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Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I made this video after 20 minutes of taking the FLIP from the postman's hand. I made a couple of 20 second clips sitting at my desk and I was so impressed I decided to see if it would handle a 'real' test. I attached it to a Gorilla grip tripod and attached that to the passenger seat of my car and went for a drive. Took me 10 minutes to edit as 1min of video is around about 100Mb of data and that's all Amazon will allow you to upload. Personally I think this little camcorder is brilliant. It doesn't get much better than this. Watch the wing mirror on the car and the background. The field depth is really good. Also listen to the microphone pick up. I'm driving a Diesel and although the film is fairly short and the vibration in the car is high the quality is still great. Next test has got to be putting it into a splash proof case and taking it down a water slide. This will be terrific fun and an amazing Christmas Present.
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on 9 January 2011
I have wanted a portable video camera for ages, so when I finally decided to buy one, I spent hours (days, actually), researching the best one to buy. I can assure you, I looked at every review, every test I could find for every camera that fit the 'portable' heading. This is the one I chose. And I am over the moon happy.

First of all, the size and ease of this camera have to be huge advantages. People use mine and go: "how does it work?". "Just press the big red button," I say. Lots of other cameras do offer different settings and menus, which started to lead me towards them, but in actuality, when I'm out and about and something interesting's happening, I grab my flip and within three seconds I'm recording in the best setting it knows. If it offered different settings, I can't say I'd change it, because the one it has is incredible.

There was just one other factor that was preventing me from clicking the buy button on this. Most other cameras now have 1080p, which is a higher HD setting (more pixels and that), whereas the flip is only 720. BUT, I use but in the good sense here, 1080p actually makes videos a nuisance to upload or send anywhere, because it takes much longer. PLUS, the flip 3rd gen is using 50fps (frames per second), which is actually where the better image is coming in. There's little difference with the 1080, because of this faster frame. So I was back to the flip.

Now, if you've done any research, you'll probably know that the kodak zi8 or playsport is the camera really competing with the flip right now. If you watch video comparisons side by side, the kodak looks brighter and clearer. BUT (I'm using it again), the kodak has a terrible shake issue. A surgeon could hold it and it'll still shake like an earthquake's taking place. So that somewhat ruins the clear picture, not to mention giving you horrendous motion sickness within a few seconds. ALSO, the flip has much better image quality in the dark anyway. The kodak only stands a chance when outside in bright sunshine. And let's be honest, how often in England are we filming outside in clear, bright sunshine? So now the flip was up two: it's shake stabilisation is actually amazing (because it works!) and it was the best camera I could find for filming inside. Which is when you're probably going to be using it most.

There were smaller factors influencing me about the flip too. Its size is brilliant. It really can fit in your pocket and is a joy to hold. It's one of the few cameras that can stand up alone (which for some reason really drew me in). If you want to put it on a side and film yourself, it can do that. Its flip out USB port is so handy too. I originally thought I'd prefer a cable, but I have no idea why now. You can plug the flip into any computer because the software's in it (you're out at a friends, need the video you've just taken? Plug it into their computer and off you go). I'm using a mac and the height fits almost perfectly so that the flip is supported by the desk or table when plugged in. And while you're sorting your videos out, it's charging itself back up so it's ready to go again! It's like a little alien trying to please you all the time. And it takes batteries!

I takes less than three seconds to turn on. Sound from the front and behind (I actually filmed a pantomime on it and you could hear every word) is crystal clear, to go with the bright, clear picture. You can take pictures off the footage too, which I've found look better than conventional photos (no cheesy grins and composure in a video!). The software is great for organising, but I am using the mac's iMovie to edit, but I expect window users could use movie maker (do you still use that?) or something, as the videos are so easy to import. It doesn't get dirty. Mine has yet to have a scratch. The black part is slightly rubbery, so it has grip, plus scratch and dirt control. The case is less shiny than the 2nd gen, so it doesn't smudge or scratch either.

