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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 23 May 2011
This show is action packed awesomeness. Nikita 2010 blasted onto the screen and took me by surprise. As a previous viewer of LFN I was a skeptic. Well skepticism has a new name Legendary.

Maggie Q as Nikita is amazing, from her fantastic martial art skills (which she is so humble about) to the captivating emotion of Nikita's life inside and out of Division while she is rogue.
Shane West as the stoic Division agent Michael has brought new levels this character never had before. West expresses the deep emotions his complex character is feeling with one look.
Lysdny Fonseca plays the tortured Alexandra Udivof with such a heart wrenching story you would swear she was Anastasia.

The cast as a whole (mention to) Melinda Clarke, Aaron Standford, Xander Berkley - great.
Melinda plays the chilling and sinister Amanda nicknamed 'The Inquisitor'
Aaron Standford is the surly and newly improved 2010 Birkhoff or 'nerd' as Nikita calls him, his wit and mannerisms make you crave the whole ensemble of the cast!
Xander Berkely the head of Division, Percy, with little regard for human life and much for power and control.

This season was an amazing start and is only the beginning.

Only improvement (but this could also be a device done to maintain mystery)- the audience needs more on Nikita, Division and her life before it and DURING it!
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VINE VOICEon 26 December 2010
A bit reminscent of Alias with Jennifer Garner, where she was fighting, with the CIA, against SD6.
In this series 'Division' are the bad guys. A government black ops agency who have become a law unto themselves and capable of blackmailing anyone who stands in their way.
Except, of course, Nikita. A former agent, recruited from death row, given a new life and given the option to work for division or die (well, what would you do??). Now, having escaped, Nikita's burning ambition is to bring down Division and rescue its operatives from their misguided lives.
On the inside she has Alex, rescued from depravity and trained to go inside by Nikita, and Michael, a current Division big wig who has emotional ties to Nikita.
The stories are good, the action always lively and frequently thrilling, but as with most series in this genre, a good deal of credibility is sacrificed in pursuit of the storyline. (aka Alias, 24 etc). Still, if you don't mind this too much it is a tremendous series and personally, I am looking forward to season 2.
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on 4 September 2011
Having watched many great American Tv series in the past I have found many of them to be overly done and the tense moments too forced; Prison Break for example. But this was a commplete breath of fresh air.
Way more real, far less ridiculous and just great television. The characters spark off each other and their relationships are totally believable. The storyline twists and turns and left me glued to my set. I managed to watch the entire series in 5 days which is very unlike me but I just couldnt get enough.
Shane West, Maggie Q and Lydsey Fonseca are terrific and create complex characters with so much depth which I really grew to love as the series progressed.
Would really recommend this to anyone who dont mind losing a few days out of their life.
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on 26 April 2012
I never thought that I would fall so in love with a program as quickly as I have fallen for 'Nikita'! It has everything that one could want in a program and more - much more! I LITERALLY could not wait to see the next episode - I watched 15 episodes back to back and am going to buy the season 2 box set when it comes out! BUY IT! There is no way that you could regret it!
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on 21 January 2012
Engaging, thrilling and fast paced Nikita is the best show on TV right now. Maggie Q shines in the title role, not only bringing real depth to the role but also completely convincing in the fight scenes. The main supporting cast is brilliant, Melinda Clarke is particularly brilliant as the chilling Amanda.

The show certainly fills the gap left by Alias, another brilliant female led spy show. There are some similarities between the two, as well as Chuck and I presume other spy shows. However the show certainly stands alone and is not predictable in the slightest.

One of Nikita's strong points is it's fight scenes, while in the past certain shows have had obviously fake fight scenes, Nikita's are not. The scenes are realistic and well choreographed. Perfect for action fans.

On a shallow note, there's plenty of eye candy of both genders although unlike Chuck the women do not suffer from male gaze.

Despite being on the CW, which sadly puts off a lot of viewers, Nikita is a show of superior quality and does not deserve to be overlooked. Well worth the watch!
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VINE VOICEon 23 May 2012
Looking for a good time? Try Nikita which might be the best action thriller TV series ever. Or it might not. But it is pretty good. What makes it outstanding, however, is Maggie Q in the title role.

