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on 7 August 2017
Great HDMI out
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on 12 December 2012
I wanted the card to fit into a small HTPC, the item was described as being supplied with a low profile bracket. It isn't, Amazon said they would change the description, as of Dec 12th they haven't.If you already have a low profile bracket (or don't need one) the card is worth 5 stars due to its very low price. For my purposes it is useless.
As a side note the product requirements often state that a 350w power supply is required for these budget cards. Manufacturers play safe with this number as there are many ways of measuring wattage. The power for these cards is drawn from the motherboard. The big manufacturers like Dell HP Asus ect aren't going to build a PC which doesn't allow all the expansions slots to be filled. I have a HD6570 happily running in a 4 year old HP base unit with only a 220w power supply

Update Jan 23rd
It would appear from other reviews that there are 2 versions of this card. One with and one without a low profile bracket.The price has gone up since I bought it and is now similar to other 5450 cards, the increase may be due to them now adding the bracket to the package. If you want a 5450 card with a low profile bracket I would go for Sapphire HD 5450 Sapphire 11166-02-20R HD 5450 1GB DDR3 PCIE HDMI Graphics Card. Putting the model number into the Sapphire website shows the box contains both types of brackets.
The VTX3D website on the other hand has a very poor description for the box contents
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on 27 May 2011
I took a little gamble here as I wanted to upgrade my Dell Dimension C521 (built in 2006 + still running Windows XP) without breaking the bank. I chose the 'VTX Radeon HD5450 with 1GB DDR3', because, after intense research, it seems one of the lowest energy-demanding compared with Sapphire or Asus which are already >512mb DDR3 are really power-hungry and therefore require a bigger PSU of at least 450W if not more.

Installation is pretty straight-forward within 5-10 min. I had to switch first to 'low profile' due to a slim chassis and then install the hardware into the PCIe(16) slot plus drivers (HD, VGA + audio) from the CD. Just one little hicc-up: the cable to the VGA port is about an inch too short for proper mounting into the slot at the back of my Dell PC. I just left it open as I don't mind to improve in this way air-cooling, which may not be a bad solution at all in case the card gets too hot somehow as it is equipped only with a heat-sink.

Commended is an at least 350 Watt delivering PSU. Mine dishes out only 280 Watt (so is below minimum requirements), but it works pretty well and is very quiet. So far no crashes after test-driving it the whole day with several reboots. But hey, there's only a 2 year - guarantee on it (normal seems 3 years for graphic cards?), so I might tell you beforehand if I should get problems with one of the three capacitors as I wonder about the longevity of this card. All over, that was my biggest worry that I've picked up a too big graphic card without having the correct power supply for it, but no sign so far - what a relief!!!

Regards online gaming I'm mainly interested in Runescape in HD without any annoying lagging and for this purpose alone it is pretty impressive. I havn't tried any other games, yet. According to the box the card is enabled for DirectX 11, has ATI CrossFireX Technology up to quad GPU suppord, works with Blu-ray via dual-stream + PIP capabilities asf...

Regards graphics it advertises 'high performanace anisotropic filtering and 24x custem filter anti-aliasing (CFAA) smott jagged edges and true-to-life graphics', which may be a little too much for my humble 'value' 15" Dell monitor up which I can now run potentially to [2048 x 1536] pixel resolution (which makes my small screen 'huge' and involves a lot of wheeling on the mouse, lol). I run it best now on [1920 x 1200] which is by itself a great improvement. Also online video players (like BBC iplayer) work really great in HD and 'big screen' mode, again with no lagging. So truly, to me this card seems to live up to its promises, if not more... I can highly recommend this one to the 'occasional gamer' on a low budget, if one can overlooks the somewhat too short attachment of the VGA port when in LP mode.
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on 13 July 2013
Can do basic gaming but mainly use it for HDMI out to High Def TV.

It is silent due to passive cooling system. Can't go wrong with this card.
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on 14 March 2012
I bought this partly on the strength of another review. It was to speed up the graphics of an ex-company PC that was using the on-board memory. I too took a risk because the PC power supply is only 225W whereas the recommended supply is 350W. It arrived promptly, was fitted and so far has been a revelation. No power problems so far. Everything runs smoother and the machine seems much better balanced. Add that to the low price and it really adds up for me.

If you are an avid gamer wanting quick 3D performance it is not for you; there are much faster cards out there, but for all round use and light to medium gaming this really hits the mark. Overall very pleased with it. It raised the windows graphics scores from 3.6 and 5.2 to 1.4 and 5.9. I did download and install the latest software driver which is worth doing.
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on 9 March 2012
Okay, so I know a little about computers and all that jazz. But I like things simple, so my review will be written from a layman's point of view.

