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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 December 2010
Body Buff is definitely the best Davina yet. Like other reviewers, I quite liked Davina Fit but found there was something missing - it just wasn't challenging enough. This is not the case here. All over body toning, with a particular focus on the core, is integrated throughout this dvd. Old moves are given a refreshing & exciting new twist and new moves are introduced. I've tried all the Davina workouts (except the prenatal) along with upward of 50 fitness dvds in the last 2 years: Jillian Michaels, Jeanette Jenkins, Cathe Friedrich, The Firm, Ellen Barrett, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, to name just a few. Yet I started off with Davina and I always seem to come back to her, Superbody and High Energy Five being my favourites before this dvd. I would highly recommend this dvd, for beginners, intermediate exercisers and Davina fans alike. For those who find her annoying, there are virtually no annoying bits in Body Buff, although there are quite a few funny moments and Mark is HILARIOUS!

This breakdown will hopefully complete the dvd info for Body Buff:
Warm up - nearly 10 minutes long, seems shorter: the moves are NOT repeated over and over (unlike High Energy Five, same length, yet seemed longer). Integrates the core.

Boxing - led by Jackie. Leaves you satisfied that you've worked your whole body and got your heart rate up. Flows very well and the routine isn't repeated, you're not left thinking "oh, I've got to do all that over again now", like in the Superfit routine of Superbody. Jackie's cueing starts off brilliantly, but could be better towards the middle and end, where she doesn't always introduce the move before you do it, or repeat her usual "punch, punch, kick, kick, etc". You march between each set, but you could run if you wanted a higher intensity workout. To make it tougher, you could also use light handweights (1-1.5kg) or weighted gloves to work the arms, back and core even more. The abs work at the end of the boxing would make even Jillian Michaels jealous. It is very short but extremely effective, some traditional crunches are given a new twist. Works the transverse really well, along with the more superficial abdominal muscles.

Cardio - led by Jackie gets your heart pumping in interval style sets. The intervals are high intensity, although the sets in between are not necessarily low intensity. There is a bit of marching (or rather standing around in the case of Davina!) between each set. The last five minutes of the cardio (20 minutes in) repeat some of the moves done at the beginning, and there is a quite funny minute of freestyle at the end where you can dance, run, fling your arms around and do whatever you like. Moves integrate back kicks, squats and lunges to work the whole body. Some dancy moves too. Sometimes easier options aren't shown, but Davina fans will know how to do this from previous dvds.

Legs & Core - led by Mark with cardio intervals. Jackie shows the low intensity cardio for most but not all of the intervals. Extremely effective, no over the top repetition (Mark admits the 200 pliés in Davina fit was a bit too much and I can only agree). A mix of leg & bum work with core, you'll do a side lunge swinging your arms above your head & balancing on one leg as you come up. Some good plyometric moves, but without a lower intensity option, which could put a few beginners off (3 rep lunge then jump & change; ski squat jumping).

Arms - no intervals here, but some low intensity cardio is mixed into the arm moves (marching or stepping back). You'll find some of the old style moves at the beginning, with balance and core moves mixed in after this. Legs & bum are also worked in some squat moves. Mark leads us with HIS right, which is OUR left(again!) , but if you're used to this it's not a problem. Definitely gets you sweating.

Abs - pilates inspired and I loved it. Although I liked super sixpack from the Superbody workout, that was nothing compared to this. The moves are again designed to work all the core muscles and especialy the tranverse, and so flatten your tummy, rather than build bulk. This would be made even better if beginner advice was given - keep the legs higher off the ground rather than lowering them all the way down (for some pilates style moves), or perhaps tips for the more advanced (head & shoulders off the floor for the single straight leg stretch).

Stretch - the 1st five minutes is the usual standing stretches, followed by a deep yoga inspired stretch starting on the knees. No sun salutations or yoga breath here. Yoga fans will find crescent-moon pose, child pose, a warrior style pose, down dog & up dog as well as some twists. No yoga terminology used. It's just a really deep and effective all over body stretch and is particularly nice on the back. Beware Mark's right is our left! (could complicate the sitting twist at the end!)

