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on 8 November 2010
I've been looking for an e-book reader that has mp3 potential and video playback for awhile so its one device instead of 3. I did look at the ipad but its just massive and the whole point for me is to reduce the weight of a book in my hand and the ipad is quite weighty. The galaxy tab is the first item I have seen with all three at a relatively nice handheld sort of size.

The wireless on this system works straight away and in the welcome stuff it helps you get straight onto the net so you can immediately take benefit of the uses of this tablet.

This is really quick to use, the applications load up fast and it has some lovely features to it. The sound coming out of the tab is pretty decent for video playback and mp3's but I reckon if your listening to mp3's through it your more likely to have headphones in. The video playback plays seamlessly, no motion blur or pausing whilst the device finds more of the file. I only watched a 20 minute episode but it handled it well and it looked very pretty through this hd screen.

There is one game on startup and it doesn't look that interesting but there is a samsung games app linking you straight to their games. The same goes for their videos/films.

The e-book reader included is kobo and the prices on the store are quite high compared to amazons kindle. You can get a kindle app so you can run your tab as if it was a kindle and I have found that to be the best e-book software to use. With the book prices being about the price of an actual paperback even if some of them aren't yet in paperback and the features available on it with the white writing on a black screen and the various text sizes its definitely the better option. Of course you could buy a kindle but your kindle wont allow you to listen to music and watch videos, use the gps through google maps, browse the net, give you the news updates you want and updating your facebook status with very little effort.

This is my first adventure into the android system and I have found the apps available through the android market upscale to the screen size of the tab for the most part very well, my only let down so far has been a live wallpaper that wasn't quite the size of the screen but it was free and thus not a big loss.

The only thing that worries me is the charger, not owning a samsung mobile device before I've not noticed how alike the charger is to the ipod and such. With it not being a standard usb style charger it means you can't get a new cable to charge it on the cheap you have to buy the official one at least at the moment and they average between £15-£20. Mind you the battery does last for days when on standby and can be up to 12 hours dependant on what you are doing at the time of use, obviously movie/mp3 playback eats away at the battery, but just browsing the net doesn't use as much.

Overall a great all in one device that I'm very happy to have taken the risk on.
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on 1 November 2011
I feel so guilty.

It was all that talk about the Kindle Fire. It got me all het up, and then let me down by saying that I couldn't have one here in the UK. I felt rejected.


So my thoughts turned to finding consolation elsewhere . . .

Galaxy Tab 7 Wifi plus 3G

Love it! And the full extent of my Kindle-infidelity is revealed further down.

Spent more money, of course; a new love needs to be pampered if the romance is to blossom and last.

Vierra G-STAND Black Case Cover with Adjustable Stand for new Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 & FREE Screen Protector, Samsung 7 inch Tablet, ARM Cortex A8 1GHz / 16GB / 7" Touch Screen / Android 2.2 Froyo / Tablet

Excellent, good quality, effective in use.

Then I read a Graudian review where the cable got lost, so bought these too:

Samsung Galaxy Tab Car Charger Black, 5V, 2A (Detachable Type)

UltimateAddons Extra Long 3 Metre Sync, Data and Charge USB Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" GT-P1000, GT-P1010

And then I travel a lot, so I needed:

UltimateAddons Worldwide Dual USB Mains Charger for Samsung Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000), with 2 Metre USB Cable, Charges 2 Devices at same time, including other Tablets, i.e. Apple iPad

Over the top, I know, but when the heart rules the head . . .

And finally : Usb Adapter For Micro sd Card - Supports Up To 32gb Micro sd Card by Serena

SanDisk microSDHC 32GB Card

Our romance was now perfectly equipped to begin, and also to last, I hoped.

I can get wifi with no trouble - and downloaded a WiFi Finder Free App for when I am out and about. 3G - got a T-Mobile rolling 30-day Sim Card with 100 minutes and 300 texts plus unlimited internet for £10 per month. Unlimited with an asterisk saying that it isn't actually unlimited but subject to fair use, which means that you can browse and e-mail with no limits, but streaming video and downloading or uploading large files will come up against a ceiling.

Fair enough - you can do that at home on the WiFi.

BBC i-player and watching videos is superb. The only glitch was that the ear-phones provided were fiddly. You had to wiggle them in or out to hear, otherwise 1mm difference either made it blare out so everyone heard, or gave complete silence. Plus the wiggling, 9 times out of ten, stopped the playback.

