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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2011
I bought this phone just under a year ago, and since the only problem i have had is a couple of crashes due to me never turning it off.

It is defiantly a cheaper alternative to a blackberry, and much easier to use. The qwerty keypad is superb along with the screen size. The 2 megapixel camera isn't great and nor is the zooming option, however it does the job to a decent standard.

The shape is what caught my eye, unlike the blackberry it is longer rather than wider, and what you don't see in the images is it's beveled shape which makes it look extra special.

Using the browser and email is simple, finding apps for this phone has been difficult as there are hardly many for it.

It has a speaker next to the camera, a USB connection on the left side on top of the micro SD card slot. It doesn't come with a USB cable in the box, you have to buy your own, it has a 2GB micro SD card as standard and 55MB internal memory.

Its quite light, weighing just 114g.

Battery life is quite good, lasts me 2 or 3 days depending on how much i use it, standby time is said to be 800 hours, it probably isn't but i cant be bothered to test that.

Its headphone jack is 3.5mm, same as the iPod headphones so no need to buy any of Nokia's crappy headphones.

Overall the Nokia C3 is a good looking, easy to use, cheap blackberry clone, that does exactly what it says on the box.
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on 21 December 2010
Got this phone promptly after I ordered from this seller. Its a great phone. Easy to set up everything including the WiFi which I know a lot of people had problems with. A little hard to find all the settings because they are spread out in different places but apart from that its a great phone for the price.
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on 7 June 2011
I did alot of research for a new phone and really wanted one with wireless so that I could use the internet and not have to pay the network costs for downloading etc. I soon realised that this phone was a bit unpredictable in that it would register itself with the network without me asking it to. I did alot of troubleshooting and tried to 'tick all the boxes' to prevent it doing that but it became apparent that it is a firmware problem on the Nokia C3. In the end I asked Virgin Mobile to disable the GPRS and now I have what I wanted. I am not a big user of mobile internet so that suits me. And alot of people have their internet included in their contract so it would not worry many people. BUT I love this phone. I love the QERTY keyboard and as it's a Nokia the settings are what I enjoy using. The camera is 2 MP and brilliant. As I say, apart from the glitches that I personally experienced I would still recommend purchasing this phone.
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on 28 December 2011
Ok so I wrote the last review for this phone in anger admittedly, so now time to give it a fair overview.
The Nokia C3-00 is nokia's attempt at a blackberry like smart phone. After I sold my Iphone as it was unsuitable for my occupation (due to short battery life) I bought this thinking I was onto a winner. I paid £70 for it, which I must say, is cheap for a smartphone (I did have to pay extra £10 for credit but no real issue with that.)

Main pros:
- Battery life is great. The very reason I sold my Iphone was because the battery lasted less than a day, I got up to 5 days out of the C3-00 in which time the phone was used moderately for texting and calling.
- Features. We have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE and a micro USB port.
- QWERTY keyboard extremely easy to use and a nicer feel than its Blackberry rival.
- Micro SD slot means up to 8gb memory.
- Nokia interface easy to adapt to.

Main cons:
- 2MP camera of a poor quality (Blackberry 8520 also claims to be 2MP but if you get the chance to compare, you will find the Blackberry seems better???)
- Wi-Fi very difficult to use (I only managed to get it working by going in through Ovi mail, selecting Wi-Fi as the connection method and then manually entering a website I wish to visit. No joke, even though Wi-Fi is my pre-set method, it still browses normally on GPRS unless I do the above, which is pretty cumbersome considering I just want to browse.
- Software/firmware issues. My phone randomly received `ghost' messages, which appeared in my inbox and could not be deleted. After a little research, a firmware upgrade promised a `cure' for this issue, not the case, same thing continued to happen intermittently.
- My C3-00 used to randomly jump ahead days on the calendar, advised to update firmware.
- My phone formatted itself, deleting everything I had saved on it and even some of its own standard software (no more calculator or Internet). At this point I was advised to do another firmware update but decided just to buy a different phone as I had lost the will to live (if you read my last review for this, you would have known this)
- Nokia interface. Yes it's a simple, easy to use phone but Nokia have been using the same interface for too long, its starting to show its age.