Nutrition - extremely refreshing attitude from Davina, it's not about being skinny but about feeling good & being healthy, so different to many fitness dvds where the emphasis is mainly on fitting into a size 10 pair of jeans. Davina goes to visit Meg Mathews and shows you around her house (you'll either love or hate her style). Not sure whether Meg Mathews represents the typical working mother, there's definitely a lot of botox & lip work going on there, but her nutritionist looks healthy and beautiful, and not stick thin. The advice is DO NOT DIET, just eat healthily and don't skip meals. All foods are superfoods and you need a bit of everything in your diet. Very refreshing.

I was a bit disappointed at first that there was no matrix option to choose & play the routine you wanted, but find now that it's better like this - you come back to the workout menu after every workout and then choose what you want to do next. So instead of being over/under ambitious, you choose what you want to do next depending on how you're feeling AFTER each part. There is a mostly music option, so you don't have to listen to the chit chat.

The set worried me at first, with the light sabres and screens (similar to Power of three set). Yet the lighting is perfect and the set fits well with the selected (quite dancy) music. I wasn't too keen on some of the songs before, but found they worked extremely well with the workout and got you motivated. The theme song of the dvd is Taio Cruz Break your heart (Paul Thomas Remix), which is also used for the warm up. The other songs are:

- Flashback, Calvin Harris
- Nothing better, Eddie Thoneick & Erick Morillo
- Blackwater, Carl Kennedy & Tommy Trash
- Hey Hey, Dennis Ferrer
- Afterlife, Black Iris
- Let the Bass Kick in Miami Girl, Chuckie & LMFAO
- I can't stop (David Penn Remix), Sandy Rivera
- Remedy, Little Boots
- I feel love (original Club Mix), MYNC & Rhythm Masters
- I wish (Radio Edit), Mini Viva
Legs & Core:
- Om, Danism
- Toda menina Baiana, Gilberto Gil
- My baby left me, Rox
- Ridin' solo, Jason Derûlo
- One Drum, Copyright
- Desire, Michael Canitrot
- Down River, The Temper Trap
- Sweet Harmony, The Beloved
- Sao Paulo, Morcheeba
- The Ballad of Paul & John, Torch Song
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on 7 December 2010
Davina, Jackie, Mark AND the skipping story are back!!

As great as Davina Fit was I, and some other reviewers, felt there just wasn't quite enough there for a top-notch workout.
Not so with Davina Body Buff. You really are spoiled for choice. If you want to do a whole hour of intense cardio you can do, want to do 40 mins of super toning? It's right there. Pushed for time? You can just do the warm-up and one shorter section. Basically, you can mix and match the five workout sections (plus warm up and cool down of course!!) however you like!! Genius!!

The product info give a good enough breakdown of the different sections so I won't repeat them here. But I will say that although this is the SIXTH Davina dvd (not counting the pregnancy one) there is still LOADS of new - and super fun - stuff in here. The Buff Legs and Core is an absolute killer with zillions of lunges but I can really feel the effect after just one go! And pretty much all of the exercises are great for your core which, for me, definitely beats having to do loads of crunches every day!

As always with Davina dvds there are options (with Jackie) to take the intensity down a level so if you are struggling you can switch intensity while you get your breath's always nice to have the choice.

Some of the in jokes will perhaps go over the heads of those new to Davina fitness dvds but that's really just a great excuse to go out and buy all the others too :)

This is a great addition for anyone who is serious about getting and staying fit. Because of the great format beginners can build up slowly - while those more used to exercise can mix up several sections straight away!
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on 13 December 2010
If you are anything like me? Your busy, you've got children, you've a house to run, work?
There isn't enough time in the world for you? Well ever since I brought my first Davina (super body) workout DVD I discovered that there is time for you! Without putting yourself first, your never going to have enough engery for any of above.
Self worth is important.
It's not a workout where you think I've warmed-up so this is where i've just got to get through it. You just pick the sections you want. When your in your workout your loving it!
It is fun.
It is quailty for money.
It is a body change.
I am one of those people who couldn't ever seem to shift those 'bingo-wings' but I'm much more toned and defined. They really are!
My legs have never been in better shape.
My abs are coming back! (after only giving birth 16 weeks ago & a C-section)

So come on girls or boys.

