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4.7 out of 5 stars
The Best Of Suede
Format: Audio CD|Change
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 4 November 2010
Ah, Suede. How you were loved, then forgotten at the time. On the heels of their immensely successful reunion show in March, Suede reclaim the ground from alleged contemporaries - Blur, Oasis - who recently have also set stall with Best Of's recently. Seven years makes people forget how amazing this band were at their peak. A passionate, powerful, and thrilling pop group : who can forget the opening chords of "Animal Nitrate", "Metal Mickey", "Trash", and not feel... that sense of joy? All of them are here, remastered, sparkling and burning with previously buried backing vocals and guitar overdubs presented in a pristine, immaculate condition for your listening pleasure.

Having long been regarded, unjustly, as the ugly pups of their era, Suede were, and are, the only of their contemporaries not to be rehabilitated into the view of being cool. Until recently, the band were almost verboten, their body of work overlooked, and the sad, slow slide into obselence on record that peppered their final years becoming their final epitah. They grab you by the scruff of the neck, and remind you why they were so loved. Not everyone liked them, but then again, who wants to be liked by everyone?

Despite an absence of material from the latter years which undersells their final incarnation, Suede take themselves back from the sneering public image and belittling snide comments. Remembering that for some people, these songs aren't embarrassing memories, but lifelines and long lost friends that took the edge off the bad days, the bad years, the decades of dirt.

But this - when the music starts and the adrenaline rushes - it's Suede as good as, no, better, than ever. Time and years may have corrupted us, but this music reaches to our souls that are as pure as they were then. Songs like "This Hollywood Life" and "Killing of A Flashboy" are songs that stand head and shoulders above their alleged contemporaries, who were busy peddling sludge about binmen and Beatles pastiches. These songs, all of them are taut, tight set of firey, passionate dispatches from the frontline of adolescence, sound better than ever.

Lyrically some of these songs have dated, and it's impossible for them not to : the riproaring rush of "Animal Nitrate" makes reference to being `over 21', instantly placing the song to the dark years before the age of consent was equalised.Others, with refences to Factory Lines and other cultural signifiers seem from another age where the world was made very differently, where Britain still has a manufacturing industry and a society structure that has been, to all intents and purposes, dismantled by technology and finance. Even "Film Star", a formulaic stomp that, like all good Suede songs melds a sophisticated interpretation of indie-glam and intelligent, heartfelt wordplay roars like a beast ; one that predates Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" by over a decade.

Like all great artists, and all great bands, whilst there might be nothing but old material, this stuff still sounds relevant, still sounds now, for it connects with what it meants to be human, what it means to be alive, and sometimes, the core parts of that do not change, with love, hope, and the sense of bristling injustice that the world we live in often sells short our potential, and our beauty. A lyric like "I'm 18, and I need my heroine" seems desperately trite on the page, but when combined with the fierce music, it becomes the sound of a world we all remember, the raw, primal need of youth for acceptance and love. That, or a boatload of naughty druqs.

Suede were a great band out of step with the rest of the world, and that when the hype and bluster, fog, smoke and gasoline clears, what is left is silly, great songs about this silly, great thing called life we're all part of wether we like it or not. Fall in love all over again, for falling in love is easy, it's the staying there that counts.
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on 4 January 2015
WOW! This is a stunning two disc compilation of Suede in their prime (1992-2002). Running over two discs there are 35 cracking songs, all superbly remastered. This equates to over two and a half hours of classic singles, fab album tracks and killer B-sides. This is easily the best, and most expansive, Suede collection available.

Fully endorsed by Suede, and compiled by lead singer/songwriter Brett Anderson, the tracks are extremely well chosen. The group's first two legendary records, "Suede" and "Dog Man Star", are very well represented with respectively seven and eight songs apiece. From "Coming Up" there are six tunes, from "Head Music" four and finally from "A New Morning" there's just one.

Disc one is crammed (almost) full with 18 classic Suede singles. The excellent non-album release "Stay Together" is included. It omits only two singles. One of these isn't missed - the below par "Positivity" from their underwhelming "A New Morning" album. The other one, the sleazy "Attitude", an underrated single recorded for the previous 2003 compilation "Singles", also failed to make the cut. It should, arguably, have been included, especially as there was room on the first disc (only 73 minutes long, compared to disc two's 78 minutes).

