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on 17 April 2017
Really pleased, fitted easily and has resolved the problem with PC
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on 14 February 2012
at the time i got this hard drive it wasnt to bad but after 3/4 of it being filled you do kinda feel the sluggishness from it overall for durability of it lasting this long ill give it 5/5 but i gave it 4/5 this time as the black versions are what you really want and as there only £20-£30 dearer you would be silly getting this but then like i said this hard drive has lasted for quite a while with no signs of wear its just as soon as you breach 3/4 you will notice the time it takes to boot and as the newer and faster ones are not so far from the price of these older ones its obvious which to choose from :-)


Altho the hard drive was good until unfortunely it has had the mishap of dying on me my REAL complaint is with WD there as useful as a chocolate tea pot in sending something back, i mean late replies aswell as useless extras charges for no apparent reason and well so much hassle i wish i went for something else.
I agree there hard drives are amazing i have 5 and only 1 has packed up so to me thats pretty good but just to let everyone know when they do pack up your in for a lot of..............
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on 18 November 2011
Excellent hard drive, no problems as yet.
Copied lots of stuff to and from it during a hard drive re-shuffle & I now use it to house my music/video production projects.
Noticed it makes a bit more noise than the 500GB Caviar Black HDDs, especially on start up, but nowhere near as much as the standard fan on my AMD Phenom II x4 965 :-S
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on 13 August 2011
Bought these drives (bought 2) as upgrades to my SATAII drives which I have had for 18 months now.
They are really quiet and performance is excellent.

While I cannot measure the exact performance through-put data transfer does appear to be a lot speedier and I have had no issues with transfer of loads of my data. I always keep several backup's over 2 drives just in case! Paranoid about a crash that wipes out my data hence always replace my drives every 18 months or so. The released drives then flow downwards through 3 other computers, a link station server, media server and even the SkyHD box!

Every year memory and storeage increases at such an alarming rate you just have to future proof yourself. These drives are just so fantastic for the money.

If you want great storeage and really good value, have confidence in these drives.
I can certainly recommend them.

Thanks - Colin.
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on 29 September 2012
These are my first impressions, I've been using this drive for about two days. I'll report back if anything bad happens within its lifetime.

After the floods in Thailand, I've waited so long for the price of hard drives to go down, and got fed up with the wait, so I decided to go for the cheapest 1TB 7200 RPM drive I could find. So I know this is probably by no means the best drive out there.

Being a 7200 rpm drive, I'm clearly impressed by its performance on games compared to my old 5400 rpm drives. The drive's enclosure is either solidly constructed, or it's just a lot of dead weight. I think the former is more likely.

The one thing I don't like about the drive is the noise it produces. I can hear ever click and bip it makes while it's working. I'm not worried about this noise, though, as I've had drives in the past which made that noise during normal operation, but that was in the nineties and early 2000's. The more recent drives I've had were more quiet, so it's unexpected for this one to make so much noise.
I think the noise problem can be solved by getting sound proofing for the computer case it sits in. There are foam blocks and sheets on the market which sit in the case, mitigating the noise from moving parts of a computer. I won't name any brand names.
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on 20 July 2012
UPDATE - Hard Drive broke on me back in 2014, I would strongly suggest avoiding this hard drive and get the WD10EZEX model instead.

After having no computer for an entire month and a half due to it breaking down on me, I had to go through all the trouble to return every piece of hardware inside my system until I finally find out it was the motherboard causing my PC to not work.

I got this hard drive as a replacement for my Hatachi 500gb hard drive and even though the hard drive is fast and has a lot of space inside it, there is a flaw, the noise. This is by far the most loudest hard drive I've ever owned and using it makes me very paranoid because of it, when I run a game, every now and again they'll be a faint whining noise and I fear that the hard drive might one day explode on me just after having it for well over a week. There have been no performance issues as of yet and it does the job well and compared to my older hard drive there is a difference in loading times and over all just using the computer, it feels faster and more fluid.

Over all, this is a good, affordable hard drive, but I must warn you if you're looking for a hard drive that's quiet, you might won't to not consider this hard drive.
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on 23 September 2011
Following a PC rebuild for my home-studio, my four-way 'scratch disk' Raid0 array went south. Thank heavens for backups, eh? So I needed a new scratch disk. Because I push the envelope I needed something which could perform and so unless I took out a mortgage for a high capacity SSD, a Raid array seemed the best choice. Since I already have high'ish capacity OCZ RevoDrive for my OS disk, the 'scratch' disk was for recording, playback and storage/retrieval.

Unfortunately for whatever reason I couldn't track down any WD Caviar Blacks at my chosen capacity so had to settle for Blueys. With hindsight, it wasn't a bad deal, I have a Raid0 2TB 'scratch' disk which chugs along about 250MBpS which is more than enough for my modest needs.

So far I have not had any WD's go south on me, Seagates & Samsungs ye but but not WD's Heck, one of the 'emergency PC's' has a 60GB WD from nineteenhundredandfrozenstiff and it still runs sweet.

Good deal, good drive and dependable. Thumbs up.
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on 11 September 2012
The disk showed promise - fast and quiet, but then the dreaded "disk failing" message came up in windows 7.
Over the next few days transfer rates gradually slowed to unusable.
Amazon gave a refund without difficulty. Five stars Amazon, but just the one for the disk.
However I went to PC world for another and the "expert" there assured my that my experience was unusual.
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on 9 November 2011
This is a very good hard drive for the price it's offered at. 1TB of space is quite a lot for the average person - they will not usually fill it, but even for someone that likes to download movies or games it is a hefty amount of space. Being a SATA III HDD means it's blazingly fast too. I'm quite impressed with this and I will definitely be buying another one when I run out of space.
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on 3 August 2012
Decided to buy two wd1tb drives to fill my nas box on Thursday, had them delivered on Friday morning, then they had to be sent back Friday afternoon. This was because one of the drive ticked and would be formatted by xp and that I suspect they had been knocked in transit. The box they are supplied in was way to big for bare drives to bounce around in with a little paper. I am feeling very unhappy as a result of this. I will be out of pocket because although I tried to send the drives back through Collect plus, the idiot terminal would not read the bar code, consequently I had to take them to the Post Office and spend £7.70 in fees. Altogether a positively irritating transaction. It isn't as if Amazon can't supply things properly as I have bought many HDD over the years and they all came in individual boxes with plastic holders so as to save the drives from shock. So Amazon please do better, because it is very easy to lose a good name, and difficult to recover.
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