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on 9 May 2011
I have been gaming on a PC for years, the last console I really played on was a PS2, and I had a serious Gran Tourismo addiction. In fact, I only played gran tourismo and final fantasy before I went back to my PC.

I have a wii, but the rubbish graphics drive me away and I leave it for the wife to burn fat with.

So now, here I am with a new hobby of Forza and its fun!

Xbox live makes this far better than the PS2 driving action I used to do. When you complete a race, you get a leader board position. Now, this position is from every xbox live account who has done that car class and race, making a races mean more, as every one can see how good you are (or bad!). Its nice to beat a million other players on this board, but still, there are always more above you, driving you to race harder...........................

The driving is spot on, understeer, oversteer, wheel spin, and other mechanics are handled with realism. The handling of cars in the game can be tweaked to perfection, taking a lot of skill and knowledge to get just right. If this doesn't float your boat, there is a online auction house where you can buy a car setup that some one else has tuned up. The cars also, as in real life, handle differently and you can see the best cars for a track from the leaderboard where all the best laptimes tend to be done by the same car for that track.

The online racing is fun, I keep making an online private party to race my mates and have a hoot. You can turn off the collisions to stop being rammed into the sand, you can turn on damage and have a destruction derby race. We are currently playing tag, where you try and keep the "it". Its so funny being in a high powered car and driving the wrong way around the track to smash into your mate head on as he is it! Racing against each other is fun, you can go for position or race against each other for best lap time.

Now, my PC is a ninja machine and I am finding it hard to come to terms with how blocky some of the graphics are in Forza on the 360. It is not terrible, but I was let down by it, while my mate says they are awesome. I am being picky though, and it doesn't stop me from playing the game until the wee hours of the morning.

The only thing that gets to me about this game is that it doesn't encourage you to stick with a car to earn money and buy a new one to do higher rated races. I suppose it makes the game career mode quicker and faster paced, but I liked being stuck with a car and having to tune it up to earn the money to buy an even faster car that happened in Gran Tourismo. To be honest, that is the only difference I can see between this and GT3 (apart from the graphics and multiplayer). This game gives you cars every 2 seconds it seems like!

Even the online auction house buying is fun, getting into bidding wars to buy some tuned up beast for just a few credits or making your own car stickers to sell.

The cars get a rating depending on what upgrades you do, so to get into a class you need up to 600 points, for example, but to do this bang on is tricky. If you bang on the biggest engine upgrage with a big exhaust, you don't have the budget to upgrade the suspension and braking on a lot of cars, so again, the huge span of the game adds another feature of just stretching out the biggest hp and handling setup from your points budget.

The sound is awesome, my 5.1 tv surround sound setup drove my 4 year old to bed early as I thundered around in a V8 monster as it was so loud, and when a car gets to the side of you, it makes you jump. I don't get to play on my big tv with the 5.1 stereo that often, but forza is an excuse to banish the wife out of the house.

Its fun, and when you get bored, there is always something else to do. 5 stars all the way, bring on Forza 4 with its Kinect control......................
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VINE VOICEon 15 November 2014
Good graphics and the cars are very good. Especially as you get to upgrade them. This is the first Forza game I've purchased and am thinking of getting Forza 4 which I hear is even better.
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on 5 August 2013
This game is perfect for any car fan. Would recommend if you are truly a petrol head. Thanks for an awesome product.
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Forza Motorsport 3, I got the non-Ultimate edition and have had for over a year or two and loving it. If you've played driving games before and found that there aren't a lot a races to do then don't worry all your troubles will be over cos this game has 100's to Thousands of races which will be exciting and enthralling the whole way through, yea it can getting a little tiring but to me I don't care cos I love racing on this game as its awesome. Plus some people may use the Create A Vinyl option and think oh I don't think I do any amazing vinyl's on this. Well they aren't correct cos you can create awesome vinyls using your imagination and artistic skills by using various shapes and letters and everything else to create a work of art. Which is exactly what I have done. I have created a few amazing vinyl's. Like an Xbox360, Controller and Kinect all together. I done my own SuperRaveman Logo (Which is the alias I go by).I have done a rave concert, Meowth from porkemon, a poke ball, a manor house, chain chomp from mario, and a piranha plant from mario. You can do anything you like. This game is just full of pure Awesomeness, its got a lot of cars and you can upgrade any of them or let the computer upgrade em for you. Which in my opinion is a more better idea for those who can't be bothered or if its your first ever racing game I would insist on letting the game upgrade your cars for you. I think I've almost covered everything so all that's left is for me to rate it.
Racing, Graphics, Physics, Realism. I'm gonna give it 5/5
Create A Vinyl, Decals, Painting. I'll give it a 5/5
Tuning, Upgrading, Assists/Difficulty, Test Driving, Cars.
I 'll have to give it a 5/5
All In All Super Impressive Racing Game With A 100% Satisfaction And I'm Pleased To Say That You Should Most Definitely Buy This Game. Is Just Too Awesome To Ignore.
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on 5 January 2011
Despite only having had this game a short while I have to say this game is excellent!

