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3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 September 2013
In a genre awash with werewolves or immortal bloodsuckers - this was an interesting change-ish.

This first book is more of a quick introduction to the series. We're introduced to the Characters, the Supernatural Society and the Conspiracy. It's a combination of action, suspense and hot romance.

There was a significant lack of detail - MUCH MORE ought to have been included to flesh the plot and characters out. I hope the non-free sequels will provide that. The story requires depth otherwise it's immensely entertaining for a SHORT read.

The Characters
Heroine: Flora Hamilton is a soon to be a 21 year old Sacrifice. The Gods decree that they require a Young & Virginal Sacrifice and unfortunately for her She's It. Being a Sacrifice doesn't equate to Eternal Bliss once dead - the poor Souls are then kept by the excessively Greedy Gods. Of course there's a few twists (the story would be even shorter than this if she just died).
She's sassy, funny, and a powerful witch in the making. Growing up knowing you'll be sacrificed at 21 isn't easy and hence she acts up but she's not a pathetic immature type either.

Hero: Julian is a Guardian Angel. As per his description he's naturally protective and kind. Not the tall, dark handsome brooding rich cliche type either. There's no "I'm so dark my soul is BLACK" Byronic posturing either (that cr*ap pi$$es me off - almost every hero is a DAMAGED HERO).

The Story:
I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy this but the concept was different. It's also quite disturbing, thankfully the author doesn't go into the sacrifice bit so much. But just be warned, unlike many Vampire themed romances - where you don't really consider the feelings of the victims the Vampire may have used previously (we're all so de-sensitized by it - the glamour I guess) in this book you do care about the life. The image of a young person on a stone slab waiting to be sacrificed - blood drained, organs taken out is pretty horrific. I wasn't really expecting that.

However, don't worry - it's not all blood and gore. And the author is subtle enough not to frighten you.

The concept of people being so greedy that they'd sacrifice their own child so that they can be blessed with the riches in life isn't anything new. If we look at many child stars (Lindsay Lohan, MJ, Britney etc) there is a subtle parallel sans blood and gore.

The parents, siblings and wider community have conditioned themselves to consider this sacrifice normal. In fact Flora's own parents deny her the right to an identity (her father calls her The Sacrifice) in order to distance themselves - dehumanizing her in order to avoid feeling even basic empathy let alone any love and affection. A sort of parallel can be drawn in today's world in how we in society can desensitize/disconnect from the dangerous and often inhumane practices others in the Third/ Developing World suffer in order to make our cheap clothes or grow our agriculture. A sacrifice for our well-being.
I don't think the author intended her work to have such a profound meaning (well I suspect not) but it really did make me think.
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on 27 July 2014
I've given this three stars because I believe the story has a potentially strong backbone.

Having said that, although I have only read book 1, I think this series could have been condensed into one book and the plot developed in more detail from the start. Unfortunately 15,000 is three to five chapters in standard novels and if the story finished there, you would be left feeling cheated. A story as short as this, if not converted to a full novella / novel, needs greater development to ensure that the reader gets the full experience.
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on 5 December 2013
This short story explores a world where the first born child must be sacrificed to the gods. A fascinating idea which could have been explored in more depth. A good read but it seems like its heading into more standard YA romance fare by the end of the story, I would like to have explored the world where these sacrifices were seen as normal and essential a little more.
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on 19 January 2014
This was an okay read but instantly forgettable after it has been put down - would prefer a story that stays with me in my dreams
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on 26 April 2013
Very interesting storey love the idea off guardian angels very good storey line just not long enough would recommend :)
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on 20 July 2014
really good read ..... thank you
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on 24 August 2014
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