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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£17.72+ £1.26 shipping

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on 10 March 2014
great product would recommend, i was and am very pleased with my purchase and the arrival time.Good value for your money.And arrived well within stated timescale
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on 7 May 2016
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on 7 January 2011
The begining and ong back are great. Ong back 3 is a total let down. No story line, subtitles did not work, action in film zero. This film was made with a 1 pound buget hense the big let down.
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on 29 December 2010
Ong-Bak was one of the great action movies of this decade. As a devout follower of Asian Cinema, Tony Jaa managed to reach and even possibly surpass the heights of martial arts action set by Jackie Chan / Sammo Hung / Yuen Biao in the 80's. Both the original Ong-Bak and Warrior King are excellent films which put Tony Jaa at the top of the martial arts movie star ladder.

I saw the second Ong-Bak (The beginning) in mid-2009 and was reasonably entertained but it was still a let down from the original. I approached the third entry in the trilogy and it is a real stinker. I hate to say this, but I hoped for so much more. The action is slow and sporadic and the storyline is so dull that I was continually straining for the FFW button on my remote. I know Tony Jaa had plenty of problems filming the 2nd and 3rd films (triad involvment, near nervous breakdown), but this film really shows he should remain at the front of the camera. As a director he loses perspective and momentum in the film. There is also a tiresome 'tai-chi' vibe going through the movie which has been done a hundred times before (see Tai-Chi Master for a much better example). The end fight is a complete let down, which was the one thing I thought I could bank on as being excellent!

Gutted, and disappointed are the only words I can use for a trilogy which fizzled out rather than climaxed!!!

Please improve your next work Tony!!!
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on 2 April 2014
The Ong Bak trilogy follows the story of a Buddha-esque statue of Ong-Bak. In the first film the story follows Ting, a young martial artist, who is sent to return the statues head to its village after it is stolen by a street thug. The film is sent in modern times and mostly in Bangkok where Ting battles street gangs, his dishonest cousin and a coterie of the standard martial arts villains, including the obligatory monstery Westerners. The story line is a little weak and some of the acting a bit odd (but that could be cultural) but that is par for the course for many films, not just martial arts films. This is a good action film with lots & lost of action, much of which is repeated in slo-mo, and has to be seen to be believed. 5 stars no question.

Ong-Bak: The Beginning is the first part of a two part history of the statue and how and why it was made. Set in ancient Thailand it follows Tien as he looks for vengeance for the death of his parents. We see Tien progress from little rich boy to leader of a gang of outlaws. Again the story is a little weak and Ong-Bak doesn't get much of a mention, but the fighting is full on and a little brutal. 4 stars.

Ong-Bak 3 is the conclusion of the 15th Century saga started in the second film. Tien has been captured and sentenced to death, by sticks it seems. But he escapes as part of the baddy's dastardly plan and returns to settle old scores. This was all a bit too mystical for me and is rather lacking in fight scenes compared with the other two. The end fight is odd and, to start with a bit sadistic, but ends in a sort of tai-chi off between Tien and the baddy. It's odd and a bit daft. 2 Stars.

In all three films Tony Jaa is a welcome revelation and his Muay Thai is mighty indeed. Some of the fights are superb and Jaa is a master par excellence.

All in all well worth the purchase and films 1&2 are worth watching over and over (NB spot the Luc Besson jibe). I doubt I'll watch Ong-Bak 3 again.
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on 13 March 2012
I bought Ong Bak Trilogy after watching Ong Bak 1, to see how the story developed.

I soon relized that Tony Jaa had decided to fund & direct the following two films from his earnings on the first.

Instead of another modern Martial Arts, Action film, he decided to take us all back in time to Tailand, 500 years ealier & show us all, when the legend of Ong Bak originated (the Temple's Buddist statue, that was stolen, in the first film).

I could quite easily mention every detail about Ong Bak 2 & 3. The images are still very clear in my mind. All I will say is. Tony Jaa is not only an incredible Martial Artist, but, also a gifted Story Teller & Director.

I was taken aback by the atmosphere, the realism, the scenery, the settings, the clothes, the actors performances, the action sequences, but most importantly, the story. The story was Brilliant.

Ong Bak 2 is the beginning. 3 is the follow up, & 1 is the story based on the Legend that we see growing up as an orphaned (His mother & father who rule the area are murdered) child to a young man in Ong Bak 2 & 3.

He wins the respect of a leader of Pirates & Elite Assassins from all over the world, as a child. He is also given the choice to stay with them, which he does, & is soon trained in numerous diciplines.

Vengeance burns constantly in his heart though. He longs to avenge his murdered family....I know what happens now off by heart. I have watched 2 & 3 at least 3 times...Magic..Magic..Amazing..Masterpiece.

Big Big Thumbs Up.......Masterpiece..
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on 4 August 2012
I got to say that Amazon need to review there delivery system/company. I ordered this trilogy and was told to expect it by 'ish' date,it did not, and of course I had to contact their customer services and had to put pressure on them for my item to be delivered the next day,which came without problems. The thing is that the original order has still to this date not been delivered(and its been 2 months...hummm) very confused.com!
Anyway rating this trilogy is not a problem...Tony Jaa is a brillant producer as well as actor. This is class as low budget movies,I was astonished at how real the scenes were. Nowadays with all the new technologies that the 21st century,you can be aware and sure to see fakery that does get on my nerves at times.
But with Tony Jaa he makes us have the pleasure to discover a set of skills that his actors and himself have...and they are extraordinary to say the least.
I am shocked that I have not seen him in any recent movies,or in the USA blockbusters at least as much as 'Jackie Chan' or 'Chow Un Fat'. As a woman its rare but I very much appreciate those kinds of films. Ong Bak is a brillant trilogy,Tony Jaa is a well talented man and he has got my ultimate respect. I mean I wish I could fight like him.
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on 22 May 2013
I love this trilogy. I'm not an expert on martial arts or martial arts films but I really enjoy this because as well as amazing fight scenes and a lot of action there’s a deeper story to it. I much prefer Ong Bak: The Beginning and Ong Bak 3, the Original (which is shown as the second movie here) is very different from the others but is just as thrilling and adventurous as the other two but based in the city rather than in the jungle. Tony Jaa also directed these movies; I'm really impressed and have become a big fan. Bring on Ong Bak 4!
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on 4 March 2011
it is a good dvd set but not the best due to parts 2 and 3 not as good as the first but still a good part of a collection for fans of martial arts.
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on 26 January 2014
Never seen the first one so decided to get the box set for them all. Tony jaa has some amazing skills. performing most of his breathtaking stunts he keeps you engaged in the film at all times. Even though i enjoyed it at times it feels like your watching the same clip over and over again.. for example you see one amazing move performed then again three more times from different angles. Would recommend for all that enjoy martial arts.
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