Trust in Mark, and Jackie. The trainers. They know what there talking about.
Davina isn't cringe worthy in this DVD.
4/5 hours a week is all you need. So just a bit of tweaking to your life, will make all the difference.
Thanx for reading :o)
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on 11 December 2010
I have just finished my workout from Davina's new DVD Body Buff and thought I would do a quick review before I shower! I did the warm up, cardio & arms sections. There are no dull moments of repetitive exercises - its all nice and fast, but its not too complicated - I think after a couple of goes I will be able to turn off the voices and just stick to the music! The music is great, really fun & dancy. I know i will be seeking some of it out to download.

The arms section is done at quite a fast pace, which is good as you are still doing a bit of fat burning. The short cool down section is lovely, just to have a final deserved stretch.

I have to admit I am a convert to Davina's workout DVDs after the snow last winter meant I couldn't get to the gym but managed to get a copy of Davina Fit. Shortly after that I cancelled the gym & got another Davina DVD for a bit of variety. They really work. Obviously - you have to work too. I would like to pay someone to do my workouts for me, but that hasn't been invented yet! In the meantime, thanks to Davina, Mark & Jackie for making it fun to keep fit.
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on 28 December 2010
It has long been tradition that I get a new Davina DVD every year for Christmas. Since graduating to Nell McAndrew, Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper etc in the last few years I generally tend to now think of Davina as the "I can't really be bothered to work out but I must do something so I'll do something easy like Davina" option. Please don't take this as a put down, Davina is the person responsible for me working out at all, but compared to Bob Harper's latest cardio DVD, she is, well, a lot easier.

Superbody surprised me by being just a little tougher than the usual offerrings, and now so has this. The cardio section had me gasping a few times, an it was GREAT! Even the boxing is no cake walk, and it is terrificly good for getting the frustarions of a bus journey to work and back out of my system. I hate finishing a dvd and feeling like I now have to go for a run because I haven't worked out yet. Hate it! If you work out, you have to sweat and at least feel tired enough to not be ready for a 10 mile run. This DVD delivers. You can make it quick, by just doing one section, a little longer, by combining 2 or 3 sections, or very long an kickass by going mad and doing everything! Up to you, based on the time available and also your fitness level.

The best thing about this is that you have a few workouts to mix up, so you won't get to the end of January and be bored with it, unlike some of the usual celeb discs that pop up this time of year. You also have options so you don't immediately fel put off by scart looking weights or multi limbed aerobics with freaky dance moves. Davina has also maintained a healthy, fit body for a few years now and she looks good consistently, so you know she's not just in it for a quick buck and some exposure only to gain it all back by June.

For anybody who want to make get fit in 2011 a resolution and MEAN it, get this. It's fun, it'll get you up and moving which is the hardest part, and next year this time you will want the new Davina for Christmas :)
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on 19 December 2010
Hi all,

Davina and her personal trainers Jackie and Marc are as always funny, easy to follow (me having two left feet!) and for me, really really and always a great motivation! I never get bored and they make me often laugh. I have a rather large collection of fitness DVDs, but still, I'm loyal follower to these guys here and I always return to my Davina favorites, namely Super Body Workout and High Energy Five.

As to the Body Buff, I'm a bit disappointed though. On the plus side, it introduces some cool new moves and has great music that works well with the exercizes, BUT: on the other hand, I did not really get the concept of this DVD. The sessions are all of different lengths and levels, I find; the warm up is pretty unusual (marching and jumping around on finishing stretches is somewhat awkward) and the cool down section is either too short or too long (depending which option you choose) either way mostly concentrating on legs. Combining the sessions does not really work well for me either. I've done this DVD already twice now, but I believe I will be soon going back to her best one so far, the Super Body Workout.

I normally do not review my buys on Amazon, but I hope Davina (finds some time), or her trainers, - I hope they read this one eventually and come back next year with something great (you get it already: something in the fashion of Super Body - challenging workouts with focus extensions).

Looking forward to the next Davina edition...
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on 11 December 2010
Well the run up to xmas wouldn't be the same without my Davina workout dvd. I was sooo excited when it arrived. Love the whole work out and the banter between Davina, Mark and Jackie.
Would deffo recommend this to EVERYONE!
Very funny that still after so many years doing these dvds Mark still cannot seem to balance in that stretch... really funny when he hopped out of view of the camera.
I am already looking forward to next years dvd... please never stop making them.
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on 30 January 2011
I am a massive Davina McCall fan and have all the dvd's in the series ( apart from the pre and post natal one). I love fitness dvd's and have used them for 15 years, so in this time i've collected a lot!

