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Customer Reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
Size: 16GB|Colour Name: Black|Change
Price:£29.99 - £59.98
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on 20 December 2010
I bought this for a number of basic reasons:

1) It plays Ogg vorbis files, which is how over 99% of my music is encoded
2) It works with GNU/Linux, which is what my computers are running
3) It was a cheap 16 GB player
4) It can be expanded with micro SDHC cards (which are also cheap)

I can't comment on the supplied headphones as I never used them.

So far I've been using it for a few weeks on my daily commute between work and home. So it's mostly been used outside and on noisy diesel multiple-units (engine under floor). My first observation is that with noise control on it's not loud enough on a noisy train or against town road traffic levels. With the controls off it's okay to use against background noise. When the background noise levels drop you should obviously turn the volume down.

The interface is okay, it's obviously an Apple wannabe, but doesn't quite hit the mark. The touch pad interface is okay but no use with gloves on (it's been cold on my way to work this winter) and it can be a bit imprecise. Once you have got use to it and you're not wearing gloves it's okay to use and fairly obvious.

If you're not using video or cover art the screen is a bit wasted when playing music, but it switches it's self off pretty quickly to conserve power. Otherwise the large screen makes navigation good and it's plenty bright enough to read in or out side. The font size is a bit small, but then you can read a lot at once.

The sound quality of ogg files is plenty good enough - it's not high fidelity but it's good enough for a daily commute. I've not tried other formats, so I can't comment on them. I suspect that AAC is as good as ogg (they are similar technically) and that MP3 is worse and FLAC is better. However I have no idea if you can hear the difference between formats under normal listening conditions with a device like this and normal cheap headphones.

Battery life seems to be okay, it has lasted all day and still had charge left and it charges pretty quickly over the USB bus.

Boot up time from cold isn't fast, with nearly full internal storage it takes nearly a minute, but my previous iRiver wasn't fast either.

Overall I'm glad I bought it and so far I've hit no problems or bugs.
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on 17 August 2016
I still use this, even today on occasion, and although it suffers from the odd hiccup every now and again, I still love it. However, I don't use the earphones it came with originally, as I don't like that type much. It's a nice device, and the 16GB space is an improvement over the Clip+ series, in addition to the 32GB it can store. It's easy to use, and although I wouldn't use it for watching videos, it is good for listening to music, and the screen is nice enough that it can be used to display album art. It feels quite solidly built as well, and it comes with a pouch thing to put it in, so you can protect it, though I do recommend that you also get some screen protectors to protect it from being scratched!

Additionally, if it's not possible already, you should be able to replace the default firmware on it with Rockbox, I think it's called, which will allow it to support more file formats, and possibly higher capacity Micro SDHC cards (though it may be able to support that on stock firmware). All in all, it's a nice device. The only complaint I can think of is that I don't quite like the touch controls, as it lacks tactile feedback , and occasionally it goes into something I don't want it to. Another issue is that there's no way of protecting the touch controls, so it is important to make sure that they're covered when the device isn't in use, as otherwise it could get scratched or scuffed.

Ultimately though, I don't regret purchasing it, although I'm getting to the stage now where I want to either get a new MP3 player (not Apple!), or test it out to see if it can hold a larger capacity Micro SD card, so I can give it a much-needed refresh!
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on 9 October 2012
A few days after receiving this product I have already had great pleasure from it.

At first I was concerned because it arrived with a crucially low charge in the battery. It would not charge from either my laptop or my desktop computer. Using the USB adapter for an iPod overcame the reluctance of the flat battery to charge, and it is now charging and working well.

