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  • Customer reviews

on 21 August 2012
I have tried quite a few protein bars, and these ones are by far the best ones. Not as syntheticy as others. Quite nice chocolaty tasting actually. And I have half of one before a workout and the other half after. And it really gives me enough energy to work out for at least 1.30 hours. If i don't have anything at all, I did notice I'd have some low blood sugar problems, but this sorts it right out and I have no issues now. And sometimes I do substitute a meal for it. So far so good. Lost almost a stone in 5 weeks while using them and feel pretty good. I also have quite sensitive stomach and IBS problems, but these bars were no problems for me. 5 stars!
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on 8 July 2013
Like many other people I think the Dark Chocolate Promax Meal bars are absolutely delicious, I usually have one after exercise and find that they help my craving for something sweet late on as I usually go to the gym during the evening, Don't know what the other flavours are like but the dark chocolate tastes so good that I probably won't try the others, try them at room temperature so they're a bit softer, it makes them easier to chew.
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on 16 October 2012
really really pleased with these! fab for on the go, im a self confessed snacker and these are perfect, instead of snacking on rubbish id just have half of a bar and be full for hours! cant compliment them enough. when im training i have a shake for breakfast (highly recommend PHD diet whey, best shake iv found) a bar for lunch and a low cal meal for dinner then have a bar after the gym if im hungry usually about 8pmish. after a few days of eating these and training i saw a huge difference in my muscle tone, i was a lot more defined and they also seemed to prevent the after gym aches. i gave the maximuscle promax diet bars a go aswell but wont be bothering in future as these are far better in my opinion. give them a go and you wont be disappointed!
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on 7 August 2012
If you need to eat regularly and want a controlled intake of quality nutrition these bars hit the spot. Too many healthy "snacks" are loaded with sugar and fat. If you don't feel like preparing a proper meal one of these bars at a fixed 200 cals and a know protein content hits the spot, and they taste good too. At this price they are a real bargain.
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on 29 December 2012
I really used to enjoy the dark chocolate ones, great taste & texture. Perfect when out with no decent food around.

But after my 3rd order they changed them completely without warning the picture on amazon is not what you'll receive its still the old version!!

The bar is now much chunkier/brick like, INCREDIBLY chewy; honestly it glues your mouth shut along with feeling like your teeth are being pulled out when eating, major jaw ache!. They have more of a paste like consistency as opposed to the previous flatter, lightly crumbly texture which was oh so nice (Can be seen in the picture). They also have a strong artificial sweetness to them, the wrappers are slightly different but I didn't check the ingredients to confirm.

I thought it was a bad batch, had a hard time giving them away when friends used to nab them from me! The next order was sadly the same.

Since then iv moved onto alternatives a real shame since they were so good.
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on 6 October 2012
These are the best protein bars I've tasted and I've tasted quite a few different ones.
21g of protein, ideal for before or after a workout giving you that energy and recovery that your body needs. Very chewy and delicious with that yummy chocolate most people desire.
There are no side effects that you would need to worry about but need to remember this bar isn't a replacement for your daily food intake by replacing an important meal with it as its not healthy to do so. (But can take WITH your meals)
As said, best taken before or after a workout for that recovery you need and muscle growth.
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on 11 January 2013
These used to taste great - a nice dark chocolate flavour with a good amount of quality protein.

As of a few months ago I stopped buying these, however, as they have completely changed the formula: the bars taste a lot worse and are physically a lot more annoying to chew. On top of this, apparently they now contain hydrolysed collagen; a poor source of quality amino acids. Furthermore, the new ingredient means that the product is not suitable for vegetarians (not an issue for me, but may be for you)!

If they change back to the old style, I'll buy them again!
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on 13 January 2014
After paying £1.80 each from a supermarket, I saw a box of these little beauts up for half the price. I jumped straight in (like a man wanting to wrestle a shark!) and took the risky gamble!!! Behold! The gamble payed off! I am now sitting at work staring at the marvel that is 2 boxes of protein bars. All in there original packaging, no one has opened nor taken a bite of my bars. Can't say fairer than that!
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on 6 July 2012
I bought this product and inside 1 bar I found a 2 inch square piece of thick polytheme, quite unpleasant to be picking that out of your mouth, all emails about it to Maximuscle have gone unanswered. I'll steer clear of their products in future and would recommend others do as well.
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on 1 August 2012
I agree with other reviews that these bars taste pretty good, and are filling, I could easily eat several chocolate bars a day, and 2 of these are helping me not do that at all.

2 bars a day is the maximum recommended due to the laxative effects, and certainly they worked on me! I had 7 in a 24 hour period (over 2 days) and the results were very 'clearing'! (I did not do this intentionally btw - I was in hospital and they had no food for me so I had to eat more than I was expecting to). However, if you NEED a laxative this is actually a good way to have one, as some laxatives can give you stomach cramps, and these did not. The laxative effects do work on 3 bars in a day too, and I do not think that anyone would find this problematic as it is a mild effect.

You will not like these bars if you do not like the taste of milk powder, as they taste strongly of that. The 'chocolate' coating is quite chocolatey, and they are just sweet enough. I find them extremely convenient and sometimes struggle to only have 2 a day!
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