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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 January 2016
Pairing this with an Orange shark fan, I fitted them inside my Aero-cool GT-A case and they do deliver quite exceptional results when needing to regulate air flow at high temperature loads.

♣ Unboxing ♣
The fan comes in a happy shark designed plastic box in which you can see the fan beautifully presented.

Now, I'd suggest opening the box at this point so that the illustrated shark does not become more eager to eating you alive.

Along with the fan, they provide you with a Voltage Reduction Cable (silent mode) which allows the fan to run at a reduced voltage and an RPM of 800, with a tolerance of +-10%

They include a Molex Connector - 3+4 pin connector

They give you a Anti-Rubber screw which if you use, don't blame me if you can't get them out, they work but are RIDICULOUS.

♣ Build Quality & Functionality ♣
The fan itself has aerodynamically designed 'fins' which seem to work very well and suck air through the fans excellently.
They have weight to them and the fins feel pleasant like they're soft full of gel.

Since I've paired this with a different coloured one, they perform perfectly fine but the only let down is the bloody noise.
I have a variable wheel on the front of my case which allows me to crank up how much power I want to let through the fan, the slightest of power will send these fans spinning at a fast rate but will produce noise that can really start to annoy you.

The LED's are not quite as bright as my other shark fan and if you do want to get sleep at night, I'd suggest turning the fans off. They're pretty useful as a night light as well as being fans.

♦ Overall ♦
If you need fans that perform well and has great air flow, these will do the job. At the cost of a noisy fan at moderate-high speeds that is..
review image review image review image review image
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on 21 August 2012
I Bought both the Blue and the Red Aerocool Shark editions, all i can say is, they are simply awesome to look at.

In Power Mode.

I can't complain seriously...It makes some noise, but not from the fan itself, but from the airflow, cant determine exactly how loud the fan really is, because you cant hear it with the air rushing out of the case, but I'd say the fan alone would not make sufficient noise.
Also the leds are really powerful and look very nice.

Silent mode

You can barely hear it and the airflow is still the average you can expect a fan to push. The leds go down a bit, maybe by 20% but it still is admirable.


These fans look extremely good, mixing the Blue/Red makes a nice effect on the middle of the case, i would also like to add a green one, but they dont have.
The leds on the blue fan are simply amazing, but the ones on the red fan were a bit downturning, they are nearly 25-50% less bright than the blue fan, i would like them to be brighter if possible.
They are silent, only noise you might find disturbing is the airflow depending on how the panel the fan is attached to is cut (the openings)

I would like to make a request to Aereocool, to make a Green LED version of the fan, i will buy it, and I'm sure other will follow.

I rate this 5 star, as Ii could not find any better performance, low noise, LED fans anywhere.

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on 14 May 2014
Bought these for my Corsair 200R case just for cosmetic reasons really....I just had to have some blue LED's in there, somewhere. Put one of these in the front as an extra fan sucking air in and one in the top grill sucking air out. Nice colour and pretty quiet, even without the voltage reduction cable (included). Didn't really need to get the temperatures down in my case as I'm not running a GPU at the moment, however these two fans have brought my case temps down by over 10 degrees and I'm running at less than 30 degrees now. Oh yeah and the blue LED effect is very nice too.
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on 25 July 2014
Fantastic fan , Whilst doing a rebuild of my gaming pc I found that with the uprated graphics cards and CPU recently installed caused the heat within the pc to get dangerously out of control. After reading the reviews on this fan i decided to go with two of them which as it turns out was probably the best decision ive made in a long time . the temp in the PC was running at ( CPU 40+ degrees c now it runs at 21 degrees C the mother board was running around 55deg to 70 deg now its a constant 34deg at idle and no more than 40 deg under stress !also the graphics card ( geforce gtx460 ) was running at around 70-90 degrees c Way way to hot !! now it runs at a steady 45degrees and around 55-65 under stress so a marked improvement there PHEW .
I know that these temps seem extremely high and to be honest it shocked me as the system was a very efficiently cooled gaming pc before the upgrades , it just shows that you need to consider the cooling factor when ramping up the power and hardware within your PC . In short these fans have proven well beyond doubt their capability and indeed their efficiency in cooling the system .
they are a little noisy but honestly as other reviewers have said its the airflow and that can only be good . and they look good as well . so great price amazing performance and great price . i will now be changing all the fans in my systems over to these as they are that good .
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on 24 May 2014
I've just installed it and it's working pretty good, it's even managing to keep me a bit cool with the breeze. It's not noisy at all, the only noise I can hear, is from the air movement. I did have to cut back some of the shrink wrap on the cable at the fan end, which was preventing the cable from squeezing into the frame cable slot, aside from that Installation was straightforward. I was a little worried because the mounting holes aren't threaded and the frame's made from translucent plastic, which the screws provided don't look they would tap easily into. I did have some some other screws from the old fan that might have tapped but I decided to go with the rubber anti-vibration mounts supplied with the kit and guess what, they worked great, you have to tug the fan from inside the box to seat them properly though. You get an optional voltage reduction cable if you want to run the fan at lower rpm, standard speed is claimed to be 1500 rpm, seems about right, 800 with the voltage reduction cable fitted.
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on 10 December 2012
I just got this fan and its great, the LEDs are a nice blue and it blows a very good amount of air through, i will us this at the front of my case so the blue lights show through my grills and the nice cold air blowing across my HDDs.
review image review image
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on 3 August 2016
Cools really really well but is a little too noisy for my taste. I have since replaced it with a coolermaster quiet fan which was only a couple of quid more but far quieter.

Good budget fan if you don't care about noise or use your PC with headphones.
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on 12 February 2013
I bought the blue edition. At full speed the LEDs are bright but there's a slight audible whine.

That said, on my system it runs at most at half speed, where the LEDs are dimmer and all you can hear is the air rushing past its blades. I used the anti-vibration mountings because I was experiencing resonant noise through the case, caused by this fan. They worked wonders, so much so that I've ordered more for my other case fans.

Yes, I'm a fan of this.
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on 5 June 2015
Really good fans , purchased 4 of these for cooling my rads in a push pull configuration and these work well in cooling .. Would recommend purchasing anti vibration washers to minimise any noise further
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on 29 July 2013
I have read many feedbacks on these fans. Yes they make noise when turned on but what fan dosent. They do what there intended to do and kkep your machine cool and operating. Before installing these 2 fans I had just 1 which came with the case. 1 wasent enough as my pc kept foing to blue screen or shuting down for no reason. Now in total I got 2 fans in my pc the top 1blows iar out and the 2 bottom fans suck air in. My pc hasent crashed on me since or blue screen.Pluss when im editing photos and video it keeps the pc from freezing on me. As for noise as I said yes there is noise but you get used to it.100% satisfied.
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