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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 November 2011
This is without a doubt Supernatural at it's best. Yes the fifth season was amazing, moving, awe inspiring and sad all at the same time, but this is the show at it's best. After the shock finale of season five closer "Swan Song" and the teasing few seconds where we see Sam is in fact not in hell, you are kept wondering at what will happen next.

At first there is a return to the monster-of-the-week format similar to the first few years of the show, though with quite a twist: namely the things they hunt are "Alphas". The first of their kind. Werewolves out on half-moons, day-walking vampires other creatures that go bump in the night. All bigger and badder than ever before.

Also of interest is the ominous undertones of Sam's return. He is back, but is it really him, or is Lucifer at the wheel? Why is Castiel being so evasive? And what is Crowley hiding?

From the opening episode "Exile on Main Street" the stories are interesting and obviously leading somewhere that is intricate enough to keep you guessing but not as confusing as the last two years worth of stories have been. Gone is the over-reliance on Biblical lore, destiny and fate. However the show still keeps its tongue very firmly in its cheek with references to the rising popularity of vampires in the media (Twilight), a look at other people's approaches at the out of the ordinary, (UFO's), an angel's intense hatred of a certain doomed cruise liner (Titanic) and of course themselves.

The highs come suddenly and usually quite inappropriately in terms of wanting to laugh at other's misfortunes, and the lows are sometimes very saddening, but this series of the show is possibly the finest yet.

From the moment you realise just how far one of the main characters has fallen and his impassioned plea to God to help or even just give a sign he cares in the episode "The Man Who Would Be King", your heart will break and then from there it is a sudden plunge to the end. Will he realise his mistake? Or will he become corrupted by his new power?

It is easy to see why this often overlooked show has gone from being one of small budgets and simple ideas to one of the most popular shows to come out of America in the last decade, especially in the genre. Fantastic, epic, heartbreaking and moving, Supernatural Season Six shows also that this ship has plenty of steam left in her yet.
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Season 5's climax seemed a fitting, but sad, end to a fine series. Surely no way could another follow? Oh, ye of little faith! With a flourish, along bursts Season 6 - 22 episodes crammed with excitement, horror, gore, stunning special effects - and, a particular strength, the underlying humour which occasionally becomes hilarious.

Full marks to all who keep up with the hidden agendas, ever-changing alliances, little being as it seems. I simply sat back and enjoyed the ride. Audacity rules! The Apocalypse was apparently not averted but remains on the cards. Daemons still abound (some quite charismatic). Angels engage in Civil War (free will an issue). Invasion of Purgatory may yield a very rich prize. Even featured is a twenty four hour pact with Death himself (this a moving episode). Much more besides, including spectacular deaths (and reappearances).

As ever, the Winchester brothers take on all comers - back from the dead Sam unfortunately minus his soul. (A 30 minute bonus discusses the concept of souls, hell, etc.) Admittedly some sequences are just plain nasty, notably when torture is involved. Usually, though, there is much to enjoy - especially when the show refuses to take itself seriously. Take Ep.15 - the brothers whisked into an alternative reality, they suddenly actors called Jared Padalecki and Jensen Eckles in something called "Supernatural" (Dean appalled to find he is wearing makeup). Here Misha Collins (Castiel) is especially funny. How about Ep.17 - angel Belthazar so hating Celine Dion's singing in the film, he unsinks the Titanic (problems resulting). Ep.18 has the brothers entertainingly whisked back to the Wild West of 1861, poking fun at the cliches and, of course, heading for a gun duel at noon. Jenson Eckles directs Ep.4. A 25 minute bonus tells how he set about it. Throughout savour the tongue-in-cheek scripts, devilish lines including "Soon I shall be ankle deep in your blood, sucking the marrow from your bones" and "We're going to serve up your young and call it veal".

All are on fine form. (A special word of praise for Jim Beaver's Bobby - ever there, between swigs, to research and advise.)
That ten minute gag reel is the icing on the cake.

Final audacity? How about that shattering declaration at the Season's very end!

In short, a treat for the fans. Absolutely great.
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Season 5 - Swan Song - a glimmer of light reflects off the Winchesters beloved Impala and into Lucifer/Sams eye. Sam gains control over Lucifer for the briefest of moments - then throws the Horsemens' rings to the ground and the door to the cage is opened. Sam dives in, taking Lucifer back to Hell with him....

I've been a huge fan of the show since it started - from day one, so to reach season 6 (and indeed now onto season 7) is a great milestone, especially when many other mainstream shows don't make it past season one these days.
I loved seasons 1 - 4, but on watching season 5, I wasn't quite so sure. The story line seemed to jump around, from Angels to Demons, Lucifer, weekly monsters, time travel - to be honest I found it difficult at times to follow the main plot arc. But on second viewings, and subsequently my 3rd, 4th, 5th, it has since become my favourite season!

I came into the 6th season knowing Eric Kripke, the creator, had a 5 year vision for the show and was leaving to persue other interests. Sera Gamble, who had been with the show from the start, was taking over. She promised a return to the formula of seasons 1 2 and 3 - going back to a monster of the week show. Eric was still to be consulted but Sera was to have free reign. Fans were worried - many left the show then and there before even giving Sera a real chance for season 6 - had they stayed watching - they would have had a hell of a season!