Davina's have always been my favourite as they combine resistance training with aerobic work. I was so looking forward to this one, and i'm really disappointed to say that I really don't like this one. The main reason is that it's just not different enough from the others. Most of the exercises have been done already ( several times) in other dvd's in the series. There are to be fair, a few more moves in this one, but i can't help but get the feeling this team are running out of ideas.

If Davina brings out any more i will definitely be buying them, as I am a big fan of her and her dvd's but sadly this dvd has only been done twice and i'm giving it away.

If you are new to Davina McCall please don't be put off, try others in the series. I highly recommend "Super Body" and "Fit".

Sorry Davina! x
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on 20 May 2016
I often find Davina annoying, but my routine was getting boring so I needed something more fun. This did the trick. Davina and her pals seem to have fun whilst doing this, and this element takes out the monotony of standing in front of a TV jumping up and down. The cardio buff section is my favourite followed by buff arms. The two sections last about 40 minutes which is great. I have lost a couple of pounds since starting this, so it must be working as well. I do it at least 3 to 4 times a week.
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on 18 March 2012
This fitness DVD was the first one i purchased since many years ago when i had Nell McAndrews & hence the size 16 as exercise just wasn't something i did regularly, if at all to be honest!
I read several reviews & going on those & the fact Davina & team were still making them, they obviously knew what they were talking about, so ordered Body Buff & have never looked back :-)

I was actually excited to do this dvd as all the reviews were raving about it & what appealed to me is it wasn't some long boring,tedious not going to go into massive detail about the layout of the workouts as there's been some fab reviews by other ladies that have done this, but i loved the fact that i could start the cardio & know it was just half hour, then the boxing & that was another half hour, followed by any of the smaller sections.
It's all partly psychological, you start an exercise dvd that you know is an hour & half long & already you start thinking about how long your into it or that you've got AGES to go...but with Body Buff because its broken down into sections & you can control what section you do each time & for how long, you actually end up doing longer & you don't notice the time!

I started as a size 16 & I was unhappy at this size. I know a 16 isn't large as such but it was too me & i felt uncomfortable in clothes & knew i needed to do something about it.
This is my own way in losing the weight, some will say or know its the wrong way, some will think its ok, but its what i worked out for me & it has worked for me!

I started off with the intention to shrink my stomach the saying goes, the more you eat the bigger you expand your stomach & the more you have to fill it to feel full. So i started on Slim fast with an aim of just 3-4 weeks. It was tough, really tough but i did it & then after approx 3-4 weeks i weaned myself back onto 'normal' food!
I started off having either porridge with honey & berries, fruit & fibre/muesli with soya milk & banana, or wholemeal bread with crunchy peanut butter (no butter). For lunch it would still be a shake, and then for dinner i would have a proper meal like spag bol, chilli, chicken & veg, fajita wraps etc.
In between meals i only eat fruit/nuts/fine milled oatcakes & to drink - water (lots!)- peppermint tea, green tea, nettle tea, pineapple juice etc.
It might be nonsense but i found it easier to digest my food if i kept protein & carbs seperate also..along with cutting all 'white' food out when it came to carbs & swapping them for wholemeal etc, so much easier for your body to digest & doesnt instantly bloat you!

Along with the food change i knew id have to throw myself into exercising if i really wanted to see results. I used Davina Body Buff from the beginning of my challenge & with the aim to get to a size 10.
I did Body Buff 3 times a week along with other abdominal exercises & a power walk on an evening with a friend on days i hadn't done Body Buff and im now literally half the size i was :-)

I started out weighing 13st 5lbs & im now 9st 1lb...its took me 15 months to lose the weight & it has been down to a much healthier food diet & exercise, exercise, exercise.
I've done other dvd's like Jillian Michael's along with going to the gym twice a week but i always come back to Davina, Jackie & Mark.
If i lived closer & had alot more money i would without a doubt be hiring them to train with properly, but as this isn't an option :-(( this & along with their older & most recent dvd's, are without a doubt the best exercise dvd's you will EVER buy!!

Good luck & if your still hesitating, dont, do it!! Click & add to cart, it'll be the best thing you ever do for yourself & that gorgeous new body that's waiting for you ;-) xxx
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