that the rain cover is poorley sewn together and has ripped after 3 days. and the break is cool at the back. but unless you are holding the buggy when the kids areclimbing out.....It will run away from you!!!! I love this and its so much more fun than the double buggy!! xxxxx
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on 25 July 2012
If you are looking for an easy trailer to get from point A to point B, this is it. We use it for the daily nursery/swimming lesson/dance class runs, and it is great. Our two kids (2 1/2 yrs--12kg and 4 yrs--17kg) fit in it just fine side by side. And when her older brother is at nursery, our little girl loves to sit in the "special spot" (the middle) all by herself.

We bought this item in January, and by now it has paid for itself several times over. GREAT value for the price!!

The "boot" is large and can fit everything I need to take two children to and from both nursery and swim class! (Although adding the weight of wet swim gear and towels does make it quite heavy!!)

In response to other reviews:

* The straps are a bit "off", but not so much as it hurts the children, and they have learned how to position themselves so that they are comfortable.

* After repeated use, the plastic tarp did seem to stretch a bit, causing the velcro to not line up perfectly. A quick trip to Staples for a line of velcro to reposition on the tarp solved that easily. The kids stay dry while in the trailer during a rain. We even store it outdoors, and it has held up to the wettest summer in history, so I think it is well worth the price. (our canopy fits and fastens just fine)

* It isn't as easy to take off the bike and reattach as we would like, and it is too big to get through most doors. Therefore we don't use the pushchair option, and we just keep it attached to the bike 90% of the time.
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on 3 July 2011
well what can i say ery good piece of kit, that meets the standards of ones double its price, i use it for my 4 and 1 yr old, very very happy! recomend it totally!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 30 October 2012
We purchased one of these and from the outset were not happy with the build quality. The front wheel is flimsy and wobbly making its use as a jogger unreliable. The brake has little effect on the momentum of the trailer, the brake cable dangles underneath (see the product photo). The straps are cheap and uncomfortable, leaving marks on the kids necks and my 1 year old son was able to wiggle free in seconds.

We used it for a 3 months and shortly after (which is the length of the warranty) the front wheel bent upwards and tore the metal of the frame. We sent in pictures and asked for assistance but KMS refused to assist us and the product is a total write off.

Avoid at all costs, its not safe and is poorly made. A total waste of money which we regret buying.
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on 15 July 2013
I must praise the features of this buggy. My kids are enjoying it a lot. I bought the blue color to match my bicycle, and interestingly the two colors exactly matched, therefore my friends ask me whether I bought the two together. When using it as stroller, the wheels are good enough to take it anywhere off the road. Unlike other strollers, I can easily take it to grass, beach and gravels. The only issue is that when my kids put their weight on back, the buggy falls towards it back; so you cannot leave it unattended like other buggies. The picture is exactly what it looks like.
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on 23 September 2012
I was delighted by this bike trailer - very versatile as a trailer or buggy for one or two youngsters, easy to construct (with amusing instructions - have you ever used the word 'invaginate' ?!!!!) and the grandsons love it. The service was amazing - I placed the order on a Wedmesday afternoon, and Yodel delivered it Thursday morning! A great bargain from an outstanding supplier.
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on 8 June 2011
This is a substantial piece of kit. It takes up a lot of space in our garage, and does not at all fold up easily. I sold mine to a friend and she couldn't get into her shed once the trailer was in!
We tried to take it on cycle tours far from home and it was a real pain to get it into even our large estate car (Honda Accord).
As I do try to keep fit in other ways than cycling, I did love the alternative set up for a buggy for when you want to go running, we even were able to use it when on roller blades!
With a 2 and 3 year old in it, it is very heavy and I found the going very tough around the country lanes.
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on 4 July 2011
The velcro on the canopy does not line up with the velcro stitched to the main chassis. This allows a child to get out easily and for the rain to penetrate.

Amazon were excellent in sending a replacement, however the replacement had exactly the same problem.

I am still trying to resolve this situation.
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