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on 10 December 2010
Holy Hell! This is a short read but it packs a lot of punch. Not since the Alien films have I come across such a strong and incredible Heroine as Remy. Between her and the aptly named lioness, Ripley, whom Remy kind of picks up along her across state venture to find her brother, there is an abundance of totally brutal feminine power. It is no wonder Ripley has such an affinity for Remy...she recognises another with the heart of a lioness.

This is a fast-paced, action-packed, tense, gory thrill ride in a zombie-filled America. Amazing characters, awesome and well-written action scenes and a sensitive and beautiful grasp on the the many facets of man when forced into desperate survival.

Hollowland blew me away; Remy blew me away; once again Hocking blew me away! I hope this is only the beginning of this world she has created because I can't bare that a now favourite character of mine should be left hanging on such an open ending.
More please.

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Had I known that this book was about a zombie apocalypse I'd have been all over it a LONG time ago. How could I not know that?! I thought it was the usual YA fare and admit that the cover had a lot to do with that. That's a lovely cover and not a hint of zombie about it. It seems it's true what they say about covers, and judging... I'm not sure how long I've had this one but it seems like an age. I wish I'd gotten to it sooner. Read it - Loved it!

It's a very satisfying story and right from the very first line the reader is hauled slap-bang into the thick of it. These zombies are not the slow, lumbering moaners from the usual zom-fests, these zombies are jacked up crazies and can pick up a bit of speed. All the action scenes are pretty frantic.

I felt I really connected with Remy, the main character and liked her a lot. Some of the other character's didn't impress me as much (ie, Blue - although it's a cute name) but I still liked them. Really liked Ripley too, if you can call a lion a character? Yeah, a lion! A very cool lion, actually.

There's a tiny bit of romance and sexual chemistry but I do mean 'tiny'. That's not the main focus of the story though so it makes a nice change from the usual YA boy/girl storylines.

There are some creepy character's in here too and I thought they were dealt with really well. Not TOO creepy for the YA market but 'just' creepy enough to make this adult shudder.

I loved the dialogue, it always felt so natural and suited each character perfectly. Amanda Hocking does character interaction very well, I thought.

I can't believe no publisher wanted this one! It's great. Judging by the money she's making from self publishing I'd say I'm not the only one that thinks that way. In the words of Kevin Costner..."Build it and they will come".

Book 2 in the trilogy, 'Hollowmen' is already out and I'll definitely be reading it to see what lies in store for Remy!
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on 12 November 2012
When I started the book and realised it was about zombies, I wondered whether I would even be able to read the book, let alone like it. Like it, I loved it! What an adventure! Okay, not the nicest adventure fighting zombies but full on non stop action. A plot with purpose and plenty of interesting characters along the way. An every teenager's wannabe for a hero and equally likeable people who join her along the way. Of course, they meet the downright weird and some pretty nasty folk on their journey, and as if that's not enough, there's a zombie lurking around every corner to come and get you.
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on 2 July 2012
I got the kndle app for my phone and was downloading some wee cheap and free books and I came across this one. Now i downloaded it with the premis that free means less punch BOY was i WRONG!!

This book is simply classy. The writting style is in first person and from reading another first person I loved it. The familiar characters made the group dynamic easy to understand and I was hooked. It is about zombies, powerful women, love, lust, smashing zombie heads in and to top it off Ripley the Lioness :)

I recommend this for EVERYONE!!

Thanks Amanda
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on 15 October 2016
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on 22 June 2017
Since when did i buy this
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on 3 July 2013
I've read nothing else by this author so approached the work with no preconceptions.

On the whole I would say that I enjoyed the book. I found the storyline engaging and entertaining. A little absurd at times and sort of cookie cutter (but it's a zombie novel, it's not like people reading it are really striving for realism, and there are only so many directions a zombie book can go in before you'd pretty much covered them all). I think most of the characters were portrayed well, but some could've done with a little extra padding or fleshing. Some aspects were cliched and many were clearly unresearched (I mostly refer here to the completely tame, kitten-like behaviour of a grown lioness).

What let this book down for me was the badly edited, rushed feel to it. Grammar itself isn't terrible, but syntax is pretty appalling in places. Missing words, misplaced or misused words ( two examples that come to mind are 'except' being used where 'accept' was required, and 'faired' being used in place of 'fared'). Many more besides these. The text is littered with them, and though it wasn't to the extent that it stopped me from reading, it was irritating and detracted somewhat for me from the general enjoyment.

If you don't care about editing issues then this is a great book for you. It flows, has an engaging storyline with motivated and occasionally endearing characters, and basically passes the time.
But if something being badly written is a bugbear for you (as it is me) then I'm not sure you'd enjoy this.
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on 20 March 2011
...I was wrong. I thought this would be a Twilight version but with Zombies. I assumed it would be poorly written with little to no inventiveness. I thought there wouldn't be any wit. Any drama. Any good.


I enjoyed this story to the point of nearly crying when I read the last word. Not because of the ending and the pain, suffering, love, hate, life and energy this book contains. But because I didn't want it to end. I WANT TO KNOW MORE!! What happened next? Where does Remy, the heroine, go? What about her borther, Max? Does Ripley keep eating zombies like we pop m&ms? What about Blue, Lazlo...? URGH!!!

So, in short... this is an unexpected gem of a story. It is written by a younger person, there are some mistakes and typos so us anal-freaks will have to ignore them - they are far and few. But the story more then makes up for those small niggles. And trust me, I'm nit-picking.
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on 14 May 2017
I enjoyed this story. I found it inventive and filled with compassion--something you don't typically find in the zombie genre. For me, Remy is a classical hero--brave and full of faults. Those are the best kind. The ones who are real.
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on 4 June 2011
I have to say that like other reviewers I almost passed up this book and even after I downloaded it I was reluctant to read it. But this book blew me away!!!
First off, the writing was phenomenal and the characters were brilliant. The author actually manages to combine lush imagery, with hilarious and horrifying events and simultaneously creates a set of characters that you can relate to, for a fabulously entertaining, action packed, and heart warming story.
I know what your thinking, there's no way she manages to mix those three genres together in a story about the zombie apocalypse. Well I'm here to tell you that she not only manages it, she does a bloody (forgive my pun) good job at it.
Even if your apprehensive about the title, storyline, or genre, I suggest trying this book. Bored and looking for something new? This is really something you should give a chance. Anyone from 16 to 46 will find this a great read. As a 21 year old I found myself agreeing with the main characters choices and thoughts about her fellow survivors, her need to find her brother, and her outlook on zombie fighting. And while I thought this storyline would be overdone, the author has a fresh new take on it and manages a few surprises.
Take my advice and try it out! It has something for everyone and will pull you into a new and exciting world!
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