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My little boy loves his DS and has been mad saving to buy the DSI XL.

Purchased from Amazon with 24 hour delivery took 48 hours which was a disappointment.

On receiving the DSI XL both my little boy and me were amazed how much bigger it is and the quality is superb.

The camera is a fun additional allsorts you can do to change your appearance, not always complementary, you can also record you voice and change the way it sounds again very entertaining.
Games look so much better on the big screen.

You can surf the internet with a wifi signal, this is both fast and clear, you can shop on the DS shop and download games, you buy tokens to download games.

The DSI XL did have a few problems with the camera and software, an error message kept showing, eventually we decided to send it back for a replacement. This was very easy to do via Amazon, only negative is I pay for the 24 hour delivery but the replacement was sent standard 6 day postage which was very upsetting for my little boy.
Replacement seems to be fine.

An excellent product, good service from Amazon but It could have been better regarding sending the replacement.
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on 15 January 2011
The size of this console alone is enough to make anyone want one
thats obviously if you are a nintendo fan anyway!
The size itself changes the whole concept of gameplay and has a much more enjoyable factor.
I liked the idea of having the blue colour but wasnt too sure which shade of blue it actually was
as i had seen it in magazines and online and the shades all seemed to vary from light to dark.
I can confirm i took the risk and ordered it from Amazon via a third party dealer.
I am very happy as the risk paid off the shade is not bright like what is shown here,
although it isnt a dark blue, id still call it a masculine blue.
So if youre a little unsure about the size, trust me you will be blown away by the massive difference.
Go on people, you only live once lol
Nintendo FOREVER.
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on 5 April 2016
Never used one of these before, actually bought it for my partner but there was no car racing game for this model only the 3ds so I've tried a couple of games. Must admit I've not used it for months but will probably pick it up again soon as I've got some word type games for it now.
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on 6 June 2017
The young one wanted to breathe life into her DS collection so went for this lad, does what it says on the tin, solid Nintendo purchase. 3DS XL now probably supersedes this.
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on 23 June 2017
My granddaughter just had to have this an she is still playing with it now after all this time, was worth every penny
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on 7 March 2010
I've upgraded to the Nintendo DSi XL from a plain ol' White Lite unit, and I could not be more happier if it made the coffee. The XL is a beautiful bit of kit, perfect for young and old alike (I'm only just pushing 21 and I love the idea of a bigger console). Regarding portability issues, if you're someone who only uses their DS at home or sports a backpack/handbag everywhere you go, the XL is perfect. If you're someone who loves shoving their DSi in their pocket before trekking out the front door, you may want to think about just getting or sticking with the smaller DSi - the XL was never really meant to be portable.

A few of the many features which are a definite improvement:-

01) Larger screens. Lots of people have been concerned that the larger screens would make games appear stretched, blocky or pixelated. Not so. The larger screens are beautiful, bright (I use my XL on Brightness Setting 3, and whilst it's slightly darker than the factory setting everything still looks bright and beautiful!) and the new LCD viewing angle is perfect for games played at a table, etc.

02) Speakers. Both DSi systems boast a music facility (Nintendo DSi Sound) where m4a format music tracks can be put on an SD card and played through the DSi XL. You can then muck around with them if you like (the facility boasts a surprising number of gadgets for doing so), change the visualisations much like on Windows Media Player, or just sit back and listen. One of the XL designers mentioned on the "Iwata Asks" interview that not only are the XL's speakers larger than the DSi's, but they have added more holes, which adds to the sound quality. And it really does - songs are loud, crisp without losing their bass, and the speakers work well with both instrumental and vocal tracks. The unit can also turn off its backlights after it detects you're idle to save on battery life, which is a treat.

03) Connectivity. Both my Phat and Lite DSes have had trouble finding our modem from my bedroom (which is only a stones' throw away from our wireless modem!) and have done since I first got them. The XL, on the other hand, has no problems at all. The wireless signal strength is definitely stronger and faster than previous consoles. The internet browser, powered by Opera, is a smidgen slow but perfect for doing on-the-go Google searches (even image searches are processed in a breeze), and the browser is also perfectly capable of displaying Amazon, LiveJournal, eBay and Nintendo itself. The only downside is a lack of flash player (which means you can't access sites like YouTube or Google Video) but really, for a utility to just look things up quickly when you don't want to boot up your laptop, it's a dream. Having a larger screen means a larger keyboard, too, so typing is made remarkably easier.

04) Stylus. The larger stylus that comes with the XL is marvellous. It's the comfiest thing I've ever held, stylus or pen alike, and the little tab on the side stops it from rolling off to God knows where. Sometimes I forget I'm even holding it.

05) Battery life. The XL has an improved battery life over the regular DSi (harking back to the Lite), and on Brightness Setting 3 you can get approximately 9-11 hours (I've tested this, it's true). If you're a battery-conservation freak like I am, you can also turn off your wireless whenever you know you won't be using the DSi Shop or Internet Browser. Just go Settings > Wireless Connections > Turn Wireless: Off. The little yellow light on the left hand side of the top screen will turn off.

The top lid is a bit of a finger print magnet, as the Lite was before it, but it's easy enough to go over with a bit of cloth if you're worried about appearances. The matte bottom is great for holding the console and not getting sweaty hands/having it slip out of your fingers. The Start and Select buttons have been enlarged (so you don't need to press on them as hard as you had to with the Lite), and the moved Power button means fewer accidental turn-offs.

The inbuilt software is a bargain - Doctor Kawashima's Brain Training: Arts Edition is practically a full program if you don't have the original Brain Training cartridge that made the DS so popular, and whilst the Dictionary has a few words missing I imagine it would still help if you're stuck on the crossword. Having the option to look up words in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese is also sort-of cool, if you're interested. (It helps my Dad with decoding his German military history, which is good...) I would also recommend signing onto the DSi Shop and downloading Flipnote Studio (it's 100% free). A lovely little program for writing memos or doing the odd doodle when you're bored. Note that if you connect to the DSi Shop before March 31st, you get 1000 free points to spend on games. I highly recommend Art Style: PiCOPiCT and Starship Patrol if you're into Puzzle/Strategy games.

Finally, the camera is nothing to shout about, but it's great for taking photos to be used on your top screen a la a wallpaper. It's also great for photographing my dog - she doesn't realise it's a camera and sits still for once! The photos can then either be uploaded to FaceBook using the XL's inbuilt internet, or sent to the SD card to be transferred to a computer. The resolution isn't great, but the XL was never made to replace your digital camera anyway.

In conclusion: A vast improvement on its predecessors, perfect for people who are vision-impaired or just want larger game screens, beautiful speaker quality, great wireless connectivity, better battery life, great in-built software. A great machine. I hope Nintendo continues along this path - bigger is better!
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on 8 March 2017
Very good thank you from Les
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on 15 June 2017
thank you well happy ....
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on 17 April 2017
First class game console
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on 24 March 2017
Present for the wife,she is always on it,very fast delivery would recommend
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