Solved by using a cheapo pair of ear-phones given free on an AVE train in Spain to watch the film.

The other slight drawback, also solved, was that while on the internet, some sites where you were required to sign in (e.g. Which magazine), the browser wouldn't let you. There's Chrome for you! Tried a number of browsers from the App Store. Finally discovered that sign-in was possible with Opera Mini browser, although I prefer Dolphin HD for general browsing.

Being an Android novice, I am still learning. The context-sensitive menus, while perfectly logical, are an occasional source of frustration as where you end up in the menu depends on where you start from, so I sometimes cannot find something I had before me 2 minutes ago. Still learning, and getting better at it by the day.

I find it excellent for browsing the internet; responsive, pages well-formatted (thanks to Dolphin - some in the in-built Chrome browser weren't so good and I needed to zoom in and out). A great experience overall, highly recommended.

E-mail (Yahoo) was set up with no problem; my contacts came over straight away. I am not a Facebook or Twitterer, so cannot comment on those, but text messaging is fine.

The camera - with lens both back and front, for self-portraits, seems good too.

And now I reveal the full shame of my infidelity.

The first App I downloaded was, of course, the Kindle. Took a few seconds to register my device with Amazon, then I was able to download whatever I wanted from my Kindle Archive on Amazon. I was flabbergasted by the download speed - it took me longer to click on a book than to download it.

I was also able to download from my computer via the USB lead. It IS nice to see the book covers, rather than just a sterile list, and in colour too . . . an attractive way of selecting what to read. Pity Amazon can't do it like this on its Manage My Kindle page for our Kindle Archive library.

The Kindle reading experience is very good; you can GoTo, consult the dictionary, change the font size, and have the option of changing the page from white with black text to black with white text, or sepia with brown text; the latter seems kinder on the eyes. The "Does the Kindle have a backlight for reading in the dark" is solved here, of course, but Mr Bibliofila find it more distracting in a darkened bedroom than when I use the Kindle with lighted case. Haven't yet tested the Galaxy Tab outdoors in the sunlight for obvious reasons.

But . . .

The Galaxy Tab also has a built-in e-reader, which is e-pub. It gives you one book for free, and then you can log on to a bookshop to buy more. Haven't tested the purchase option, but downloaded from my computer some e-pub books (non DRM) left over from when I had the Sony e-reader.

Yes, I'm afraid that I'm a serial adulterer in the e-reader world . . . Sony to Kindle to Galaxy . . .

Here the page is sepia too, although paler, and there's an interesting page curl when you turn the page. I really liked that. No way of changing font size that I have discovered yet, but there is an in-built dictionary. Page numbers on bottom of screen. But the big thing is . . .

Well, I am not only fickle, I am also shallow. Easily impressed by external appearances. Fall in love with a pretty face.

What I really love about the e-book reader on the Galaxy is . . . the way it looks when you open it.

It shows you open shelves in an attractive wood finish, with the books displayed cover outward. Just like in your local Library where they have some special section. You can browse the covers on the shelves to select your book. It's cute, I love it, I am so shallow.

Now actually this is more than shallow, it's daft, to like, to LOVE, a book reader because of this trivial point. It only lasts a few seconds, for goodness sake! Pull yourself together, woman.

The actual reading experience is better on the Kindle App (unless you miss that attractive page curl - a bit as though the e-pub reader is winking at you . . .), because it has greater functionality. But I do like those lovely bookshelves.

Overall verdict: the Galaxy Tab 7 is a great device. Does masses more than I thought it would, does it fast and effortlessly, and I still have a lot more to discover.

I wouldn't dream of giving up my Kindle, which is just perfect as a reading device, but my Galaxy, as well as offering so very many other things, will be a handy Kindle back-up.

If only Amazon would call in a carpenter to set up some shelves . . .

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on 25 July 2011
OK it has crashed a few times but probably because I don't leave the poor thing alone!! I seriously live on the tab.

It has all the best bits of everything (in my opinion) depending on why you want a tab this may or may not be for you.

I wanted a phone (and yes with the 3g and an headset it's a phone too) that was large enough to see clearly, but not the size of a laptop, I wanted to be able to text from my tab, I wanted a computer that could surf the net anywhere, AND fit in my handbag. I wanted a camera, video, films, games, music, social networking, emails...and I got all of that. The Tab is small but not too small, large but not too large. The battery life is not great for an obsessive like me (lasts about 7 hours of emailing, surfing, tweeting) but would be fine for most people. I have a car charger and bought a longer charging cable so I can use it while it's charging. The wi-fi or 3g options make it truly portable and usable anywhere. UltimateAddons 2 metre extra long Sync and Charge USB Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab

I would have given it 5 stars but the odd screen freeze and crash and some other tiny glitches are annoying. Love the look and feel though.

