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on 21 June 2017
came apart - but prompt refund
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on 16 March 2016
Really hard wearing, durable, basic mobile. Perfect for building sites and other phone unfriendly places.
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on 7 April 2017
Yes happy with this product.
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on 28 July 2014
Good piece of kit if you work out-doors and are happy with limited features. Takes a lot of stick but hard to see in sun light (like most)
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on 13 August 2011
This is the best tough phone available. It has some flaws, but no other robust phone is anywhere near as good, and most of the alternatives cost a lot more. If you are happy to have a fragile phone, then you'll get more functionality elsewhere; but if you want tough, this is the one.

I am a farmer without mains electricity, and bought a Solid Immerse a few months ago as a big-battery robust phone which would do a bit more than the basics. I am very pleased with it: it is tough, has great call quality, big and easy-to-use buttons, excellent predictive text, and a very crisp and bright display which works well even when outdoors in bright sunlight. As a voice-call-and-text phone, I give it 19 out of 10, and I love its handy little built-in LED torch. The smartphone functions are not so well implemented, and can massively reduce the otherwise-excellent battery life.


Some reviewers have criticised the battery life, but that depends on what it is being used for. If I just do texting and voice calls, it lasts for many days without a recharge, and there are plenty of accounts of it lasting on standby for well over a month. If you want a phone to take the wilderness for emergency calls, this is your only choice: there is nothing else which will stay on standby for longer.

However if I start using the 3G functions (email, web browsing, Facebook etc) I can flatten the battery in two days, and occasionally in one. That seems to be an endemic problem with smartphones too, so I guess those functions use a lot of power. This is a chunky phone, rather than a svelte prop for fashion victims, so it wouldn't have hurt to have made the battery much bigger. Samsung also needs to work on its battery-level indicator, which remains on 5 bars for ages, 4 for almost as long, 3 bars for a lot less, and by the the time its on 2 bars it's almost over. I quickly got used to this, but it would be much clearer to have each bar representing one fifth of the total battery life.


I have dropped this phone in all sorts of places where I didn't think it would survive: off buildings, into mud, into ditchwater, and it was completely undamaged. No other phone that I could afford would do that, so I am delighted with my choice. I did succeed in damaging the phone: it fell 3 metres (10 feet) face-down onto a sharp piece of builders crushed-rock, and the result was a small hairline crack in one corner of the screen's hard plastic cover. The actual display is fine, and the crack doesn't impede my usage, whereas any other phone would have been an expensive collection of broken bits. The display cover is some sort of very hard plastic, which I have found impossible to scratch, but it's a good idea to remove the supplied soft plastic screen protector, because it's not needed and makes the screen a bit blurry.


The camera is nothing fancy: 2megapixels, no zoom, only 320X240 video. However it's fine for quick snaps, and it's very easy to email the photos or upload them to Facebook. To have that sort of functionality in such a robust phone is brilliant.


The downside of this phone is the rest of its software. The Facebook application is a bit crude in design, which I can live with, but I don't like the way that it frequently fails to load the page. This seems to be linked to some combination of the quality of the 3G signal and the load on some severs: it can fail entirely at peak times in poor signal areas, but it's much much better in the middle of the night where the signal is good. The phone would be much more useful if this software was improved, because for now I find it easier to use Facebook through the web browser, which is not an approach well-suited to a relatively small screen.

The built-in email is pretty good, but needs some tweaking. The input uses the same excellent predictive text as the SMS system, with choice of words displayed in a pop-up menu. This is much easier to use than the one-alternative-at-a-time system on old the Nokias I used to have, and I got quite fast at typing emails. The emailer handles multiple accounts quite smoothly, and copes fine with attachments, but it is let down by poor memory management. Firstly, it limits the size of emails to 2K characters of text, which is enough for most purposes but is woefully inadequate when replying with quoted text. A much higher limit would make the email a lot more useful.

