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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Service plan term: 2 Years|Service plan covered value: £700-£800|Change

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I got a Square Trade (ST) warranty for my S3, back in 2012 - at first it all seemed fine, with a low price, but soon I realised you get what you pay for.
In late 2014, I filled out a claim for my S3. Sure enough, customer service were nice at first, but not very knowledgeable on phones, let alone Android phones.

Simple enough - fill out the form, drop it with UPS and wait for it to return.
So I waited about a week, and got my phone back - I was super excited as the turn-around was really fast.
I open the package, to my disgust, the phone's screen had been replaced with a replica/fake/not original.
The touch screen buttons had changed colour and the screen didn't look as good as it did beforehand.
Now this I could slightly live with, but then the home button of the S3 was literally getting lodged into the display - yet again, signs of a fake/after-market button - then to just top it all off, the Firmware on my BTU, SIM free S3 was now VODAFONE branded - great job there ST! Since when did I ask for a VODA phone?

So I called ST again, this time quite annoyed at the situation - what happens? Oh, phone goes dead. Not my end, they dropped the phone on me.
So I call back this time stating: "You drop the phone on me again, I have the phone call recorded and will publish it online" - funnily enough they stick on the line and go ahead with the repair - this time round they have absolutely no idea what the "problem is" - they couldn't seem to understand why the home button was getting stuck, why the buttons were different and had absolutely, I mean absolutely no idea what a firmware was and/or an Android ROM. I literally spoke to the guy like he was a 5 year old explaining him what it was. It isn't my job to do so - where's the basic training at ST?

Anyway, cut the story short, the phone is sent back - around a week and a half later (yes this one took longer) - the phone came back - the home button as fixed, and the screen is now an original screen, however the firmware is still Vodafone branded. Sure enough, I can flash the phone quite easily - but why should I, when my phone has been tampered with by some people at ST? Long story short - I'm not playing ball and want to get to the bottom of this, be it via Trading Standards or via Amazon (where I bought the warranty from). I'm simply dissatisfied with the whole experience and ST should be ashamed about the staff that dealed with my "repair".
Since it has been almost a month that I've had to deal with not having a phone, I've been forced to use my mother's secondary phone (gotten used to it), but that doesn't mean I should have an S3 sitting in a drawer, due to the incompetence of ST employees.

I was going to buy 2 ST warranties for 2 other phones, but now I'll definitely not commit to that. You get what you pay for. Sure the phone was "fixed" but my definition of fixed is original parts, properly done - not after-market and dodgy dealings.

Just as a follow-up: SquareTrade offered a partial refund of the warranty (50%) and offered to give me money towards flashing the phone at an official repair shop.
As much as the good-will gesture is "nice" - I still don't think it's enough. I think a full refund of the agreement (for their poor customer service) and a full refund of the phone was entitled.
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on 23 February 2014
There are many reviews for SquareTrade, all very positive. Unfortunately the vast majority appear to be from people who have set up their warranty quickly & easily online and haven't had to deal with SquareTrade's customer service or make a claim.

There are multiple online retailers selling SquareTrade warranties, Amazon being one of the main ones. You can go to Amazon and purchase a SquareTrade warranty considerably cheaper then on the SquareTrade website (it appears). The Amazon listings are created and maintained by SquareTrade and the warranty comes from them directly.

I purchased a new SquareTrade warranty from Amazon having meticulously read the terms and conditions to ensure my new device was fully covered. Everything matched up with what I wanted and I was happy with the terms and conditions, especially the fact that the device didn't have to come from Amazon (which it didn't, I'd bought it from another reputable retailer 2 days prior). This was made especially clear by the bullet point statement "Available for items purchased on or outside of Amazon".

Shortly after setting up my warranty I noticed on the 'My Warranties' page that the insured device was described as having been purchased from Amazon. I contacted customer services to ask if this could be changed to where I actually bought the device from as I didn't want it to affect any possible claims.

Some hours later I received a phone call from a SquareTrade representative informing me that not only did my warranty not cover the type of device I'd purchased but it also didn't cover items that WEREN'T purchased directly from Amazon. I thought "how strange" since my device is an electrical item within the price range described and it says on the site that it doesn't have to come from Amazon. I calmly confronted the representative about this new information and explained that I'd read the key facts document, the T&C's document and the Amazon listing thoroughly (as I'm generally cautious when it comes to insurance) and not only did such information not exist but the site explains that the device does not need to be bought from Amazon.

