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on 5 December 2011
Update 31/12/2011
Have at last fully returned the TV and got a replacement from "Curries" complete with 4 sets of 3D Glasses.

Just to be clear the problem is that at the start of 2011 Samsung changes from Infrared Glasses to Bluetooth Glasses. The latter are a lot cheaper (at £15 a pop) and readily available, whilst the former are rapidly going obsolete and expensive (at £60 each). This is presumably part of the reason why they had been "borrowed" from the TV I had delivered (which had been manufactured 18 months ago).

So if you want 3D, then go for a modern set that suports the "3" Series glasses, and if not, then buy the far cheaper non 3D screens.

Also don't rule out local shops and the larger chains, I was committed to Samsung (having bought some glasses and a Blu Ray player), but was amazed at the deals that were on offer.

This TV is therefore worth about £500 (at end of 2011) as it is obsolete, and is much less energy effecient than it's modern (LED) replacements.


Original Review -

Great TV, great picture, shame about the service.

The issue is not with the TV per se, as the picture and sound are great - exactly what a TV should do.

However, the 3D system is not shipped with any 3D glasses. At least that's what Amazon Customer Services say, the small issue that the box states that glasses are included, the manual for the glasses is there, and the box had clearly been opened at some time makes no difference.

The Customer services suggestion was to return the item (takes 3-4 hours to wall mount and do basic setup for Sky+, Blu Ray, etc.) so that I can get a new unit sent to me seems strange, especially si9nce they followed up by suggestion they might be able to get someone to go through the units in stock, and ship me the glasses out of one them.....

So, you have been warned. There will be more sets without the glasses - and 3D is a little useless without them.

Oh the number for customer services is 0800 4961081 - but be prepared to wait as they seem a little slow in understanding, and appear to have no supervisors!
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on 27 January 2011
I have been looking at 50 inch 3D plasmas for a couple of months. Many offers presented bundled stuff I did not need and its never free is it? Now that this Samsung has been upgraded to include 4 HDMI connectors and a Freeview HD tuner I bought it with no bundled extras but a free pair of 3D glasses in the box. Very keen price from Reliant Direct and great service. TV is a replacement for an LG that is only 1080i. The picture is excellent and the remote works my Sony Blu Ray which is detected automatically. Even though the tv can access our wireless network through an optional dongle I do not need this as I can access our network and internet TV wirelessly via the tv's remote and my Sony Blu Ray player.

The 3D works well but you need a darkened room as top or side light is a distraction where it gets between the 3D glasses and your eyes and the 2D to 3D conversion is surprisingly good, particularly for nature programmes with landscape shots. 3D Glasses (one pair in the box) are battery operated but nice and lightweight and I wear them over my optical glasses. It does seem a bit mean to only include a single pair. Set speakers sound is surprisingly good, so even without my external surround sound amp there is a bit of mellow bass and the remote controller lights up which reduces incorrect button inputs in the dark!

Great technology - at half the cost of the 3 year old LG that has a lot less features!! And it uses a third less energy.

The factory picture presets seem good to me and the only variation I have used is the economy setting that reduces the sceen brightness as ambient light decreases - a great feature that saves operating costs. The set is a full 10Kg lighter than my old LG 50 inch. Not the thinnest plasma around but only 7cm deep.

The mains lead is short and only just long enough for my situation. There are no HDMI (or any other) cables supplied. You would think such items were expensive for manufacturers to include.

The Samsung PS50C680G5 is a super TV and at [...] delivered a bargain.
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on 24 December 2011
I bought this at the end of January 2011. It was actually the wife that had found it on alternative websites but much more expensive than it was available on Amazon, and although I have to say I liked the look of it, and the features that it listed, I was a little unsure about plasma. I'd owned LCD up to then but never plasma and I was worried the screen quality wouldn't match the LCD.

I shouldn't have worried - the quality is sublime. The 3D is also incredibly well done and immersive, but one thing I've noticed compared to other active 3D systems I've tried is that there appears to be a noticeable flickering comes through the glasses - this is far more pronounced if the lights are on and I assume there's some kind of interference at the frequencies used.

Other things of note - if you wish to stream video to this over the network then there is no fast forward, rewind or continue from stopped capability that I can see.

It's also quite steep for the USB WiFi dongle - I paid around £55.

However, the quality of this unit makes up for the slight annoyances, and I cannot recommend one enough.

One thing to bear in mind if you're planning to wall mount it - it's heavy. A genuine, two-person to lift piece of kit, so be warned. We live in a modern house and I had to carefully select a bracket that was (a) wide enough to be able to bolt into the joists and (b) came with heavy duty anchor bolts.

For the people complaining about a whining noise - I suspect that you have a faulty unit. Ours has never done any such thing. With regards to "screen burn" - it's just persistence - don't leave a static image on the screen for longer than you really have to (such as Sky menus).

