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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 28 November 2013
Being the tool I am, I bought the Complete seasons of Prison break which I didn't realise included The Final Break, bought this one as well which I also didn't realise was foreign. Good film though, but not as good as the series in my opinion.

Note to myself: Read you fool.
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on 6 September 2014
This is an extension of the story that ends in series 4. Not sure of the point of this additonal DVD. I had already seen this chapter of the series at the end of series 4. So a pointless purchase. Very disappointed.
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on 16 June 2009
The ending of the last episode of series 4 was the way to end this series, not this. If you love Prison Break then avoid this poor, pointless addition, which feels more like an episode of The A Team than the high quality drama fans of PB have come to know and love. It adds nothing and may leave a bad taste in your mouth.
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on 18 May 2011
Series 4's ending was a perfect way to end the show, this is absolutely pointless. I was distraught after sitting through years of my favourite programme to have it spoiled at the end by this. All I can say is - D'oh!
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on 5 June 2015
Wrote review on our young sons view found that this was wrong film working excellent
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on 4 June 2009
This review contains spoilers from the end of the final season, so read on if you have seen it, or simply do not care about spoilers.

The special opens with Michael and Sara get married on a beautiful beachfront, with all of their troubles behind them, after being exonerated of all crimes. However, it's never that simple in the prison break world, and shortly after the wedding, Sara is arrested for the murder of Christina, who we all remember as Michaels mother, and a key player in The Company. Sadly for Tancredi, Christina may have been a key member of The Company, but to everyone else she was just a businesswoman that was brutally murdered. To top it off, the rest of the world is rather upset that the Notorious Fox River escapees have been let free, so they are doubly hard in trying to convict Sara.

Instead of being sent to Jail to wait until a trial, there appears to be other circumstances that have led Sara to being placed in a prison. Situated in a different wing of the prison is General Krantz, and in his bitter hatred for Michael, decides he would spend his remaining money on putting a hit out on Sara, this with the warden's reluctance to do anything about it, inspires Michael to break Sara out.

As a big fan of Prison Break, even in it's ups and down, I was very happy to hear that they were making a special one off episode after prison break had finished. I was surprised that they decided to do this straight after instead of waiting the few years that most TV shows do, but none the less, I was happy.

My general impression of The Final Break is that it is a good one off, but for all it brings forward it also has a lot of problems that it can't avoid.

The biggest problem, albeit unavoidable, is that it takes place in the gap between the exoneration and the final scene from the end of the final season, so going into The Final Break, we already know that Sara gets out, which sucks all of the dramatic tension of will she or won't she, right out the window. Prison Break as always been about tension, and this one loses a lot of it because they have already shown us the outcome. Imagine seeing the score of a football match, and then watching the match, there may be surprises in what exactly happens, but ultimately you know the final outcome.

There is also another problem; any long time fans of prison break will remember the brilliant first season; where Michael enlisted the help of a bunch of rag tag convicts to help executed an already planned escape. Here the tension really was fever pitch, where we were never sure if it was going to work out, but more than that we had 20 episodes of planning, before the execution, to build up to the actual break out, so we saw what worked and what didn't, what was a good idea and what was a bad idea, and all the other intricacies of a prison break. Sara's break out, however, consisted of some photographs being taken and some other recon work, which is rather lame considering the prison is considered inescapable. It's almost as if the writers forgot that the build up of tension in the first season was what really had us on the edge of out seat, and that the intense planning and execution needed to be flawless.

There are some nice touches in the episode for some better character development, but seeing as it is the last time we get to see them, it really is superfluous.

After watching The Final Break, the first thing that came into my mind was why? Why did they put an arrest, a threat, an escape plan and an escape all into an 80-minute special? Why did they think it would be ok to basically condense what had taken them 22 episodes in the first season, to 2 episodes?

Really, your enjoyment of this episode is going to come from how much you like prison break, and if you have seen all the seasons then you will definitely want to watch this. Like me, you will be forgiving of a lot of these points, just to get to watch prison break for one last time, but if you just a casual fan of prison break then I would pass on it.

As a fan i have given the score a 4, but if i honestly believe that my score of this will always change between a 3 and 4, depending on how i feel about it on any given day.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 December 2012
I completely missed this series on TV and bought the first one as a little present for my husband. We were both hooked. There are more twists and turns in the series than any other series I have come across. I am quite pleased we did not see it on TV, I do not think we could have waited a week between episodes.

The final series itself is excellent and nicely closes everything off, I won't spoil it for anyone by giving away any of the plot but suffice it to say that the tension does not let up until the final credits roll.

I wish I could be as enthusiastic about the film. Definitely an add on which has little of the tension of the series proper. It's not bad but has little of the magic of the series, it has little in the way of twists and turns and the surprises are somewhat predictable.
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on 22 July 2009
If your have got emotional and sensitive feelings then you wont be able to watch this dvd without shedding a few tears especially if Michael and Prison Break have had you on the edge of your seat for 3 years +. It's a brilliant watch and ties up any lose ends left in series 4.

I don't want to spoil anything but I feel they could have made another full series 5 from this story line especially as its another planned Prison Break to free a loved one. Worth buying A++++++++++++++++++
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on 1 March 2015
Disappointed. I thought this was the continuation of a new season ( Season 5 ) which wasn't . It was season 4 ..
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on 27 May 2009
If you haven't seen season 4 in its entirety, please look away now. Spoilers are a sucky, sucky thing, and given Final Break covers the actual event leading up to the final revelation in the series, it's impossible to review it without jumping ahead.

When it starts, Michael and Sara are at their wedding, and it's dreamyheavenly. Everything is finally ok, and they can finally stop running. That is, until thems blasted feebies arrive with a warrant for Tancredi's arrest. The charge is murder, and given they have her on CCTV firing the gun, she's bang to rights, guvnor.

Aye, it's as daft as the series.

She's hauled to the women's wing of the big house, where she bumps into the very woman that scarred her back and faked her death - quite the coinkidink. What's more amazing is across the way in the men's wing, you'll find T-Bag (more embittered than ever) and the General himself. Uh oh.

Michael gathers the old gang together, and they plot to get the woman out before Daddy (played rather creepily by an unrecognisable Lori Petty) can shank her, yo. There are all the twists and false starts, the steady gazes and cliff-hangers, and more of Michael always being one step ahead. There's even a new over-zealous FBI dude to contend with: one who may, or may not, have Alex Mahone in his pocket.

So, more of the wonderful silliness... except its denouement is genuinely, and actually rather profoundly, upsetting. Is it a spoiler to say I always knew that Tancredi mare was a moo? I hope not, because she is one. She's a giant moo. Ah, I admit it: I wept great, big Disney tears of sadness, then I shook my fist at the moo.

It is a fitting, thoroughly unfair, wonderful end to a series that ended up as mad as a box of otters, and if you're a fan, Final Break is absolutely unmissable.
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