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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 19 October 2010
Many will question Sony's decision to put out another reissue of Michael Jackson's material. After all in the past that have really milked this man's hits! However this is simply not the case here, I happen to applaud sony for giving us a set to cherish.

Michael Jackson's Vision is quite simply the definitive Michael Jackson DVD video collection. Whilst others have fallen short (History gave us just 10 of the king of pop's short films, number ones gave us 15 edited videos), vision gives us the opportunity to watch some of the greatest music videos ever made, 4.5 hours worth, uncut and with fully restored picture and audio. Many videos (she's out of my life, another part of me, etc) have never been commercially released on dvd, or any other format before. There are some issues to cover. Whilst Ghosts is included it is reduced to just the music video (after all, Ghosts is not a short film at 40 mins, disc space has been reserved for more music videos, no doubt it will probably get a seperate release in the future, same as moonwalker did) and at least we don't have the shorter blurred version of smooth criminal seen on number ones' dvd, here we have the excerpt from moonwalker.

The first 2 discs offer a chronological look at the career of a true icon. Starting with don't stop til you get enough and working through the years we get 35 era defining short films, directed by Hollywood directors such as Martin Scorsese, John Landis, Spike Lee, etc and featuring appearances from the likes of Eddie Murphy, Marlon Brando, Naomi Campbell, etc. Most of these are uncut (bad, smooth criminal, remember the time, the way you make me feel, you rock my world, black or white). Disc 3 then gives us extras which include videos of the Jackson's, 3T & Paul McCartney, all of which feature MJ. The other added bonus is that we get the alternate (more controversial) prison version of they don't care about us, and the previously unreleased one more chance bringing the total to 42. Also included is a 60 page book with photo's from video shoots.

Quality wise does it promise the restoration that Sony promised. Well yes and no. Many of the videos have black bars at the side (like old films do on blu-ray). This may not please some but I'd rather have them this way than cropped, stretched, etc. There are a small number that have been cropped though (Remember the time is one). Which is a shame but only a few suffer this. The picture quality is actually not bad. Colours look bolder and brighter than before, not always razor sharp but not too far off the mark. The few that have been cropped (all from disc 2) look a little pixelated but I have seen worse. Disc 3 could have included more material really. Despite this it is still the most definitive collection to date (until the inevitable blu-ray release!!)

It would have been nice to have included a couple of live performances such as the motown 25 performance, but maybe they're saving them for the extras of another release! I don't think this will be the last of Sony's plans for the Michael Jackson dvd collector, hopefully next we'll see the bad & history concerts (and hopefully on blu-ray too) but for now let's enjoy Michael Jackson's Vision.

1 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough 4:12
2 Rock With You 3:22
3 She's Out of My Life 3:35
4 Billie Jean 4:54
5 Beat It 4:57
6 Thriller 13:42
7 Bad 18:05
8 The Way You Make Me Feel 9:24
9 Man In the Mirror 5:03
10 Dirty Diana 5:05
11 Smooth Criminal 9:27
12 Another Part of Me 4:45
13 Speed Demon 10:08
14 Come Together 5:40
15 Leave Me Alone 4:36
16 Liberian Girl 5:34
Total Disc 1: 112 mins.

1 Black or White 11:01
2 Remember The Time 9:16
3 In the Closet 6:05
4 Jam 7:59
5 Heal The World 7:32
6 Give In To Me 5:29
7 Who Is It 6:34
8 Will You Be There 5:55
9 Gone Too Soon 3:38
10 Scream 4:47
11 Childhood 4:29
12 You Are Not Alone 5:34
13 Earth Song 6:44
14 They Don't Care About Us 7:08
15 Stranger In Moskow 5:33
16 Blood On The Dancefloor 5:27
17 Ghosts 3:58
18 You Rock My World 13:30
19 Cry 4:57
Total Disc 2: 125 mins.

DISC 3 (Extras)
1 Blame It On the Boogie - The Jacksons 3:32
2 Enjoy Yourself - The Jacksons 3:31
3 Can You Feel It - The Jacksons 9:37
4 Say Say Say - Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson 4:57
5 They Don't Care About Us - Prison version 4:52
6 Why? - 3T featuring Michael Jackson 4:33
7 One More Chance - previously unreleased 4:03
Total Disc 3: 35 mins.
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on 22 November 2010
If you're a dedicated hardcore fan like me then you already have most or all of these videos already with of course the exception of One More Chance.
You may be thinking that you don't want to buy this set for that very reason but I would urge you to get it, it's a beautiful collection which covers Michael's video career pretty much in full.

