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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£5.83 - £34.99
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on 25 October 2010
So i loved fallout 3, got fallout new vegas and was having great fun playing it. there were a few glitches here and there and I had heard of some major bugs present on the forums so saved often. That doesn't help. Game froze. restarted Xbox and got a message saying that my saved file could not be loaded...on all my saves except from my very first one....1 hour into the game. when i tried to continue, the game froze. so i lost 17 hours of game play and all my save files. I am hoping that there will be a patch to rectify this so those files can be accessed again but it doesnt look like there will be. Maybe they will solve the problem but i think those saves are gone for good. Do not buy this game until all the bugs are fixed. You will waste your time and it will glitch, bug and delete your saves.
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on 3 December 2010
I wanted to like this, and indeed after a couple of days play for a few hours here and there, i was drawn in to the world of new vegas. If could have been game of the year... but i have to wonder, do they have a quality control department at bethesda/obsidian?? This is with out doubt the glitchiest game i have ever played ( i have been playing the best part of 30years ). If you were to buy any other product... a stereo... a car... washing machine etc and it failed to work just like this game fails to be playable, you could take it back and ask for your money back. I gave this game a huge chance to prove itself but the glitches just shone through. Sorry, i wanted to love it, the story would be great the gameplay superb, but it was spoilt by some very, very poor quality control.
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on 5 March 2015
First things first, lets get something quite clear. The glitches (and yes, there are a lot of glitches) will make you want to rip your hair out however, a simple solution...Save often. Seriously, just save here, there and everywhere. It makes for a slightly less annoying experience.

Now onto the game itself. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It was so refreshing to have a game that didn't have to try to hard with the graphics, didn't feel the need to have to force new concepts or radical ideas on me and just provided me with tonnes of fun with PLENTY of quests to do if you like your RPG's to be true to their genre.

I've seen a lot of lower starred reviews talking about how the game "lived up" to expectations and similar phrases but I think that sort of description is unfair on most games as most peoples expectations can sometimes be quite unrealistic. If you're a fan of the Fallout series, try to not to think about things they could have done, or things that are missing from previous titles, just enjoy the game for what it is and have fun with it! As long as you remember to SAVE SAVE SAVE!
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on 22 December 2014
Right then here goes...IMHO This is the best single player first person shooter iv'e ever played.Fallout New Vegas is a classic post apocalyptic radiation/mutant infected bomb destroyed world full of normal or unique weapons.You can play the game doing the straight story line or you realy can just do what you want,Kill any caracter in the game(accept children).this game has hundereds of hours hardcore reality gaming on hardcore mode or just mad stuff like killing mother deathclaws with a straight razor.lol.I should have put fan boy alert at the beginning cos i love this game.I definatly recommend the DLC an advise you play it in order because there are back story's an follower story's you wouldnt understand.To finish with i will just say that if i had to give my all time top 5 last gen console games it would be: Fallout New Vegas....Forza Scrolls Oblivion....M.A.G.(massive action game)....Need For Speed Underground2....There you go five top games to play.But IMHO Fallout New Vegas is THE best last gen game EVER.Sorry for shouting.lol
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VINE VOICEon 27 March 2011
The post apocalyptic and desolate world of Fallout is back, and whilst not a direct sequel of Fallout 3, it is set in the same world and uses the same game engine. New Vegas is set in the year 2281, which is 4 years after the events of Fallout 3 and has certain aspects to the game linking up nicely to previous events. In New Vegas you are playing a courier, who has quite literally, been pulled from the grave. The opening cut scene to the game shows a mysterious man seemingly shooting you point blank in the head, however moments later you are coming to in a Doctor's house after somehow recovering from this previous shooting. If you played Fallout 3 you will immediately come to grips with the game's interface and controls, as they don't differ much at all from the first game.

The ending to Fallout: New Vegas was quite simply one of the most thought over decisions I've ever made playing any computer game. After spending hours upon hours working my way through the Mojave Desert befriending and making enemies with everyone and forming opinions on factions, the game lets you decide how you want it to end. There are various possible endings and I found myself dedicating quite some thought into how I wanted it all to end.

