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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Service plan term: 3 Years|Service plan covered value: £75-£100|Change
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on 23 February 2014
There are many reviews for SquareTrade, all very positive. Unfortunately the vast majority appear to be from people who have set up their warranty quickly & easily online and haven't had to deal with SquareTrade's customer service or make a claim.

There are multiple online retailers selling SquareTrade warranties, Amazon being one of the main ones. You can go to Amazon and purchase a SquareTrade warranty considerably cheaper then on the SquareTrade website (it appears). The Amazon listings are created and maintained by SquareTrade and the warranty comes from them directly.

I purchased a new SquareTrade warranty from Amazon having meticulously read the terms and conditions to ensure my new device was fully covered. Everything matched up with what I wanted and I was happy with the terms and conditions, especially the fact that the device didn't have to come from Amazon (which it didn't, I'd bought it from another reputable retailer 2 days prior). This was made especially clear by the bullet point statement "Available for items purchased on or outside of Amazon".

Shortly after setting up my warranty I noticed on the 'My Warranties' page that the insured device was described as having been purchased from Amazon. I contacted customer services to ask if this could be changed to where I actually bought the device from as I didn't want it to affect any possible claims.

Some hours later I received a phone call from a SquareTrade representative informing me that not only did my warranty not cover the type of device I'd purchased but it also didn't cover items that WEREN'T purchased directly from Amazon. I thought "how strange" since my device is an electrical item within the price range described and it says on the site that it doesn't have to come from Amazon. I calmly confronted the representative about this new information and explained that I'd read the key facts document, the T&C's document and the Amazon listing thoroughly (as I'm generally cautious when it comes to insurance) and not only did such information not exist but the site explains that the device does not need to be bought from Amazon.

The now bewildered support rep just kept repeating 'I'll have to take this up with head office'. At this point I requested to speak to a manager. I was assured that a manager would ring me back shortly.... No phone call.

In the meanwhile I forwarded an email with images detailing the misinformation on the website..... still no phone call. After several hours I rang SquareTrade and requested to speak to a manager again as the call I'd been promised hadn't happened. I explained that due to pending travel I would like to know that my warranty/accidental damage is in place...... Excuses followed by "a manager will definitely contact you in the next hour" .....still no phone call.

I've since contacted Amazon and reported the issue. Amazon have contacted SquareTrade requesting that they amend any incorrect information on their listing and work towards resolving the issue. I've still had no phone call.

The alarming thing is, when you look at the glowing reviews on Amazon for SquareTrade please take a moment to ACTUALLY READ THEM. A massive percentage of them are from customers who've purchased their Amazon listed SquareTrade warranty for similar devices, from different retailers and are happy with their purchase but have never claimed or spoke to SquareTrade. If the information SquareTrade have given me is true then THESE PEOPLE'S PRODUCTS ARE NOT COVERED! If you have one of these warranties I'd recommend you contact SquareTrade and ensure your warranty actually covers your item. This creates an interesting stalemate. If the information presented is incorrect will SquareTrade amend/update it? If so, are they going to contact the hundreds of people giving them glowing reviews on Amazon and tell them that their products are not covered? Are they going to refund them? Maybe they'll honour the warranties although I doubt this as they' were arguing mine when what I've paid for is in black and white and I'm not even making a claim.

I'm not entirely sure how any of this has come about but I'm pretty sure it's illegal. You can't base a policy around what your policy documentation DOESN'T SAY whilst simultaneously making excuses in an attempt convince customers that they're wrong about what the retail site DOES SAY.

If you can trust a company who can create new terms and conditions on the fly that aren't mentioned in any of their documentation and blatantly dispute features of your product which are written in plain English on re-seller websites, then enjoy your warranty and good luck if you ever have to use it. Otherwise I'd recommend taking out an extended warranty from the manufacturer of your product or checking the features of your home insurance/credit cards as these can sometimes cover electrical products etc. Had I not contacted SquareTrade to query a tiny error on the policy I would have been paying for a warranty that would NEVER have covered my device and only found out when it was too late.
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on 29 June 2012
Beware of this clause hidden in the Warranty Document - It means that you do not get three years repair cover , you ONLY GET cover for three years up to a the value of the product. IE if the product is valued at Two Hundred, and your first repair cost eighty pounds, you have only one hundred and twenty pounds worth of repairs left....

'Maximum Coverage - Subject to approval, this insurance allows for multiple replacements of
your insured item. The maximum liability under this policy shall be the original purchase
price of the insured item, excluding delivery charges.
When you have received repairs or replacements up to the value of
the original purchase price of the insured item or a cash settlement for
the replacement cost of a new item of equal features and functionality,
your policy will immediately end.'
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on 19 July 2011
I purchased a Squartrade warranty policy upon purchase of a new phone. Shortly after purchase I received a phone call from Squaretrade, confirming my details and asking if I had any questions. This left me with a good impression from the start.

