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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 18 September 2011
Bought this for work where we have to have tops on drinks to carry. I have had a similar one before but the plunger was plastic and broke quickly - this one is very robust as you would expect from Bodum and makes a really good cup of fresh proper coffee. It also keeps it reasonably warm for about 45 mins.
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on 9 July 2012
One of my colleagues have one of these and as I was getting fed up with instant coffee I decided to buy one myself.
The design is spot on, everything locks together as it should and even though it looks like it flimsy and will get hot, it is not. Even pouring boiling water in it, still only raises the outside temperature to a hand warming degree, nothing more.
It is easy to clean and operate and I can certainly see me bringing this with when going camping over just about any other solution as you can get a nice cup of proper hot coffee with bringing an additional item to brew in and the lid & plunger locks down tight when not in use to allow movement.
Good job there Bodum.
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on 4 February 2012
Marvellous , only a small gripe, I wish it was completely leak proof, however a brilliant item to use and keeps my drink lovely and hot :)
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on 13 August 2015
This is one of the best solutions for making coffee on the go or in the office. The insulated mug is very good quality and looks good. It keeps hot drinks hot for quite a long time and the mechanism for making coffee from fresh ground coffee works very well.

These are ideal for the car or for use when travelling or staying in hotels.
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on 9 December 2011
This cup does mostly do the job but I've had a couple of niggling issues with mine that I thought I'd share. I have been using a Costa travel mug previously that didn't suffer any of these issues but obviosly didn't have the coffee press option.

1. Firstly the plunger doesn't plunge right to the bottom of the cup s per a normal coffee press. This means that you get a large area of the bottom of the cup (1/4) that is wasted.
2. The lid on the cup overlaps the cup edge meaning that it is very easy to catch on things if you put it in a bag after use. Along with the issue above this means that the liquid that is caught in the bottom part of the cup can then leak out, which has happended to me on a number of occasions.
3. The lid on the cup also does not form a seal when closed meaning that when travelling liquid starts to seep out from under the lid

I noticed that one of the reviews said that this cup doesn't fit in their cars cup holder, well this does fit in mine (which is a BMW 3 series). However it is slightly wider and shorter then most other travel cups.
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on 25 April 2016
I can only drink fresh, ground coffee. Don't like Italian expresso based coffee and think instant coffee tastes like OXO. So to get a cup of coffee at work had been very difficult. This is ideal. The main issue is making the coffee and bringing the container home. A standard cafetiere leaks all over the place (it's difficult to dispose of the grounds at work) this doesn't. So I get at least one fabulous cup of coffee. It also doesn't cool when it's brewing. The only very slight issue, the reason why I haven't given it five stars is because the cap that closes the hole can get knocked loose. All you have to do is clip the drinking hole cover properly in place, pack it carefully so it doesn't snag on anything else (it doesn't come out unless it snags on something) and it won't leak at all, not one slightest bit. It gives me real pleasure to have a proper cup of coffee at work and this is an excellent idea.
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on 5 August 2012
Same experience as S. Daruwala above. After a couple of months I noticed some condensation in the "vacuum" cavity which made the cup less attractive but didn't impair its practical utility. But a few months later, I heard a crack as I was pouring in hot water and now there is a long vertical split in the inner wall of the cup which allows coffee to seep gradually out into the cavity. The steel option will be the better choice. But disappointed that a reputable manufacturer such as BODUM could come make such a basic mistake with their materials.
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on 14 September 2015
I bought 2 of these Bodum travel mugs because a friend of mine has one and swears by hers. I thought was buying the same; but these are different - for starters, I'm sure these are smaller than the metal travel mugs.... and yes, these are not metal, they are plastic, and do not insulate as efficiently. Where my friend's coffee stays warm for hours, the coffee in these cools down very quickly, very little difference from a normal cup.

Also, the plunger is pretty naff. I have coarse grain coffee, as recommended, and I'm getting mouthfuls of grains, particularly toward the end of the drink. So yeah, if, like me, you are attracted by the seemingly very reasonable price for a travel press set, (and also didn't realise it's just plastic) un-attract yourself and try to buy the Bodum Travel Press Set that is metal - that one, my friend says is great and keeps her coffee drinkable for hours.
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on 23 April 2012
So a birthright huh? Bodum have a reputation for the dramatic, coffee geniuses they aint though. This cup at anywhere between £13 and £30 is a real con. It IS NOT watertight, and I readily challenge any iHipsters out there guffawing at this review to upend the freshly filled cup over their lap? Any takers? Thought not. Then there's the brew, you need such coarse ground coffee as to need double to get the usual strength, and whatever coffee you do use, however slow and meticulous your 'plunging' every cup is filled with bits.

Then there's the farce that is the plunger, it's so badly designed that you can only make half a cup otherwise the plunger goes below the waterline before it makes a seal at the sides thus filling your drink with more grounds, then the damned thing wont push down passed about an inch from the bottom and seals the liquid trapped there so you lose it! So what with the half cup measures and the trapped liquid in the bottom you get a small serving whatever you do.

Then there's the question of all of us that take sugar or milk?! You can't add them first because it effects the way the grounds absorb the water, so how in gods name is this supposed to work, via funnel and tiny mini-jug?? Because you can't then take the lid off because it's holding the coffee at the bottom?!

So if you like a travel cup that makes only a small cup of coffee despite it's supersize size, using (wasting) double the coffee, that you can't add sugar or milk to, that you have to hold carefully upright at all times to stop scalding yourself, that leaves stupid amounts of grounds in every sip, and that costs the same as a respectable coffee machine, go ahead.

If however you're like me, and you really enjoy coffee, all of it in your cup, and you hate choking on grounds, you like milk and sugar and hate Accident and Emergency visits following scalding accidents, then give this overpriced joker a wide berth. It is mis-represented as everything it is not, and a waste of the design that went into it and is all that you are paying for.

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on 5 May 2016
Great travel mug with a French press fixture for loose tea or coffee and a separate lid for normal drinks.

Stylish and just feels nice in the hand. I like that you can see the drink inside and this is particularly useful to assess how long the tea has steeped for.

My only complain with this product is that mine seems to have a fault on the silicone band. Not sure if this is a product fault (and was a 'second') but someone I know with one does not have this fault. The letters are slanted and not even (I will attach a picture).

Feel a bit cheated paying full price for a faulty product but as it is only aesthetic, I still gave this 4*.
review image
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