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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Service plan term: 2 Years|Service plan covered value: £350-£400|Change
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on 24 August 2012
It says here on the Amazon description page that this warranty is available for products sold both on Amazon and elsewhere. So I bought it to cover some headphones I bought from the Apple Store.

Now I'm a bit confused. Maybe I was being stupid, but the warranty they sent through doesn't actually specify anything about the item other than the maximum price (£74.99). And they don't ask me to fill out any details about it. I don't even have to submit a receipt until/if I ever claim. So right now they have no idea what item is covered.

It doesn't seem right - surely they have to know a bit more at the start about what they are covering. Have emailed them to see. Maybe I misunderstood and buying the warranty on Amazon can only cover an Amazon purchase?
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on 5 December 2011
I bought my SquareTrade warranty (3 years including spills and water damage) from Amazon when I bought my new smartphone. It was an expensive phone (almost 500 pounds) so was keen to have it insured. There were not many helpful reviews online because I couldn't find many for people who had actually made claims! Now I have gone through the whole process from purchase, to lodging receipts, to making a claim and receiving payment I can tell you that these guys are legit, friendly and very very helpful. In my case, my phone got damaged from full water immersion. I called the Square Trade a few days after when my phone was clearly not coming back to life. They got someone to email me to organise a courier pick up for my phone and they came on the day I nominated. A few days passed and I hadn't heard anything, so sent a quick email which they responded to quickly that they would follow up for me. The result was my phone could not be repaired at an efficient cost (not surprised), so they would refund me the cost of my phone. Payment received 2 days later. AWESOME SERVICE! No funny business, no trying to jam you with T&Cs or crazy conditions. It is what is says on the box. WIll use them again for insuring expensive electronic items. Thanks!
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on 3 February 2011
I don't usually bother with extended warranties as they are usually expensive and the premium cannot be justified against the replacement purchase price. HOWEVER, I didn't have to think twice when I saw the Amazon SquareTrade Warranty WITH Accident Protection. This warranty is extremely competatively priced and at the click of a button could not have been simpler to purchase. Also, no hidden horrors in the small print. Highly recommended.
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on 22 August 2011
I actually returned the item I purchased this warranty for and thought that getting my money back for the warranty may be a drama but it was a breeze. I simply emailed square trade and within 24hrs they got back to me confirming my refund. I would use them again without any hesitation. You can purchase an item from any UK website or the high street and still take there warranty out which is hard to beat on price so they will be my 1st stop for all extended warranties from now on.
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on 25 September 2013
Bought an iPod from Amazon for a Christmas present and thought the right and safe thing to do was to buy a warranty including accidental damage. It was very straight forward to purchase and ok to file a copy of my receipt online.
However, after dropping and cracking the screen by accident in August 2013, making a claim has been nothing less than a nightmare. The iPod slipped out my hand while taking a photo, I rang and submitted a claim the same day, first of all they said that even though I had an acknowledgement from them back in December 2011 they said they didn't have my receipt, so couldn't proceed until they received it. So I emailed it to them over 10 times before they replied to say they had received it, anyway, I had to print a label and forward to their repair place and after five days they emailed to say they had received it and today I got it back, when opening the wrapping I have cut my finger on the glass on the iPod screen, looks like a trainee has repaired it. It is a poorly fitted replacement screen and the corner of the is damaged(from the accidental damage) but they haven't bothered to replace the back. Can I face calling them again? And risking going without my iPod another five weeks? Do not waste your money with this company is my advice, silly thing I have this policy on another two items bought via Amazon, what a waste of money!
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on 12 January 2014
A few years ago I took out a warranty for a £60 mp3 player - it cost me about £10.
Last month it died a death and so I claimed on the warranty on their online system.
I now have a message (on their online website) that they want to discuss this further and provided me with an American hotline. The telephone cost of speaking to them will probably be as much as the warranty costs. Also in this day and age they don't have an email address (or I can't find it).
Am I missing something here or is this set up for American customers only?
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on 29 May 2012
I think like most I read the extended warranty part and thought this is a great deal: 3 yrs of warranty (including the 1st year covered by the manufacturers). However the devil is in the detail. This IS NOT a extended traditional warranty, this is insurance policy for your product (exclusive of loss/theft).

What is the difference between a normal manufacturer's warranty and Squaretrade's insurance. Well a normal warranty will fix all product faults within its duration. The Squaretrade insurance will cover repairs (plus accidents) up to the value of your product.

Therefore if your product cost £250 and gets damaged beyond repair Squaretrade will cover the cost of a replacement, and then your policy is terminated (regardless of the time left on it), because the full value (£250) of your insurance has been used up. If the repairs are minor then you can keep getting your product repaired until you have used up the £250 of insurance, and then your policy is terminated. If you have any left over value in your policy (e.g. £40), but it won't cover the next repair (fault or accident), supposedly that amount is refunded to you.

I think the policy is still good, but the wording makes it seem much better than it actually is. This information is on your contract (you get this after buying) under "Limit of Coverage", which states:

"The maximum liability under this Contract shall be the original purchase
price of the insured item, excluding delivery charges.
If you have received repairs or replacements up to the value of the
original purchase price of the insured item or a cash settlement for the
replacement cost of a new item of equal features and functionality, your
policy will immediately end."

In summary you have insurance value up to the amount you paid for your product, and no more. After that cash is used up, the contract is terminated or any remaining money which won't cover the final repair is refunded.

I've given 3/5 stars for the review only because the insurance cannot be properly assessed unless the policy actually gets used. If that changes I'll update the review.
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on 14 September 2011
All the 5 reviewers have purchased the policy, and have given 5 stars for what? None of them has had to deal with them following a claim, a litmus test for insurers. Contacting a customer following a policy purchase etc is all well and good, brownie points for them, BUT, how do they deal with the customers following a claim?

Oh yes I can give them all the stars and glowing reviews, but until someone puts a real post-claim experience, I'll take all these reviews with a pinch of salt.
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on 7 November 2011
I took out SquareTrade's warranty with accident protection when my son had saved up enough money to buy a 32GB Apple iTouch. Just as well, as he came to me in distress a few months later, having dropped his iTouch on a tiled floor, completely smashing the screen in the process. One weekend call to SquareTrade started the process - had a quick conversation about the situation (happily I'd provided them with my Amazon product receipt at the time of purchase) and a day or two later I was sent an email with a packaging label to print out. Posted the damaged iTouch (at no cost) in a padded envelope and a few days later got an Amazon gift certificate emailed to me. One happy son ordered a replacement, and - having seen the benefit - gladly agreed to work off the cost of the new SquareTrade warranty! Having experienced the claims procedure, I've been very impressed with SquareTrade.
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on 6 December 2010
I originally had some serious doubts about this warranty as it appeared to exclude the use of my Sat Nav outside the home. After an exchange of e-mails with the seller, the wording has now been revised in this respect. After further reading of the policy, particularly the "Definitions" section I find that this product is NOT suitable for a Sat Nav for use outside the British Isles as the Territorial Limits are defined as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Not a lot of use for a product which is to be used in Europe. I regret that I could not recommentd this product for a Sat Nav. It could, however, be suited to items which are not going to be used outside the territorial limits.
This product has now been revised and includes a new paragraph regards use worldwide. Previous references to Territorial Limits restricting use of items to the UK and NI have been removed. This makes it a far more acceptable product, particularly in my case where I required cover on a Sat. Nav used mainly in mainland Europe.
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