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on 25 November 2011
This cable works fine with my 2nd generation i pod touch. It's good quality - you probably would assume it was a genuine Apple componant if you didnt know different.

The only but is make sure you have the right inputs on your TV - I had to buy a scart adaptor to connect it. That's not a problem as it only cost another £2.95 but its irritating. So, for the 'record'(!) make sure your TV has Composite Video input (thats the one with a yellow, red and white phono input) - if you have red green and blue its Componant video which is different - it still got a signal of sorts but no sound.

So now I can rent video's on line and play them on a larger screen and watch You Tube and view my 48000 or so digi pics that my file manager tells me I've accumulated over the years!!

Happy viewing
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on 9 February 2012
I got this cable mainly so I can view the very large video files the 4s generates with its 8MP camera. My old PC just isn't up to playing these HD video files on Quicktime, and it's nice to be able to view them before I have to copy them to my PC and convert them to something it can deal with.

I'm on iOS 5.1. The cable works well but only with certain applications. It doesn't just represent the iPhone screen on the TV, like someone suggested the 'proper' Apple cable will do (never seen this, just read a review from someone saying that's what the Apple cable will do).

Here's what I've found so far:

Camera Roll: Videos play with sound; photos can be viewed from SlideShow only
Videos: These play fine (as you'd expect!). Quality on a big screen depends on the quality/compression of the video (also as you'd expect!)
Music/iPod: Music plays with a blank screen on the TV
YouTube: Video with sound - same caveat on quality of the picture

BBC iPlayer: sound but no video
ITV Player: sound but no video
Other Apps: It varies. E.g Star Walk shows the night sky view but not some of the menus, other apps show nothing.

At £17 it's not cheap for a cable, but a lot cheaper than the Apple-brand equivalent.
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on 5 December 2014
The lead is great but Apple, who clearly want you to buy their lead for a great deal more, seem to block some YouTube videos. Some work, others do not and a message pops up saying "this accessory is not supported by ipod touch" it then appears to block you from watching on tv but allows audio only. I did an update recently and this may be the reason why Apple appear to be acting in such an unfair way. It is possible that it's YouTube of course, not sure.
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on 5 October 2014
The cable is great. Unfortunately I did an apple update and it no longer worked. Apples fault not the cable.
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on 23 March 2012
works with all my apple appliances without any effort. ipad, ipod classic, iphone 3gs. product quality seems fine - doesn't feel or look like a 'cheap' imitation of apple stuff. if the quality of the picture is dictated by the quality of the cables then i have no complaints at all - i can even watch a ipod scaled movie (320 x 176) on a 37" plasma and it was much better than i was expecting - so for smaller screens it looks astounding. i've not tried cheaper similar cables and this is mid-price - but i'm very happy with this product.
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on 28 December 2014
This product worked great on my son's iPhone 4, iOS 7xx (last iPhone 4 update).
Then suddenly, within a week it stopped working. The message across the screen says something along the lines of not being compatible - but it WAS!

It was great while it lasted. Thinking of getting ChromeCast now.
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on 9 September 2012
Recommended to me by a friend - this simple to use product has allowed our family to maximise our enjoyment of all of our Apple iThingies [touches; phones; pods; pads, etc] Saves us having to consider TV channels, as we merely load up with all of our favourites & can GO MOBILE watching them on any AV device! Great.

AV USB Video Cable For Apple iPad iPod Touch iPhone 3GS 3g 4 4g
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on 25 January 2012
I bought this with the sole purpose of connecting my iPhone 3GS Music to the AV/AUX glove box port in my Peugeot 407 SW. It does the job perfectly and the quality seems good enough although the iPhone cannot actually be controlled via any of the on board media/steering column audio functions (I'm not sure that the Apple version would have done that either though).

Of course, this may be an issue for some as to navigate tracks would require the user to look at the phone and not at the road. As I usually listen to podcasts/albums this is not really an issue for me.

I would recommend this product.
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on 7 February 2013
Had trouble using the product as a display on my iPod said 'Accessory not recognised' (or something like that).
The girl from Technopro said that the device was tried and tested and that even some Apple accessories showed the same warning and that sometimes it was caused by dirt. She did say that if I had no success they would give me a refund.
Anyway, I tried wigling the connection to my iPod and got it to work albeit with an elastic band holding the connection together and a 10mm packer at the back of the iPod to hold the connector at an angle.
Not ideal but for the amount of times I'll use it, it will do and save me sending it back.
If I plugged the USB into the TV at the same time, it blacked out the movie from the iPod.
Hope this helps.
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on 4 January 2013
Purchased as a video lead for an iPhone 3GS to put the screen on my TV. Works OK as a product and it's of good quality, however with the iPhone 3GS there is video output with only some of my apps and not with any great quality. Perhaps the iPhone 4 would give a better quality video output. The problem is more the iPhone 3GS output than this product itself, which appears to do it's job as stated.

Don't buy this for use with a 3GS, it's not worth it.
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