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on 27 September 2017
Seems to be a great product, i bought this for my build i done the other weekend, unfortunately i cant do a before & after with cpu temps so i could just get the thermal paste results as the cpu im using is now in a new motherboard & has a different cooler on it, so the results wont really help as the cooler & everything else will have a impact on the temps.
Don't know if it will help anyone but i can do results for after, so now in the new build on idle the cpu is around 31, under load the highest I've seen it peak was about 37 but normally sits around 34-35 & that's with it in use 12+hours a day.
Specs is
i7 4770 cpu
MasterLiquid 240 cpu cooler
Asus Maximus Hero VII motherboard
Gtx 1050ti
CoolerMaster Pro6 case
Not sure if that will help anyone obviously different coolers, cases, airflow, ambient temps & so on will all have a impact on results so yours will vary to mine, but on the whole i'm happy i went with this one, seems to be doing a good job for me.
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on 30 October 2017
Keeps CPUs cool, you get a decent amount of paste for your money, and it's enough to fit several heatsinks with. Perhaps not the flashiest, most performance oriented thermal paste out there, but definitely great for building or rebuilding your every day desktop PC. Have used it on a number of CPU coolers, and also to re-fit heatsinks on video cards where the original TIM has degraded. I haven't tried it with a gaming spec PC yet, but I suspect it would perform just fine. It's also non-conductive which is often a bonus over some of the other options, especially with certain older chips with exposed circuitry.
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on 18 October 2017
Hard to review cause you would think thermal paste is something that is probably very much the same whatever the brand, All I can say is I reapplied this paste to my old 780 ti graphics card, brought the temps down by 15 degrees on average. So clearly works. Ok, my card was 4 years old and you would expect an improvement but 15 degrees is more than I expected. Plenty of paste for lots of uses. I have since did the same to my i7 4790k cpu and it brought the temps down 10 degrees on average. Good idea to reapply paste every few years or so, especially if your temps are going too high.
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on 10 February 2014
This stuff works!

I installed a Xigmatek Aegir heat sink and fan to my CPU (Intel 3570K) and was quite happy once I got it up and running. I often thought that the temperatures were still a little high and I was never really bowled over by the thermal paste that came with it. It came in a sachet and was difficult to apply.

Based on reviews and research I took a punt and ordered some which, took a long time to arrive (delivered from Switzerland) . This is the only reason I am giving a four star rating by the way. If I had known it was a second class delivery from that location I would have chosen to buy it from another seller.

I removed the heat sink and thoroughly but carefully removed the old paste and applied the MX-4. I know some use the "pea-size" method and then apply the heat sink directly after but, I had researched allot about thermal paste types and application before I purchased this.

The new "quad-core" CPU's stay cooler if thermal paste is applied evenly across the top of the CPU with a "pea-sized" amount. Just make sure the whole surface is covered and that way all cores get as much as each other.

My temps have been allot lower since I applied this. As much as 10ºC at load. At stock speed there is only about 2ºC difference but the big advantage with Arctic Cooling MX-4 is when your CPU is under load. Lower temps now means longer life later and If you like to over clock your system, you can't go wrong with this. At under £4 it's a steal!!
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on 7 July 2015
Having tried a lot of different compounds I can safely say Arctic Cooling's MX-4 is as good as it gets! It is now what I use for everything.

Prior to first trying MX-4 in 2011 I used MX-2 as my "choice paste", I can't say there is much in it, other than the MX-2 doesn't spread quite as easily (and maybe runs a few degrees hotter). It is not electrically conductive (which is great, as should you spill some and end up bridging some connections it won't lead to a short circuit - and potentially a lot of expensive damage).

I would also add that I recent upgraded a friends system to X99. I know for a fact that when I built the system for him using the X58 standard a few years ago I used MX-4 paste (he still had the packet, along with the boxes of all the X58 components). After 3 or 4 years of pretty heavy use (I fitted a i7 920 and clocked it to 4.00GHz with a Corsair Hydro H50 cooler, giving maximum temperatures around 80oC when under full load) when I removed the cooler I found the paste to still be in good condition, it hadn't cracked or turned to dust (as I often see when removing heatsinks from CPUs/GPUs).
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on 25 January 2017
Thermal compound is thermal compound, and unless you're an enthusiast who cares a lot for a difference of only a few degrees, the quality won't matter that much to you. That being said, this thermal compound is cheap, high quality and is guaranteed to last a long time as you only use a garden pea's amount with each application; to make matters even better, it doesn't conduct electricity as it is carbon-based, meaning that if you accidentally get this anywhere else on your components, you can simply clean it off with a high concentration rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth or similar and know that you're safe.

I recently applied this thermal compound onto a Cooler Master Hyper 412s CPU Cooler and had no issues at all with temperatures when coupled with an Intel i5-7600K.
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on 7 September 2014
The best of the best.

Always used this stuff, never will stop using it. Great for temps in all 3 scenarios, poor contact, moderate contact, good contact; it's been tested. Plus it's not electrically conductive and the consistency is excellent.

Why anyone would get that silver s*** for a steeper price is probably nothing more than bias. This is an inexpensive but high quality paste that is up to the task for very high performance computers, without putting any parts at risk and as mentioned before, it scores highly in all contact scenarios. A great all rounder. You'd have to be pretty stupid to mess up fitting a heatsink to go wrong with this stuff.
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on 15 February 2014
Compared to older thermal pastes this is a wonder to work with. It is not overly thick, but has sufficient substance that it doesn't run everywhere.again of rice sized blob is sufficient and spreads evenly when the cooler is mounted; no need to spread yourself. Importantly the paste is non conductive so if you do happen to make a mess and get it on the CPU socket it won't cause issues, unlike silver or other metal based pastes.

I have also had to remove my CPU cooler a few times and clean the paste off. This has been very straightforward using Akasa's cleaning product. this is not true of all pastes, some are very hard to remove.

Performance is good and it has excellent reviews and test results. It has a big advantage over some other top performers in that it doesn't need reapplying over time, one application is good for many years.

+ excellent performer
+ easy to use and work with, no need to spread or leave to 'cure'
+ Non conductive so no risk of shorting if you make a mess

- none
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on 20 June 2017
This is indeed a very good thermal paste. I used it on many laptops, and CPU's, from AMD to Intel i5 or latest i7's.
For a heavy user this is good for about 2 years, then you need o open the laptop, clean the waste paste and put some new one. Then after the device is quieter and much cooler. Just please be careful when you dismantle the laptop, this is a tricky job and you may need someone who know what he is doing.
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on 7 February 2015
Amazing stuff!! my fx 6300 black edition overclocked at 4.4 MHz and running at 25c using Zalman CNPS5X Performa CPU Fan and mx-4.Was running at 48c on rubbish stock cpu fan.So cost me £18 to take 23c off temp! I am Happy!
Added photo as proof
How I overclocked this: went into bios : turned amd turbo boost off.set the hyper transport link to 2200mhz,set the cpu multiplier to x22.Set cpu voltage to auto.Job done.
Got 7398 on passmark. Did get this cpu to 4.6 stable but I thought id run it at 4.4 MHz just to be on save side and passmark was 7548 ,so no real difference.I could mess with cpu voltage to hit 5.2 MHz but I don't like messing with it as its main family pc which is used by all,and I don't want to risk it as im no pro.Hope it helps anyone planning on overclocking safely.IF YOU CANT SEE PHOTO,RIGHT CLICK ON IT,SAVE AS,TO PC AND LOOK.yOU CAN ZOOM IN AND SEE TEMPS,CPU SPEEDS ETC ETC.
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