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on 8 March 2009
So happy that I bought this. The quality of the audio is perfect. Characters are brilliantly portrayed by a talented cast. Here we have a Batman that speaks clearly but still manages to be the caped crusader that we all know and love ( Mr Bale should take some notes here, especially to save his voice- it cant be good to talk like that at all). Listening to it now brings back some happy memories, of me sitting on my bed with an old cassette radio, and me with a pair of really big head phones on ( sonys, cant seem to find them any where these days, shame) the volume turned up far too loud. Wasnt long after that I started to get into Batman and the DC universe of comics. So you could say that Batman: Knightfall got me into comics in a major way. This is a must for all Batman fans, if you liked the films- and i mean the first few, then u will love it.
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on 11 May 2013
I love this audio version of Knightfall almost as much as the original comic book original. A full cast, excellent music and loads of atmosphere. One of the most memorable sound effects is the swirling sound effect of Batman's cape when he is in motion. A classic comic book adventure and Bane doesn't have a muffled voice (sorry Tom Hardy).
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VINE VOICEon 25 October 2008
Batman: Knightfall was one of those major comic events that was truly unforgettable. A huge turning-point in the Caped Crusader's life, it showcased Bruce Wayne being expertly and feasibly broken, both physically and mentally, by a fascinating new villain called Bane. Story-wise, it's a timeless classic and a masterpiece. Plus, it's one of the biggest crossover events in the history of DC Comics, as well as all of superhero fiction itself.

Of course, this was all in 1993. The fact that people still revere the epic to this day is testament to its greatness. But what I didn't know was that it was SO great, that it actually spawned a daily radio-drama that combined all parts of the saga (Knighfall, Knightquest and KnightsEnd) into one mammoth series.

The Knightfall audioplay debuted on BBC Radio 1 in 1994 on `The Mark Goodier Show', and was masterminded by Dirk Maggs (who produced radio plays like Superman: Doomsday and Beyond, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). Even when it was released shortly after on audio cassette in 1994, its existence still eluded me, and it was only recently that I saw this 3-disc CD. Naturally intrigued, I purchased it.

The whole Knightfall saga lasted a year. It's the biggest Batman story ever created. So the first thing that came to my mind was, "How did Dirk Maggs manage to condense the whole crossover into approximately three hours of radio drama?" Maggs clearly had his work cut-out for him yet he was somehow able to put together an absolutely intense, action-packed production that will have all listeners absolutely hooked from start to finish.

Knightfall goes at breakneck pace, which makes sense given that Maggs had to make sure the listener would be left wanting for more at the end of every episode, the timeslots he had to work with and the sheer content of the original story to cover. There is NEVER a dull moment here, and Maggs was sensible with what had to be in the drama and what he could afford to leave out. All the essential story-moments, sub-plots, character-depth and development remain, and this accompanied by a commendable and lively voice-cast, expert-sound effects and fantastic music score, make the whole production so richly layered and energetic.

All those who have read the original Knightfall comic stories and/or own the graphic novels will know how the whole thing goes from start to finish, as I do. But really, all the production and presentation values make that fact so utterly irrelevant. It's a real treat to listen to and will please all fans of the crossover. It's so faithful and creatively utilises the subject matter to produce a staggeringly good audio drama, one that even new fans can enjoy. This set is also accompanied by some very good outtakes, the original opening sequence (prior to digital restoration), and the booklet inside features an enlightening foreword by Dirk Maggs.

It's a case of like comic, like audiobook here, in the sense that it's a true masterpiece. Batman: Knightfall is a production that honours the original story. All fans will love it. Nice one, BBC and Dirk Maggs.
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VINE VOICEon 19 April 2007
Millions of years ago, there once was a radio show called the Trial of Superman (or Superman on Trial - I can't quite remember which title) where the Radio Times advertised it by using a comic strip layout. Being a young boy at the time, I made damn sure that it was recorded off the radio late at night, taking up a couple of 90 minute tapes and enjoying every second of it.

