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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 19 February 2011
First off, I'm going to hold my hand up and say that Star Wars has never been something on my radar. I've no idea if these characters are important, who they are or what they do. I've never gone into pant-wetting excitement about the films (which aren't so great, once you get past the whizz-bang of the special effects - even on the original trilogy), but I do understand how they changed cinema and how the universe has built up a strong, loyal and devoted fanbase. I've always had my eye on the Lego Star Wars stuff, because it is impressive stuff, but it's always a little out of my price range. And I already have a Transformers habit. Anyway, I plumped for this set, because Tesco were doing 20% off (sorry Amazon) and because its a box full of bounty hunters. Bounty hunters are cool,yes?

The three mini figures proper that come with the set- Aurra Sing, Embo and Sugi - are great little characters. Embo in particularly is an incredibly detailed and bad-ass looking fella, with his big saucer hat and crossbow. Aurra Sing impresses being something of a day-glo goth cutie...with twin pistols, and they are ably backed up by the slightly butch looking Mo Harris-alike Sugi. They have an Assassin droid, but frankly, he's a bit of an after thought and little more than a collection of pipecleaners with a lava lamp on top. The droids always look a bit rubbish at this scale, and I don't honestly know if I could build something better at that size (blimey, listen to me, like I'm such a master builder).

The ship itself suprised me with how long it took to put together. There's not actually a lot too it, but like a lot of space type sets, there's a bundle of small parts that go into making this up. The end result is a very sleek and impressive looking craft. A really bruiser of a craft. Not quite as hefty as Slave I, but with enough nods to that design to make you wonder if the bounty hunters of the Star Wars universe aren't unionised or something. Or at least by their craft from the same manufacturer. Pulling back on the tail makes the turbines rotate through 90 degrees so that the craft can 'land' and support itself. This also reveals a little box of special shiny cargo (no idea). The cab of the craft features a jail cell (a bit cramped and uncomfortable looking, I must say) and a second storey where the pilot sits. The two side panels swing out so you can access both pilot and prisoner. These move on a couple of very nicley engineered and smooth joints. By comparrison, the rather loose roof canopy is something of an 'oh, its really floppy' moment. It would have been a little better to have those tighter ratchety clips here instead of something so loose, particularly as the roof also houses further weapons storage. A small point of criticism, but when everything else has been so nicely engineered, its worth noting. The only other fault I can find is that there's only room for one mini-figure in the cockpit, but I'm supposing it's just a single manned craft this and the others are just hanging about for...stuff. Well, killing and betrayal for the sake of shiny things, I should imagine.

I'm really quite pleased with the set. A nice bunch of minifigures with bags of character and a superb spacecraft with some clever design. Probably not worth buying for the full rrp, though, despite how good it is. And it is really, really, really good.
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on 15 June 2011
I bought this for my son for his 9th birthday. Over the years he has had many boxes of lego and used to need help making the items. Now he gets the instructions out himself and I am amazed at how he confidently builds the models with no trouble at all. Very easy for him to follow. Nice to see a 9 year old concentrate and engrossed in something that is actually teaching them a skill. This one has many features that he loves, when you twist the engines the gun on top of the ship slides forward. It has an opening cockpit and sliding doors that reveal the prison in which to put your figures. He also liked the colour green as many other ships are 'boring grey'. Hours of fun then spent flying the thing around and play-acting battles with other ships because this one is an enemy craft. All in all extremely pleased with purchase, not least because it was reduced!
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on 6 January 2012
Star Wars universe: Based on the 'Halo' featured in the 'Bounty Hunters' Episode of Clone Wars the animated series. Also in series 3 as a rescue ship.

Building: Quite a complicated & tricky build. The recommended age is 8-12 so adult assistance needed while 'junior' found the parts. Well impressed by the sliding mechanism that combines with the rotating wings.

Durability: The gunship is a little delicate, we find the side doors come off easy if you dont open them exactly right. The engines on the wings are a little heavy and out of balance, so when you swoosh the ship you have to hold them in flying position, otherwise they drop and the secret compartment opens. It is definitely an older kids play thing. Ours is 5 going on 6 and has learnt to treat this ship carefully after a few mishaps. The ship is a little difficult to balance on the shelf when resting.

Looks: Looks well cool! Nice racing green trim and WWII style name & Twi'lek figure (sticker) on the side of the cockpit. A new an interesting shape for a star ship.

