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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 November 2012
I purchased these to replace my well-used Klipsh S3i headphones. I chose these as I had been pleased with the sound quality and comfort of the S3i headphones.

Unfortunately these latest model have not lived up to my expectations. A little clip is included with these headphones so that you can clip them to your clothes and position the microphone and controls. The problem with the clip is that it does not stay attached to the headphones and falls off. I managed to retrieve the clip a few times after it fell off, but the inevitable happened and the clip fell off and was lost. I didn't think this would matter so much, but the controls are relatively heavy and pull on the headphones. This results in pulling the ear-buds out of my ears. The movement of the controls also bangs against the cabling making annoying knocking sounds up into my ears. So without the clip the earphones are not particularly usable when walking.

The headphones can be worn in two positions - standard and sport. The sport position involves putting the buds in upside down and hooking the cables over the ears. Unfortunately the cables do not stay in place and eventually pull on the buds, making them extremely uncomfortable (although in this position, they are much more secure and fall out less).

If you do not lose the clip these are good headphones but without the clip they are not fully functional.
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on 27 November 2013
Klipsch is an excellent brand and their headphones deliver great sound for relatively good price. This one isn't any different in terms of sound quality however there are few design flaws that makes it quite a huge disappointment over other Klipsch headphones I have used. First of all the earbuds tend to slip out from my ears constantly regardless the fact that I'm using a correct size earbuds (the package comes with three different sizes, so you can pick the ones that fits best for your ear). What I have also noticed is that these earbuds tend to unfasten quite easily. So if you are not careful when you take them out from your pocket, you might accidentally drop & lose one, and then it's going to cost you a lot to buy a replacement bud.

However these are just minor complains, the biggest problem with these headphones is the "+ play -" remote control that you can see in the product image. In a way this is a real shame since I really like this control panel; the big buttons are very easy to use but this is also what makes the headphones so bad. Like some people here have mentioned this "control panel" is exceptionally heavy and therefore it tends to pull the headphones out from your ear when ever you move an inch. These headphones are just fine if you mainly spend most of the time sitting in a tube or bus but if you consider buying these and to use them while running, you will be driving yourself nuts since you will need to adjust the earbuds after every 50m or they will not stick in your ears!

When I first time opened the package and saw the headphones I was really shocked how big and massive this "control panel" thing was and it is seriously way too big for a headphones that are this small. There are other Klipsch headphones that have similar control panel but those have a much smaller & lighter control planel which is definitely better. My previous Klipsch headphones were one of those and I never had any issues headphones falling out from my ears. I cannot really explain how much it annoys when you are coming from Tesco and carrying two bags of groceries and listening music and after each 100m you will need to fix the position of the headphones or they will fall off! So I wouldn't recommend these headphones for anyone who has an active lifestyle or likes to do exercise (running etc.) For occasional use these are just fine and they do deliver stunning sound (love the bass levels) but these ones weren't meant for me.
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on 27 December 2014
Excellent - now superseded by the s4i rugged, the only difference? Cheaper packaging now on the s4i rugged! This came with a (pointless, but nice) hard case-cum-LED flashlight. The new one has a small material bag. Same issues with the s4i rugged too - more durable than the s4i standard, but still only last a year. Less of an issue given they have a 2 yr warranty and amazon are absolutely brilliant at sorting out returns and warranties. Don't buy them from anywhere else!
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on 22 January 2014
I've had a good few pairs of these over the years and none of them have really stood up to my really-not-that-gruelling outdoor lifestyle (10-20 miles gentle running a week, the occasional 10 mile bike commute). My most recent purchase was May 2013 (8 months ago at the time of writing) and that pair lasted a couple of months until the jack plug became intermittent. Those were returned for replacement and as soon as the replacements arrived I wound a couple of inches of duct tape around the plug to strengthen that particular part. My current pair have lasted until mid-January 2014 but now the right earphone has firstly become intermittent and now died completely. On inspection of each earphone, the 7mm of flexible plastic tubing protecting the cable where it enters the earphone has completely split on both sides, so I expect that loss of protection is to blame. So I would say that the product, in use, doesn't really live up to its description as rugged.
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on 7 January 2013
I chose these phones as a replacement for my excellent S4i's that had been through 3 years of hard everyday use. The S5i's seem more robust, being the 'rugged' version, and have wire thats seems a little thicker and sturdier and also much longer so it doesn't pull taught when in a trouser pocket. The quality of sound is very good being used with iPhone, and they come supplied with 4 sizes of buds to fit most earholes! The only major difference is the control panel is much larger, about 2'' in length, probably to used though ski gloves as the advertisements show.

Pros - Quality sound, sturdier wires, good value

Cons - None.

Maybe - The control panel may be a little indiscreet for some, but that's not a problem for me.
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on 27 November 2012
Black goes well with everything you have. It won't get dirty so easily, if you are someone like me who use it day and night, and also in the gym, it's perfect.

The sound quality seriously exceed my expectations. The bass is good, strong, and clear.

The control and microphone is perfect for smartphone. I used iPhone to listen to music, and at the same time, when a call comes in, I can listen to call. It will switch back to music when the call is finished.
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on 12 October 2013
I have these for my outdoor work. The sound quality is excellent and they stand up to weather well, no problems at all so far. Also being 'rugged' in design the buttons on the remote are bigger and easier to operate than for plenty of other makes.
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on 20 August 2013
I'd like to start by saying these headphones, for the price paid, are definitely worth every penny. The sound is clear, bass is very nice, the build is solid and durable and they're very comfortable. They're very 'good'. Not amazing, but very much up there.
With that said, I can't see any reason why these would cost over £100 retail. When I purchased them I believe I got somewhere between 50%-70% off. THIS, I believe, is a reasonable price. £100 is not by any means.
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on 19 October 2015
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on 22 February 2013
Great and easy to use while cycling.
The only dificulty for me was to much the right ear tips for my ears.
Once I found the right ones the sound "took off"
-I only managed great sound with the "sports fit" suggested in the manual.-
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