The same people who made that also made this, a radio serial that hooks you from the start with a chase sequence and a Batman that doesn't use a gruff tone when speaking (a la Christian Bale or Michael Keaton). Overall, dialogue is spoken supurbly, with the absurdity of the media in place (one reporter cheerfully saying that ONLY 15 people were injured and two were killed in a riot) and using Michael Gough as Alfred adds to the dryness of the humour. The listener, though, must pay attention - especially with the multitude of characters in this. Sound effects and music are also very good (enhanced for the CD) with great sounds for fight scenes and a nice, throaty growl for the Batmobile. The script is also very good, moving at a cracking pace throughout locations.

This is a great achievement - a radio serial that flows very well when listened to in a complete edition. Besides, listening to Batman hanging a villian up by his feet 100 feet from the ground and having a (for him)cheerful one-sided conversation at the same time - within the first twenty seconds of it starting - is worth it alone.
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on 8 April 2009
I first heard this on Radio 1 a long time ago and remember being transfixed to the 15 minute episodes each day. I then bought it on tape which I wore out playing it so much. My now 37 and still love it so I bought the CD last year. Its now on my iPod and I often listen to it on long journeys.

Firstly, it is a superb Batman story. One of the best in my opinion. Then it is expertly performed by many voice actors. It is very immersive and dark. My eldest daughter (12) has listened to it and also liked it.
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on 13 March 2009
A cleverly done audio play, Batman: Knightfall is quite thrilling to listen to, perfectly capturing the mood and overall feel of the comic book it's based on. It only fails (if it fails at all) in the character of Batman himself, as it reflects the more lighter-hearted almost Adam West style caped crusader, which is odd given the dark and gothic atmosphere of the rest of the play.

The voice of Batman, performed by Bob Sessions, comes off as a slightly 1950's Saturday Matinee all action hero as opposed to the darker, gravelly tones of say; Kevin Conroy's take on the character in Batman the Animated Series (broadcast on TV around about the same time as this Audio Play) or Christian Bale's current and rather brilliant portral of the Dark Knight. This, though and the fact that it doesn't dig as deep into the soul of the characters as it could have done, never detracts from the fun of the thing. It can not fail to please the ardent Bat-fan or those who just love a good old fashioned hero yarn that has that special 'bite' of cool.
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on 15 August 2012
As a child, Batman Knightfall was one of the greatest experiences of my young life: a superb 2-tape set of an amazing production. Sadly, the tape eventually broke but thankfully there was a 3-cd set released in the states. That, however, chose to simply cut out at the end of each CD, rather than choosing a sensible place to stop. Thus CD1 ended with Bane saying "We will let him run a little more of the gauntlet"END OF CD, START CD2 and Bane carries on his sentence!

This later UK CD-set mentions on the back some new sound fx and so on, which made me hope some more care had been taken with the release. What the back doesn't mention is that a lot of dialogue has been cut, reshuffled or broken up, which probably won't bother the casual buyer, but to me it is incredibly irritating and phoney sounding.

Surely the BBC is not getting infected with George Lucas-itis.
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on 1 August 2007
I had this on cassette when it came out in the 90s. On CD it is a billion times easier to listen to, and the power of the story and the acting just shine through.

Now all they need to do is reissue the two Judge Dredd stories and the Independence Day UK dramas and I'd be over the moon!
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on 26 December 2011
I was always the huge Batman fan eversince I was seven years old but, I still love it. I used to have this on tape but, my dog chewed up the first tape with side one and side two on it. So, I ended up with side three and four tape. I was none too pleased. So I choose to buy this on CD because I wanted to have hear the whole story on Knightfull. The charecters who played the voices on the heroes and the villians did a really good job.
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on 13 August 2007
This is a fantastic adaption of a comic storyline, which was my favourite comic story for a long time. The voice acting is perfect, and they keep faithful to the plot despite cutting down the story a bit, but hey- who needs all those bad guys of the original? It would be 5 stars if not for the one annoying change at the end, which sways away from the comics and from one thing which I thought really showed 'Azbats' madness, involving LeHah...
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