Playability: Great to have a tiny wee 'Holocron', it helped to generate play ideas to have a secret 'object' that the Jedi & Bounty Hunters could search for, steal, & hide - it gives a reason to play out a narrative. Although the holocron is rather small; from our point of view - it is one of this sets best features. The holocron is stored in a secret compartment that is only accessible when the wings are rotated in landing position. The ship also has a prison cell, for well - prisoners of course. Although the cell conditions are rather cramped (you can only fit one guy in sitting position). The cockpit opens up to the top & side and accomodates 1 pilot.

Minifigures: This kit comes with 4 bounty hunters which is a big plus for the kiddies collecting them - Aurra Sing (an assasin & real bad guy), IG 86, and Embo & Sugi (who turn out to be not such bad guys). Some of the mini-guys are unique to this set, so they are quite collectable. Aurra Sing is a nice mini figure, with her orange jump suit (very fashionable in the 70's) & new hair piece (a kind of unstiff mohican), she is all white rather than flesh covered. Embo is our favourite, he has a large 'bullet proof' hat, which also doubles up as a 'death frisby' weapon in the TV series, he also has shoulder decor & printed legs. Sugi is less detailed - she has printed 'horns' that are not as clear as the horn head piece introduced in later lego sets. The assasin droid is IG 86 (according to the box) but is identical to all the other Lego assasin droids - a bit of a lack lustre mini-figure.

Overall we like the set because of the play possibilities it introduces and because our bad guys are rather outnumbered by clone troopers and Jedi.
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on 4 November 2015
Bought a good while back this but with all Lego Star Wars sets, over priced to be under whelmed, standard Lego sets with far more pieces cost much less, basically your paying a surcharge because it's to give George Lucas his cut.
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on 24 December 2012
Kids loved this ship and the little bounty hunters that came with it. The ship was not as robust as some of the other Star Wars ships we have bought and can be broken fairly easily if you have kids like mine! Still, they loved it and played with it for many days on end, just putting bits back together if they fell off so I recommend it.
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on 15 November 2012
Well, i bought this for my grandson and he was really chuffed when he opened it so i would say it's a winner. The box looked impressive. Sorry to be a bit negative but i just know he was very pleased and he knows more than i do about it.
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on 27 February 2013
My 8-year old grandson is a lego fanatic and finding him this Star Wars Lego at Christmas delighted him. Needless to say he had completed it by evening on Christmas Day and was ready for the next one. Well done Amazon for your speedy service as usual.
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on 10 May 2011
My 7 year old son is really into Clone Wars, and was delighted to get this set for his birthday. He was particularly pleased to get the bounty hunters, and a few hours were spent playing with the minifigs in his battle before the ship was actually built! They really are very detailed, with Aura Sing's hair causing much amusement.

The build did require some adult supervision, and once built it looked smaller than we thought it would. However, it's a good "one hand ship" (important when being chased by a Jedi Starfighter, for example, in the other hand) and the minifigs slide in and out of the cockpit OK. The prison is good, but a little tricky to get to. The mechanism for tilting the engines between flying and landing is a little loose, and can have a tendency to "flop" to landing mode when flying.

It's those little things which make it four stars, but the minifigs were the best bit of this set by a long way!
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on 13 February 2012
A good set with some great mini-figures!

My 7 year old son and I built this in about an hour, quite easy to put together, some good new lego pieces along with stickers to make this set really stand out. The rotating engines do have a slight tendancy to rotate backwards on their own but I don't see this as a problem as you hold the ship with the slider mechanism at the back and can easily keep the engines in the horizontal position this way.

Aura Sing, Embo and Sugi are really great and uncommon mini-figures (IG-86 assassin droid is a bit lame, but 4 figures in a set is always good!) The storage box with the Jedi Holocron is a really nice touch also.

My only other criticism about the set is the lack of space in the lower compartment to fit the other characters. I made a small modification of lowering the floor of this section by 1 small height flat brick which now allows for Sugi to sit in here without there being a gap showing past the side doors.

Overall I would recommend adding this set to your collection, but best to pay around £30 rather than £40
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on 4 January 2012
I purchased the Lego Star Wars 7930 Bounty Hunter Assault as a Christmas present for my 10 year old Grandson to add to his collection of Lego Kits. This kit is a little more advanced than others that he ownes and I was concerned that it, at first sight, would be a bit too difficult. But my concerns were soon proved to be wrong as he found it relatively easy to complete and enjoyed doing so. I think that this type of toy is of great value in providing good basic knowledge of general build principles and the development of dexterity skills for future use in life.
I must also commend Amazon on the excellent service that they provide which I will continue to enjoy.
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