The second problem with the email is that it stores all the messages in internal memory, and there is no way of changing this to use the memory card (none supplied, I bought a SanDisk 16GB microSDHC Memory Card for under £15). Photos, internet downloads etc can all be directed straight to the memory card, but emails cannot even be moved there. This is a nuisance, because the internal memory is only about 32MB (shared with SMS, contacts list, wallpapers, etc), and it fills up very quickly when emails have attachments. The only solution is to purge the mailbox frequently, which should not be needed.


The bottom line for me is that no other phone which would survive my usage has anywhere near as much functionality or usability. The previous model Samsung B2100 Solid Extreme Sim Free Mobile Phone is robust, but has a lousy display; the Land Rover S1 costs almost £400 and the Sonim phones start at over £275 for the Sonim XP3 2.0 Quest Sim Free Mobile Phone - Black, while the JCB Toughphones are 2G only (no email, no Facebook, no web browser). Some reviews elsewhere recommend the £250 Motorola Defy, a toughphone that runs Android and sounds great, but the earpieces on the Defy stop working and Motorola doesn't seem to want to fix them.

So if I lose my phone, I'll buy another Solid Immerse. But Samsung ... please please please please please please improve the email and Facebook software, and fix the battery level indicator. Oh, and do supply a USB cable with the phone, to save us having to go off and buy an Izzibuyer Usb Data Cable for Samsung Solid Immerse.
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on 12 January 2011
Bought the phone for my wife as other phones don't last her long. We have horses so she spends a lot of time outside in the yard, she also runs a guesthouse so the mobile is key to her business.
With this in mind I decided to go for a tough phone after she had dropped two other phones in buckets of water and others had been blocked with hay dust and dirt.
She has a contract with 3 so the criteria was;
- 3G capability
- Water proof
- Dust proof
- Bluetooth
- Must have keypad
- Simple to use (she's technophobic!!!)

anything else is a bonus.

I'm glad to say that this phone has met this requirements with flying colours and she is realy pleased with it so far (4 weeks on ). Google maps with GPS is great just like my smartphone although she is unlikely to use it.
If you want a phone to use AS A PHONE, this is it.
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on 27 November 2010
I had a Samsung Solid. the M110, before which was about 3 years old. Rugged though it was it did not completely survive me falling over and using it to break my fall although the only damage is a small faulty area of the display.

I bought the B2710 not really knowing what I was going to get but hoping it would be as good as the Solid and a bit more up to date. The verdict is that it is superb! The B2710 is just as rugged as the M110 with the same watertight, dust proof case and good chunky, reliable keyboard. It is physically slightly larger than the M110 but not much. However it is also a fairly smart phone which gives me internet access to Google, Facebook, Twitter and all my email, a versatile multimedia player and other possibly useful features like a compass, pedometer and a torch as well as the usual games, FM radio etc.

Getting used to the slightly different text input methods with the B2710 compared to the M110 is taking a little time but is no problem. This phone has a 2M pixel camera as opposed to the 1.3M of the M110 which may be a benefit to some. It records video in addition to still photos. You can add a microSD card to increase memory capacity. It also has a very large loop for a safety string or chain if you need one.