And the next person that says 'oh it's a tiny iPad' will get a slap because it is so much better.
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on 9 November 2010
When Apple launched the iPad, I purchased one immediately. I remember being delighted by the large screen, and the effortless web surfing experience. After owning the iPad for a little over a week, however, I then wondered what exactly I was going to use it for - I had a Macbook Pro, and a smartphone - and the iPad failed to complete many tasks I wanted it to, and certainly failed to bring anything new in terms of functionality. Needless to say, it was sold on eBay shortly afterwards.

Since then, I have been waiting for a tablet device to come to market that offered a little bit more than just a large touchscreen. My wait is now over.

My Samsung Galaxy Tab arrived on November 1st, so I have been using it every day for just over a week. What a fabulous device! I have read various tech journals saying the iPad is better, and to those who just want a couch-surfer, maybe so. I guess the web experience on the iPad is a little more polished. But any criticism of the Tab ends there. After a week, I am used to the touch screen interface and the way it reacts to my inputs, I am happy with the smoothness of the scrolling when viewing websites, and I'm ok with the reported lack of apps available on Android market (by comparison with the app store). I followed the tip on sizing apps to fill the screen, and that works just great.

I use the device as a secondary phone, for personal calls, via a bluetooth headset. Call quality is excellent, and I haven't had a dropped call yet - can't say the same with my 3gs! The email client is fantastic, pushes my POP account and gmail over, and collects them all in a unified inbox. Keyboard is so easy for thumbing in portrait - I find it really fast and easy, but I'm no touch typist. Contacts and calendar synced up with google, great use of the extra screen size over a smartphone. I use google docs and thinkfree office for work stuff, mostly spreadsheet stuff, and it works well, and web browsing is just fine with full flash onboard. iPlayer looks a treat.

Many have wondered whether a 7" screen is large enough to be better than a smartphone - yes it is - way better. Screen size between 3.5" phone and 7" Tab may not sound much, but it seems about three times the size of my HTC Desire. Makes all the difference in the world - no more squinting! Camera works well, not fantastic by any means, but I've taken some reasonable snaps, and that's good enough for me. I generally take the pictures on my HTC Desire, and bluetooth 'em over to the Tab, then use the Tab to view the gallery - a nice visual experience, and great to pass around amongst friends and family.

Widgets, shortcuts, feeds and live wallpaper all help to make the Tab feel personal - I've got all nine screens pretty rammed. I have a 32Gb micro SD card in the slot, so bags of space - keep all the media on the card, works great - and you have the option of storing loads of media on lots of different cards - never run out of storage space.

I have used the device twice as a navigation tool - it has now replaced my TomTom. Enough said.

The Tab feels like a quality piece of kit - doesn't crease or flex, no creaking, screen seems tough, and plastics feel good quality - no scratches yet. Speakers are loud, and sound quality not bad at all. Battery life - 13 hours use including constant WiFi, bluetooth, regular surfing, email on push, calls, navigation, and angry birds, of course!

As an ebook reader, I am quite impressed - I loaded a couple of books up, and it seems great - nice, clear text, I can look up long words to increase my loquaciousness, and the device feels light and is easy to grip - even lying in bed. It is fab as a video player - seamless, good screen size, plays every format I've thrown at it.

I've downloaded PowerAmp from the Android market as a music player - works well - Angry Birds is cool on the bigger screen, FB works fine, what else do you want??? Notifications bar is useful, bluetooth is fast, multitasking is awesome, file manager helpful, and I've saved the best bit 'till last...

It fits in my jeans pocket!

