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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 31 January 2011
Don't be deterred by the lack of reviews, this seems to be a new product in the UK market!

I got this mat for use with P90X, specifically to help with Yoga X (my hands were slipping on the carpet), Ab Ripper X (spine in contact with the floor), and Plyometrics (a no brainer, it's HIGH IMPACT!). When I first ordered it and was waiting for delivery, I was concerned it may be too thick, or not sticky enough for yoga -- but it is absolutely perfect.

1cm (different websites indicate different widths -- regardless of whatever the width genuinely is, IT DOES THE JOB) thick "high density foam" absorbs nearly all of the plyo impacts (but still allowing for those explosive movements), while not being too thick to interfere with yoga balance poses -- and as for abs, it just does the job! The foam it uses is grippy without being too "sticky", and it feels like it'd be easy to wipe clean with a cloth if it ever gets a bit dirty.

One thing I've got to note is, I hadn't quiet realised how big the mat is (despite measurements being shown), so make sure you measure your exercise area first! The mat is a whole 6ft long, and 2ft wide!

All in all, I struggle to imagine how this mat could possibly be improved -- which is why it gets 5 stars.
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on 18 August 2013
If you check the adidas hardware site you'll see they do 2 almost identical looking exercise mats, one called the Training Mat is 1cm thick and 183cm long, the other called the Exercise Mat is 0.6cm thick and 172cm long. I own both and the thicker one is much more comfortable to exercise on, and is the one to get.

The pictures above show the thicker training mat with the ribbed reverse surface, however the dimensions listed above are for the thinner mat. Just check you get sent to right thing. This item is called the training mat so you should be sent the thicker one. Another way to tell them apart, although they are both dense, the thicker one is much more flexible, whereas the thinner one is quite stiff.

Before these I had the Reebok tri-fold mat, which was total junk. It squashed down to like 1-2mm thick with very little pressure. These Adidas ones are much denser, and you can easily do sit-ups on them without getting a sore lower back. Excellent.
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on 8 August 2011
I love this mat, its well padded against hard wooden floor boards and is quite long too in length around 6ft i think.. i use it for the usual exercises and its brilliant. It stores away well as the picture shows so you dont have to worry about finding space to stuff it somewhere. All in all, in my opinion a good buy!
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on 4 February 2016
My brother bought one of these a few years ago and I became jealous of its clear quality and so had to buy one of my own - one of the more pleasant exercise mats I have encountered, perfect for pilates, or just sitting on the floor on while you try to summon the energy to do something vaguely athletic.
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on 17 April 2012
Real high quality mat. I work out on a hard wooden floor and this is perfect. I bought a cheaper one which was useless and bought this one planning to use both together. I found that this one alone is more than enough so don't waste your money elsewhere.
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on 29 May 2014
Fab exercise mat!.. extremely comfortable, especially for my dodgy knees! I particularly like the length of the mat which could be helpful if you take a friend to a class with you. Stores away easily with the straps included. All round excellent buy! Very pleased :-)
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on 6 May 2015
I've been doing the Insanity programme and so needed something that wasn't too expensive that prevented all the sweat from dripping onto the floor!

This mat is good in the sense it is soft, can easily be rolled up and transported, and especially for stretches is the perfect size!

I gave it 4* because when I lie the mat down, the end slightly curls up and can get quite annoying! Also, the mat doesn't 'stick' to the ground as much as a I like - the nature of my exercises means that the mat moves underneath me due to my feet movement.

Furthermore, this mat is not the right size for doing insanity. It is too long and narrow to do all the exercises properly, and I have found myself having to think about my positioning on the mat alot to ensure I make use of the space as much as possible. However, I did not retract any extra stars for this review from this complaint, because this is not the fault of the product!

Overall, a good sturdy mat great for stretching and small movements. However, you'll want something bigger if you are doing a more demanding, movement intense workout!
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on 31 March 2014
So there are 63 reviews and only one of them is negative. When reading that negative review that the mat is slippery it raised my doubts about the mat. I thought that it might be slippery and that it will have curly ends. But despite the doubts I went ahead and bought it.

I wanted to save few pounds by buying "not in stock" mat from amazon. Usually they shipped things before stated dates, thus I thought same applies to expected dispatch days but I was wrong and I had to wait for a whole month to get this mat.

When finally the mat arrived I found out that all my doubts were true. The mat is slippery. I used it on linoleum floor and it constantly skids. It's usable but in general it's super annoying that it skids and you have to constantly re-position it. I wouldn't feel comfortable taking it to group sessions as high chances I would skid into somebody. It's also a bit sticky, so in some cases it would go up as you raise from hands from the mat. Lastly, it has strange tendency to stretch, it's very stretchy and in some cases this might be a plus.

Overall, I don't regret buying the mat as it satisfies the base needs for which I bought the mat. But if I were to buy again I would definitely look something with better price to quality ratio.
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on 20 December 2014
I usually work out just on carpet with (I thought) no problems, but I was travelling to another house for Christmas and decided I needed a mat as my hosts own a dog (enough said about their carpets). This arrived beautifully packaged and screamed quality item as soon as I saw it. But I was still feeling a bit guilty and gym-bunny-ish even owning a mat. However, I used it day one and saw some significant improvements to my training. The mat is thick and spongy so absorbs impact wonderfully. I felt no stress on my ankles or knees or hips for a change. Most noticeably, I felt the difference doing planks. I've been following a core challenge and on the day I first used this mat I went from 4 mins to 5 and two days later I've just held for 7 and this is directly due to the non-slip quality of this mat. I don't have good toes (broke and had my big toe fixed with a pin) so now when I do press ups or planks my toes sink into the mat a little and are cushioned and protected enabling me to work better.
The mat is very easy to roll up and the strap is well made and easy to use. When the mat unrolls there's no residual memory of being rolled up and it flattens to the floor beautifully. I can't rate this mat too highly and wish I'd bought one earlier.
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on 4 April 2015
I bought this just to put down when I do pre/post-run stretches and for some yoga/core strength work outs. The material feels very good quality and should last well and it is nice and thick without being too bulky. The mat is reverisible; one side is smooth and the other has some ridging on it and I presume having this side to the floor would give you more grip on a smooth floor, but I only use mine on carpet so it makes no difference to me. It is very comfortable without sinking underneath you and it allows you to slide your legs and knees about to change positions without jarring them from catching, but also give you enough grip to hold stretches and not have to fight to hold the position because your feet or hands are slipping. The carrying strap is very good but I won't use it very often, but if you need to carry it from place to place, the supplied strap will be fine.

All in all, an excellent product at a good price.
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