In the season opener, Exile on Main Street, you get a look at how Deans life is without Sam, one year on. He has fulfilled his promise to his brother. He went back to Lisa and her son, Ben, to try and live that normal "Apple pie life". But it's clear that the life he has is far from happy. He has a mundane job, run of the mill friends and his routine is predictable. The only salt lines he uses now are when seasoning his food! Some things are the same though. The Impala is in the garage (though it's covered over), and there's a devils trap under the rug!
Dean's life is pretty unexciting. But then one evening, after a beer with a friend in the local bar, he is on his way home when he hears a scream from the vacant building across the road. He investigates, but finds nothing except a few bloody scratches down the wall...
Later he sees the same scratches on a lamp post not far from his own house - and there's noises coming from a neighbours shed...
Dean returns to his garage but is attacked by the Yellow Eyed Demon - Azazel - not possible of course because he's dead! Then Dean is saved.
By Sam.

How did Sam escape Lucifers cage in Hell? Did someone let him out? Is it still 100% Sam? But the more interesting question is, how long has he been out?
Dean goes on to meet relatives he didn't even know he had, and his Grandpa is mysteriously alive, but his new family are not all that they seem. Sam is strangely distant too - and evasive (no change there then eh?). What's the real story with him?

Throughout the season, there is the usual mix of comedy episodes, dark times, and moments where you just want to yell at the screen! There are also some shocking OMG moments! Castiel is ever present - helping out the boys when he can but you soon get the feeling he's hiding something from Sam and Dean!
Yes, there are a few times I was left thinking - WHAT?! And even mega fan that I am, I wondered at one point where the season was going - but I stuck with it and overall wasn't disappointed. There are many awesome episodes too - Weekend at Bobbys is FANTASTIC - all the more so because it was Jensens (Deans) directing debut. And you can just see the waves of pleasure (yey! western ep) rolling off Dean during episode 18 Frontierland.
But the build up to the season finale The Man Who Knew Too Much was difficult, at times, to watch. I did feel, however, that the season finale was well written and totally unexpected. I'm still left reeling!

As I commented in my review for season 5, you would never say Pudding again without a smile.
Well, Deans cries of Fight the Fairies will leave you with a smile on your face long after the credits have gone.

A MUST SEE season for all true SPN fans who have stayed the distance - I for one will be getting this boxset the day it arrives.
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on 3 January 2012
I have loved this season just as much as the previous five. The writing, acting, directing, individual storylines and the main plot arc continue to be amazing. I would recommend this to anyone who has already watched and loved Seasons 1-5. Such a shame that this TV show continues to be underrated and hidden on Sky Living. It needs to come back to Freeview so that its popularity and number of viewers can increase again!
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on 13 September 2011
I think before fans of the show even start watching this season, they have to accept that it's going to be different this year. Supernatural was originally a five year vision, and those five years have been played out brilliantly. So the question is, what next?

The first few episodes of this season definitely feel like a reboot; the reasons behind Sam's reappearance, as well as others, are revealed slowly, and suburban Dean is a bit irritating at first. Do any of us believe that Dean could really have become so middle of the road quite so quickly? I don't think so.

But stick with it. Supernatural is one of my favourite shows of all time, and definitely one of the best shows on TV right now, and after a few slightly awkward episodes in the beginning, it starts to get its groove back. By the end we're back to a show that feels like Supernatural again, and I'm looking forward to season 7 starting very much.

This season isn't quite up to the gold standard this show set itself in the first five seasons, hence only 4 stars, but if it's a choice between this or no more Sam and Dean? No contest.

Watch and enjoy, the boys are still having fun doing it, and the fun's contagious.
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on 5 November 2011
I was bit apprehensive about watching this series knowing that Eric Kripke had left and Sera Gamble was now in charge. Although she had promised a return to the monster a week concept which had been done in the earlier seasons I was a bit doubtful that she could make it happen. After all Eric had only a 5 year plan for the show and after watching the slightly disappointing series 5 (which although enjoyable was very dark and a lot more in depth than any previous series) and seeing the ending I wondered how Sera could carry the show on as the season finale of series 5 seemed pretty final. I did wonder how they would manage to bring Sam back from hell in a realistic way (since Dean had also previously come back from hell) but from the first episode all my doubts disappeared and I realised that Sera was more than capable of giving us Supernatural fans what we wanted.
There were twists and turns in this series that I wasn't expecting like the fact that Sam is back from hell but something is wrong with him. Although there were Angels in this series they didn't feature as much as in series 5 and therefore the show was able to return to demons which is what it does best.
The show was both dark, funny and gripping. My personal favourite epsiodes were Clap Your Hands If You Believe, My Heart Will Go on and Frontierland.
The series finale was amazing. I cannot wait to see where Sera takes the show in series 7.
I am now eagerly awaiting the release of the boxset so I can watch the series again and I hope series 7 will be shown soon.
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on 2 June 2011
After season 5 ended with an averted apocalypse you really can't go any bigger than that. So the writers were left with a challenge of where to go next. While I didn't agree with all their choices, s6 has kept up the amazingly high standard we have come to expect from this show.