If you are using Windows 7, you might have come across the Windows Experience Index (WEI), which is a rating from 1.0 to 7.9 of five different factors that can affect the efficiency of your computer. I'll give you my old setup compared to new, with WEI ratings for the two relevant factors (Windows Aero; business and gaming graphics)

My system is a Dell Optiplex 745, 8GB of RAM, with Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3000 (integrated)

OLD WEI ratings (using integrated video card)
Windows Aero: 3.4
Business and gaming graphics: 3.1

NEW WEI ratings (using this HD5450 card)
Windows Aero: 5.6
Business and gaming graphics: 6.0

Bear in mind the ratings go from 1.0 to 7.9 - I think 6.0 is very good for such a low cost card. Also, the ratings were BEFORE I decided to overclock the card. What you get with the card is a CD with software, and this software allows you to overclock your new card to run even faster! So whilst I can't imagine this graphics card being able to run the latest games at high resolution with fast FPS, everything I need runs efficiently and fast.

You receive the card with a standard profile bracket plus two optional low profile brackets. There were no instructions, but it wasn't hard to work out that you need to remove 4 tiny metal nuts, remove the standard profile bracket, and then you attached the two low profile brackets to the card.
Basically, one small bracket holds the HDMI & DVI ports, and the other small bracket holds the VGA port. In essense, unless you use HDMI or DVI, you'll end up using TWO PCI slots to run this graphics card. The reason is because the HDMI & DVI ports are on the PCI card itself, where the VGA slot is at the end of a flat cable that's appended to the side of the PCI card.

I currently use a VGA monitor, so that means both my free PCI slots have now been taken up. This isn't an issue for me, as I have no other use for the slots. The PC itself has 8 USB slots already, so I don't need a PCI card to give me more; and I don't use the PC for full-on gaming so I don't need a dedicated surround sound audio card (in fact, the integrated sound card already caters for Dolby 5.1).

In terms of what I bought the graphics card for, it's fulfilled that promise - hence I rate it 5 out of 5. But if you're looking for a low profile graphics card and have just ONE free PCI slot, this isn't the right card for you unless you're using HDMI or DVI.

I've since bought a DVI cable (a mere £1), and I've noticed some improvements, although not in the actual graphics themselves. Previously, the screen was offset to the left by about 2 inches, which meant I had to keep going into the monitor's menu to auto-set the horizontal pitch. Now, using the DVI cable, the monitor no longer has that issue - result!
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on 11 June 2013
Bought this to replace the Intel integrated graphics in a Dell Dimension E520 - the computer has been a lot better to use since installing this card and I have been able to play games like Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 on medium settings without any issues. Windows 7 installed the drivers automatically (when I first plugged the card in the resolution was a bit out of wack, but windows automatically detected and downloaded the drivers and has been working great since). Installing the card took about 5 minutes from pulling the computer out to plugging it back in again.

Because this is a passively cooled card with a fairly small heatsink you will want to make sure you have good airflow over the card, sadly my Dell does not and under load this card is hitting the high 80's which is about as hot as you want it to get - but overall for £25 a fantastic card and I would recommend to anyone that is currently on integrated graphics.
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on 12 June 2011
this is a great graphics card, of the price it is being sold at. it is lacking a bit of gpu but it has no problem playing full HD 1080p movies, and it will play dirt 3 if u turn off the shadows and other stuff like that.i have tried to overclock this graphics card but found it very difficult to get a software that i can use, AMD don't support this graphics card for over clocking.
all in all this is a great graphics card well worth the price.
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on 20 September 2011
I purchased this for use in a Dell Optiplex GX620 small form factor PC. The original card blew and I needed a low profile card to go into the case. The VTX comes with a small form factor plate, there's no fitting instructions for that but it's straightforward; unscrew the existing plate by unscrewing the DVI mounting bolts, unplug the VGA plug from the main board, mount the low profile plate using the same DVI bolts. Just be sure to match the 'L' shape of the low profile bracket to the one you just removed.

Installation went without a hitch, Catalyst Control Centre managed the install and driver update process.

Performance seems good, certainly good for the price and definitely an improvement on the original Dell fitment, but that is several years old.
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on 21 October 2012
I'm not a gamer. I wanted a triple-monitor setup for office and I assumed you just needed to add any graphic card to your existing onboard graphics and you could then have up to 4 monitors hooked up. So I ordered a cheap Nvidia card to add to my AMD system and quickly discovered that this disabled the onboard video. Upon browsing several forums I became convinced that I needed some kind of Crossfire or SLI setup and basically I needed to order another graphics card. Great, more money and time wasted. But wait! There was this curious setting in the BIOS called "Enable SurroundView", which was disabled and non-selectable. Some more investigating later and it appears this did what I wanted in the first place, onboard graphics + another card. I swapped my Nvidia card with this item which I had installed in a co-worker's (single monitor) computer some months ago and, lo and behold, it worked(*)! I now have a glorious 3 monitor setup and didn't have to spend another cent.

(*) Note: For some reason it required uninstalling and re-installing the graphics drivers.
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