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on 18 October 2017
A vast picture quality improvement from the previous dvd release.
Looks like a complete different movie. We can see some colours here at long last! Nothing to do with the previous 4:3, dull and colourless dvd edition.

As for the movie itself I already commented on this on my dvd review. Still as rotten as it has ever been, but at least it can now be properly enjoyed!
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on 6 December 2012
I thought this would be a turkey and it was. Low budget human versus aliens after the apocolypse. Good fun if you like movies like Rats night of Terror, Damnation Alley etc...
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on 1 August 2012
It pains me to admit I bought this film - It was 1p and Linnea Quigley does a nude scene. However, not even the fine Miss Quigley can save this cinematic train wreck.

The story is set in 1998, six years after a nuclear war and people have invented laser guns. Soldiers take shelter from acid rain in an abandoned science laboratory. Soon they are wrestling with rubber rats, a man in a rubbish alien costume and a small plastic baby with vampire teeth.

The plot has more holes than a polo mint factory - It's never fully explained where the monsters came from or why anything happens. The characters blindly follow each other into the ventilation shafts to become lunch for mutant beasties. They argue over who gets to go next.

It's painfully obvious the director ran out of material - The ending is stuffed to the gills with blatant padding. Even with a short running time of 72 minutes, you will look at your watch. The end fight scene between the token survivor and the rubbish monster seems to go on forever - Most of it features prolonged shots of a man standing in an empty warehouse. I found myself shouting GET ON WITH IT! at the telly.

I have a strange fondness for bad films - 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' or 'For Y'ur Height Only' can be entertaining, but Creepozoids is just plain bad - You will want it to end. Don't do it to yourself...

...and yet curiously I can't give this pile of dog manure a 1/5 rating. Turns out the DVD is loaded with B-movie trailers and the extras menu is a bit like those Grindhouse compilations from a few years back - You get trailers for 'Turkey Shoot', 'Dead Kids' & 'Man from Deep River' to name but a few. There's enough to keep you busy for half an hour or so. The catalogue number for this edition of Creepozoids is HG9010 if you are interested - So it gets one more point for extras.

But it's still bloody awful. To see Miss Quigley in her prime, find a copy of 'Return of the Living Dead' or 'Night of the Demons'.
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on 8 May 2018
I do love me some crappy B-movie creature feature straight from the 80s (and 90s) as long as they are entertaining, but this one comes as bad and boring as one can only imagine.... and it only runs 72 minutes.
There is NO atmosphere, NO acting talent (not a tiny tiny bitsy bit), NO interesting set design (all happens in 2-3 rooms and one corridor of a self storage facility), NO creative and/or at least bloody killings, NO over-the-top-crazy weirdness or any good idea at all, NO half way decent effects what so ever, obviously NO budget and the result is everything but NOT entertaining on any level. Creepozoids should creep back into its zoids (whatever that means...).

Picture quality is okay, for a movie of this caliber actually pretty good. For detailed informations and/or screen caps just check the internet. There are enough reviews out there that give you a good impression of the picture quality. It holds up pretty nice even when projected onto a bigger screen.

Audio quality is not okay since it is only dolby digital, which would be poor even for DVD standards. Since we are talking blu-ray here, dolby digital is not really acceptable. Anyway.... in the end the movie doesn't have anything to offer from a sound design standpoint, so even a lossless track would not offer much more LFE punch or anything at all.

If you like your creature feature without much creature and without any feature like blood, effect, set design, budget, atmosphere, suspense, talent, etc. then this movie is for you... and maybe only for you.
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on 19 July 2017
So bad that it's good
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on 8 February 2018
The good old days going down to the video shop there were so many film's to rent as much as they say this was s#£t their were far worse like the 13 floor can not forget how bad that was any as much the hate it's still around today films were cheap to make then not like today love the 80s
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on 7 October 2010
Wow! What a huge pile of doggy poop this turned out to be.
Don't even waste your time if it comes down to 1p plus P&P on here, it isn't worth it.
Bad acting, Bad script, Bad camera work, Bad special effects (and I mean that with all my heart) Bad musical score and a 15 minute close up of a robotic mutant baby making growling noises at the camera (probably to use up valuable screen time and lower the budget even more)
I am usually a fan of low budget horror if it is done with a bit of effort but this is just garbage thrown together by a bunch of idiots after a quick buck.
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWERon 6 April 2014
I watched this film many years ago on VHS and it's never left my mind for all the wrong reasons
The back cover looked pretty good the usual post-apocalyptic survival theme (which isn't a bad thing on it's own) this could have been a bit of a "sleeper" the odd budget science fiction film does come out that is worth a look (Hardware 1990 not a bad film)

Once the film starts it's quite obvious that the cast (some of whom were former adult movie stars) simply can't act, and worse they make bad actors look quite good! The story is completely wasted as you can't take the film seriously at all. Not that there is much story.

The single most hilarious scene is when the group are attacked by a killer rat. Not your normal rat now, the fluffy stuffed variety complete with stiff body, and string visibile being pulled along in a very unconvincing manner. I didn't expect James Cameron SFX, the film is clearly on a tight budget and we're firmly into pre CGI days too. Still you would think they could have at least bought or hired a real rat, or a prop that might not look like a DIY stuff it yourself toy, or a jumble sale purchase. If the film makers had used "Roland Rat" it would probably have worked better

The best part is watching the cast trying to look scared with a stuffed toy being pulled at them and surely a classic moment in cinema history and one I will never forget it is almost worth buying the film just to see this scene. Evidently this was shot in a warehouse over 2 weeks (and it shows) this low budget sci fi horror is about as bad as they get.

Breaking down the film I'd rate it as follows:

Acting: 1 (awful would be a compliment)
Script: 1 (probably made up day to day)
Story: 1 (it had potential, until the cast turned up)
Directing: 1 (nobody knows if a director was present during filming!)
Entertainment value: 2 (it get's one extra point for the stuffed rat scene - hilarious)

Make no mistake this is a bad film, really bad. This was supposed to be the break out movie for Linnea Quigley, the shocking thing is she actually got employed after making this film as an actress. Unquestionably a 1 star film, but some scenes are so bad they are guaranteed to induce fits of laughter. This ties just about for awful films with "The Vault" both are to be avoided at all costs for serious viewing, on the other hand this is surely a must have if you collect cheesy films, I think the Vault is slightly better for laughs but this has a fair few chuckles along the way.
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on 10 January 2002
In a world where a small gang of survivors move from warehouse to warehouse dodging acid rain creepozoids lurk, waiting to strike.
This entertaining bit of fluff is frequently hilarious because the actors look like they are trying, but the effects are just so cheap. A good after-pub film.
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on 20 July 2015
Creepozoid came from a time where direct to Video Sci-fi/Horror was churned out by the truckful every Week and amongst it all comes this little Guilty pleasure.The term so Bad its Good is thrown around a lot these days but this truly falls into that category.The acting is Insulting as is the story but overall the effects are half decent for such a low budget flick,in particular the Mutant Baby.Also Linnea Quigley gets her kit off,so come on! thats gotta be worth the price of Admission.
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