I take mine everywhere. In my pocket, in my bag, I'm ready to film. You can turn the recording light off so no one knows you're doing it (hehe) or wander around vlogging. We're actually using mine to make our video year book with, so it's definitely high quality stuff, even from unbiased people who don't own one.

If you want a portable camera, you want this one. The 3rd gen is THE one to beat. Buy a Flip Ultra 3 Alien today. You'll love it.
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VINE VOICEon 21 November 2010
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Never one personally for the latest in 'gadgets'; I thought I'd give this a try anyway, since it was offered via the 'Amazon Vine Programme' for 'Review'.

I have to say; the most off-putting thing about products like this, is probably the most boring part which is reading pages and pages of Instructions and Operating Manuals - and most of which are so poorly put together, they're often difficult to understand... However; not only were the Instructions for this fabulous little Video Camera minimal; you really didn't need them at all - it was just so easy to use!

As someone has already stated in their Review; within literally minutes of opening the box, you are operating this marvellous little thing and making your own mini movies! Never having owned any sort of gadget or Camera like this before, (not even a Camera Phone) I was quite astonished at the simple operation, but more importantly; the amazing results! Both picture and sound quality is superb, and the playback screen is actually big enough for you to watch and enjoy, and not some tiny little pathetic thing which is often the case with this type of thing.

This comes complete with a powerful little rechargeable battery, (only takes 4 hours to charge) soft pouch for storing and a carrying strap. It's extremely good quality all round, and having just looked at the price - dirt cheap too!! It's absolutely fool-proof; a child or elderly person could operate this. A good and crystal clear screen for those with not such good eyesight - it's simply flawless! You can save and store your movies on your PC using a nifty little built-in USB connection plug, and even play them back on your HD TV!

Very difficult to think of anything more to say about this Item, other than - go on - treat yourself for Christmas - you'll be glad you did!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 November 2010
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This has got to be the most straightforward piece of equipment I have ever owned. It is so simple to work that you don't really need the instructions to get started. If you do choose to read them you will find them delightfully simple and short.
With the built in memory you get 2 hours of good quality video that you can watch on the 2" screen on the device, watch on your HD TV, or import into your computer and watch on that. There is also a dedicated website set up by Flip to enable you to easily share your creations with friends and family via the internet. Talk about convenient!
The camera responds well to changes in light, and the image stabiliser works really well to steady your shakier shots.
It also boasts a 2X zoom function, and seems to stay pretty sharp at close quarters - a couple of feet away and it is still pretty crisp, even though the recommended minimum distance is 1.5 metres.
Connection to the computer is simple - just plug it into any USB 2.0 port, via the built in USB plug, and it will find and open the device so that you can see all your videos.
The software to download, edit and share videos is in the camera already and will also appear when you connect it to your computer. It charges up from the computer connection, so no additional bits and bobs and cables to get lost.
It works perfectly on Windows 7.
To make your movies even fancier you can add titles, music and credits, and all this for less than a hundred and fifty pounds.
If you have toyed with the idea of getting a video camera before but have been put off because of the price or complexity of them, then buy one of these and see how simple making movies really can be.
I notice that some film degree courses are using these now to get the students into movie making without the hassle - great idea!
Highly recommended - now to book my flight to Cannes!
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on 14 November 2010
I bought this Flip Ultra HD 3rd Generation after reading reviews in the gadget magazines. It is so easy to use! In just one day I have been to an exhibition, filmed some of the attractions and made a short video using the supplied software. I've also uploaded it to You Tube and emailed the video to some friends.

This is very highly recommended, light and easy to carry, fits in a trouser pocket, very easy to use, upload video to a computer, edit and send short movies to friends with.

Picture quality is incredible!
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on 1 February 2011
I decided to give myself some time to play around with this camera, thinking that I could give a fair and honest review rather than just jumping on my initial thoughts about it.