I have never written a review before (as you may be able to detect), but the Samsung Galaxy Tab made me put my initial thoughts in writing - it really is that good. I doubt you could be disappointed, and if you are, an update to Gingerbread will probably sort you out!
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on 12 November 2011
Great mobile product, and enjoying using it and finding out what it does. Still trying to fathom out some of the different applications - guess I'll have to read the online manual soon!!
Video quality is great for such a 'small' mobile device.
The GPS/google map can lead one a bit astray - going across London at night just recently, it led us through all the back streets rather than on the ring road - I'm guessing it gave us shortest rather than fastest route - haven't found out if there's a setting for that one yet!
One shortcoming is the Samsung specific connection - why couldn't they just go with a standard mini USB as with most other mobile phones. If you misplace/lose the cable, you have to get a replacement - no making use of one of the many mini-USB cables lying around!!
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VINE VOICEon 21 December 2010
The Galaxy Tab is a 7" touchscreen/tablet device supporting internet connectivity via WiFi or a 3G SIM card, which you will either have to purchase separately or may come as a deal if you get the Galaxy Tab from a phone operator. The TAB runs the Android OS (version 2.2 at this time), which is written by a company owned by Google. Android can be found on a number of devices and smartphones that compete directly with Apple. Most notably in my experience Android is found on the HTC Desire. It was in using this that I got to thinking what a great idea Android on a big screened tablet would be.

So when I saw the Galaxy TAB I practically jumped on it. And I have to say almost a month down the line I love using it more with each day. It is now the multimedia device I use more than any I own. I read Kindle on the TAB, I read Epub on the TAB, its great having both ebook formats together on the same device. It's my alarm clock, my master contacts list and diary synced via Google Sync, a toy for watching movies on the train or listening to music, for playing games. The Asphalt racing game that comes with it is great fun. I use the TAB to check live train times from a shortcut on the home screen, I commute daily and over christmas this saved me so often. I read all the news, weather, sports and entertainment feeds I would ordinarily by squinting at my Blackberry or using the vulcan nerve pinch zoom on the screen of the HTC desire. The TAB comes with 512Mb internal memory, 16Gb internal storage to which you can add another 32Gb with a microSD card of your own. The 1024 x 600 resolution of this screen is superb for movies, the sound without headphones is good and clear, excellent with headphones. Browsing the web is a real pleasure to be appreciated by anyone who has tried to view full internet pages on a phone screen. Full Amazon displays perfectly on it. Android is an excellent and very featured OS that is well supported with lots of good Apps. The apps are largely professionally written with a great mix between productivity, fun and outright usefulness. My favourites being a slingbox viewer (paid for) and Ignition (logmein - also paid for). In fact almost everything that is good with the Galaxy TAB derives from Android and its very wide support.

And sadly almost everything that doesn't work comes from the belief it would seem, that Samsung thought they only had to put Android onto good hardware and the result would be an excellent product. It is great, but it could have been soo much more.

So what's wrong? First and foremost the USB connector. It has been over a year since almost all mobile companies standardised on the MicroUSB connection for charging and PC connectivity via USB. Apple did not, but they have a unique position in the market that no other company has. So why oh why did Samsung decide on a propriety USB connector? It is only a matter of time before I lose this cable or forget it or both. The logic behind a standard microUSB was you could literally pick up the same cable you use for any other device and it would be good to go. At a tenner for additional Samsung TAB USB cables, this 'feature' alone knocked one star from my rating. This in the extra thought processes I have to put into knowing I have the cable to hand wherever I go. Hugely disappointing when these gadgets are all geared around making our lives easier, to then deliberately introduce a proprietary USB cable that will almost certainly trip me up repeatedly in the future.

While the TAB does have this amazing 1024 x 600 screen, there has been almost no customisation of the Android OS to take advantage of this outside of internet browsing. Which lost it the other star. Screens don't fit, graphics sometimes disappear or don't refresh properly. This is not an all the time thing but takes an edge off the polish. There is a real lack of interesting widgets. Sound trivial? Widgets implemented properly really add to the Android experience and provide accessibility to information you will not find on contemporary Apple devices. Despite the sleek Android interface the hardware still lags quite badly sometimes. This is unnecessary given the hardware specification of the TAB, quite simply little time was spent tailoring android for the hardware it would be running on. The default keyboard setting on mine was the Swype mode, in landscape it is barely bigger than in portrait mode, a tiny cluster of keys grouped in the centre of the screen bookended by lots of white space. Even when Swyping where you drag your finger between keys I struggled to see the keyboard beneath my Swyping finger. It took me a while to figure how to turn off swype as it was not obvious. Properly integrated, switching input modes would have been a button, not having to hold your finger on the text box for four seconds, which had to be sourced from the manual. Very frustrating.

Additionally in positioning the Apps and widgets on the home screens no attempt has been made to make them work within the higher resolution. So basically nothing sits central or symmetrically, making the screens look left justified or right justified, if that makes sense. I could go on, the lack of customisation is apparent at almost every level.

