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on 3 November 2017
What a shame! We've had 2 original Sansa Fuzes for at least 7 years and they (in my opinion) are the best ever MP3 players for quality, features and useability. The battery in one of them died and I thought the Fuze+ would be just as good, but it would not recognise any of the 3 MicroSD cards I tried (2 x 4GB & 32GB), despite a couple of factory resets and reformatting the cards. I didn't bother asking for a replacement as problems are too common according to the reviews. The units appear to be new, but I have to ask myself - why so many problems from such a good manufacturer? Maybe that's why the product became obsolete. Refund applied for.
A quick addition - with the proportion of units which are faulty wouldn't it make sense for the seller to test them before sending them out? They don't have any retail packaging, just a small, unsealed plastic bag......
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on 17 August 2016
I still use this, even today on occasion, and although it suffers from the odd hiccup every now and again, I still love it. However, I don't use the earphones it came with originally, as I don't like that type much. It's a nice device, and the 16GB space is an improvement over the Clip+ series, in addition to the 32GB it can store. It's easy to use, and although I wouldn't use it for watching videos, it is good for listening to music, and the screen is nice enough that it can be used to display album art. It feels quite solidly built as well, and it comes with a pouch thing to put it in, so you can protect it, though I do recommend that you also get some screen protectors to protect it from being scratched!

Additionally, if it's not possible already, you should be able to replace the default firmware on it with Rockbox, I think it's called, which will allow it to support more file formats, and possibly higher capacity Micro SDHC cards (though it may be able to support that on stock firmware). All in all, it's a nice device. The only complaint I can think of is that I don't quite like the touch controls, as it lacks tactile feedback , and occasionally it goes into something I don't want it to. Another issue is that there's no way of protecting the touch controls, so it is important to make sure that they're covered when the device isn't in use, as otherwise it could get scratched or scuffed.

Ultimately though, I don't regret purchasing it, although I'm getting to the stage now where I want to either get a new MP3 player (not Apple!), or test it out to see if it can hold a larger capacity Micro SD card, so I can give it a much-needed refresh!
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on 5 April 2013
I have persevered with this heap of junk for too long already. It's going in the bin and I'm buying a cheap Bush MP3 player. I already had the Sansa Fuze which was easy to use and did the job but after a couple of years, the battery wasn't lasting very long so I bought the Fuze Plus, which I wrongly assumed would be better. I wish I hadn't. It takes about 10 seconds to boot up and load and comes on in pause mode, so you have to wait those 10 seconds and then press the play button (a pain when you're driving). I also hate not having a positive touch to navigate around the menus. The menus are very difficult to get to, and it keeps getting stuck in a loop of the same 10 songs, or it picks a certain letter and only plays artists beginning with that letter. If you're driving when it does that, you're either stuck with it or you have to pull over to try to get it to rethink. Total rubbish.
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on 9 October 2012
A few days after receiving this product I have already had great pleasure from it.

At first I was concerned because it arrived with a crucially low charge in the battery. It would not charge from either my laptop or my desktop computer. Using the USB adapter for an iPod overcame the reluctance of the flat battery to charge, and it is now charging and working well.

I installed the latest edited operating software from the Sansa site and was particularly delighted to find that the folders in my computer which held my mp3s, could be bodily dragged and dropped into the Sansa Fuse + Memory, without having to edit ID3 tags or make special play lists. The new Sansa software is capable of displaying and opening folders, allowing playing or display of the individual files in a very natural way. All the usual lists i.e. artist, title, album name etc are also well catered for. The capacitative touch pad controls, a little difficult to master at first, are now second nature to me. I am very happy with the sound quality. I have tried several ear buds, headsets and a noise-cancelling Sennheiser headset - it works well with them all. The radio is great, appears sensitive, and can even list the station names automatically in its display (most stations now transmit these). The ability to use micro SD cards to extend the memory is a valuable bonus. I have yet to see any user ecstatic about the Sansa Radio Cards facility, but I did not buy it for that anyway.

The above satisfies my main requirements. I will examine the video/movie capabilities later. With the software converter (a free Sansa download) virtually any audio/video file type can be played. I can't be certain that I shall watch many full length films on such a small screen.