No the full version of Ghosts isn't in this set, we must wait a little longer for the DVD release it seems and Blood On The Dancefloor is the remixed version not the original and the version here of You Are Not Alone is not the angel version, BUT!

You get the full versions of Bad with the credits at the end, the full version of The Way You Make Me Feel which is very rarely if ever shown on television. The full version of They Don't Care About Us with the wonderful drumming sequence by Olodum at the end plus the previously banned prison version too. Also the full version of Can You Feel It complete with end credits and a really fun performance of Enjoy Yourself with the Jackson brothers looking very dashing indeed in their sparkly white tuxedos. The full version of You Rock My World is in this set too.

Not to mention of course the previously unreleased One More Chance video, the main reason a lot of fans like me will buy this set-it's fantastic, HE'S fantastic and you won't be disappointed.

The set itself is packaged and presented beautifully with a book full of lovely photos of the videos, some of them quite rare it seems. The moving images on the lenticular cover are gorgeous and the menus and title cards on the DVDs themselves are a joy to see, really stunning - the DVD's load fast too - no sitting through reams of info you can't fast forward through, you get straight to the videos really quickly.

For those of you who aren't hardcore fans you will enjoy this set too, it's a pretty comprehensive look his video career and at this price for all of these videos it's a bargain shamone! :)
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on 23 November 2010
Michael's short films all on one collection! It's absolutely fabulous, the quality is great, the menu's etc are great, the book is great and the packaging is Awesome! it has a lovely hologram front to it which really brings it to life.
Michael Jackson - A legend
Has full versions of short films such as bad, thriller etc.

Only possible complaint would be not having the History March video sequence from other dvd's - but technically that's not a music video anyway.

Without a doubt a Wonderful Collection of the best Music videos of all time.
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on 2 March 2016
There's no denying it JACKO had talant. This dvd set is excellent from a few of the jackson 5 - later the jackson's promo clips to the great man himself. The SFX in " can you feel it " were amazing from 1981. This dvd set is ntsc 480p rather than pal 576p. And on the THRILLER promo the picture quality is excellent and more clearer making the zombies faces a lot better than on the pal version with the thriller 30th anniversary cd/dvd set.
Lpcm stereo on this set rather than compressed dolby digital.
The videos for beat it & bad are great. But I prefure eat it & fat by weird Al yankovic. Yes this really is a fantastic dvd set.
UNFORTUNATELY the video for " I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU " IS ABSENT from this package.! Even if like myself you are not a die hard JACKO fan this is still worth investing in. It's great a bit weird in places - but that was JACKO'S style which made him unique. A lot of effort has been put into this package set. I really hope the fans and the jackson family / estate are as delighted with this as the people who buy it are. What a great way to remember the king of pop.?
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on 3 November 2010
I cannot believe anyone would give this 1 star and why a Michael Jackson fan would even complain. It is selfish and petty in my mind and people will still complain that they have seen it or have some fuzzy footage somewhere of Ghosts if they decide to put that to DVD!!
Sony have a 7 year contract ample time to bring out concert footage and full versions of Ghosts etc., To have all his short films in one box set is a brilliant move by Sony, no more hunting around for different dvds, youtube, fuzzy copies etc., There are also may older fans who do not have the internet and would not have seen some of these films but to me the biggest factor is this will introduce a new generation of fans to Michaels brilliance and hopefully they will fall in love with his artistry and as a man as we did. It is not always about the fans and fans should be happy that more people are going to be introduced to Michael - his work has been buried under tabloid trash for too many years.
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on 14 October 2010
This DVD collection is being released by SONY is all DVD formats (PAL, Region 1 etc.)... so what is there to complain about? I only wish Sony was releasing all of Michael's short films on Blu Ray, but that doesn't seem to be in their plans at the moment. For any MJ fan, this will be a treasure - all of Michael's videos in one collection at this price point? What more can we ask for?!
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on 26 November 2010
Couldn't wait to watch this DVD Collection, and in general wasn't disappointed. I love everything Michael Jackson does. BUT why oh why did Sony put that awful remix version of 'Blood on the Dancefloor' on this DVD, I'm pleased I have the original on another Jackson offering. I also would have liked to have seen the full version of 'Ghost' on here but I guess Sony will make the most of all these short films and Live Performances of Michael's and will release them over the next few years.
I think the packaging was very nice and enjoyed the Booklet too, all in all well worth the money and a lovely keepsake.
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on 4 May 2013
This 3 disc set is in my opinion the definitive representation of Michael Jackson solo musical career as all his major Short Films are contained in this set. The picture and music is of a very high quality and the presentation of the title screens alone is very professional.

