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on 19 July 2013
I've used both the Rain stand & this for my Macbook Air. The Rain stand is much more expensive and I don't think it's worth it because:

- This is less material, but that means it looks a bit slicker. It also means there's more airflow under the device (though the Rain stand probably acts as a rudimentary heatsink).
- This is lighter and can be disassembled. Rain stands are annoying to transport.
- It still looks cool, and uses a similar brushed aluminium to unibody Macs.
- The soft grips are really grippy, both top and bottom.

But what about bad points? Well mainly it's pretty flimsy. No one seems to mention this but nothing really fits that well together. When you move it around or pick it up it all wobbles around and the sides come out of the plastic cross bar. The little clear plastic lips don't slot in perfectly either. You can actually make do without them for light machines as the grips are pretty good. That said, it's probably going to stay put in one place on your desk, so it's not a big deal. But just know that it makes it feel a bit...cheap. But then it is a lot cheaper than a Rain stand!
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on 7 August 2016
Good quality product. Comes as two separate aluminium arms that slot into a high quality clear plaster arm at the bottom to keep it secure. If you have a particularly wide laptop or just prefer to have a wider area to hold the laptop, you can just leave out the plastic arm which then allows you to use the aluminium arms to make it as wide as you want.

There are also rubber feet to ensure the laptop and the desk does not get scratched. Very useful product of making a laptop into a desktop computer. You just need a wireless keyboard and mouse and then you're set!
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on 26 September 2016
This is a great stand. A few points:
1) Ignore the negative reviews stating that the laptop slides off after a few months because the rubber grips go. The manufacturers have obviously taken this on board because the version I received today has clear plastic tabs that slide over the front of the arms and keep the laptop securely in place.

2) Also ignore the reviews saying that the pieces move around or wobble a lot. Again, in the version I have all the parts fit snugly and there is no unwanted movement.

3) There is, however a degree of 'give' in the c-arm design of the stand, so it will move if you rest your arms on it. I think this stand is designed to be used with a separate keyboard anyway; I don't see how it would be ergonomic to type on the laptop keyboard, as this would mean having your arms dangling in the air.

4) Unlike the Rain Stand, there is lots of room under the stand. Personally I find this really useful.
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on 13 August 2016
I really like this product and my purchase. In general it took me a long time to find a stand and ended up choosing this one. Still can't believe the price ranges for these, so from the available options in my case this is the most price-value convenient.
That said, there a lot of reviews which are very accurate about the stand. I highlight the following info:
- Elegant, slick, looks great with the mac given the nice material, not bulky at the desk, grips are good. In general no horror story of the computer falling or anything, I don't see in this case that it would ever have this problem given the grips and transparent holds in the arms.
- Even though height is not adaptable, for me it was a perfect height. Then again I am not a very tall person or anything... well didn't really find an alternative size adjustable that was good... looked at DJ stands but their minimum height seems to be too tall for me so.

- It is flimsy if you use it to type on it. I don't,I leave it at my desk and use a wireless mouse and keyboard. For this use its perfect for me.
- I read from previous reviews that when assembling, the transparent base scratches the aluminum from the legs. I was careful in assembling but nothing to do about it, it does but you really have to look at mine very closely to notice. I have only assembled it once and don't plan to be disassembling any time soon, so I think in my case this is not an issue. If you are planning to be assembling/disassembling, then take this in to account. Still a better price than alternatives.
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on 2 October 2015
This stand is fantastic, I'm not sure what I was expecting but the metal 'legs' are much thicker than I had thought they would be, which gives no doubt to the durability and strength of the product. The whole design looks very sleek and minimalist, and the box it arrived in was nice as well. It also came with the clear end caps that fit onto the front of the upper prongs to hold the laptop in place if necessary, although I haven't had any problems with my laptop moving because of the rubbery grey areas.

I have a 15.6" laptop, and it sits perfectly on the stand, with more than enough stability to hold a larger or smaller laptop as well.

It was also incredibly simple to unpack and assemble - no instructions necessary. I find that the height is perfect for me to raise the screen to around eye level, and it is still a height at which I can use the laptop keypad although I think I will probably buy a wireless keyboard to stop myself having to lean forward as much.

Would definitely recommend.
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on 29 October 2015
I have used a Griffin Elevator Stand for my MacBook Pro Laptop for the last 3 years. I now have a second Lenovo laptop, which requires a stand, and I immediately bought this one.

The height is perfect for displaying the laptop next to a large monitor (I have it sat next to a 22” Samsung LCD) moving the cursor from my laptop to the main screen is a breeze as they are the same height. I also use the area under the stand to store my USB hub, and keyboard when I’m not using it – it keeps my desk nice and tidy.

The stand itself is very sturdy, and looks very smart. It can also be taken down to move, or to store when you don’t need it. It is simply three pieces which slide together.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to use their laptop along with an external monitor.
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on 29 August 2016
Been using this for a while and I really like how the laptop looks on top of the stand. It is quite strong and it will hold even the heaviest (an old one maybe) laptop. The laptop does not heat as much as it used to which is one of the biggest purposed in using these stands. I don't rate it with five stars because once assembled I would like the two pieces to stick to the transparent base and they get loose quite easily. If you move the laptop from one place to another quite often and you want to take the stand this becomes annoying. Even if you just move the laptop from one place to the other on the same desk along with the stand sometimes it falls apart. I like the fact that is quite easy to assemble but I would prefer if there was something that hold the 3 parts together more efficiently.
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on 14 March 2015
I bought a similar Belkin stand made of cloth but it was way too bulky and looked ugly. Then I managed to spill coffee on it and decided to spend a bit more on this.

I've had it for about 3 years now and it's still going strong. The photos included don't show plastic caps which can be attached to the ends to prevent your laptop from slipping off which makes me a bit less worried.

It raises my laptop up to a far better height, lining up with my other desktop monitors, and is certainly better for your neck than having a laptop on your desk. Looks great and provides extra space to put bits and pieces underneath. I bought it at first for a MacBook, but I then bought a Sony laptop and it works just as well, so thoroughly recommended to anyone who uses their laptop at their desk.
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on 4 March 2017
Really good; wish I'd bought one years ago. Bit expensive?(!) It feels as though it should be possible to make something like this for much less than I paid. Overall, what surprised me is how much space this gives your desk, so you can burrow things underneath your laptop - as well as the obvious improvements to the viewing angle.
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on 28 February 2016
Gets the job done, but really, in most cases you want the option to use the space under the laptop productively and you want the screen to be at eye level without being far away. This stand is not steep enough, and like any I have found the space under it is pretty much useless. Also, moving it around causes the different bits to fall apart so you need to hold the different bits or take the laptop off for all but small movements, a niggle yes, but feels like the design was not thought through. Granted, not the biggest market for these things...
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