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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 June 2017
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on 30 November 2010
I'm a bit surprised by the reviewers comments below. I think this is an excellent documentary telling the story of the Bee Gees from start to the present day. It is based around brand new interviews with Barry and Robin, sometimes together, sometimes separately, and on extensive interviews fortuitously filmed with Maurice shortly before his sad early death. If you're a Bee Gees fan you will have undoubtedly heard some of the stories before but there was plenty that was new to me as well. The archive footage is terrific, although inevitably somewhat variable in picture quality depending on its age and again a mix of familiar and previously unseen. The film makers obviously had great sympathy with and affection for the band and have put together a beautifully crafted programme running for a little short of two hours. If you want to know more about the Bee Gees this is definitely the place to start.
Finally, this was never advertised as a Bee Gees concert so I don't know where the previous reviewer got that idea from. If you want to see the Bee Gees live then I'd go for "One Night Only" which is a brilliant concert filmed in Las Vegas in the late nineties. The Bee Gees - One Night Only [DVD] [1998] Simply unmissable for any Bee Gees fan!
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As written on the blu ray disc back page, "In Our Own Time" is a new film on the long and illustrious career of the legendary Bee Gees, from their modest beginnings to unrivaled worldwide success in the `70s to the tragedy of losing their brother Maurice and Andy. The story is told "in their own words" by Barry and Robin from extensive new interviews, and the film also includes archive interview footage of Maurice, videos, TV appearances and live performances.


It was in 1080i 1.78:1. The picture was sharp, and old footage of their performances was in widescreen. Overall, a very pleasing image. (4/5)


The best sound was actually found in the menu portion, where the music and beat were tight and clean. There are three choices: DTS HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital 5.1 and LPCM Stereo. There was no significant difference among the three, although I chose the DTS HD Master Audio. The dialogue was very clean, and music was very well remastered. Great job, Eagle Vision. (4.5/5)


This is where the disc stands out. This is not a concert disc. As stated above, the whole story of the Bee Gees was told through the words of Barry and Robin only, which suggested that it was filmed after Maurice's death. I have found Barry and Robin very honest and forward with their recollections and interpretation of past events. Archival interviews with Maurice were added in. Their opinions and views were straight from the heart.

The Beginning. There are many rare precious footage of the Gibb Brothers, singing when Barry was 9 and Robin and Maurice 6. Do you want to hear them sing Please Please Me? It's there.

Robert Stigwood. Although the Bee Gees and Robert Stigwood had their differences, in this disc, Barry and Robin gave a very honest opinion, tribute and thanks to Robert Stigwood for discovering them. I believe that those words were straight from their hearts. Of course, there was numerous rare footage here, such as their appearance on Top Of the Pops UK TV show. By the time the Bee Gees appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, you will notice that they had already consulted a good dentist to fix up their teeth...instead of being very jagged, now very smooth. I also appreciate those rare video footage was in widescreen. At one point, the Bee Gees were so lost, that they named the album "To Whom It May Concern"...Here, we have a chance to see the boys perform Mr. Natural...wow! The temporary break-up of the Bee Gees was also documented, with clear explanation from all three members of the band.

Arif Mardin. This is the second important person that influenced their career. Arif Mardin was the producer for the album Main Course. Here, we learned how the Bee Gees changed their approach to their music (more to R&B), and it was the time when they also learned the art of producing their music in the control room from Arif Mardin, laying the foundation for their later success. Also from this era, we also learned that Barry Gibb discovered his falsetto sound starting from the song Fanny. Of course, all the music was fantastic. You will quietly smile when the boys learned the real meaning of the words "Jive Talkin'"...

Saturday Night Fever. It was the pinnacle of their success, with album sale in excess of 35 million copies, second only to Thriller by Michael Jackson. Barry openly admitted that he was happy to be Number 2. The story and songs were fantastic.