The now bewildered support rep just kept repeating 'I'll have to take this up with head office'. At this point I requested to speak to a manager. I was assured that a manager would ring me back shortly.... No phone call.

In the meanwhile I forwarded an email with images detailing the misinformation on the website..... still no phone call. After several hours I rang SquareTrade and requested to speak to a manager again as the call I'd been promised hadn't happened. I explained that due to pending travel I would like to know that my warranty/accidental damage is in place...... Excuses followed by "a manager will definitely contact you in the next hour" .....still no phone call.

I've since contacted Amazon and reported the issue. Amazon have contacted SquareTrade requesting that they amend any incorrect information on their listing and work towards resolving the issue. I've still had no phone call.

The alarming thing is, when you look at the glowing reviews on Amazon for SquareTrade please take a moment to ACTUALLY READ THEM. A massive percentage of them are from customers who've purchased their Amazon listed SquareTrade warranty for similar devices, from different retailers and are happy with their purchase but have never claimed or spoke to SquareTrade. If the information SquareTrade have given me is true then THESE PEOPLE'S PRODUCTS ARE NOT COVERED! If you have one of these warranties I'd recommend you contact SquareTrade and ensure your warranty actually covers your item. This creates an interesting stalemate. If the information presented is incorrect will SquareTrade amend/update it? If so, are they going to contact the hundreds of people giving them glowing reviews on Amazon and tell them that their products are not covered? Are they going to refund them? Maybe they'll honour the warranties although I doubt this as they' were arguing mine when what I've paid for is in black and white and I'm not even making a claim.

I'm not entirely sure how any of this has come about but I'm pretty sure it's illegal. You can't base a policy around what your policy documentation DOESN'T SAY whilst simultaneously making excuses in an attempt convince customers that they're wrong about what the retail site DOES SAY.

If you can trust a company who can create new terms and conditions on the fly that aren't mentioned in any of their documentation and blatantly dispute features of your product which are written in plain English on re-seller websites, then enjoy your warranty and good luck if you ever have to use it. Otherwise I'd recommend taking out an extended warranty from the manufacturer of your product or checking the features of your home insurance/credit cards as these can sometimes cover electrical products etc. Had I not contacted SquareTrade to query a tiny error on the policy I would have been paying for a warranty that would NEVER have covered my device and only found out when it was too late.
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on 20 July 2012
I bought a Kindle to take with me on a two month visit to Australia. Took out SquareTrade Warranty + Accident Protection while in Australia, hoping I would not have reason to use it; and wondering whether the claims the company made might just be too good to be true. About a week before returning to UK the Kindle was knocked from a bedside table to a carpeted floor; and it stopped working. On return to the UK, I rang Square Trade as per instructions received with policy. Operator I spoke to was polite and helpful. That was at 6.30 p.m. on a Friday night. By 11.00 a.m. the following morning (Saturday) a replacement Kindle had been delivered. By 11.00 a.m. on the Monday my original (now defunct) Kindle had been collected by Courier. This insurance policy really does do exactly what they claim. Cannot recommend it too highly.
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on 6 July 2014
I bought an appliance from Currys recently at a good price. I wanted to extend the manufacturer warranty, but considered Currys' offering too expensive. I contacted Square Trade and learned that the warranties that they sell on Amazon can be applied to items purchased elsewhere. Sorry if you already knew that, but I hope this helps somebody ...
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Squaretrade provided a no hassle bank credit and free courier return of the item that failed for my first ever claim. So I'm reinvesting with them again on the replacement item cover for two years.
It made sense to insure a wireless keyboard,as I don't know that many models that are designed for use on the sofa to actually last two years.
I was free to choose the replacement with the funds from the policy - and tried a different manufacturer and design,hopefully this one will last longer.
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on 7 May 2017
Excellent Item and service!
Delivered on time with good packing!
Very much pleased with the purchased! A good quality product as expected!
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on 7 January 2016
When I spoke to them regarding the item a golf GPS and putting my son's name on policy they suggested putting it on to run along side my name in case I had to speak to them on his behalf as the GPS was bought for him
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on 8 March 2017
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on 4 June 2017
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on 24 March 2017
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