In summary, I've been very pleased and would recommend the Sansa Fuse + to anyone. I agree with those who have said that it will give the costly iPod good competition.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Returning to comment a few weeks later, I am still pleased with it, but the Movie capabilities leave something to be desired. I have, like many other users, found difficulties with the Sansa Media Converter (SMC). It works fine when loading JPEG images, but not with movies. Like others I have had trouble, only cured by first using "AnyMediaConverter" free software, then the SMC program. The correct settings have to be used (found elsewhere on the Internet) Sansa tell me to use third party codecs which they are unable to recommend or name. Not very satisfactory. I may try the Windows 7 Codec pack from Cnet. Wish me luck. I am not particularly upset by this, because hey, who's going to sit through movies on the tiny screen, but it would be good if the capabilities hype was more trustworthy.
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on 25 March 2017
Bought to replace original which seemed to have an intermittent fault. However, the fault has now vanished (??) so will keep this as a spare as I use it to store both books and music for long journeys and holidays and would be lost without it. For the money, I think this is the best MP3 player on the market, but unfortunately, I don't think they make this model any more.
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on 25 February 2011
There are some quirky MP3 players on the market and this is one of them, first of all... this is not an iPod Touch, It doesn't do everything an iPod touch dose and what it dose do the same is done different, so if you want something like an iPod Touch but cheaper this isn't it. The SanDisk Fuze+ is in a little bubble all on it's own. Apart from that I'm really pleased and impressed with this device, ramped up the volume in settings, default volume level set quite low for me. I haven't used the bundled ear bugs so this review is based on my own inexpensive ones. Sound first, one word fantastic, crisp, clear, clean, as good as anything else I've used over the years. Build and design, quality, again excellent, light, good looking, comfortable in the hand. Made completely from plastic, so you may need this silicone skin, iGadgitz BLACK Silicone Skin Case Cover for SanDisk Sansa Fuze Plus (+) + Screen Protector Controls no problem, "not touch screen" scroll up, down, sideways easily, nice simple interface with a small learning curve to begin with. I've upgraded the firmware took a few minutes again no issues. Transfer of music, straight forward, filed and sorted. Looked at the included video clip, crystal clear with smooth playback. You get a small case, strap bundled with the ear bugs nice touch. All in all, surpassed my expectations. But if you have your hart set on an iPod Touch buy that not this.
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on 19 October 2016
The sansa firmware on this player is terrible but with Rockbox it is a great mp3 player ,
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on 17 March 2013
I've used a Sansa View for several years now and have been very happy with it but it's eventually given up the ghost. Bought the Fuze+ as a replacement and am disappointed to find it pretty well unuseable.

I use a 32GB card which it accepted with no bother, loaded reasonably quickly (about 1 minute for 4000 songs) but then I found the player is useless for a large collection of songs as it will ONLY show in 'artist' order - no genre, album, recently added or rating categories. I see from a YouTube video that these categories are available but I simply couldn't get mine to show anything other than 'Artist' and believe me I tried! As many of my albums are by various artists, each artist was listed separately - a total 1659 artists to scroll through to find the song you want and no way to listen to a whole album if it's by more than one artist.

I thought perhaps it was because I'd simply swapped the card from the old player, but when I tried syncing a few tracks to the internal memory from Windows Media Player and running it without the card it was exactly the same result. An extraordinary failing.

The touchpad is also very poor - trying to scroll at any speed often resulted in the artist being selected rather than scrolling and actually landing on the artists I wanted was very difficult - was forever getting the one above or below.

The sound quality was excellent by the way, and the system settings provided an easy override for the nanny-state limited maximum volume - but unfortunately that's just not enough to make me want to keep it.

Returned to Amazon.

Any suggestions for a good, non-iTunes using mp3 player (not fussed about video, pics, radio etc) with a card slot would be most welcome!
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on 12 June 2016
This player is lame. It's the lamest thing that never walked the earth. If it was alive I'd have it put down to put it and me out of misery.
It takes at least 20 seconds to boot up.The controls are either unresponsive or extremely touchy. Keep pressing, it may decide to comply, or it may just have a grand mal.
The shuffle is utter sh*te. What kind of shuffle plays the same song twice in ten minutes or even in a row? The Sansa Fuze shuffle, that's what. Actually, that sounds like a dance doesn't it? "Ladies and Gentlemen, step up for the Sansa Fuze Shuffle!" Yeah, step up and dance on it's grave. No wonder they stopped making these things.
Save up and get something decent or just sing to yourself.
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on 20 July 2016
This little technological miracle has been serving my needs for many years now. It has recorded hours of lectures; helped me get through my Master's degree and also served as a companion during my commute because I was able to listen to music and even watch videos. It is durable and has taken more than one plunges from desks, tables etc and it's still going strong. Can't live without it!
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