It was a season of 2 halves for me, with the second half being much more enjoyable if you are a fan of the relationship between the brothers - which most Supernatural fans are as it is the heart of the show. However there were excellent episode throughout, including Weekend at Bobby's (directed by Jensen Ackles), Appointment in Samarra, Like a Virgin, the French Mistake, Frontierland, Mommie Dearest, and the shocking finale The Man Who Knew Too Much. The acting, particularly from Jared in this season, was first rate. There were red herrings, about turns, shocking deaths and a few laughs along the way.

The show has been renewed for a well deserved 7th season. I can't wait. I highly recommend this DVD.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 November 2011
The Blu ray version of this season is excellent, with crisp sound, clean lines and a host of extras for those who are really into them

I, am not into the extras, just good quality drama that grips me an makes me want to watch 'just one more episode' and this fit the bill nicely.

Seasons 1-5 for me tended to be divided betwen story-arc episodes, one-off monster-hunts and those stupid inane silly slapstick ones that had no point and no real interest. The true humour of Sam Dean and the others is the sly sarcasm and one-liners. A well placed aggrieved 'DUDE' can have me howling with laughter, but the antics in last seasons sit-com scenariop just left me cold.

Season 6 opens well, and each episode links in to the next as we progress through an ever changing year in the lives of our heroes. There is more blood letting than I recall was in season 5 and it seems to return to the base premise of the series, which was for hunters to hunt the hunted and fight the 'bad guys' - except the bad guys are not always Demons and Vampires, and the Good guys do not always have wings and a halo.

What is the most interesting thing about this series is the shifting viewpoints - is Castiel as good as he seems, or is he mistaken in his actions? Is he ultimately good or evil? as Sam better with or without his soul? Should Dean have had the chance of a mundane boring but safe life? What deal did grandpa Samuel strike and what is the price?

The theories of heaven, hell and purgatory are brought to bear with some surprising twists, and woven into the tale is Lovecraft and an assortment of other possible-noteables along the way. Interesting characters flit in and out but all of them are there for a reason.

There is one weak story - the alternate reality one where Sam is a chap called Jared and he is an actor.... it falls down over itself several times and is cumbersome and slow, but it does give an insight into the behind-the-scenes machinations and manages to poke fun at cast and crew, but other than that it is the one and only pointless episode.

I left the season with shock, surprise at the final twists, and anticipation for th next season.

Bring it on dudes!
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on 26 November 2012
Having watched every season of Supernatural so far, I have mixed feelings about this 6th outing.

First, the good points. The boys are on top form throughout, with some great moments of humor and action. Sam in particular has a serious problem to deal with and protrays it well. It is great to see their surrogate father figure Bobby a lot more involved in this season, getting out on the road a lot more instead of being stuck at home with his books. The boys' grandfather (on their mother's side) features heavily in this series and makes for an interesting character. Castiel also has a major plotline in this series and soon becomes the main focus of the whole thing. And then we have the demon Crowley, who is probably the best and most theatrical villain that Supernatural has ever produced. His part in the story arc is one of the best things about Season 6.

The gore and violence levels are ramped up in this season, with demonic decapitations galore and lots of splattery kills on all sides; some quite unexpected. Yet despite the more adult visuals, there is still no swear words stronger than "ass"!

On to the bad points. Some potentially great story lines are abruptly abandoned or wrapped up without warning (such as Mother of All Monsters, Soulless Sam, Alpha monsters). These ideas all had great promise, but the writers seemingly lost interest in them.

Meanwhile, some unwanted gimmicks are over-used and feel out of place - such as time travel and alternate realities. The monsters in this series all start to look and feel annoyingly human; a problem typified by a "spider monster" which does not look anything like a spider, and is just a normal (if ugly) two-legged woman - or "dragons" which are basically men with superheated hands and invisible wings.

Dean's girlfriend Lisa and her kid Ben are shoe-horned into the series and their presence feels awkward and unwanted. I sense the writers actually realised their mistake toward the end.

The general feeling of Season 6 is that it was a necessarily difficult transitional part of the saga, which dragged the show away from the old five-year apocalypse story and into pastures new. It does feel a very forced transition at times, but it had to be done, and it pays off in the end. I now look forward to season 7 as a new start.
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on 4 January 2012
Unlike season three - five, season six is much more like season one and two. It takes us back to the roots of Supernatural where Monsters were the main plots for the majority of the episodes and not Demons and Angels (though they do appear in alot of the monster related episodes)

Mosters are acting differently and seem to be thinking as a whole instead of single creatures here and there along the road. They seem to be answering to some higher power and the brother's along with Cass and Bobby end up looking into it but not without some personal discoveries along the way. Everything that has happend to all of them, is all connected to the changing behaviour of the monsters.

Season six is a must see because everything that happens in season six effects everything that is happening in season seven.... and eveything that happend in season five had an effect on season six ;)
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