The Holographic Case is beautifully designed and the companion booklet informative and interesting.


1 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
2 Rock With You
3 She's Out of My Life
4 Billie Jean
5 Beat It
6 Thriller
7 Bad
8 The Way You Make Me Feel
9 Man In the Mirror
10 Dirty Diana
11 Smooth Criminal
12 Another Part of Me
13 Speed Demon
14 Come Together
15 Leave Me Alone
16 Liberian Girl


1 Black or White
2 Remember The Time
3 In the Closet
4 Jam
5 Heal The World
6 Give In To Me
7 Who Is It
8 Will You Be There
9 Gone Too Soon
10 Scream
11 Childhood
12 You Are Not Alone
13 Earth Song
14 They Don't Care About Us
15 Stranger In Moscow
16 Blood On The Dancefloor
17 Ghosts
18 You Rock My World
19 Cry

DISC 3 (Extras)

1 Blame It On the Boogie - The Jacksons
2 Enjoy Yourself - The Jacksons
3 Can You Feel It - The Jacksons
4 Say Say Say - Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson
5 They Don't Care About Us - Prison version
6 Why? - 3T featuring Michael Jackson
7 One More Chance - previously unreleased

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to capture the essence of Jackson's visual and musical legacy.
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on 25 November 2010
If I was writing a a review just of the artistic quality and screen presence of Michael Jackson I would give "Michael Jackson's Vision" DVD 5 Stars. But I'm giving this DVD collection just 1 Star because Sony have ruined the picture resolution of Michael of the majority of Michael's videos. I'm disappointed that the picture resolution of the videos hasn't greatly enhanced. In fact I think the picture resolution of the videos has been degraded, as they appear grainy which they never were on previous DVD releases. I've been a fan for very close to 28yrs (since early 1983 when Billie Jean was No.1 in the charts), and I'm shocked how little care and the lack of respect Sony have shown to Michael's amazing and innovative music videos.

The majority of the videos the DVD's have had the picture resolution made lighter, making the videos look like bad 3rd generation copies. In some cases, like parts of the videos are blurred. For example on the Billie Jean video when Michael sings "So take my strong advice, just remember to always think twice (Do think twice)", there is a long shot just before Michael does a spin in front of the billboard if the "Lousia" video of two girls. The long shot is very blurred and for a second static. This was never like that before.

Most videos have greatly improved sound, but are let down by the tampering of the colour/resolution on the videos with on some of them look heavily posturised. The Thriller video has been ruined, it looks faded and the sound is on it has been made a lot lower. Smooth Criminal looks awful, great sound but to grainy looking. And it doesn't look like that on the DVD, Blu-ray of Moonwalker, or the video cassette of the movie I've had since 1989. All Michael's videos from the Off The Wall look awful and have been ruined by Sony.

I think Sony lightened the picture resolution, to give more definition to things like Michael's clothes, face and hair etc. But what they have done doesn't work or look natural. There are bits of the Bad video that are good, and give you a really good definition of Michael's face, but the video as a whole still looks too light. Don't Stop'Till You Get Enough seems to have a layer of lines running over the top that wasn't there before, and some sort of video filter seems to have been added to the coller of Michael's jacket that looks too digital. Rock With You seems to have enhanced the sparkle of Michael's rhinestone costume, and it just looks too computer generated.

On the Bonus Discthe resolution on this disc is better. None of the videos I've seen before on them are greatly improved, but I thought the picture on resolution for the Enjoy Yourself video was brilliant. The video for Can You Feel it is a bit too light at very beginging, but on the whole I think the picture resolution has been improved. Say, Say, Say, like all of the videos on Disc 1&2 has in my opinion been ruined it looks too pixelated. The prison version of They Don't Care About Us, looks amazing and the picture resolution is brilliant and how all of the videos on Disc 1&2 should look.

