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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2013
Although I do not read the recent Batman Comic books for they keep juggling around the continuity of their storyline so much that it becomes confusing, I have however nothing but respect for Paul Dini's interpretation of the Batman myth. Indeed, with the excellent scripts he did with his "Batman the Animated Series", "Gotham Girls", "Justice League", "Superman", and "Batman Beyond", Paul Dini has revealed, like Tim Burton did with his excellent movies, the troubled personality of Batman, his contradictions, and the darkness that surrounds Gotham, its citizens and its criminals. And once again, Paul Dini offers another excellent work with his "Arkham" Series, in which we are once again reunited with Kevin Conroy as Batman, Mark Hamill as the Joker, and Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn. In this first game, which entirely happens in the Arkham Asylum grounds, Batman tries to stop a riot that the Joker initiates after the Dark Knight brings him back to the Asylum for his murder attempt on the Mayor. Not only that, Batman has to fight off the Riddler's enigmas, along with Poison Ivy, Zsaz, Bane, Killer Croc, and Scarecrow, my personal favourite, along with a new enemy whose presence will be dramatic in the sequel Arkham City.

After playing Arkham Asylum, I have only praise for this excellent video game. First of all, the voice acting of all the actors is perfect, not only in the game but also in the audio interviews that players can uncover. It was a clever idea to use those interviews since it allows us to learn other details about the characters. Indeed, the writing in those scenes is so good that I felt the Batman villains were like real people and their psychology is very powerful as we see some of them reveal how twisted they were. For instance, I loved Zsaz's interactions with Doctor Cassidy and I too wondered what happened to her, until I got to play the game further and read afterwards a special prelude Arkham Asylum comic book. Apart from the storyline, the game offers the possibility to play Challenge Levels, which include Fighting and Infiltration maps that can offer Ranked results when playing online. It is not necessary to play those sections to complete the story, but they are a great addition that will add further replay value to the game. For the gameplay, I loved how they used the Unreal game engine, which was the same one that the Bioshock game used, since the textures and model designs gave me the same amazement that I felt when I played Bioshock. For the gadgets, I adore the grappling hook, the Bat glide, but also the various batarangs such as the sonic Batarang which allows you to attract enemies and knock them out with a shockwave. Not only that, I love how you can use those gadgets in the exploration levels and in the fights. On a last note, I really love the tension of some of the levels, most of all the fight with Bane, but also the ones with the Scarecrow, which mix both surrealism and realism gameplay and I hope we will get to see him again in any sequels that Paul Dini and Rockstar would want to do.

To conclude, this game is an excellent example that you can make an excellent super hero video game with both a great script and awesome level designs; a story that offers something more to the fans who think that they've seen it all with the Dark Knight.
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on 24 February 2011
This is truly a great game. It's a stealth, beat-em up, mystery, with great graphics, sound and characters (especially that darn Riddler who you only get to hear). You do get an insight into the Batman history, but it doesn't drown you in it as you can read the files at your leisure, or pretty much ignore them.

The story is epic, the gadgets and upgrades are fun to use and to work out their effectiveness. The hidden items vary and really get you thinking. I like that this is totally independant of any film or TV release and is not restricted by any external storyline that some games can suffer with. No such restrictions with this title.

The location is well detailed and unique, the maps are great to explore and there's 100% fun to be had all the way through. There's a challenge mode as well as the story game too.

I would recommend this to any Xbox owner of any age. It's guaranteed to eek out that little kid in everyone.