When the game was first launched it was met with some bad press as the game was glitched and froze, I however did not play the game upon immediate release and so by the time I picked it up the necessary updates had already been released. That being said it wasn't completely glitch free. My game froze on me twice (and despite being the type to consistently hit the save button, I was still very put out when this happened) and I've experienced the strangeness of enemies disappearing into rocks or standing facing a wall and attempting to walk into it.

Fallout: New Vegas was a brilliant game, and despite not being related to Fallout 3, being set in the same eerie and often terrifying post apocalyptic world is a great experience and anyone who played Fall Out 3 will pick up the game quickly. I was all too sad to finish Fallout: New Vegas and leave it's world behind, and the choices I had to make to end the game only made it all the better. I can't recommend this game highly enough.
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on 14 March 2011
Just managed to get this and haven't put it down. I come from a gaming background where I don't tend to like RPG games, unless they aren't serious, like Fable, but there's something about Fallout which is addictive. The mojave wasteland is great, the desert setting is much more pleasing to the eye than the capital wasteland. There is so much to do and so many places to go, equipment to collect, people to meet, things to kill etc. The feeling of discovering a new place and then finding some kick ass equipment there is great.
The Vegas strip is cool, and it's a nice contrast to exploring the wastes. It lights up at night and can be seen from far away, which is a nice reminder of the scale. You can so everything you'd expect there with your hard earned caps.
The story is not bad, and there are hundreds of side quests. The amount of time you can spend in the wasteland is ridiculous, this game will last you months, unlike most nowadays, which are tiresome after a week.
I do have to comment on the bugs and performance, this is the only reason I cannot give it 5 stars, there are more bugs in this game than in the amazon, and the game clearly pushes the 360s RAM to the limit, which will affect the load times and jerkiness of the game.

For the price, I can't see why anyone should hesitate. Fantastic game
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on 26 July 2011
Dont be put off by the smiley Logo...this is a kick in the but game..
This game has lasted us for many Moons, ages,, and we are still playing it ..

I am 65 years old , and love this game, Play it on PC.
It needs a brain to play it on HARD level ,
My son of Fifteen plays it on XBOX he also rates the game high..
I play it on the easy setting..but not in the dark..
WEAPONS are very good with many choices
For once, it is not all about the killing ,
but also about who "you" are..
Who are YOU, and how good are you ?/
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on 19 May 2013
I had the highest possible hopes for this game: Customizable character and collectable crazy sci-fi weaponry in a survival-focused, post-apocalyptic open world gambler's paradise?
- Are you kidding me? This is gonna be the best game EVER!

*FACESLAP* ...back to reality. It's Fallout 3 with a different color sprinklings on top. Oh well, that's not a bad thing, except there probably won't be a FO:NV 2. The concept was sorta wasted, at least from the gambler-viewpoint.

Because that aspect of the game was horrendously disregarded, very limited and with broken mechanics. Unfun and unengaging - they didn't even try to make up for it with the casino-themed DLC, that was just more of the exact same s***.

And the purported survival-aspect was terribly implemented as well. For all the changes made, it only barely superceeds FO 3.

But it's still a good and addictive (RPG) game... Like Tragic.
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on 6 August 2014
10/10 for this RPG... What more can one say.. 2010 to 2014. Played over 1000 hours now.The best RPG game yet .Am still exploring Good-springs cemetery trying to pin down what the ghostly voices are saying from the disturbed graves or trying to find out where the Survivalist, Randall Dean Clark,2053 - 2124, buriied his wife and child south of the `Narrows` in Honest Hearts.
Superb. .
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on 13 May 2013
For me I am sick to the teeth with most modern console games,but not this or Fallout 3 this game is so addictive and goes on and on unlike most games these days and there's so much variety and many ways to play it,the only thing I don't like is it ends,I wish it could be bigger and I wish you could travel to other fallout games within this one,but you can't have everything,most games these days are short and shallow unlike this which is long and deep,it has it's problems as all do,but for me it's one of the very best games on consoles,I love it and can't wait for Fallout 4,so if you like very deep action RPG's you just have to get this or you will be missing out.
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