In summary, the Galaxy TAB is a great bit of technology that brings together the functionality of multiple devices into one. I use it all the time and love doing so. It only gets three stars because I paid a lot of money for this and there are some fundamental flaws out of the box. The awful proprietry cable is a real show stopper for me, it's one of the things that I dislike so much in Apple's world view. The Galaxy Tab software out of the box is rough around the edges, rushed is the word that keeps springing to mind. Some of these issues are and will be fixed, but for something this expensive we should expect more. Bottom line - if you're considering the Apple iPad and the Galaxy Tab, I think the iPad is still your choice. For those seeking a tablet solution that is not iPad I think Samsung is the best product right now. Get one of these considering all I said above, and I doubt you will be disappointed.

03 March 2011. An update from questions I got in comments for this review: The touch screen works very well. You will get glare in some lighting conditions including outside but this is solved by adjusting the angle you view the device as you would a laptop screen. The TAB also has excellent brightness control. The proprietary cable has repeatedly tripped me up as leaving WiFi on will drain the battery in half a day, especially when there is no WiFI to connect to, so you need to carry a cable with you. Turning off WiFi when you don't need it will give you a couple days of battery. Of course you will forget. The cable is a real sore point that gets me winging every time someone asks about the TAB. A very big mistake in my eyes to have a proprietary cable and I think that everyday having used it now for nearly 4 months. The Android OS is brilliant, I find new uses for it the longer I use it. I still think Samsung should have worked harder at integrating their hardware with Android although you do get used to the 'features'.

I hope this has been helpful to you.
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on 3 January 2011
After some desk research on US sites where the Tab is available for $539 odd, I bought from Amazon.co.uk for UKL 449 (around $700) and am delighted.

Major irritation in US versions : you do not know which Tab offered by which vendor (Verizon, T-Mob, AT&T...) is usable with plain Wifi (as I live out of the US, I did not intend to use the SIM). This marketing confusion by Samsung is about the only major negative! US salespersons did not know any better, and furthermore there are "hidden" costs - it seems - in deactivating a "No Plan" version of a US Tab. If it is marketed as a No Plan Tab, then it should be that! Added to this, the ridiculous US pricing on a Unlocked Tab at $940! Added to that, there are all sorts of differing opinions on deactivation routines on "locked" Tabs in the US and these seem to vary by carrier! Apple's simplicity and price structure is all the more alluring...but I am glad I bought a Tab.

In this respect, Amazon UK's offering even at UK 449 is great : this is a SIM unlocked Tab and I am happily using foreign SIMs painlessly on my Tab! And what a useful thing it is too : call quality in Sri Lanka over 3G etc. is excellent (very clear, no drops) and I am using it unexpectedly for phone calls without the included headphone/mic wires. Of course it does look a bit silly at 7" to hold against the ear (still better than walking with Bluetooth earpieces) but on the table, conversations are easily heard.

The Tab's Android Froyo OS 2.2 is much better in use than I expected, having used a Nexus One phone (very happily) with the same OS. Tab's OS is noticeably fast[er], lovely scrolling, responsive, clear and bright...a delight. OS 2.3 should be even better but frankly 2.2 is very very convenient. I particularly like all the extra Tab functionality over current current iPads (no cameras, no multitasking etc.) and the 7" size is great to read in bed. Lots of free apps in the Marketplace although users outside the Western countries do not have Marketplace paid apps access. Though no patch for iPad apps, the Android Marketplace will do for most people including me with no grouses. Note: Skype availability requires some hunting but Skype Android Beta is available somewhere (I got it but not sure yet if it supports voice calls) but not on Skype's own website, strangely - Marketplace does not offer it at present to users outside the Western countries. Ditto Kindle app. Both non-availabilities are at time of writing, strange. Google should make Marketplace more readily available to all.

The Tab did not come with any memory card but with a charger (based on a USB cord to a UK plugpoint). I guess you can use this cord to attach the Tab to a PC instead of buying a separate Tab USB cord as I did.

The only negative was that the SIM slot is a bit "stiff". You have to push the SIM deep into the slot to activate the grabbing mechanism else it keeps popping out. But this is easily overcome and you need a coin to push in or detach your SIM.

Battery life: easily lasts a day of good Wifi use. More if limited use. Recognises Wifi painlessly. You may need to configure APN for your ISP...easily done.

The touch buttons at the base of the Tab are not illuminated when the Tab is sleeping so you need to know where to press to see the Menu icon. They are also rather close to the end of the Tab, but accessible.