Initially, I really wanted a HD camcorder in order to record short videos to post on You Tube. After browsing about on the internet I found that this one was pretty popular in the You Tube world, and found that quality test videos and reviews on You Tube were pretty positive.
However, upon using it for the first time I was quite disappointed. It seems that you only get good quality video when you film in a well lit environment. This may sound like an obvious assumption from the start, but to be honest, with the technology people are able to develop today, you'd think that we may be able to get our hands on something that will do a decent job in an environment that isn't as clear as daylight.
I filmed a video indoors, in a room with windows and daylight peering through, but yet the video quality once it had been transferred to my computer was pretty horrendous. There appeared to be no texture or detail in the face of the person on camera, and the colours didn't even blend well at all.
But before I decided to give a final opinion I thought I would at least try it outside - the results were very different. I tried it outside, filming the exterior of the Emirates Stadium, on an overcast day, and found that facial details were very present, and the overall video quality looked pretty darn good! The sound quality is nothing to complain about, I must add.

I find this a real shame, as it seems this camera only does half a job, producing good quality video in outside with daylight, and mediocre/horrible quality inside where the lighting may even be slightly below average. I really cannot understand where other customers get the opinion that this camera produces "excellent/great video/picture quality" - I would very much like to see some examples to prove my opinion wrong.

In terms of the physical product itself, I really appreciate it. It's a sturdy and solid product which provides the user with a fine grip. Additionally, I was expecting the silver sides to be a glossy finish, which I would have been somewhat against, due to this sort of material attracting more fingermarks. However, I was glad to see that my camera came with a matte finish, and practically does not show any fingermarks whatsoever.

The software is somewhat decent if one only plans to make basic alterations to their videos, such as trimming, joining and overlaying their videos with another audio track - the 'FlipShare' software caters these. One good point for joining videos with this software is that it automatically fades into the next clip from the previous, which can add a nice effect for basic video editors.

If I could improve anything about this product it would definitely have to been the video quality for lighting that is indoors, as well as the camera's 2x Digital zoom - something greater would be much appreciated.

If you're just wanting to film general videos, then this is an okay product to go for. But if you want to be a bit more professional with what you film, then I would have to recommend that you invest more money and buy something more professional.
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on 10 December 2010
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
A quick video review of the Flip HD ultra -
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on 2 December 2010
Does what it says on the 'box'. Easy to use and convenient to carry. Good quality results with simple auto software.

However, beware HDMI cable shown to match. It doesn't fit the 3rd gen Flip which requires a MICRO not MINI connection.
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VINE VOICEon 23 November 2010
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This video camera sets a great example in how new tech should be. It does an excellent job and is extremely easy to use,surely what most people require of a gadget!
To charge the battery the camera needs to be connected to a computer by the pop out USB port. I used a USB extension lead to do this as the USB connector on my computer is 30cm from a level surface and I didn't want to dangle the camera in mid air! 3 AAA batteries will also power the camera.
Filming is extremely simple. Press the red button to start, another press to stop; the up and down buttons control the zoom function; that's it!!
One minor criticism is that I would have liked an HDMI lead to be included as the camera uses a non standard mini HDMI socket. I was very impressed with the playback quality on my computer but have yet to view the results on my LCD tv owing to the previously mentioned lack of cable.
Overall an excellent product well worthy of 5 stars!
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VINE VOICEon 1 December 2010
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a great little camcorder. It charges in just under 2 hours, and gives 2 hours of decent quality high definition video with great sound detail. Playback on the tiny monitor is acceptable, but on a Mac or PC it comes into its own - quality is really excellent. Simple controls - start, stop, volume up, down. What I find slightly annoying is the fact that the USB connector comes out of the end of the device. I'm sure this is supposed to be a selling point, but if you own an iMac I defy you to insert it easily and practically. You can either plug it into the keyboard ports, in which case it supports the weight of the keyboard, or you stick it round the back. Either way you're stumped. Had to invest in a USB extender socket to plug it in. Hey ho. More a comment on the design of the iMac than the flip, but it is inelegant at best. Anyhow - gripe over - this is a great little unit, and also comes with a cute little case and a wrist strap. Excellent and recommended.
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