Unfortunately, I had to make a claim against my warranty when my phone had an unexpected encounter with a bathtub full of soapy water. The claims process couldn't be simpler.

Step 1: I phoned the Squaretrade helpline and quoted my policy number. After a quick chat with one of their helpful agents, I was advised that they would need to inspect my phone in order to process my claim. The conversation took no longer than 20 minutes.

Step 2: I received an email with a free-post address label. I printed the label, packaged up my phone, and sent it to Squaretrade by recorded delivery (for piece of mind). Sending the phone by recorded delivery only cost me an extra 77 pence.

Step 3: Within a week I had received emails to confirm receipt of the phone and to advise that it had passed inspection. Furthermore, I was to receive an Amazon Gift Card for the full value of the cover!

The phone cost me £350 new and was only 6 months old. The full value of the cover was £400. I was delighted, as this enabled me to purchase a new replacement phone, case, AND new Squaretrade warranty.

Sqauretrade are brilliant. I recommend them to anyone with an expensive phone, especially if you have a clumsy streak!

EDIT (2013):

Since I wrote the above review (in 2011), it would appear that Squaretrade have slightly changed the way they operate.

Firstly, they now use UPS for the receipt of damaged/faulty goods. Make of this what you will. Personally, I always prefer to deal with Royal Mail on the basis that I work during the week, which makes it difficult for me to deal with couriers.

Secondly, and most importantly, they now charge a £50 excess for all new mobile phone policies. This may be a deal-breaker for you, depending on how valuable the item is you wish to insure.
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on 3 February 2011
Setting up the extended warranty is dead easy and the product gives some peace of mind. I would have liked to know however that registering this product requires you to have kept electronic copies of your purchase details from amazon. I have got printouts which I can use in case of a claim. But the offer to retain my details if I merely sent an electronic copy, which would have been very welcome, came to late; afterall you don't want your e-mail folders full of past transactions! If you learn from my mistake this will be an even better product for you.
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on 24 February 2011
Let's face it, a lot of the 'extended guarantee' stuff on the high street is a con, as usually items are covered either by the manufacturer's own warranty or your home insurance (and in fact it's how a lot of the big electrical retailer's profits are made) In the case of home insurance of course there may well be an excess - typically the first 50 pounds - and some exclusions as well. But having bought a nifty internet tablet, likely to be taken out and about a lot I felt that extended peace of mind was a real option, especially as it is of a size to be easily dropped, or stolen, dropped in my bath & etc. This product is the obvious solution, and appears to have very few exclusions. At about £16 a year its the sort of price I see as being sensible. Service so far has been professional and prompt. I'm not sure I'd take it out for a big TV etc, but for more 'at risk' handheld devices it seems just the job. (Note that the period of cover here includes the first year of ownership, so that there is some overlap, although the lack of exclusions means extra security to other, more regular guarantees.)
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on 3 March 2011
I purcased this warranty to protect a Canon digitial SLR camera I bought in March 2011. The warranty even covers items which were bought elsewhere and not just off Amazon. I am delighted with the quality of the service to date. The customer assistance team were very helpful when I was enquiring about the coverage of the plan and called 3 days after my inital purchase to confirm that I was happy with the service.

Great service for the price.
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on 5 January 2013
I CANCELLED a Certificate of Insurance straight away within hours of purchase.
I got an automatic email reply confirming the cancellation. I also spoke on the phone with a certain "John" who confirmed the payment would be cancelled.

In spite of all my emails (some bounced and the other email address I got has no name on it) and calls thy DID NOT REFUND ME.This is after a month I purchased it.
I am considering taking LEGAL ACTION.

I DO NOT RECOMMENDED this company "SQUARE TRADE" ([...]) Look at their website: no Complain nor Contact Email is available. Their managers show theirs pics but NO EMAIL to contact them. If you get a message no name, surname and position in the company is shown.

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on 29 November 2011
I bought this warranty just two days ago for a new SLR camera I have just purchased on the high street. Setting up was easy, you buy it like anything else on Amazon, a few clicks and it is bought. To make matters easier they suggest that you attach a copy of your sales receipt for them to keep on file should a claim need to be made in the future. I tried to do that not long after I had received confirmation by way of email. For some strange reason it kept getting returned (as others have noted in their reviews). I tried twice that first night but there was no success. I tried to re-send it the next day. Again it was unsuccessful so I contacted their 'customer service' desk by email.

They replied promptly to my email and I was told that the problem may have been the fact that I should only write my Warranty ID number in the subject field of my email. I followed this advice....but yet again it was returned as another 'failure to send'. Thinking this strange and after another email, he suggested I could phone the helpline and sort out the issue there. I voiced my objection to this as I do not have access to a phone most days during their helpline opening hours and said that email was most convenient to myself, the customer.