In short, I love it, as I do most Samsung products. Falling over clutching my M110 may have done me a favour because I now wonder how I managed so long without a superb smart phone like this. It is unlocked so drop your SIM in and off you go! Buy one without delay.
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on 5 February 2011
This does everything i want in a phone. after eading lots of reviews on this phone i decided to go for it. I have had it 2 days and am very impressed with it. The main things i look for in a phone is being able to use your own mp3 ringtone/alarm tone, ruggedness, simplicity, bit of web browsing, good battery life and not a touch phone. This little baby does all that for me.
I didn't even have to look at the manual to set it up as have had Samsungs before and they keep the software pretty simple. I love the SmartHome on the main screen and being able to edit the shortcuts there, just a nice little touch. It's also alot lighter than i thought it would be. Currently testing battery life and have switched the 3G off and just using GSM to see if it lasts as long as they claim. So far after 2 days with more than normal use due to setting up and playing around with it, i have still got full battery strength showing. I fully expect this to last at least a couple of years and bundle this with Tecos (they use O2 signal) £15.32 sim only 30 day deal which gives you 500mins, unlimited text and data and you really don't have to worry about much and all for less than £20 a month over a 2 year period.
If you just want a phone to do the job a phone should do with more, then this is for you. I have not even tried all the other funtions yet like Google maps, pedometer, compass etc. and will be interested to see how good they work. Only thing i will say is i think they could have made the screen slightly bigger afterall there is room even keeping same sized phone. Other than that..check YouTube for it being put through its paces...it got killed once and that was because a guy shot it with a rifle...so don't use ut as a bullet proof vest.
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on 10 September 2011
I had a Nokia 6230 for about six years. Then I went jogging in the rain and the speaker stopped working.

I thought about getting a smart phone, but I wanted a low-maintenance phone with a long battery life. Smart phones seem to need charging at least once a day.

The Samsung Solid Immerse tickled my fancy. I watched the videos of it ringing in a pint of beer, and being run over by a tractor.

My first reaction to this phone was: gosh it is rather large. Does a phone that is only a phone need to be so big?

Battery life is about a week - same as for the old Nokia. But it's a bigger screen so there is more power usage I suppose.

It is quite true that the flashlight cannot be locked, and it has turned itself on in my pocket on numerous occasions.

I find the interface a bit annoying to use. Samsung needed to do much more user testing.
To lock the phone you press '*' for a while. But it doesn't always notice, and you may have to hit the * several times.
Because the phone is slow, I commonly hit buttons too many times. If you do this when reading an SMS message, you end up hitting "reply" and then "send", which sends a blank message. Grr.
I was looking forward to a smarter predictive text system, but although this one does guess words sooner than the Nokia, they are rarely useful. And if it fails to know your word, it is cumbersome to turn off predictive text, type the word, then turn predictive text back on (it is different menu item numbers).
Also, when a text message fails to send for lack of signal, it disappears. I spent a lot of time retyping the same text when I was in the alps trying to get a message out. It was only some time later that I found all the unsent messages in the Outbox.
It took me a long time to figure out how to set the text message font, which defaults to tiny-unreadable. Instead of being in the "settings" menu with the other fonts, it is on the text-message reading menu.

I bought a micro-usb cable for the phone, but the phone's usb socket is so rubberised and recessed that the cable won't fit. So I resorted to Bluetooth, which is fiddly.

I was pleased to see that Samsung Kies downloaded easily and synched all my contacts and appointments easily from my computer to the phone. However, the *second* time I synched, the software found hundreds of imaginary duplicates. I deleted all these, but then noticed that the "notes" section of each contact, where I often store quite a bit of information, had been truncated to 40 characters or so. Luckily I had had the sense to back up all my contacts, so I deleted everything, restored the backup, and will no longer synch using Kies.

The camera is definitely better than my old Nokia's, though like any tiny camera it tends to blur and have poor contrast. Also, memory fills up fast - you need to buy an SD card.

I have not used the internet or 3g stuff.

My Nokia came back to life after about a week, when the speaker dried out. But I have not switched back.

I believe there is a niche for an indestructible, small phone with a long battery life. This Samsung partly fills that niche.
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on 4 January 2011
this is a very good phone. i have broken many a phone and the ones that wouldnt die didnt make calls properly. this one is exellent. it gets good reception, has good call audio (i am a sound engineer), it will film video underwater, it has survived a pint of guiness, opening a bottle of beer, and a six foot drop so far. it also does google maps quicker than my friends blackberry, email etc. if you are a clumbsy big fingered fool who works in a dirty wet dusty and loud enviroment and your sick of fancy phones that dont call people when you really need to, then get this phone. its a keeper
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