No great cons I can name...and I am not a Samsung "fan" but appreciate Google's openness. An excellent product and worth buying I think from Amazon UK if you live abroad (non US). Need a good case to protect the screen from being hit (the cheap silicon case is fine but the screen is unprotected). The price of the Tab needs badly to drop!
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on 11 February 2011
Lovely thing this.I bought it as a surprise for my husband the only problem is he can't use it at home,he can only take it to work(where he already has a computer),use it on holiday(which is what I really bought it for)or somewhere there is WiFi.
The reason I only gave it 4*is because it doesn't come with a case or a screen guard and for the price you'd think they would be included.It takes a while to get used too if you're slightly older and only just learning new technology.
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on 10 November 2010
Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab Smart Media Device (ARM Cortex A8 1GHz, 16GB, 7 inch TFT LCD, 3G, BT 3.0, Android 2.2)

This is far and away the best gadget purchase I've made, even at the slightly exorbitant price that it is currently going for.

Yes, there will be 12 tablets next year, and gingerbread os is coming etc etc...

But right here and now, this device is literally a little bundle of perfection.

The screen is just the right size, big enough to watch tv etc, small enough to hold and fit inside pockets and purses. (And you can lock the screen easily so rotation is not an issue).

Power lasts all day (although it is a bit of a slow charge... overnight is fine), although make sure you turn off wifi, gps, and keep the screen on low brightness when you don't need them high etc.

Calling is a great feature, I've been using a bluetooth headset, and I've set out to improve on that with the Sony HBH DS980 bluetooth stereo headset with, importantly a phonebook and caller id display, I'm hoping it will work well, after toying with getting a visor bluetooth set as my wife is not always comfortable showing the device on the tube etc.

Widgets are great as a way to make the device responsive, our favourite to date is last.fm but also tube status rss reader, and the weather.

The ebook reader functions are fun, although we prefer the non-kobo reader for slightly better screen colour.

We have no complaints about apps, the normal android market works great. In most cases the screen scales just fine, and in other cases the apps work at about 5 inch resolution, so not an issue.

Keyboard choices are superb, swype is one great feature that comes standard, but my wife got smartkeyboard as it supported predictive texting (and voice writing) in Russian as well as English.

Browsing is a delight (full flash--- download the latest adobe flash, air, and acrobat), I didn't find any issues with lag, a slight jutter when scrolling on some sites but hardly an issue.

Connectivity is superb because the reception is double what most other phones can achieve, simply because there is so much antenna space.

We have sipdroid for voip calls, webSMS for voip sms, and skype of course.

Integration with gmail, gmail contacts, and gtalk is of course eash as anything.

Tweetdeck transforms the machine (use the widget) into an instant twitter, facebook, and buzz stream and you can select which one or all you want to post to. (It's full 7 inches, as is Angry Birds, the ebook reader, facebook, and most of the apps we've installed.)

We use a lot of folders on the machine to keep the content inside two pages, but each folder is bursting with apps, and the extra screen space is well used between the widgets, folders, and apps.

Messaging, contact management, and calendar are all great, and remind me of the old agenda/diary people used to carry with them.

This device has nothing to be ashamed of, and is beautiful and pleasurable to interact with. It's fast, smooth, and well designed.

Some reviews have completely missed the mark, wondering why 7 inches is ideal, claiming without merit that the device overheats, that it's juttery, that it lags, that they keyboard is too small, that apps aren't supported etc... It's just not true.

It's only going to get better too, as I am certain they will update quickly to Android 2.3.

If you use fring you can get video chat, but I'm hopeful that skype will finally support this feature sooner rather than later. Until then it's not what it could be, but at least the option is there.

I have many friends who purchased an ipad, and it's just awkward in their hands most of the time, and in widescreen video they don't even get much more video than you do on the 7 inch tab, they don't get full flash (sure it's fading away, but who wants empty spots on websites for the next year or two), and frankly the lack of video calling support as a feature means they were selling a machine that has to be replaced after year 1.

The tab is as future proof as mobile can get these days, that means 2 years, and it will be a good run.

My wife and I both love this device, for my inside jacket pocket, and her purse. I'm confident you won't regret the purchase.
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on 29 April 2011
It has good battery life and is great for email and web browsing but I bought it for some of the apps I saw in the App Market. Unfortunately those I wanted the most aren't available for this device and you can't even get Skype!!!
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