Buy this and enjoy.
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on 15 March 2013
For the first iteration of a new franchise, this is pretty damn good. It is a Batman-inspired (obviously) platformer of the old school variety, which despite being 3D, feels like a lot of your focus is spent leaping/gliding between platforms and ledges. The moments when you are not doing the above are spent fighting hordes of enemies in what is the most inspiring combat seen in years. The fight mechanism is both easy and professional. While you can get away with button-mashing and sheer luck to start with, the game soon offers up situations where closely controlled combinations of hits are required. Once you are unleashing chain-combos of your own - before ducking to safety - you will realise that this well-executed game has sucked you right in. But if you want a similar yet more open-world challenge, then Arkham City will be the perfect step up.
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on 30 January 2012
Normally I usually only play shooters as I don't typically like button-mashing beat-em-ups. However this is really different from your average game. I found the combat and especially bosses quite challenging and a little frustrating at times. There is quite a bit of to and fro backtracking as you travel about the Arkham Asylum map and its not always clear so you have to be constantly checking the map to see where you are in relation to where you need to be.
The game looks great and is pretty atmospheric. There a few puzzles mostly involving finding Riddler trophies but nothing too taxing.
As well as the normal game there is challenge mode which OI didn't play but which look pretty good to hone/test your combat/preditor skills.
On balance a nice change from the Halo/COD type of game.
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on 11 April 2013
With such intense gameplay and a brilliantly worked storyline, you'd have to be really far detached from your inner-superhero to dislike this game.
as a comic book fan, i loved that the game stuck to the cannon, and that you could find more out about the most infamous current and past inmates of arkham, from the joker to bane, killer croc to ratcatcher. The game was a good length and presented mental challenges for the player to overcome, really getting you into the feel of becoming the word's greatest detective, as well as amazing fight scenes, complete with slo-mo critical moves to show off the frowning batman's cool and overly acrobatic techniques.
Once completed, i had to order arkham city. so, quite easily one of the best games i've played on xbox, ever.
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on 29 October 2011
Batman Arkham Asylum. Game of the year 2010. I brought this amazing game just after i got my new Xbox, and it's great. The amount of detail in the game is amazing, so many things happen in the story. At the start of the game you could see how much effort has be put into it.
The Joker and at his worst in the asylum creating havoc all though the night and batman must stop him from taking over the asylum there are also other mad villains that he also has to deal with.
There is an amazing story line. You can also upgrade batman's tech to make fighting bad guys easier and cooler. The combat is amazing, knocking outing thugs is so cool.
This game is totally 100% Batman. I would recommend it to anyone. I can't wait to play Arkham City.
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on 14 May 2011
i put off buying this game for a long time mainly due to having other things to spend my money on but a mate lent me his copy and i was blown away by it. its dark,moody and uses the batman franchise brilliantly. the graphics are what i expect from an xbox 360. the gadgets are its main selling point and they dont dissapoint. i wont spoil it for peeps that havent played it.just buy it. the reason i am giving it 4 stars and not 5 are that the boss battles arent that difficult and once its completed there isnt much to go back to. but apart from that its a really fun game and i dont even like batman who by the way isnt a real super hero like superman. hes just a rich guy in a gimp suit. i dare you to complete all the riddlers challenges.
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on 1 March 2011
As someone who is probably too old to be playing video games, I didnt think this would appeal to me. But as all the reviews said how good it was, I decided to give it a go. And a good decision it turned out to be.
For a game of this quality the price is a bargain. The graphics, storyline, gameplay and characters are all great.
There are lots of side misions to do as well as following the main story and if you dont find everything by the end of the story you can still wander around the asylum looking for the stuff you missed.
I thought this was one of the best games I played in 2010 and was a very pleasant surprise.
Cant really find anything bad to say. Buy it, its great value for money.
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on 16 June 2011
I've only got a little way into this game, and already i love it.

The awesome combat gameplay is somewhat akin to that of the Assassin's Creed series (always a good thing), and feels natural and exciting. One criticism is that the slight "bullet-time" effect happens a little too frequently and quickly for it to be really effective.

The Graphics; in a word, PERFECT. I've never played a game that looks as good as this. it fits in perfectly with the Batman world, skin textures are beautiful and actions realistic.

This game is a must have for any serious gamers collection, and at this price, there's no excuse not to have it!

Bring on the sequel!
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on 13 October 2011
Storyline is...not that strong, but the game is a winner.

From awesome combat moves to the added tasks that the Riddler sets this game will keep you hooked for hours! I was hooked until I completed it, and that's unusual for me!

I can still go back to it and finish the Riddler's challenges if I want to, and some of these are quite cunning!

The fighting can get a bit repetitive but that's only now and again and is a minor irritation.

5/5 from me, would recommend.
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