I installed the latest edited operating software from the Sansa site and was particularly delighted to find that the folders in my computer which held my mp3s, could be bodily dragged and dropped into the Sansa Fuse + Memory, without having to edit ID3 tags or make special play lists. The new Sansa software is capable of displaying and opening folders, allowing playing or display of the individual files in a very natural way. All the usual lists i.e. artist, title, album name etc are also well catered for. The capacitative touch pad controls, a little difficult to master at first, are now second nature to me. I am very happy with the sound quality. I have tried several ear buds, headsets and a noise-cancelling Sennheiser headset - it works well with them all. The radio is great, appears sensitive, and can even list the station names automatically in its display (most stations now transmit these). The ability to use micro SD cards to extend the memory is a valuable bonus. I have yet to see any user ecstatic about the Sansa Radio Cards facility, but I did not buy it for that anyway.

The above satisfies my main requirements. I will examine the video/movie capabilities later. With the software converter (a free Sansa download) virtually any audio/video file type can be played. I can't be certain that I shall watch many full length films on such a small screen.

In summary, I've been very pleased and would recommend the Sansa Fuse + to anyone. I agree with those who have said that it will give the costly iPod good competition.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Returning to comment a few weeks later, I am still pleased with it, but the Movie capabilities leave something to be desired. I have, like many other users, found difficulties with the Sansa Media Converter (SMC). It works fine when loading JPEG images, but not with movies. Like others I have had trouble, only cured by first using "AnyMediaConverter" free software, then the SMC program. The correct settings have to be used (found elsewhere on the Internet) Sansa tell me to use third party codecs which they are unable to recommend or name. Not very satisfactory. I may try the Windows 7 Codec pack from Cnet. Wish me luck. I am not particularly upset by this, because hey, who's going to sit through movies on the tiny screen, but it would be good if the capabilities hype was more trustworthy.
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on 26 May 2012
Having been a massive fan of the original Fuze I thought the natural thing to do was invest in the new model. After all this is the '+'!! That surely means more, better, an upgrade? This is a great looking player, it has a great feel to it, and the audio quality is once again as stunning as the previous model. Unfortunately that's where the positives end. Firstly, once you load in few hundred tracks (which is very easy, drag and drop, that's another positive!!, I lied!!) the start-up time becomes tediously slow. Now try to navigate the menu system with the ridiculous touch pad!! It's near impossible, it's no joke to say that your accuracy with the touch pad has to be something near that of a surgeon performing a complex eye operation, very frustrating seeing the menu or track fly past as you play or adjust something entirely different. I can't believe that Sandisk thought this product was O.K for release. A real shame they didn't get this player right and produce something that would rival Apple products for ease of use. I'm giving this 2 stars for no other reason that it sounds fantastic when you get it playing.
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Size: 8GB|Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Open the box and you will find a good looking piece of kit; it has a nice feel to it.
Using the provided head phones that came with the player, the sound is neither clear nor sharp and is what I would describe as a bit dull. That of course is my own personal opinion and everyone has differing hearing. However, I replaced the headphones with that of a Sony player and it transformed the audio quality to very good.

The screen is not the best quality for video playback. I prefer to listen to music not watch it so the screen is not an issue for me.
It does not have the most instinctive menu system, but again isn't that the case with most electrical equipment. We all have to learn how to use it from scratch but some are more intuitive that others. It will not take long to get the hang of it.

I like the idea of the capacitive surface that can be tapped and swiped with ease; this is located underneath the screen, but why not just have a full capacitive screen?

Browsing videos, photos or album covers is ok; though response times for the commands are not the quickest but certainly not the slowest. What this means is that it gives the perception that it has to think before it can act, dragging its feet when you scroll through your photos.

I do understand that for the price that you pay for this device you cannot expect top quality head phones, but the ones provided do no justice to the audio quality. How many times do we hear this with other music players? Sandisk are not alone.

