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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 20 December 2004
This film of epic proportions was beautifully written, photographed and acted. The authors attempted to stay authentic to the location, clothing and props of the time. This is a word-for-word production of John's gospel, based on the Good News Bible Translation of the American Bible Society.
This movie is the product of Canadian and British talent. Henry Ian Cusick is gives a phenomenal performance as Jesus - charismatic, warm, confident, sincere. He is by far the best dramatic Jesus on film so far. The cast truly supports his performance, and they give flavor and emotion to the story. Watching them, one believes that these disciples are truly devoted followers.
The music was composed by Jeff Danna using instruments authentic to the time and region. While the dialogue can be repetitive, it stays true to the book. It is a 3-hour movie, but I was never bored, even though I already knew the story. The suffering and crucifixtion were handled delicately and with tact, and were only a small part of this film. The resurrection scenes are beautifully shot.
I recommend this movie to anyone with any interest in the life of Jesus, the bible, Christianity or history.
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on 24 July 2009
Warning: this DVD will transform your life!! watching it made the scriptures come alive in my life. i would recommend this for the anyone who is searching for God and for those that want to know God more. I couldnt stop the tears rolling....tears of joy at how much God had to sacrifice so i may have a place in heaven when i leave earth. the insults and the beatings Christ endured for me.....He took on what i would never have been able to in 1000 years. you need to watch this. your life will be transformed greatly.
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on 22 August 2010
Consistently faithful to the written Gospel of John - so you just listen because it's like listening to the Bible, which is always nice.Dramatically excellent. It follows the Gospel accounts by being a reporting of accounts with a minimum of 'artistic licence'. Wrods spoken by different players are spoken by them while a narrator fills in with the written words. It doesn't take a delight in showing the awfulness of things - again, the reporting style helps with this - but doesn't shy away from not showing what happened.
john is my favourite gospel and several times I was made aware of pieces that came across 'as new'. I loved it and am looking to buy the others in the series.
If you want encouraging, watch this!
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on 3 March 2012
Are you looking for a powerful, faithful rendering of the very words of the the Apostle John's Gospel, dramatised with love and great care by a top quality production and excellent acting? Then click 'Add to basket' with confidence. You will not be disappointed. The scripture, the whole scripture, and nothing but the scripture is what you get here. For those who are unhappy with the 'licence' taken by some producers when making Bible films, sit back, and prayerfully feast on this resource for your faith. For the curious who do not yet know Christ as their personal Saviour, open your heart, and discover Him for yourself - the WORD MADE FLESH, who came and dwelt amongst us. Please note: this version does not have English subtitles and can only be played on Dvd players set up to play US Dvds.
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on 26 October 2010
I really enjoyed this production. It brings the gospel of John to life, and because it uses the direct words of the scriptures, it pierced my intellect, to reach my heart! Well done 'Visual Bible' productions!
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on 20 November 2011
This is the review I posted at Amazon US:

I am an official Jesus movie junkie and I cannot believe that I missed this film completely until just last week. It is amazingly good; I was really expecting to dislike it. Cusick is superb; he gives John's Jesus a warmth and humanity than can sometimes escape us when we look at the naked text of that Gospel. There are plenty of flaws, as there are in most Bible movies, but if it's Jesus you're after, this is a fabulous film. It does total justice to his courage, to his ability to provoke simply by being who he is, to his generous, life-changing love. I have already purchased a copy of the DVD for one friend and have lent my own to another. And the film score: DO NOT MISS IT. Positively ravishing!
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on 15 July 2011


***(Afilm)-(THE GOSPAL OF JOHN)-(DVD)***

Director: Philip Saville....
Narrator: Christopher Plummer....
Music: Jeff Danna....
Dialogue: The Good News Bible....
Film Duration:(181'Minutes)....

MOVIEGUIDE:- **** "Spectacular!.. Well directed, well acted and constantly compelling"....

This film is absolutely magnificent!!!....

If it is your desire to attain for yourself profitable knowledge as to the person of (Jesus Christ)-(The Saviour Of The World) as portrayed in the Gospal Of John, (Please Note): (The word Gospal means, GOOD NEWS!!), then this is the DVD for you...

This DVD is a perfect way of studying, it generates adoration within the hearts of believers, and it is a perfect vehicle for introducing the person of (Jesus Christ) to all your friends...

It has assembled a fine cast of actors, it is technically pleasing to the eye, and it is (absolutely faithful) to the Scriptures...

This DVD (The Gospal Of John) is the best portrayal of Jesus that I have ever seen on a film format....

Happy viewing... Chris


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on 22 March 2011
Generally, the Gospel of John was communicated faithfully - the 3 hours passed easily enough - the various events described by John were there from the wedding feast miracle of water into wine, the encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, as also were Jesus' discourses prior to his arrest. A curiosity was having Mary Magdalene as the only woman present at the Last Supper.
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on 18 August 2015
This was quite a good production. To some extent it brought some of Jesus' words in John's gospel to life, particularly when He was talking with the Pharisees in the temple, and it made me realise why some or many people found Him to be a little mad! The main thing that put me off was the fact that the actor playing Jesus also appeared in one of my favourite tv shows, Lost. If you've seen it, youll recognise him as the one with the scottish accent! I prefer to not know the actor playing Jesus. I also recognised one or two british actors. But overall, this film reminded me how 'real' the gospel of John actually is, in defiance of some modern scholars who have tried to cast doubt on its historicity. To me, all of the gospels smell of reality and truth. It is only those who simply don't want to believe what has been written who try to cast doubt on their reliability.
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on 28 December 2013
I am so glad I watched this film and I want to thank every single person involved in the making of this film because it has literally changed my life.Henry Ian Cusick's portrayal of Jesus is so wonderful and meant a lot to me.This film has made me start going to church again after many years,and reading my Bible on a daily basis.It has opened my eyes to what is important in life, family friends and consideration to others feelings.Iam more confident,calmer and content.Some people might say it's just a film,but I say That it is so much more.When Jesus prays to the Father in the film,it was incredibly moving and powerful and had me in tears.All I can say is please watch it.I would have loved to write pages and pages and go into great detail about every wonderful thing that's happened to me since watching this film but I won't. Please just believe that this is a genuine review.A very special thank you to the Director,Henry Ian Cusick and The brilliant narration of Christopher Plummer.
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