On to disc two; if you're not a Suede obsessive, this will come as a REVELATION! These generous 17 tunes comprise some of their lesser known, but most breathtaking songs. Incredibly these were often hidden away as album tracks, or on B-sides. Check out, to pick just three, the stomping "She" (from the invigorating third record "Coming Up"), the epic "The Asphalt World" (from Suede's masterpiece "Dog Man Star") or the glam-tastic "Killing Of A Flash Boy" (flip side to the magnificently intense "We Are The Pigs").

To sum up; "The Best Of Suede" is a truly fantastic and essential addition to your music library. I recommend you purchase this over "Singles". This collection is faultless - you won't hit the "skip" button once. If new to Suede, after hearing this, I'd urge you to then proceed to the debut album and work your way chronologically forward from there. Indispensable: buy it!
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on 2 January 2013
Quality never runs out of style: Here we have at last the most wonderful songs Suede has ever recorded and the tag "best of" matches well, bringing together singles, album tracks alongside b-sides that were previously issued on the "Sci Fi Lullabies" double album. As an old fan who owns all their albums it's always questionable to purchase compilations of this sort (I personally don't care much about the re-mastering hysteria among audiophiles). In case you already own Suede's major albums, the single "Stay together" and the b-sides double album I wouldn't recommend buying this one. If you are new to Suede I'd suggest listening to "Heroine" (from Dog man star), "Animal nitrate" (from their brilliant debut) and "Trash" from their second release in order to catch a glimpse of their musical genius. All in all this is a perfect round up purchase, in my eyes miles better than the "Singles" compilation from 2003 bringing back lots of memories from the British pop movement of the 1990s.
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on 23 February 2011
What has the 'ministry of sound' lable got to do with this band and / or this release? Please tell me that these tracks aren't ruined by applying 1990's style dance 'remixes'??!!!!
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on 1 November 2010
my all time favourite band suede,at long last release a best of that includes ,album tracks,b sides and all bar one of their stunning singles.this is a great starting point for any new fans of the band and after buying this should really purchase the self titled debut ,the masterpiece that is 'dogmanstar' ,the glam-tastic 'coming up' and the b-sides collection sci fi lullabies which has some of their greatest songs.all essential.the last two albums ,'head music' and 'a new morning ' are patchy ,but do have a few decent tracks.
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on 6 January 2013
Big fan of Suede. You get all their best tracks on one CD. Suede are Goth Electro Punk similar to Placebo. Big in The 90's Suede were a very influential band.
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on 18 September 2012
Suede were/are a truly exceptional britpop band, darker and more lively than Blur and more interesting and musical than Oasis, both of whom dominate the scene. This Best Of collection is essential for those interested in the
sound of Suede, but who are reluctant to pay just as much for one album with fewer singles. In a two disc set, any song even reasonably good has been included.
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on 1 November 2010
What a great band! I'm currently enjoying a bit of a suede revival on my ipod thanks to this cd! This is a well compiled greatest hits, bringing back so many memories! I've been counting down the days till its release. A must have for fans, and a great starter cd for new listeners. Whats not to love about suede! And a big high five to amazon for undercutting itunes on the price!
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on 18 December 2012
This is a great double disc, featuring the singles on cd1 and some ace b-sides on cd2. I have only three negative comments: Firstly, the cover is shambolic and has to be the worst Suede cover ever. I assume the band had nothing to do with this decision. This dodgy cover can be rectified if you take out the slip note that comes with the cd and use it as a new cover, listing all the Suede album and single covers.
Secondly (and more importantly) some of the songs have been remastered well but others have not. I was hoping to hear a properly mastered version of 'Metal Mickey' but it sounds dull and lifeless, and in fact I have to turn the stereo up louder when that song comes on. The same comment applies to a few other tracks too. Basically I don't think all the tracks were mastered in the same way and with the same attention to detail (or perhaps by the same person).
Thirdly, cd2 boasts some great songs but it is very similar to 'sci-fi lullabies' collection. They should have included some live versions, and why didn't they include 'Shipbuilding' or 'Brass in pocket'? Lost opportunity yet again. They are probably on the album deluxe versions but I'm not shelling out that kind of cash.

Still a very good collection and fantastic value for money, especially if you don't already have all these songs from their various original releases.
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on 23 December 2012
If you don't love suede but like the odd track buy this album. There is a lot on it that will surprise you. Not just the obvious singles but also some gems hidden away on albums.
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