Andy Gibb. There was a chapter on Andy Gibb, with original performances of I Just Want To Be Your Everything, and Shadow Dancing. His cocaine addiction led to his ultimate premature death. Very sad indeed. Each Gibb brother gave his own honest and straight from the heart interpretation of the events. Barry was still very regretful of how he treated Andy's problem the wrong way....and now no chance to correct his mistake. Barry and Robin also said that Andy could have been the 4th Bee Gee.

Songwriters. It was ultra refreshing to see Barry and Barbra Streisand performed together, with such magnetism. The portion where Celine Dion performed Immortality was very moving indeed. Her singing was so pure and from the heart, that moved Barry to tears. Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton performed Islands In The Stream. Do you know that this song was originally designed to be a R&B tune, but it turned out to be a Number 1 Country hit!

Maurice Gibb. The sudden passing of Maurice Gibb was a tremendous blow to the Gibb family....so sudden, and so unexpected, and too quick! Maurice's various interviews blended in those with Barry and Robin. He was always honest with his views, right to the point with a sense of humour. The clip of his solo performance of Man In The Middle was precious and it also showcased his talents.

Later Years. It was very gratifying to see the video performances of their No. 1 hit in UK You Win Again, plus One And Alone. The clip from their One Night Only showed how Barry hid his severe back pain from the audience, while he smiled and sang his usual falsetto harmony. Maurice said it correctly in that Maurice too had gone through back pain and surgery, and he would know how much extra pain one experienced if one wanted to sing in a falsetto key. Very very professional of Barry to smile at the audience, and winced in pain when he turned his head. Although One Night Only was not in high definition, it was one of the Bee Gees best live concert on disc. Maurice told us how it was such a special treat, to be enrolled into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, presented by Brian Wilson.

Finale. Barry and Robin told us how much they missed Maurice. It was also tragic to see the Bee Gees receiving a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award, just shortly after Maurice's death, with only Barry and Robin present to receive the awards, without Maurice. The ending of the disc was especially poignant, with Barry on guitar alone with Robin in the studio, singing To Love Somebody and How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, purely from their hearts, to their lost brother, Maurice!!! Wow, it was very moving indeed. If you carefully listened to the lyrics, these two songs would move you to tears...

Contents: (5+/5)


In summary, In Our Own Time may not have the top notch video (many clips were from long time ago), but the contents filled one's heart with beautiful music, melody, happiness and sadness. Robin said it correctly in that the machine cannot reproduce the 3-part harmony that the Bee Gees had. The story of the Bee Gees was told from Barry and Robin themselves, not from a third party. Their interpretation of events was honest and true. The sequence of events was nicely done...never a dull moment. Their music and harmony will last forever. This is a collection that every music lover must have, and you will play it again and again, for yourself, and later, for your children. Long Live the Bee Gees!!! Highly recommended and a Must-Own.

UPDATE (May 20 2012):

It is really sad to hear that Robin Gibb has passed away from rectal cancer and complications. First, it was Andy, then, Maurice, and now Robin. All of a sudden, there is only ONE left. Being a physician myself, I knew that it was a matter of time that Robin would leave us...so before he left us, I bought all his solo CDs (before their prices may go up after his death). There is absolutely no other group that can replace Bee Gee's three part harmony...simply the best! Long Live the Brother Gibb!!!
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on 24 November 2011
I really like this DVD and I'm so happy I bought it. Great retrospective of one of the best bands in history. The Brothers Gibb are so down to earth in the interview segments. You almost feel like you're sitting with them having casual conversation. The performance clips are just fantastic. You get a real sense of how very talented these men are, as songwriters and performers, and why their music will remain timeless. This is a great purchase that I will enjoy watching again and again. Long live the Bee Gees!
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It is very difficult to gauge this latest release of Bee Gees history. Probably 2/3 or more has been seen or heard before. All the clips of the late Maurice Gibb are deftly placed at the appropriate spots, and Barry and Robin have plenty of space to share their feelings. The DVD begins with a good amount of history of the early years in Australia and how they became famous in England. The DVD is full of new and old musical clips from shows and concerts that add resonance and feeling to the progress of this renowned group of brothers. However, it seems less than complete.