I first came across MQ in Naked Weapon, an entertaining Hong Kong thriller, and assumed she was just another HK starlet and that the Q stood for something unpronounceable to a Western tongue. Which was completely wrong. Quigley (dad American of Irish/Polish descent, mother VietNamese) is quite pronounceable. Taken under the wing of Jackie Chan, the hard working Q became highly proficient in faking martial arts moves. Several film and tv shows later, she'd also developed into a more than competent actress who now reminds me of (and I can't give any higher praise) a young Michelle Yeoh.

On to the show. First the back story: Super secret agency Division, theoretically part of the US government, goes its own way under the directorship of the ruthless Percy. It recruits older teenagers to be agents and eliminates them if they don't make the grade. When they murdered top agent Nikita's teacher boyfriend, she went rogue and vowed to bring them down.

The set up. Nikita has recruited Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) to infiltrate Division and pass information on to her so she can screw up their missions. Alex has her own secrets which are gradually revealed as the series progresses. Nikita is hunted by Michael (Shane Ward) who trained her but, even though they are enemies, they share an intense attraction. Two other major supporting characters working for Division are a computer geek with the hots for Nikita and Division's beautiful bitch counselor and information extractor. As the series progresses, Nikita finds other allies to help her. Not everyone survives and twist piles on twist by the season's end.

While it is a sort of mission of the week show, there is a lot of continuity with the characters and what happens to them. Alex develops from new recruit to full agent, undergoing many changes in the process. Not everything goes well for Nikita who is revealed to be more vulnerable, physically and emotionally than at first thought and Maggie Q is just terrific and completely believable. Not that the other actors are bad. Far from it as the acting is of a very high standard indeed from the principal players, particularly Xander Harris as the devious manipulative boss Percy. It's also good in all the technical departments and the action scenes are great.

Season 2 is out on DVD in September (my copy's on order) and a third season is already shooting. One of the producers said that they had about 4-5 seasons worth of story arcs. Looks like they'll get them too. Great stuff.
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on 31 March 2013
I enjoyed this from the start and having enjoyed the series Alias a decade ago I quickly saw the similarities. There's the beautiful and lethal heroine fighting a criminal organization and plots that takes the story to all kinds of exciting places in the world. The plot has a lot of twists and turns and while at times completely unbelievable like any Bond-movie sometimes is, it's so well-done that it makes me smile and like it even more. The chemistry between Maggie Q and Shane West is one of the better parts of the show, but in the end it's the Maggie Q- show and it's her performance that sells the story. It's awesome to get to see action where the heroine kicks serous ass while at the same time showing great depth of emotion.
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on 4 December 2010
I wasn't expecting much from this series at first but Nikita is one of the only shows that is fresh this season, the story lines aren't the only great part but the cast has great chemistry Maggie Q, Shane West and Lyndsy Fonseca work great together and Melinda Clarke is an outstanding actress. Nikita is a very enjoyable series, I totally and completely recommend it.
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Is this just another action TV show with a female lead? There seem to have been a lot of them, Alias, Covert Affairs etc. Nikita has a genuine uniqueness, and the first season has everything for its genre. Whereas it may not have the instant captivation of Covert Affairs or even the mystery of Alias, this has characters you love and those you hate and a great but hidden conspiracy. Great entertainment!
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on 22 July 2012
I must confess that I was a bit hesitant to buy this at first , since I was a huge fan of "La femme Nikita"(and of the original film), and feared that this would simply be lame, full of fresh characters with no acting skills and no serious script.SO WRONG!

The series is absolutely immersive, full of suspense and action, and it really sucks you in the "Nikita-land" . All of the main characters are well balanced and combine well together. Magie Q is simply out of this world! As for "Amanda" (Melinda Clarke), well , she seems to be more than perfect for her role, amazing!
If you liked the original film by Besson , and/or the tv series "La femme Nikita", then you'll treasure this one.
My only regret is that I watched the whole series in just 5 days and now counting the days for season 2...
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