I really liked Michael's performance on the One More Chance video was brilliant, just a shame most of the shots of Michael were of his back or from a long distance. But that was obviously Michael's choice.

I just don't get how Sony could have ruined the picture resolution of Michael's greatest music videos on Disc 1. Billie Jean, Beat It and Thriller (and Michael's Motown 25 performance of Billie Jean) look stunning and of high picture resolution of the DVD for the Thriller 25 album. All Michael's videos look brilliant of Visionary CD/DVD discs that were released in 2006. Also on the much better on the HIStory: Video Greatest Hits than they do on the supposed "fully restored and remastered" videos on this Vision DVD.

It's nice and about time all Michael's videos were put together in one collection. But it's come at a price of Sony ruining Michael's videos. I sure I'll hardly ever watch this collection. Warner Bros who look after the movies of genius director Stanley Kubrick, won't touch his movies ie they won't release anamorphic widescreen versions etc of his flims because the director is dead and no longer around the approve any changes, just like Michael can't approve of changes to his music videos. The same respect should have been given to Michael Jackson's videos. They were perfect as they were, just that some original cuts like the Bad video should have been released, but Sony even changed the picture of Michael on the credits to a black background etc on the end credits.

I will stick my the previous DVD's of Michael's videos and my original 1987 television recording of the full length Bad video. Because they still look stunning and were fully approved and seen by Michael. I'm not watching videos that have been badly tampered with by Sony.

Please Sony release Michael Jackson's Vision on Blu-ray and improve and give fans a much better picture quality than you have given us in this disappointing DVD. No respect is being shown to Michael Jackson's legacy and to us fans by Sony.
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on 5 June 2012
It's Michael Jackson and it's another fantastic experience and journey of his talent.. what more can be said that hasn't been said already, well maybe the fact that it's probably the best and clearest versions available (quality-wise) which is even more reason to buy it.

However, PLEASE try NOT to give a low star rating just because the DVD's are NTSC and not the European standard of PAL. I was shocked to see an overall rating of apprx 3.5 to 4 stars and this is not justified for the universal legend and phenomenon that is Michael Jackson. I know there is an issue with the playback for some people which frustrating because even though most devices are compatible, there are still some TV's/DVD player's out there that may still be incompatible with the American/Japan NTSC standard. Also I've witnessed problems with playback on a Mac computer; as good as Mac computers are, sadly they are a bit (no very) lacking when it comes to DVD compatibility especially the included DVD Player software in OS X - If you've experienced this personally then I would recommend that you download the fantastic free 'VLC' player in order to play these fantastic DVD's and enjoy. I know this problem is particularly frustrating given that the item has been done in region 2 so one would expect that they would have released a PAL version, BUT given that the original material (especially the older music videos) were probably shot in NTSC this may lead to some loss in picture quality and 'resolution', therefore it has been kept as NTSC to maintain the best original raw quality.

Format issues are another issue all together, therefore try and base any review on the material of this most talented of all artists to be genuinely fair, after all it's not Michael Jackson's fault that music distributors (long after Michael was taken from us) have unfortunately presented a bit of a compatibility issue with the product. So if unable to view the contents you have my utmost sympathy and you must complain to the music distribution companies regarding this product, but please refrain from writing a review until such a time that you are able to watch it, i.e. upgrading viewing devices for universal TV standards.

I hope my 'VLC' player tip works for those having problems on a computer/Mac.

Lastly and back to the material itself; although this is a fantastic product with 42 high quality music video clips of Michael at his best, I still can't help feeling that they could release even a bigger collection of Michael Jackson's music videos that would contain more material from as early as the days of The Jackson 5/Jacksons, i.e. containing music videos of all like 'Ben' with both versions; Michael singing on stage as a youngster and the movie version with the rat called Ben. Maybe a definitive ultimate DVD box set thats called Michael Jackson the Phenomenon. Who knows, but wouldn't it be the best thing to cherish forever!

(If you agree, then please consider finding this review helpful so that it gets voted up so other's may see this and think carefully before unjustly rating this must have legacy)
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