More than most of the concert footage, whether new or old is fuzzy or out-of-focus. Even the more recent concerts (in the last fifteen years) seem old. Maurice's clips are fair quality while Barry and Robin are crystal clear. The time difference is obvious. The story-line of First Fame in the sixties to the doldrums of the early seventies is portrayed. The excess and success of the later seventies is also fairly discussed in equal time, but nothing is truly new. The eighties are glossed over with very little of the brothers individuals works being mentioned other than what they produced for other artists. There is some new and fascinating stories about `You Win Again" from Maurice and the nineties being a new period, accompanied by some new rare clips on television concert appearances. Still, something is missing. The sound mixing can be chosen in DTS Digital Surround Sound, Dolby Surround 5.1 or Dolby Stereo. However, the two surround choices are uneven. Some clips are clearer than others while many are dulled or inadequate for true surround experience. In most cases the only difference is the lack of vocals in the rear speakers, even with the concert clips.

The other DVD's covering their history, such as This Is Where I Came In - The Official Story of the Bee Gees and Bee Gees - One Night Only / The Official Story are almost better in quality and excitement with many artist contributing their opinions and inspirational learning's. The only true new information is when the modern Barry and Robin appear to discuss their family's history. This is one of the first times that one gets a real sense of acceptance and personal growth. The discussion of Andy's passing is heartfelt and the loss of Maurice is heartbreaking. Closing the show, Barry and Robin join for a closed session of, "To Love Somebody" and "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart", two of the most appropriates songs for this show. The final conversation between Barry and Robin is a real eye-opener. Robin unabashedly praises Barry for his achievements and expresses his honor in being his brother. Barry responds as a real gentleman. The viewer gets the feeling that maybe, finally something new will happen. But then again, this show seems like another chapter not yet quite finished. It satisfies the viewer and makes one wonder, what can possibly be next?
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on 20 November 2010
As a fan I bought this, however I was a little dissapointed. In our own time does present the life of the BeeGees and if it was the only film about the group I would give more stars. In my opinion Keppel Road and The official story :This is where I came in already presented the life of the Gibb Family in a more compeling way... Perhaps the aim of this was to say a few wors about the tragic death of Maurice... but wouldn't it be better to reissue Keppel Road or TIWICI on Blue Ray/DVD and perhaps add an additional disc...
the other thing is that there are no additional material on the Blue Ray. Still ... It is good to see the two brothers singing again ...
But to all those who want to learn something about the life of the BeeGees: buy The official Story- This is where I came in instead of this... it really tells us more about the life of that fantastic group...
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on 5 April 2012
I so wanted to love this dvd as I adore and have always adored the Bee Gees, but the truth is the quality of this dvd is awful.
When they are playing the songs, or at least the majority of them, it isn't so bad, but when it comes down to the interviews both the picture and sound quality are dreadful. On occasion more than one person speaks at the same time,making it difficult to hear on an already bad quality disc.

At the same time I puchased this dvd I also bought Robin in concert with the Danish National Concert Orchestra and thoroughly enjoyed it,it was by far the better of the two.
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on 27 January 2013
This is an interesting insight into the sheer talent of these three very talented people. Lots of information on the way they bring an idea to fruition. It covers the early days and disco era right up to the soulful ballads that they are well known for. Watching this DVD shows how serious and dedicated to their proffession they all were. They wanted only the best and were driven in acheiveing this. They proved that they were the best trio by their success over many years and their music is still played worldwide.
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on 7 January 2011
Wow, This dvd was wonderful. I am a huge beegees fan and this did not dissapoint. It was very informative. If you love the Beegees as I do you have to have this dvd. The guys are hot.
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on 23 January 2012
This was a very out standing dvd very detailed, although there was one clip of this I did not like,and I received this dvd quite late after christmas as it was supposed to be a express next day delivery,I was dissapointed about delivery three days later.
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