I thoroughly recommend this unit.
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on 20 March 2011
When we first got this i was realy excited. Finally a 3d tv. After getting the box, it took about an hour to assemble the pieces with the blu ray player and other devices connected up aswel. It was simple enough. Straight away the hd picture was extremely good and 3d just as good, however the standard definition is extremely poor. The 2d/3d conversion is reasonable but only really works when using a hd source, football and cricket have been good.
warning, as it is a plasma things will get burnt into the screen. When teletext was left on for less than an hour an inprint was left but seemed to be gone in less than a day.
The qulaity of the tv has seemed to get better over the time we've had it wheather that be that we are getting used to it or that it is setteling a bit, I don't know.
The 3d is good, as is all 3d, but I have found it is nothing in compared to my large 3d projector. The samsung 3d is also one of the cheeper ones to set up over sony and panasonic.
Atm I am very pleased and will update this otherwise if problems later occur.
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on 7 April 2011
Ordered this item as my 5 series 50" (paid £702 8 months ago) was broken by my toddler, so browsing amazon I spotted this full 1080HD 3D plasma for £750, what a bargan me was thinking, How right I was, this was a steal.
I placed the order Tuesday evening (05/04/2011 about 7pm) to be delivered free on the super saver delivery package (estimated delivery date of 11/04/2011)
However, a mere 36 hours later its delivered in mint condition by citylink.
This one I took no chances with so decided to have this one hanging from a wall instead of using the stand.
Set up as always from samsung was very easy.

Picture Quality:
What can I say ? as thought my 5 series was good, but this picture seams that much better, the colours are bright and the picture is ultra sharp, it really does have the wow factor, I've not come across a better picture quality tv than this one.
No blurring or any lag at all.
Stadard tv viewing through a virgin media cable box is crisp and clear and a joy to watch.
HD viewing really steps up the viewing pleasure ten fold, absolutely faultless.
As with these samsungs there is no need to worry about reflections or light bouncing off the screen, mine sits by the patio doors on a south facing garden and today was really sunny, no problem for this tv, the screen doesnt reflect the light, unlike other tv's like LG for example, everyone moans that light reflection is a real problem and unless sitting with lights off and curtains closed in the dead of night to avoid reflections, none of that nonsence with a samsung.

Sound Quality:
Of course its good, it always is with samsung, good bass, crystal clear sound, has dolby digital pulse and SRS sound, volume goes nice and loud.

3D: Simply put, WOW, the best 3D Ive seen, I tried the 3D out in a well lit room (waiting for night time to see if its even better) things really do pop right out in front of you and you feel like you can just reach out and touch things, I was sitting 4 metres away from the tv. AWSOME.
The tv caters for the various 3D mode formats (side by side etc) but you can also switch to 2D > 3D mode, I tried this out and it gives the 2D broadcast a real depth effect, obviously nothing pops out of the screen at you in this mode, but impressive it is.

3D specs: The children will never be allowed near these babies ;-)
Nice and light weight, little button on the right arm to switch them on and off, if used for long periods of time (especially when new to 3D you may encounter some eye strain).

Other features:

USB ports all work fine, played a movie from my external hard drive without any hiccups.
Internet tv, Ive not tried this out yet as 1. I havnt got a long enough ethernet cable, 2. I will purchase the wireless dongle for the internet tv features.

I could rave about this tv all day long.

This is a hell of a lot of tv for its price range.

There is no better tv out there for this price, the quality of picture and sound as well as the other features leaves the competition well behind.

BUY it Buy it, BUY it, seriously, just BUY it. It has a dissapointment factor of zero !!!

You will love this tv.
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on 17 April 2011
Finally received this tv and well worth the wait. Stunning images and Monsters v Aliens in 3D was breathtaking! The glasses are light and comfortable. They flickered a bit 2/3 times but it did not spoil my enjoyment. The tv itself is very stylish looking with a nice glass surround. Highly recommended!
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on 27 March 2011
I had a 50" LG plasma before this and this has better picture quality and sound. There is a slight buzzing that it makes but its not really noticeable for me only when tv is on mute. The screen burn is quite bad (i do play ps3 alot on it though, and has alot of static images on the screen) but they soon disappear when something else is played on the tv. I have only used the 3d for playing 3d games, and well its quite amazing. Its quite amazing what you get for your money in this tv hence the 5 stars
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on 1 August 2012
I received this tv refurbished but its as new and im very pleased with it so far !! picture quility is great as with all samsung tvs with the hyper real engine ... Everybody who comes round loves it .. Huge screen and perfect with blu ray 1080p ! Skyhd is great as is ps3 . 3D is unbelievable with this tv! A must buy !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 17 May 2016
Superb TV
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on 24 January 2015
Awesome telly
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