It offers excellent graphics with very realistic details including different handling characteristics for each car and realistic sound of the engines. Its a very addictive game and in the couple of weeks I have had it I have been playing it constantly.
The add on packs with the Ultimate Addition are great and offer a lot of extra cars and tracks too. The depth of the game is amazing with all the main manufacturers present and a long list of cars to choose from and unlock. All the cars are customisable and you can switch on or off driver aids when you are feeling confident to add to the fun or generate extra credits for race wins.

I asked around before I bought this game what was the best racing game for the Xbox and I have to agree with them it is this one!
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on 30 November 2010
I haven't been able to go a day without having at least 30mins of play on this. This is the racing game i have been looking for all my life !
If your an artistic type you can design your own paint schemes for your cars and sell them for in game credits which can then be spent on bigger/faster cars. Likewise if you have some car mechanics knowledge you can sell different tuning setups, or you can just sell a full car with all your mechanical and artistic skills combined.
One thing that annoyed me was that when i first got this i installed everything from the xbox dashboard, including all the extra bonus content. But the game wasn't happy doing the installation that way, so i had to delete it all and redo it installing the second disc using the in game option. But the problem is that the "stigs garage" content can only be downloaded once and is not linked to your account. So i have no way of trying those extra cars i paid for ! Plus there is no way to contact the people who make the game, there email address has been removed from there website due to getting to many emails !

Apart from that small niggle i would completely recommend this to anyone looking for a fun racing game.
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on 13 April 2011
Exceedingly easy to recommend this game.

It is totally accessible, you can immerse yourself to whatever level you please. If you like pretty shiny things that go fast, you can turn on all the driver assists and simply follow the racing line as your car brakes automatically. Or maybe you're a test driver for Ferrari who tunes cars in their spare time. Wherever you are on the spectrum, Forza 3 probably has something for you.

The graphics do a great job of representing the cars, and I have crashed whilst admiring some trees on one track. I found all the tracks fun, even the one I particularly suck at.

This edition includes a shedload of extra cars. Every car is available to drive from the start, and you can buy as and when you have the cash. As you win races and accumulate experience you advance in driving level, I (embarrassingly) would be genuinely excited to see what car I would be rewarded with next. Options for customisation are extensive, you can paint, add vinyls and kit out your cars in any way you like.

The driving itself does a fine job of making the cars feel different, so you'll have your favourites in particular classes and for certain races, and just favourites. The sound effects are awesome, very authentic sounding engines and tyre squeal.

I had to think about what I didn't like, came up with loading times, which though not excruciating do add up if you're burning through races, (drag racing for instance). Although it is accessible and fun, it doesn't play like Need For Speed or Burnout. It's a driving sim, so I didn't find it as good for casual split screen play. Finally, the sheer amount of content can be a little daunting, you could easily sink many months into this game. The amount you play is up to you of course. Forza 3 actually leaves pretty much everything up to you.

I don't use Xbox Live so can't comment on any of the online features. You'll need it to access the Top Gear stuff.

A snip at this price.
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on 18 April 2011
Bought the game as i was looking for a good racing game and heard this was a good one so i bought it. I'm really impressed by the graphics and the physics of the game accurately representing real driving conditions. the only downside i can think if is that there is no weather options or engine at all, only dry which gets boring. Overall i enjoy the game at the value of the ultimate edition was really good.
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on 11 April 2011
This game is great. I could sit here for quite a long time saying about how great this game is, but frankly I'd rather be playing it so I'll just say a few things :)

Graphics are insane
Gameplay is great
The variety of cars is simply astonishing
Takes a while to load each track (but if you install it to your hard drive, it doesn't take quite as long)

Very pleased with this game. 5 Stars *****
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on 25 April 2014
For a game that is around 5 years old now, Forza 3 still looks good and is hugely enjoyable to play, A lot of game for some very little money. I purposely bought the Ultimate Collection so as to fill my garage with cars before moving onto the more recent Forza 4. The Ultimate Collection comes with a DownLoadable Content (DLC) card in the pack, allowing you to download Top Gear content and watch a 90 min Top Gear film. However, I was quite miffed to find the codes came up as invalid. Several emails with Microsoft later and it appears the DLC was removed in 2010 and can no longer be supplied. I pointed out that the pack does not specify a date by which to download the DLC, but my complaint fell on deaf ears.

So if you're thinking of buying this expecting Top Gear content, forget it and move onto Forza 4. If you want a cheap yet highly playable racer, then invest a few quid.

UPDATE: It turns out that the Top Gear DLC for Forza 3 was removed in August 2013 (as confirmed in the Forza Forums) - so the DLC codes will not work. The product description should be updated to reflect this.
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