Good sound but only with good headphones not those provided
Looks good in black
Works off a mini USB not a propriety connector
Voice and FM recorder

Poor quality headphones
Menus not intuitive
Not the best screen

I think that for the price you pay it is reasonable value. As a music player is has good quality with the right headphones. I can only give it 3 stars because to get the best sound out of it you may have to spend extra. There are better ones about, not so much better on sound quality but the other stuff, video playback, menu's etc but you will have to pay more.
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on 3 January 2012
I bought this as a xmas present for my 81 year old mom after searching to find an easy to use 'elderly-friendly' audiobook player. The Sansa Fuze was recommended in the online forum I found, particularly for it's bookmarking capabilities with audiobooks, and ease of operation. I am pretty good with electronics and computing, but this has been a bad experience all around so far!
Firstly, the packaging (not the suppliers, the manufacturers box) was designed to be anti-thieft/anti-tamper (for store display I guess) to a ridiculous degree! It took me half an hour to get it out of the sealed plastic, which had to be destroyed in the process, making any possibility of returning the goods as unsuitable no longer possible!
I wanted to pre-load audio-books onto the Fuze before giving it as a gift, and this is where the problems started. The review I had read was for an earlier model Fuze with earlier firmware/software and the current version of software does not provide the bookmarking capabilities for audio-books. I have discovered this has also upset many earlier owners of the device who have upgraded their software to find it makes their device unfriendly for audio-books!
Audio-books, which are now transferred to the device simply by drag-and-drop, get automatically relegated to a sub-category of Podcasts on the device. In previous versions 'Media Manager' software was supplied, but this now seems to have been dropped and we are left to use Windows file management or 'Audible' software (which also failed to transfer an audio-book I had bought to the Fuze!)
The 'self-organisation' of files on the Fuze was totally crazy! Audio-books consisting of a dozen or so separate MP3 files, one for each chapter in the audio-book, were just randomly deposited and listed mixed with the the files of other audio-books, making navigation impossible! The manual for the Fuze (which has to be downloaded) provides little or no information to help. I spent days experimenting with editing the ID3 tags in each of the MP3 files (genre, compilation, album etc.) trying to get some structure or navigation to work, to no effect!
Conclusion: Sandisk have obviously produced this player only for the teenage music playing market and have abandoned the audio-book market or anyone who wants a more sophisticated and controllable device. As a music player for teenagers (which is all it is good for) it is overpriced and there are better products available.
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on 4 August 2011
this mp3 player is probably the most unreliable I have ever bought it constantly keeps crashing minumum once a week usually more fequent then this. updated the firmware but this still didnt stop it crashing now it has completly frozen up. the biggest waste of money ever. strongly recomend you do not buy this.
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on 8 January 2014
Bought as a present for my daughter whose previous Sansa Clip finally died after many years of hard service. I chose this one because we'd hasd a Sansa before and was impressed with the longevity. The addition of the micro-sd slot for expandability and mp4 playability meant that although this was one of the more expensive players, it was unbeatable (at the time) for usability. My daughter uses her Fuse every day and the interface is really intuitive although the touchpad front can be a little sensitive until you get used to it. An excellent player with lots of usability.
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on 15 January 2013
I wanted an MP3 player for the car and did not want to pay a lot of money. Whilst browsing I spotted this one and decided to give it a go - particularly as it was refurbished and at effectively half price. What a bargain. Once you get used to the fact that although there appears to be a touch screen the actions take place below the screen it becomes easier to use. Initially thought playback volume was very low but then found this can be adjusted in settings to allow louder, with a warning it might damage your ears.

Great value player made all the more useful by the micro SD card slot which takes 32GB cards. Enough music to get to the South of France and back without hearing the same song twice - and probably a little further. Charges from a USB slot or a USB mains adapter (not supplied).
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on 14 December 2012
Very reliable, really easy to use, good sound quality, very handy size, battery capacity is excellent, easy to connect to PC and music player, handy radio.
The touch pad on the new Fuse+ takes a little getting used to, but we have grown to like it. No moving parts and wipe clean. We also purchased silicon skins to help protect against possible accidental damage. We researched many other players and nothing seemed to be such good value for money. So impressed every member of our family now has one (apart from the cat).
The original Sansa Fuze (with the wheel) we purchased nearly 4 years ago is still going (just) despite being dropped and splashed (although now looking a bit worse for wear). The wheel and the display are the most likely to fail first. So the Fuse+ with a protective skin should last well.
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