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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Price:£23.60+ Free shipping

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on 14 February 2014
I bought this light for my daily cycle commute. It stood out when searching as it had amazing 5 star reviews. Let me explain why I gave it 3 stars in a Pro's and Con's.

- Very bright, almost blinding (PS. don't point it at your eyes when you've just put new batteries in! :-)
- Easy to mount (I stuck it on my seat post very easily)
- Easy to mount and dismount for commutes

- NOT waterproof.
I commute every day by bike regardless of the weather so I understand that this might not be for everyone. However on the back seat post you get spray from your back wheel. I believe this is how water gets into the light. When I get to work and try turn off the light it just stays on so I have to pull the batteries out every time it rains and let it dry before it works again. I've checked the seals time and time again as well as sending one back thinking I had a bad one but had exactly the same thing. Now there are things you can do to prevent it. Don't use it in the rain (I need it especially in the rain) and use a rear mud guard to stop the spray.
- Narrow light path so cars from far can see you perfectly but cars from the side don't see the same effect
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on 14 June 2012
This lamp is sensationally bright and has some very unusual flahing modes. It supplied with a clip and also fittings - one which is big enough to go on a seat tube and one which will fit on a stay.

However I found that the clip can be used to attach it to the plastic tightening band of my helmet. It sits very comfortablly - just on the nape of my neck and produces a very visible high level rear warning light that motorists really can't fail to miss.
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on 9 December 2011
When I first recieved the light I was curious to see just how bright it actually was... well i needn't have had any worries, its BLINDING. I ride a mix of Urban roads and country lanes on my commute to work, and this light teamed with my other lights has made me feel safe, when riding a quick glance behind, and you'll see that all of the street signs are lit up red. That'll do then.

The lamp itself feels a bit "plasticky" but once clipped together its solid enough, mind you the clips feel a little brittle, but time will tell, seems to seal OK. The only complaint that I have is the centre of each of the "lenses" has a countersunk depression with a sharp edge, and this filled up with road muck and mud very quickly - making the lamp a little bit dinner in the centre "hot spot".

Would I buy this lamp again: YES ABSOLUTELY

Would I recommend it to a friend: YES

Would I recommend Amazon: YES - THERE FAB.
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on 8 November 2011
Delivery was prompt. Light is very bright and, after a good few weeks of use, I'm still on the supplied batteries. Am considering another one to wear on my rucksack in flashing mode to draw extra attention, though that's mainly due to my commute being on unlit country roads. For general cycling, this is an extremely capable light and darn good value.
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on 17 June 2016
The Smart Lunar R2 Tail Light appears to come in two versions, one with 5 modes (LAM321R) and one with 3 modes (RL321R TWO EYEs.) I received the 3-mode model, and although I ordered the 5-mode model I am happy with the 3-mode: double light, single light and Dancing. It really is super bright. It throws out a strong red main beam, which if angled too upwards is dazzling, and produces a good brightness at the sides of the light. The Dancing mode is excellent and is the one I tend to use.
I wanted this as a second light. My existing tail light is also a Smart, which has lasted many years in a fair share of rainy cycle journeys, so I feel confident with the quality of this brand.
The Lunar R2 has two brackets for fixing by screwdriver to either the seat post or the seat stay. Having the seat stay fitting option was necessary for me. I don’t understand why manufacturers of more costly lights with only a seat post or under saddle fitting want to make them useless by ignoring the needs of cyclists like myself who load things on top of their rear carrier.
The light slides securely with a click into, and releases easily from, the bracket.
The light uses 2 AAA batteries. It is not a USB rechargeable light as one of the pictures suggests (the one with the light and a USB lead) which is rather confusing. Opening the Smart Lunar R2 to replace the batteries is a little tricky, but that indicates its solid and sealed build.
I would say you would have to go a long way to find a more practical, bright and value-for-money light.
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on 20 March 2014
This light is certainly bright but it has a number of significant design flaws.

Firstly, removing the casing to access the batteries is a nightmare. I've got a pretty strong grip but the force needed is ridiculous, made more difficult because of the sloping sides of the casing. You have to pull back one of the plastic 'wings' as you pull on the casing and the force required is so great it feels as if it could easily break. Compare this, say, with the much better method on the similar spec MetroFlash Dangerzone which has a groove in which you insert and twist something like a coin. The cheapo looking single strut bracket doesn't feel particularly robust either.

Secondly, the light only remains at maximum brightness through a fairly narrow angle, both horizontally and vertically, and to make matters worse it is difficult to achieve an optimum vertical angle because the ridged bracket screw adjustment only allows changes in fairly large steps, thus it is pointing either too high or too low.

I'm puzzled by the myriad of 5 star reviews for this light. Yes, it's bright, but there are too many problems to award this any more than a three, and that's being generous.
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on 3 November 2015
Fantastic light and overall it's well built. It does however have a flaw which I hope will be corrected in time. The rear housing has fairly weak side clips and if not removed very carefully you'll end up cracking one or both like I have. (see my photo).

I'd also recommend not clipping the light to your saddle bag as mine came off after going over a cattle grid on my last sportive. I tape the new one to my saddle bag now. The provided seatpost clips work well if you're not using a saddle bag.

- Very very bright!
- Several light modes
- Rugged design

- Weak rear housing side clips
review image
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on 19 March 2014
As it only has two AAA batteries it eats them. I only wanted a flashing light on my cap to get to and from work, about three miles each way. There is only enough power for two and a half trips. So it's ok as long as you have batteries on charge. It's also not the easiest light to get into.
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on 20 February 2013
As a driver, I hate those ninja-cyclists. Dark clothes and either no lights, obscured lights or lights so dim that they don't make a difference.

Driving I would see a number of cyclists with super-bright lights so I went on a google search and found this light. This thing is REALLY bright! Too bright to look at directly and has a very good wide viewing angle. Since replacing my cheap rear LED with this cars give me more room when passing, they also seem to approach with more caution - so no more fear when hearing tyres rushing towards you. While this claim is subjective and difficult to prove, I definitely get more breathing room with this light.

Build quality is good and it fixes firmly to the mount so shouldn't bounce off. I haven't had it long enough to see what battery life is like but replacing them is easy in operation and as they are AAA, it's easy to buy decent rechargeable. I keep a charger and set in my desk at work to rotate when required.

The on/off button is easy to access and operate even with gloves.

It come with 2 mounting brackets so you can choose whether to mount to the thick seat post or thin seat stays, the light can then be rotated on the vertical axis to position.

Highly recommended
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on 4 August 2011
It is provided with two sizes of bracket which allow it to be fitted to your seatpost or chainstays and these brackest come with rubber shims which accomodate several tube diameters. The light itself has a clip on the back which attaches securely to these brackets but alternatively you can use it to clip the light to your clothing or back pack.

The unit is nice and narrow so if it is attached to your seat post, it doesn't rub your thighs as you pedal (a detail that has been missed by some lights I've used).

The light is bright. I mean really bright. Probably brighter than any other battery powered LED rear light on the market (an unsubstantiated and fairly wild claim, but I've tried a few). There are several settings - 1 LED, 2 LED, steady and flash, so there are all sorts of ways of attracting and holding the attention of the enemy and the lens shaping ensures a good sideways visibility too.

I have yet to try this out in really bad conditions so I can only hope that it is as excellent in the weatherproof department as it is in all the others.
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