Strictly as a phone only, it isn't bad: It calls out and texts no problems, Internet use is painfully slow but this is the same with all GPRS phones I have owned. I can't recommend this phone because of the issues I've had. Just to make it clear, when I buy a phone, I don't expect to have to do software updates every other week, it makes for a rather awful customer experience. Overall, this in my opinion, is one the worst handsets I have ever had the misfortune of owning this is based entirely on my awful experience with it but I have two friends who have also had nothing but bother with this handset. This C3 saw me `sack' Nokia as my handset of choice and reluctantly convert to Blackberry. My advice to potential buyers, pay the extra bit cash and get something decent, if you are hell-bent on buying this phone, INSURE IT and remember, it's cheap for a reason!!!

Point of interest: Take a look at Nokia's market share now compared to before Apple, HTC and Blackberry came on the scene. There is a reason people are choosing these brands over Nokia.
If the C3-00 did everything as well as Nokia claimed, it would be a bargain, but it doesn't so...

Overall rating: 34% (There are much better phones out there for the price)
Reliability: 3/10 (you are bound to encounter some problems)

Thanks for reading :-) and before voting, please remember this review was based on MY personal experience with the phone, I'm not a fan basher or employee off any other mobile phone manufacturer.
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on 14 November 2011
Brilliant phone so easy to use. I have problems with my hands and find some phones fiddly to use but this is very clear and easy to use. I have no complaints about it at all. Very clear sound text easy to send and good camera. I would recommend this to anyone
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on 14 April 2011
Absolutely brilliant phone. At first I thought it was a rip off of a Blackberry - it essentially does the same things I need - and the conversational style texting is fantastic for remembering earlier written conversations. I would recommend this product for any teenagers who like to chat on the go. Amazon were fantastic as well, I ordered the phone with a case and USB cable not on Express delivery and within a day it turned up at my house. Top service and will definitely be using Amazon again for purchases.
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on 1 October 2011
Love it! Has a similar style to a blackberry but with a easy to use simple nokia interface and software. Recommend to anyone.
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on 28 December 2012
I have had this phone almost 2 years now. And all I can say is that is has been a great phone. I enjoy the keyboard, and the battery life is mega long. To be honest I do not use the phone extensively, just for an occasional call and text, and with this low use the battery can lasts for days. Saying this I do not even take my charger with me when going for 3 day trips, as the battery last beyond that, but that could be just my limited use of the phone. I do use it just for texting, phoning, occasional internet and gaming. I want to move on to an android phone now, as everyone seems to have one, but this phone is definitely valuable for the long battery life and overall quality.
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on 7 October 2012
Ok so ive given this product a two. It works well to send a txt and (mostly for calls). I bought this phone mainly for how it looks (i got the pink one) as i only use a phone for calls, texts, music, photos and videos and it seemed fine for these (internet was a bonus which i rarely use anyway)The problems definately outweigh how nice the phone looks.

An example of what goes wrong...
It will just randomly turn off and wont go back on until i take the battery out and put it back in.
The screen will go white for about 2 mins randomly.
If your on the internet and recieve a call you can hear only the internet connection tone.
Sometimes if starting a call (recieved or outgoing) it will be silent until you speak (your voice is replaced with a loud buzzing sound. Other times its just completely silent.
No call details from unknown callers (time date etc)
In the text msgs 'conversations' there are random texts from other contacts which is very confusing.
Keypad tones will sometimes disappear (again only rectified by switching off and on)
The 'go to' option where my calculator and alarm etc has went blank, you can scroll up and down and hope the one you choose is the one your looking for - its the only place to set your alarm and use 'my calculator' some of them no longer work at all.

Ok yes my phone may just be faulty, but ALL those faults just on one phone??? I would avoid buying this phone.
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on 20 October 2011
Very good delivery speed pnone great easy to use nice shape light slim great keyboard . Easy to set up good tones ect . would recomend
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