I then suggested whether I could send it directly to his address which he said that that would be fine. Unfortunately - you know the story - it bounced back AGAIN! Anything with attachments do not get through their filters it seems. I thought it may have been a problem from my end so emailed my wife at her work and emailed it to another hotmail account I have....They both arrived. For a company that encourages you to submit an email attachment with a copy of your sales docket but does not have the capacity to do ridiculous.

I emailed again saying I was annoyed at being unable to forward an electronic copy of my sales docket to SquareTrade and that because of this I could not trust this brand. Because of this I requested my warranty to be cancelled. Such a basic and simple service that they propose to provide does not work! Poor, poor service.

I have just got an email from a SquareTrade representative stating that I will be refunded the full warranty payment into my Amazon account in the next 24-48 hours. I will give one more star on my rating if the money makes it back as they have stated.

In his email, the same customer service representative stated that he tried to call me to resolve the issue but there was no answer. I had already told him that I was not near a phone throughout most of the opening times - poor customer service. He also again said that I also had the option to phone in to sort out my warranty - again!!! Customer service respresentatives need to listen to their customer and read their emails properly to provide the service that the customer wants.

I will be relieved if and when the money makes it back into my bank account and I will never be buying another warranty with SquareTrade. This brand does not give me the peace of mind I was hoping to find and it is due to their poor online service and problems with their email system that urges me to caution people who might want to purchase this warranty. I'm going back to Currys to buy their extended warranty on my £450 item that I bought off them.

UPDATE: 2 December 2011

I have waited 70.5 hours and still my money has not been refunded to me from SquareTrade DESPITE being told by their customer service team that I would get it between 24-48 hours after last being contacted by email. I contacted the SquareTrade seller directly through yesterday night requesting my money back after the money did not show in my account. 20 hours after emailing I have not got a message in return and no sign of my money. I did get an email requesting feedback after cancelling my warranty. Interesting that I get that email but my money is nowhere to be seen. I will not be adding another star to my rating and am irrate that this issue still has not been resolved. Extremely poor service!

UPDATE: 3 December 2011

After a few more emails and a reply stating that there was an 'error' when they tried to process my refund (another lame excuse if you ask me) I now have confirmation from Amazon that the money will be refunded to my bank account. A terrible brand with poor customer service in which you have to go through so many hoops to keep them on their toes to get anything done! I would hate to think how things might be should you have to actually make a claim.

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on 14 November 2012
I generally refuse to buy extended warrenties after a few very bad experiences with high street retailers that LOVE, and I mean LOVE to see you extended warrenties, but HATE, and I mean HATE to payout if you ever have a requirement to claim on them. Any excuse not to pay out and generally poor customer service.

However when I bought some expensive headphones about 18 months ago and Amazon offered SquareTrade I thought I'd take it based on the reviews and I am SOOOO glad I did.

A few weeks back the right speaker stopped working and no amount of wiggling the wires would fix it.

So, I called SquareTrade. A very helpful UK based lady took all the details and started my claim - at NO point did she do anything except help me - I thought it was just too good to be true. But , a few days later I was emailed a freepost label to return the item. Then a week or so after doing that I recieved an email saying - yep, it's broken, we'll send you an amazon voucher for what you paid (you can choose a bank transfer btw). Then a few days after that I got my amazon voucer via email.

This is one of the very , very few good experiences I have ever had with an insurance company and I would not hesitate to use them again next time I buy a costly electrical appliance which actually will be soon as I need to replace my headphones :).

It's definitely a 5 star product but I feel obliged to point out the negatives :-

Once they've paid out, that's it - the warranty does not extend to cover the new piece of electrical equipment you buy. You need to buy a new warranty.

They don't send an email to say they have received your item - just when they have finished testing it.

If the item you bought has increased in price, as mine has, you'll have to cover the difference yourself - you only get what you paid back.

I have to say though, these are minor niggles on what has been a very positive and still 5 star experience.
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on 5 December 2011
I bought my SquareTrade warranty (3 years including spills and water damage) from Amazon when I bought my new smartphone. It was an expensive phone (almost 500 pounds) so was keen to have it insured. There were not many helpful reviews online because I couldn't find many for people who had actually made claims! Now I have gone through the whole process from purchase, to lodging receipts, to making a claim and receiving payment I can tell you that these guys are legit, friendly and very very helpful. In my case, my phone got damaged from full water immersion. I called the Square Trade a few days after when my phone was clearly not coming back to life. They got someone to email me to organise a courier pick up for my phone and they came on the day I nominated. A few days passed and I hadn't heard anything, so sent a quick email which they responded to quickly that they would follow up for me. The result was my phone could not be repaired at an efficient cost (not surprised), so they would refund me the cost of my phone. Payment received 2 days later. AWESOME SERVICE! No funny business, no trying to jam you with T&Cs or crazy conditions. It is what is says on the box. WIll use them again for insuring expensive electronic items. Thanks!
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